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Set during the Joseon Period. Kook In Yeob is the only child in a noble family. She is famous for her beauty and stylish appearance. Due to an incident, her status falls to the lower class. As she struggles through her misfortune, she becomes stronger. Servant Moo Myeong is the most attractive servant in Hanyang, but he is also a mysterious man who hides his real identity and pretends to be a servant.

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    Hanyeodeul; House Maids; Servants;

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Mar 31, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
I think that not writing a review for this splendid drama would be a shame, so I'll gladly volunteer and write one.

Once again I've confirmed my true love for sagueks. I was blown away by the brilliance of this drama right from the first episode. The way it is told, directed and acted is what makes this drama special for me. I've seen a lot sagueks, but this one is one read more of the rarest and I guarantee it'll stay in my heart... forever.
Story is quite unusual. In Yub, young noblewoman, precious and only child in househould falls in a status of a low-maid when her father gets accused of a treason. She then, must learn to adapt to a poor and cruel life of maids. With a help from Moo Myung, a servant with hidden identity and other maids in a household she learns what a true happiness and love in this world means.

Personally, watching this drama gave me a lot of emotions, I was 100% invested in a story and its characters' and I really respect when a writer can brings that to viewers. I call that quality. Every character is perfectly written, with its own story and depth giving this drama a darker tone and deepness. What I love the most is that the story is told of a maids' perspective, showing us their emotions and thoughts they had, what they can do and what they can't do. Also, a great demonstrating a difference between a noblemens' and maids', in fact a difference in their actions and their punishments for that. I have to say that it's a very cruel drama, however once you start it, story will pull you in and you won't be able to stop it. At least that was a case for me.

As I said before, characters are perfectly written, from the main to the supporting ones. There wasn't a single boring moment, because every character that is shown is worth showing and she/he will always have some influence on a plot. Believe it or not, but that's how it is.
I TOTALLY became a fan of Jung Yoo Mi. That girl blowed me away! Her acting is first what makes this drama worth a try. She made her character to be so believable and true, that I don't think any other acterss would be able to bring a character of In Yub as she did. BRAVO! Her struggle when she falls from the priveleged status to the one of the lowest in that period, her emotions, thoughts, actions is so very-well written. You could actually feel for her. Definitely going into my list of the strongest female characters. ;)
I adore Oh Ji Ho and they totally chose a right actor for a role of Moo Myung. Wooden, emotionless, cruel... ufff just right. Moo Myung is a servant with a hidden identity, clever, calculative and skilled man, a man that you don't know what he thinks. He's loyal to his masters, but when In Yub enters in his life, his world will change.
Actually, no matter how I love OJH, this time my attention stole Kim Dong Wook. Damn, that man sure deserve some prize. His wonderful performance to the sweet, kind-hearted to the evil man was absolutely AMAZING. However, I COULDN'T get angry no matter what he did. BECAUSE, all he has done and all he did was for a In Yub's sake. His endless love for her, really never ended. He is a true proof to that. And that's why his character is sooo special to me, really, really special.
Also, that girl Sa Wol is the most positive and kind-hearted character I've ever met in dramaland. Believe it or not, I cried for her at least three times. Likewise, all maids and servants in this drama are not just to be written, they did have a good reason to be made in this drama.

It's the first time I hear that in a drama, especially in saguek they didn't use any single ost. It's not that I'm complaining though. Even instrumentals were very beautiful and they exactly fitted the scenes.

If we were to look from the perspective of twists, cliffhangers and turn of events this drama gave, I would say that it's not something new, although there were REALLY some epic moments. But they way this drama is made and showed to the viewers is definitely worth giving a pure 10, for me. Cinematography, directing, clever, life lesson's dialogues and also very unique story is definitely worth to be remembered for. I'll never ever forget this outstanding drama.
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Mar 30, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
I have just finished this drama and am writing this review basking in the afterglow of a really good drama.

I liked the story it was compelling and well thought out. The dialogues particularly resonated with me. I really admired the direction and cinematography too, as it took risks at times and was little unusual for a sageuk.

It was interesting to see the story from the servants perspective, all too often read more in sageuks the servants are just minor background characters and here we see their daily struggles, desires and hopes.

The acting of the whole cast was brilliant. The only exception being Oh Ji Ho who was quite wooden and emotionless throughout, (I have seen him in other dramas and he is similar) although it suited his character somewhat in this drama so I am willing to overlook it on this occasion.

Special mention to Jung Yoo Mi who was outstanding she played the character of In Yub perfectly. She goes from being a rich, privileged young woman who has a dramatic fall from grace and becomes a servant when her father is accused of treason. She managed to imbue warmth into her character so that even when she was rich and conceited you still felt affection for her, It felt like she wasn't evil or malicious but rather ignorant and oblivious to the plight of others around her. She really comes into her own when she falls on hard times and her struggle and endurance is admirable.

This was my first time seeing Kim Dong Wook act in a drama. He played Eun Ki and I am very impressed with him. His character probably went through the most upheaval next to In Yub and his nuanced performance stole the show. Part of that was the writing, he was given some wonderful poignant lines but of course a lot hinges on the delivery, in which he excelled!

There aren't any songs in this drama which is unusual for a sageuk as they tend to have ballads but the music that is used throughout is beautiful and fits very well.

