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Napat is a beautiful but head-strong young lady. Against her father's wishes to come and live with him in the States, Napat decides to stay back in Thailand and earn her way through modeling.
During Napat's first magazine photo-shoot, she meets a fast-mouthed photographer, Chen, who predicts she will never be famous in the industry. However, despite Chen's "prediction", Napat turns out to be a huge success, with everyone in the business read morewanting to work with her.
Napat's lucky streak comes to a halt when she bumped into Chen for the second time, while at a beach-side anniversary party for a famous magazine. Due to a drinking competition during the party, both Chen and Napat get badly drunk and end up in bed together. It isn't long before Napat realizes that she is pregnant. However, rumour has it that Chen is currently dating Jasmin, one of Napat's biggest rivals in the modeling industry.

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    Carrying Love; Chain of Love; Om Ruk; Oum Rak; Oom Rug; Thnorm snaeh; อุ้มรัก;

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28 days ago
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Having been wow-ed by Ken Theeradeth in 'Neung Nai Suang (2005)' despite not liking the overall plot-premise of the show, I went on a Ken T hunting spree and chose to settle for the non-slap/kiss romantic comedy that is 'Oum Rak'. Fantastic choice!

In the 'Fated To Love You' style cliche of having main leads being thrown together through an intoxicated one-night-stand which leads to pregnancy and all the resulting drama read more that comes with two unprepared parents-to-be, this show is hilariously lovely and sweet.

Before diving into this show, my initial expectation was that it would be a mix of funny hijinks - both from a situational and character-driven perspective. I expected that half the laughs would be from our characters being put in funny situations, and the other half would arise from the main leads' own eccentric/ quirky personalities too.

Well, I was half right. There were comedic situations for our main leads but that was mainly during the first one-third of the show. The remaining two-thirds were surprisingly rather grounded and warmly heart-tugging as our main leads settled into an agreement to see through the pregnancy process together. The show is more involved in showing viewers the changes and stages a mother goes through during a pregnancy, more than any other show I've seen which involves this trope.
I don't know about you, but this was really one of the best parts of the drama, for me. I just loved seeing how Rachen (Chen) quickly stuck right in and became such a dedicated man through it all. He embodied your modern metrosexual man in that he not only did not mind, but actually wanted to know all about what a woman goes through during pregnancy. He took pains to read, learn and get as involved in the process as he possibly could, and nothing was too squeamish or personal for him - from breast pains to morning sickness to foot massages and ante-natal classes. This guy is just such a sweetheart!

On the other side though, you have Napat who seems to be more detached, and even annoyed, at the whole pregnancy thing. She didn't want the baby, knew it would hamper her modelling and acting career, and she behaved exactly as someone who didn't want to get pregnant but had little choice but to suck it up and see the whole thing through. The difference in attitudes among the would-be parents, and to have the male/ father being the more dedicated one of the pair, is a surprising but lovely little twist to your average pregnancy trope. I liked this change in dynamic and I loved how this show so excellently depicts it. I'm glad to say that Napat eventually grows more emotionally attached as her pregnancy advances, and with that comes another change in the relationship dynamic, which was another compelling watch.

Another great thing about this show is that a lot of the emotional heft and moments come from the agreement and arrangement which the main leads have settled amongst themselves. What was thought of as a good and suitable arrangement slowly grew fangs and they were gradually feeling the bite of it as time passed. For me, some of the best emotional moments in the show was when both leads were individually feeling that bite themselves. How nice is it that bulk of the conflict and issue within the drama was one of the main leads' own making, rather than a third-party interference?

And on that note, yes, of course this is a tv drama, so you will always have interfering third-parties, but for me, their interference was really pot-stirring, rather than bomb-chucking. There were no real villains here - just interested parties trying to stir up an already rather finely-balanced situation. But those pot-stirrings didn't really last that long (another great thing about this show). The main leads generally know where their priorities should be and they are rather good at keeping their focus on the right ball. Seriously, how many shows are like this? Love it!

We do have a couple of other side stories running alongside the main couple. Both are secondary couples also trying to have a baby and finding it a lot harder than our main couple (who basically just hit the jackpot in one sitting). Both couples have very different dynamics in dealing with this, and I also liked seeing this difference. One is there for comic relief/ humour, while the other is more heart-wrenching. I thought both were lovely complements to the main coupling, even if the comedic couple were sometimes a bit over-board.

