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Love Sick: The Series (2014)

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Phun has a girlfriend but his father wants him to date his friend's daughter. Phun's little sister, Pang, is obsessed with boys' love.
Phun needs to convince Pang that he has a boyfriend so that she can help talk their father around the idea of dating his friend's daughter. So he asked Noh to become his fake boyfriend in exchange for helping Noh raising fund for his Music Club. However, the two read more17 years old high school boys eventually fall in love after the deal brought them closer together. ~~ Based on the online Thai BL novel "LOVE SICK: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys" by INDRYTIMES.

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    รักวุ่น วัยรุ่นแสบ
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    Love Sick The Series; Love Sick - The Series;

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Feb 16, 2015
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
BL that isn't just BL.

Love Sick isn't the kind of thing I'd usually go for, being both non-Japanese and a BL live-action, but I stumbled across it browsing around and pressed play in a fit of resignation. I think I've been stunningly well-rewarded for ignoring those old prejudices, so here's a review.

First of all, if you're wanting to watch it for the BL, go ahead. It's infinitely better than any read more Japanese live-action I've seen. Noh and Phun are normal, likeable boys, and their budding romance is sweet and nicely paced. Nothing soul-destroyingly depressing happens; they deal with universal relationship problems.

However, Love Sick comes into its own as a largely unaffected portrayal of teenage life. I find most school dramas boringly stylised representations of school and young people's lives. I didn't know any pure female leads, cold male leads or relentless bullies when I was at school. I knew shy girls trying to find a place to fit in, boys who smacked each other over the head as a greeting, girls who talked crap about each other in the morning but who had hugged and made up by the afternoon. Love Sick gave me all the characters I didn't even know I was looking for.

Dialogue is a big part of Love Sick's naturalistic charm, and I particularly like the realistic exchanges between the girls, as well as between Noh and Phun. Even when the acting fails there's always a little spark, and I wonder to what extent it was ad-libbed. The actors are young and fresh, and their performances fall flat fairly often, but the two leads pull it off when it really matters. They capably express a playful, anxious, sometimes frustrating kind of new love, and they both grow throughout the series.

So, okay, the production values aren't all that fantastic, the acting isn't 100%, and the first episode is pretty awful, but stick with it. It turns into something lovely, and I hope we can see more development from everyone involved in season 2. I'd especially like to see more of the secondary characters.
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Jan 12, 2015
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
***Looong Review - for you who can't stand to read the whole thing - key words; ***

* A very nice and cute adaptation of an extremely popular online novel on the classic theme of teen love and school life, but with a little twist.
* First episode kinda' sucks but bear with it - it gets good.
* Honest and expressive acting by the leads
* Cute score and Music
* read more I love it.

So, to the longer version;

Let me start by saying that I absolutely adore this series, I love, love, love, love, love it.
Secondly, I am very prone to fangirling and therefore get all crazed up and squealing over most BL.
So I am biased, but I'll try to be as objective as possible.

And the thing is, this is not even BL. This is just about teens.

The plot is the average teen-love-school set thing, nothing original there. High schoolers are in love, fight, break up, get together, are jealous, get drunk - yada yada, you know the deal...
But - there's a twist. The main protagonists are both guys.
Tadaah - the classic BL melodrama is set for action.
But the other twist is, that it isn't. Because this differs from the other stuff.
This is not about being gay, societal issues connected to it, or even catering to fangirls.
(Ok, a little bit, then.)
This is something a little bit different. All of us BL-crazed, know that most stories in the genre are angsty, sad and usually ends tragically - after we've cried our eyes out over the forbidden love.
In Love Sick - it's not angsty, not very sad at all, no forbidden love and the whole athmosphere is a positive and happy one. This isn't a story about two gay guys in love, it's just a story about two teens who fall in love. The gender is not all that important in this case, the air is accepting and happy-go-lucky and it's SO refreshing. I love that the focus is not all that much about the two lovebirds both being guys, but rather that the trouble around them is created from other obstacles, which are universal and not related to gender nor sexuality.