Overall if you like sageuks this is one of the best that I have seen. I cannot say anymore without spoiling :)
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I know they're different genres since one revolves around war and the other about the injustices slaves go through, but there are A LOT of similarities.

-Both female leads start off as lowly maids even if they weren't originally and were actually part of a higher class (in Maids she loses her status and in PA she loses her memory).
-Both female leads fight for justice and especially for the rights of the poor.
-They are both alone against the whole world basically.
-A cold male lead that hardly ever smiles.
-Romance that is important but isn't, however, the main focus.
-Female lead falls in love with the second male lead and hates the male lead at first.
-Good second male lead that becomes evil and corrupted towards the end but he still loves the female lead.
-In both dramas there's a depiction of the lives of maids and slaves who are treated badly because of the powerful nobles.
-Female lead is strong and isn't crazy in love with anyone.
-Second female lead is a noble in Maids and a Princess in PA and is in love with the second male lead.
-Delusional second female lead who was once nice but became evil, trying to make the female lead's life a hell bc of her love for the second male lead.
-Awful noble people are present in both.
-Once the female lead begins to trust the male lead, she discovers something that makes her lose her trust in him.
Recommended by Alekwang
Both themes are the lives of the servants who wait on the nobility, "The Confidant" in the Qing era of China and "Maids" in the Joseun era of Korea. Both dramas have nobles falling from grace and servants whose lives intertwine with those of their masters.
Recommended by Junebee

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    Irusu 20 days ago

    Seriously one of my if not favourite close to favourite kdramas of all time I really recommend you watch this!

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    SecondLeadQueen Aug 2, 2017

    If you don't mind a drama that lacks romance this is for you. Great plot!
    More revenge that anything else pure human evilness, hunger over power.
    Usually I don't enjoy dramas were I don't like any of the leads (physically) but this one I enjoy beyond that. And I was hoping for more romance.

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    Alekwang Jun 14, 2017 - edited

    This was such a great drama! As a fan of saeguks, this one was worth watching. The story was different from all the others. It made me cry, laugh... All the plot twists and the storyline...there were no fillers and no boring episodes. The characters' emotions felt so real and it made me cry so many times (only good dramas can do that). Hated the antagonists, loved the protagonists but this time there was something else, I could never COMPLETELY hate or love anyone, because the characters were (at least in my opinion) so well-rounded and realistic that you never knew what they truly wanted at some points. Woah. And the acting was phenomenal. This drama can actually teach you things, which is impressive. And it was refreshing to see this kind of romance, based not only on the typical ''hate/love'' relationship like in most dramas in most dramas. The ending was a bit weak,yes, but we got what we wanted so I'm satisfied with it.

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    Suicidal_Hermit Apr 26, 2017 - edited

    Not bad but not that great..I'm okay with the ending. I got to see what I wanted to see so I'm happy. Lee Shi Ah (Yoon Ok) has one of the nastiest smiles I've ever seen, every time she showed that wicked smile I wanted to smack her.

  • Reply
    kyara Feb 9, 2017 - edited

    Hi, where i can download this drama? ty

  • Reply
    Simona Jan 11, 2017

    How fickle people are... this drama teaches you some things. It's so wonderfully executed, and the acting is amazing. People need to remember that this is more of a story of a young woman's fight, having fallen from grace and then fighting to rise back up--not a watered down romance...

    And also, it is the best feeling ever when your tears dramatically fall down your face along with the characters'. It means that the acting is truly exceptional.

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    Misfit Sep 5, 2016

    I liked this drama.I thought it was good.

  • Reply
    Docta Aug 28, 2016 - edited
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      AlisonVyvyNguyen Nov 22, 2016
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    Nana Jan 31, 2016

    Completely disappointed with this drama.

    It all began really well but... as the drama goes on all they do is wander in circles. There are a lot of filler episodes and the love triangle is just forced.

    About the cast I have to say that both Jung Yoo Mi and Kim Dong Wook are amazing in this show as they always are!! I'm in love with their acting skills!! Love them.
    Regarding Oh Ji Ho... He recalled me of Robert Patinson. He's hot and that's all. JiHo acting skills are based in making poses. That's all.

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    Annalisse Jan 24, 2016
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    yoorin21 Sep 20, 2015 - edited
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  • Reply
    styx971 Aug 25, 2015

    just finished this , it wasn't bad but the romance wasn't what i was expecting and the ending was just kinda ... weak.. good for what it was tho.

  • Reply
    WhiteCloud Aug 11, 2015 - edited

    Excellent start. I'm convinced by your good comments to watch this drama. Thank you

  • Reply
    Thankyou Jul 16, 2015 - edited

    poor Eun Gi ...i feel soooo sorry for him it just me that didnt like the love part ???

    • Reply
      Ice Nov 20, 2015

      At first I felt sorry for him but later on he became a jerk and that made me hate him because he became selfish.

  • Reply
    FadouBebo Jul 9, 2015 - edited

    Wonderful drama with an overall very good cast and acting ( the supporting cast was very good and their stories interesting) ...A special mention to the lead female actress, JUNG YOO MI, who nailed her part and overshadowed the lacking expressiveness of her two male leads ( who were not at her acting level )...


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    South Korea
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    Dec 12, 2014 to Mar 28, 2015
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    Friday, Saturday
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    60 min.


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