The supporting cast and the secondary couplings were generally solid. Aside from the two second leads who were pretty one-note i.e. Mark (who is interested in Napat) and Jasmin (who is interested in Rachen), the other supporting characters and secondary couples had distinct personalities and motivations which made them more emotionally relatable, at least for me. I particularly liked Rachen's family unit and their portrayal through the show.

JAYME BOOHER as Anna, Napat's best friend (whom I also recognised as playing the rather annoying second lead female in 'Neung Nai Suang'), was great in her portrayal of Napat's BFF. She is what every BFF should be like - entirely supportive through thick and thin from buying pregnancy test kits to arranging doctor visits to lending a listening ear and offering sound advice. She was a huge advocate of Rachen having rights as the baby's father too, and made every effort to keep our main leads together - something I whole-heartedly supported. Her portrayal here is very different from that in 'Neung Nai Suang', but she pulls both off well. A good actress and I love her role here.

ANNE THONGPRASOM as Napat. I have heard about Anne being Ken T's 'koo kwan', but since this is my second Ken drama (the first being with Janie), this is my first time seeing Anne opposite Ken. She did not impress me that much in the first few episodes - partially due to her character's rather arrogant and careless personality, and partially due to her looks which were not to my personal taste. But she grew on me as an actress, especially when her character started to take her pregnancy more seriously and when she also started to reflect on her relationships and her future with her baby. Anne was able to show a lot more range and emotions when the show progressed, which was really wonderful to see. It is not an easy task to show conflicted internal turmoil (the hallmark of any good actor/ actress is whether they can pull this off well, for me), and Anne nailed her scenes here. She was able to show Napat grow and mature from your selfish, prideful and careless woman into one who has learned to love and care for others and to seriously consider how to balance her future of career vs baby. She had her insecurities and doubts too which played a part in her making some of the decisions she chose to make, but there is no denying that her character had evolved greatly through the show, and that Anne was able to show that progression all the way. Well done.

KEN THEERADETH as Rachen. What can I say? I was amazed and impressed by his portrayal of Anawat in 'Neung Nai Suang', and here he plays a very different character in Rachen and he nailed it once again. This guy has officially won me over for his stellar acting prowess and for his charming smile. At the risk of going into full fangirling mode, I will try to be as lucid and objective as possible, but it is rather difficult, lol.
Rachen is a very different character from Anawat. While Anawat was in essence a gentleman of his time, Rachen is your modern day cocky and temperamental man. He is impulsive, loud and emotionally driven. But unlike Anne's Napat, his emotional outbursts come across more childish than offensive and I think this is something only Ken can pull off. He can make a dislikable character, or dislikable character traits, less dislikable for some reason. I think it is a combination of his looks (yes, being that handsome helps a great deal), and his ability to imbue subtle nuances to his character's looks and actions. He has great expressive ability and this show gives him lots of opportunity to showcase it. There is a lot of playfulness and cheekiness on show here (which is just great because Ken's smiles are so lovely), but there is also plenty of internal doubts and disappointments too. His character's earnestness in wanting to be involved in every aspect of the pregnancy process is also just too adorable and sweet for words.
Best of all, Rachen, like Napat, grows and matures throughout the series and from the man-child he was at the start, he slowly grows to be a man who takes his responsibilities seriously and carries them as best as he possibly can. This evolution was also wonderfully portrayed here.
In short, Ken plays every aspect of Rachen like a maestro and best of all, he makes it all look so effortless and natural.

This is my first time seeing the much touted Ken/Anne koo kwan combo and I can't deny that Ken's chemistry here with Anne is a lot better than that with Janie in 'Neung Nai Suang'. Perhaps it is also Anne's acting ability (she is head and shoulders above Janie from what I've seen so far) because Anne is able to emote a lot better and so perhaps Ken is able to capitalise on that and also bring out more ability from his side. Or maybe they are really comfortable with each other from the start. From what I gather, 'Oum Rak' was their first drama together and they became such a great hit they starred in more dramas together afterwards. EDIT: I was wrong. 'Oum Rak' is their second drama together.
Whatever it is, I can see why they make a great on-screen couple. Their acting is very balanced between them - when one is being over-the-top, the other is equally over-the-top, but when one is being quietly emotional, the other can also be equally quietly emotional. There is a very good and equal balance when they both interact on-screen so both characters develop memorable and individual personalities that play off each other well and none are really completely overshadowed by the other.