The series is based on a very popular Thai online novel called; Love Sick - The chaotic lives of Blue Shorts Guys (Chunlamoon noom kang keng namgern) and very well adapted from the novel, with the difference that the two protagonists Phun and Noh aren't the only focus in the series - as they are in the novel. In the series, their friends and classmates have gotten their own storylines.
Which, in all honesty, aren't all that interesting IMO, but one or two characters have the presence to make us want to know more about them. But some of the side stories are really boring, actually.
Due to the novel being published first, the series had a huge fanbase already before it started airing and the pressure was huge to make it work.
The first episode - didn't. It's really bad as a whole and some people tell you to skip it entirely. I don't agree since there are some stuff in the end that are relevant and also, it's a good episode to go back and watch later on, when one knows the characters a bit better. But don't give up just because you'll probably find the first episode boring and pretty bad!
It gets better soon, promise.

Most of the actors in the series (if not all?) are total newbies and have never done any acting before.
And that's one thing that really impresses me since I wouldn't have guessed that. The first couple of episodes were a little bit awkward in the acting, probably the actors were getting to know their characters and getting settled in them. The two main characters, Phun and Noh, are a bit clumsy - especially Captain Chonlathorn, who plays Noh, who tends to overact in the first eps. I would imagine that it might be a little bit awkward settling into a fairly physical role with another person of the same sex in front of a camera, especially as Captain, at the making of the series, was only 16 (!!!) years old (soon to be 17 as of right now) and White Boonserm who plays Phun, is only slightly older, being 18.

But the two leads catch up quickly and turn into brightly shining little stars.
It's not that the are making ground breaking, dramatic performances worthy of a ton of awards,
but rather that they are so believable that one is completely convinced of their characters and the relationship between them. Their acting is incredibly honest and natural and their eyes and facial expressions tell whole stories in themselves.
The chemistry between them is absolute awesome and shoots sparks.
Captain is like an Energizer Bunny, all over the place, but in a way that makes one smile and fall completely in love with him. White is more calm and composed but manages to portray Phun excellently. The other actors also do a fairly good job although no as shining.
The characters and their storyline is very faithful to the original story, which is good.
The novel isn't in any way explicit, but the series are even more innocent. A lot is left for the viewer's imagination and to read between the lines.

The score and music is cute and mostly very good IMO. A couple of songs from the soundtrack I like very much, like Captain's (yes, he sings too and rather well, actually) - Khor rong, which I think is great. I also like the title song - Shake.
All the music is light and cute and stay true to the feeling of the series.

For me, the rewatch value is huge - since I've already watched through the whole thing many times...
I'm completely hooked and very engaged in the series. I follow the novel obsessively, eagerly waiting for every chapter to be translated into English by the eminent Kuda Lakorn at , who also translates and subs the fansubs of the series.
Both the novel and the series are... floaty, bubbly, shiny and light. Positive and extremely refreshing and innocent in their storytelling.
I think that most young people who like romantic stories could find the series entertaining, whether they are BL fans or not.
The series is not a masterpiece, but I will gladly rate it as an 8 overall - because I really, really love it and it has so many positive sides to it, even though it's not in any way a heavy weight.
Engaging, endearing and enjoyable are probably the keywords.

Season 2 is scheduled to air the 25;th of april 2015 - I will be benched, waiting for the translation!
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I'd also recommend SOTUS because all three of these series share some of the same actors, are well written, and have BL too, if that's what you're looking for.
Recommended by KainGuru
Well they both give off similar atmosphere I don't know why. They shouldn't be really compared together but I can recommend you to watch it. Both of them are sweet and sometimes stressing. Sotus is more focused on the two main guys while love sick shows more stories of people. Both worth watching really.
Recommended by Rijouku

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    Alan 6 days ago

    I'm watching the season 1, and I'm really in love with it, because the romance appear like a natural thing, and I'm almost finishing the first season, and I'm already anxious by watching the season 2. PS: Hope that Pang will get a boyfriend, I like her, 'cause she is so cuuute! ;)

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    Ann Ocampos Mar 15, 2017 - edited

    I have to say in the episode when noh said don't let go until tomorrow I mean before than scene they should have kiss & cried in each other arm . Romantic comedy was their the story line too but in season 2 I was a bit disappointing a totally bummer coz they hide their kiss for the viewers

  • Reply
    Ann Ocampos Mar 15, 2017 - edited

    In season 1 I see there lips to lips kiss scene but in season 2 was a bummer coz the kissing scene was hidden from the viewers it was really a bummer it's was so so sad by it the comedy romance was there the storyline was so good but so many cuts it would have so fckng good if the kiss was not hidden from us still I love Thier chemistry

    • Reply
      aimperato Mar 21, 2017

      thanks for not flagging this as a spoiler

  • Reply
    Priyani Mar 7, 2017

    I love Phun And Noh !

