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The drama series is based on the manga and anime of the same name, both created by Fujisawa Tohru. The story is a sequel of lesser known series Shounan Jun'ai-gumi (Shounan Love Gang) where Onizuka Eikichi's rogue high school days are depicted.

Sorimachi Takashi plays Onizuka Eikichi, a graduate of a third-rate University and the leader of a motorcycle gang, whose lifelong dream is to become a teacher. After being hired by read morea seemingly eccentric director, Onizuka begins his unconventional way of teaching a hopeless group of troublemakers. Although he meets much opposition from the students and teachers themselves, his passion for teaching, and more importantly, his students, eventually convinces everyone that Onizuka truly has the makings of a great teacher.

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    グレート ティーチャー オニヅカ; GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka; Great Teacher Onizuka;

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Apr 21, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
IT was an AMAZING!! drama to watch . The bond that is created by got and his students is just , amazing . No matter , what challenge might come in his way , he will overcome it because he is The Great Teacher Onizuka . Overall, it was a funny and at the same time a serious drama show to watch ... After each episode I was waiting to find out read more what surprises were in the next one . I just wish they make a second season to this.
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Jul 31, 2011
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
This is a great drama!!!! I have already read the original manga and I'm pretty pleased. The acting is superb as well. You Must watch this!!! It made me laugh, cry and inspired me as well. There were many life lessons and I wished that I had a teacher like Onizuka as well.

Anyway, this drama is not one to miss!!!!
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Both series are about teachers that come to make order in a school. Both are about helping troublesome children. Both are comedies.
Recommended by claudya87
Same type of humor. While both of the series are old, they're funny, witty and the main characters antics are quite similar as well. Both men are determined to do their jobs following their own set of rules..and end up changing the lives of those around them.
Recommended by claudya87

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    iambulletproof Apr 9, 2017

    finally done with this. gokusen made me watch this since i was told gokusen was inspired from this. Compare to gokusen, i enjoyed gokusen more. what i didnt like about in here is that, they tried to make the drama light, that they just let go of some of those serious crimes that happened here. i was like, how can they just let that pass. what i hate i hate the most in dramas are crime that goes unpunished. i find the ending really weak. still a good watch 7/10

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    peacewon Feb 12, 2016

    Ok it was a great teacher drama... i was like cool, thats always nice or a pick me and i jumped into this drama. well about halfway thru, at like 4 am, i figure out it is the ORIGINAL of all school dramas from like 1998. I was amazed that it could have been mistaken for one from 2006 and up. WOO. I loved it too. Corny as all get out, a lot of crazy stuff going on in the background with porn.. very weird but overall a NICE drama. from 1998?? I was totally freaking out. Sorimachi Takashi in GOld made me look for his other dramas. I usually skip anything older than 2003. MAN I am so glad I did not notice that date, and TADA I have learned not to judge a drama by its date :) jhhahahahahaha

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    disabled Jan 8, 2016

    too boring ):

  • Reply
    Yojijukugo Jul 11, 2015

    manga is the real deal - anime follows closely.
    the 2012 Akira GTO follows closer to the manga sensibility, but Sorimachi Takashi was a better Onizuka imo

  • Reply
    Gintoki Mar 27, 2015

    When you realize that Takashi Sorimachi (Onizuka Eikichi) & Matsushima Nanako (Fuyutsuki Azusa ) are married in real life .

  • Reply
    GuillaumeCoigniez Nov 20, 2014 - edited

    which of the two should I watch first, the drama or the anime?

    • Reply
      peacewon Feb 12, 2016

      watch em as stand alones or prepare to get broken hearted. Taiwans Honey and clover was pretty close to the anime but still took liberties.. grrr but it was the BEST i have seen to date of following along with the anime.

  • Reply
    Kikka Sep 29, 2014

    Loved it! XD

  • Reply
    Bladey Jun 8, 2014 - edited

    Sorimachi Takashi was really cool as this character. An engaging drama that I should have watched a long time ago, but frankly I"m glad I watched it only now, having seen a fairly large number of other dramas. This stands on its own merit and certainly stands the test of time as a watchable school drama. I"m pretty sure it will be entertaining on rewatch as well. I've seen a few others teacher-student dramas which I *would* pick over this one (because of thinking factors invovled) but GTO is just entertaining.Has good flow, good cast. I'm always happy to see Kubozuka.

    I'm not going to even bother with the remake. Aside from the fact that I am notoriously against sequels and remakes, I doubt anyone can do it as well as Takashi. The new version doesn't seem particularly well-cast to me and Sorimachi-san just had his heart in it and had the right feel for it.

    ..on to dragon zakura. Let's see how Zakura compares to its Korean remake and to this.

    • Reply
      jagasthesecond Sep 17, 2015 - edited

      What are the teacher-student dramas that you *would* pick over GTO? Because, Sorimachi Takashi's GTO is my favorite in its genre. Please, tell me so I could watch those shows :)

  • Reply
    lontongstroong Nov 24, 2013

    Anyone who says GTO 2012 and its spawns good MUST watch this show. I'd say the Sorimachi's GTO is a world apart from the pale, soulless sequel that many MDLers proud of

    • Reply
      yankumicho Mar 30, 2014

      I watched this before that and I liked both of them. This is still my favorite.

    • Reply
      yankumicho Mar 30, 2014

      I watched this before that and I liked both of them. This is still my favorite.

  • Reply
    KarolK Jun 27, 2013

    Sorimachi Takashi is just amazing <3

  • Reply
    SweetPotato Jun 10, 2013

    I wanna watch it...but I wasn't even born in 1998 LOL

    • Reply
      em45 Oct 12, 2013

      this drama is a classic! Don't let the age put you off~!

  • Reply
    EtherSword Jun 2, 2013

    It is this drama what got me into watching Jdrama in the first place. I never could have imagined how moving this could be with the live action versus the anime adaption that I watched.

  • Reply
    StellarJ Mar 24, 2013

    I was doubting if I should watch this because it's so old but I still did. And and don't regret it any minute spent on this. It's so amazing that you can feel your hard beating fast of excitement and your belly aching of laugh. It goes from realy valuable life lessons to things like : Teacher puts up his middle finger : BAA~KA!
    It's realy worth watching!! <3

  • Reply
    silver_moonlight Dec 10, 2012

    This one is a classic. Easily one of the best live-action anime adaptations I've ever seen. Sorimachi really nailed Onizuka's personality and expressions, and he and Matsushima had so much chemistry. That, and you actually come away from it feeling inspired.

  • Reply
    Izzliee Aug 20, 2012

    Omg I think I go crazy, Oguri Shin as a teenager wuaah xD <3

    • Reply
      Izzliee Aug 23, 2012

      aiish Oguri Shun ..damn typo! :0


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    Jul 7, 1998 to Sep 22, 1998
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    Fuji TV
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    45 min.


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