Anyway, suffice to say, I am definitely keen to check out more dramas with this couple combo (maybe even eventually venture into the crazy slap/kiss fest that is 'Sawan Biang' *gasp*).

I loved the background music and the sound effects on this show. I thought it really added to the tone and mood of each scene, and even though I don't understand Thai and the meaning behind the vocals of the songs, the melody is still a nice scene and mood setter.

Yes, definitely re-watchable, even if it is just for Ken's cute smiles and adorable sweetheart actions. A great romantic comedy - it brings on the laughs but it also brings along the feels. Honestly, it has been a long time since my heart was so emotionally touched during some of the poignant and emotionally-driven scenes. Truly as memorable a watch as some of the best rom-coms out there.
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Feb 9, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
I love lakorns that the main actress is not afraid to talk back! the chemistry between these two are always on point.
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    LisaAnderson May 7, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
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    Misunderst0_od Dec 22, 2015

    This was the first Thai drama I've ever watched. So glad it gave me a good impression because it allowed me to watch more lakorns after that.

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    mica Aug 29, 2015

    Chen is the sweetest guy on earth. :3

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    meganjoy12 Feb 17, 2015 - edited

    I thought about giving this a 9 because Anne's character is pretty head strong and a little too wishy washy but besides that one weakness I loved everything else about this series, so I went with a 10. anne and ken once again have amazing chemistry and top-notch acting skills, plus the storyline was really cute. oh and a huge added bonus was how much screen time the leads spent together, it was way more than you usually see in lakorns.

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    Blademan2 Dec 3, 2014

    This whole drama is so STUPIDLY LUDICROUSLY lame and just plain DUMB!!! First of all that one night stand would never have happened, guy or gal, well, a normal guy, and for her to lay all the blame on him??? Come on... We've got a real cooker of a writer here...

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    bluemoon_onna Oct 28, 2014

    The constant repetition of issues bore me but still this is a good watch.

  • Reply
    abracadabra Aug 8, 2014 - edited

    It was very good. Now I understand why Anne and Ken are favourite Thai drama couple. They are great together. Amazing actors...

    • Reply
      Ginger Aug 8, 2014 - edited

      Their chemistry is just...exploding! I watched all their works together and their chemistry increases with every work...it's hard to believe that they're not a real couple!

    • Reply
      abracadabra Aug 8, 2014

      Yes! Unbelievable chemistry... But their acting skills are even better. I must check their other dramas too...

  • Reply
    JadeDarcy Jul 30, 2014 - edited

    HI! I wonder where do you watch these with English subs?? Thanks.

    • Reply
      JadeDarcy Aug 3, 2014

      Thank you. I will give it a try.

    • Reply
      JadeDarcy Aug 3, 2014

      Thank you. I will check it out.

    • Reply
      JadeDarcy Aug 5, 2014

      Thanks for the link. I will make this one my first Thai lankorn. I've been so curious. I don't think I've ever experienced one. The guide to Thai dramas here at MDL has been very persuasive and helpful. Let's see how it goes :) Thanks for all the info.

    • Reply
      Ginger Aug 5, 2014

      It's one of the most entertaining! hope you enjoy it! :)

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    Ginger Jul 12, 2014

    Every woman would want a guy like Chen to be her baby's daddy...he's a bit childish but warm & caring!

  • Reply
    Bodea May 19, 2014

    This was my first lakorn so it will always have a special place in my heart. I thought the story was really nice and beautiful in parts. Very good romantic comedy.

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    ryoyamaine May 17, 2014 - edited

    all time fave couple. First watched them together in this drama. Such a lighthearted one! the chemistry between these two obviously are great. Their quarrel cab be quite funny and romantic! and I cant help but fall in love the way they gradually fall in love to each other. Slowly and beautifully :)


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