  • Reply
    Asianstan Feb 18, 2017

    I love the episode ending messages

  • Reply
    Pinoy_Oppa Feb 13, 2017

    The music and the musical score for this series are well chosen. The music itself gives life to the drama. The only complain I have is that there are too many characters and it's a bit hard to distinguished who's who!

    Other than that, i have no complains. This is way much better than Make It Right. Noh was not adorable but he's so damn funny. Am halfway through the first season.

  • Reply
    Nathan Oct 19, 2016 - edited

    I'd recommend the series, but you can see that when they're having to be intimate. the, 'gay for pay' actors seem uncomfortable in such such scenes with their on scene boyfriend- lover.
    In general, straight guys are very uncimfortable with such man on man intimacy and to pull this off convincingly, takes a very mature confident actor. I'm not knocking them starting with gay genre, to gain some experience and earn money, but generally the guys failed in the passion ratings with this in fact, Noh and Phun could have been played by wooden posts at times!
    Other story lines, and acting were good and enjoyable.
    Season 2
    If the actors put passion and emotion into their roles and looked like their young love actually is love, who enjoyed one another's company, then the show with be great, if not then more wooden acting from pay for gay (straight) actors.

  • Reply
    Night Sep 17, 2016 - edited

    It is one of the best love stories I've ever seen. I was seen MIR and come this site.(because im curious about actors,just actors hehe)and ı found this drama. The seriess not just bl..
    It was about love..
    Im falling in love with this drama.
    When They look each other,holding hand each other
    And when they kiss my heart melted by this cuteness.
    Seriously why they dont make season 3?I want it so badly.
    Love sick the series my masterpiece(not just bl genre)

  • Reply
    faith Sep 7, 2016

    I feel nostalgic whenever I hear their OST "Shake". Came visiting here after watching "Waterboyy". I honestly was NOT prepared for all the Love Sick easter eggs in the movie, like for real I had to pause to calm myself down.

  • Reply
    AmastrisDratwka Aug 7, 2016 - edited

    I already knew it going into this thing because I watched Ma Lil Boy that the leads were straight... but for newbie actors... these boys hit you in the feels... Let me just say that I truly appreciate Thai BLs because they offer more than just the BL focus but the entirety of issues they're dealing with and in such a realistic way. Even bring in the mundane stuff because life it's a series of romantic moments... there's a lot of BS filling in the gaps... that's just how life rolls for the majority of humanity.

    btw... those two can actually sing pretty dang well to boot.

  • Reply
    bhie_b2uty Aug 4, 2016 - edited

    this might be a lil spoiler but i just need some clarification so:
    #phoNoh and #OhmMick has a happy ending..
    as to #PerWin is there a possibility that Per actually love Win? and #EarnPete does pete likes Earn???
    please answer me to those who have watched the series.Thank you.

    • Reply
      KJThaiAddict Aug 10, 2016
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      bhie_b2uty Aug 10, 2016

      in the last episode,i really really wanted to know who is this person who makes Pete's heart lub-dub-dub

    • Reply
      Night Sep 17, 2016

      Im curious about too. I think it was Earn(or i hope it was earn)

  • Reply
    Muzik_Lover Aug 1, 2016

    Just finished re-watching this season; now just need to continue!!!

  • Reply
    samanvithamurthy Apr 10, 2016 - edited

    please someone tell me is this drama worth watching???? what is the relationship between Phun and Noh????????????

    • Reply
      versaillesyoo Apr 17, 2016
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Tsu-chan Feb 29, 2016

    So is this bl or no?? Cuz from that synopsis it lo0ks like flat bl!!

  • Reply
    Muzik_Lover Jan 30, 2016

    Going to re-watch this whole series from Season 1 to Season 2 all over again even though I just finished the series like 4 days ago. I should finish reading the online novel too.


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