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A Beautiful Mind (2016)

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Lee Yeong Oh, who is a genius neurosurgeon, is the best at what he does but because of an accident in his frontal lobe, he lacks sympathy for his patients and has erratic personalities. When a series of bizarre patient deaths occur at the hospital, police investigators converge around Yeong Oh. Rookie cop, Gye Jin Sung, who is a detective in the violent crimes division, is sent to investigate Yeong Oh.

  • Native title:

    뷰티풀 마인드
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    Dr. Frankenstein; Doctor Frankenstein; Dagteo Peulangkensyootain; 닥터 프랑켄슈타인;

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Aug 2, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Overall this was a very interesting drama. Never would I have thought that someone would end up making a medical mystery drama that would be this well written. The concept really drew me in. One thing that I really enjoyed about this show was that it was never predictable. I never knew what was going to happen next in Beautiful Mind. It was really a shame that this show ended up airing read more at the same time as Doctors. As the ratings ended up being lower than Doctors. I believe 2 episodes were cut from this series as a result of low ratings. It went from being 16 episodes to 14 episodes. This caused the pacing at the very end of the story to be a fast-paced, but it was still well written nonetheless. One of the few Korean dramas that I wished was a few episodes longer.

Story: [9/10] I really liked the concept of a medical mystery. As it really adds another layer to what may be a typical medical show. You are seeing the doctors take care of patients in a stressful situation as in most other medical dramas. At the same time you have a group of murders going on that continues to keep you curious. These murders add a layer of complexity to the drama. The surgeries and the mystery together pretty much keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the drama. The main characters are also very well written. The characters do not stay flat and act the same the whole time. The characters learn from the events in the series and some of them grow more as a person. I didn't give this show a 10 for two reasons. The first is because the shows pace ended up being sped up because of 2 episodes getting axed. I feel like the extra episodes could have answered a lot more questions and made the show and the pacing better. The second reason is because I feel like the ending was slightly flat. The show had so much action that each and every single episode (okay maybe not every single one) seemed like the climax. However at the same time, it also made me feel like the ending didn't have much as an impact as I would see in other endings. Hence I couldn't really give it a 10 for the story. Of course that's just my own opinion though. Although I did give the show a 9 for being very action-packed and having good character development.

Acting/Cast: [8.5/10] There's nothing much that I can say about the acting and cast. For the most part no one really stood out to me other the Dr. Lee Yeong Oh. I thought that his acting was really good and that he portrayed his character really well.

Music: [8.5/10] Music is pretty likable. It uses an array of different tunes for different situations.

Overall I recommend you watch the series. This season was very good in general. Beautiful Mind was definitely the dark horse of this season and it ended up proving that it was worth my time. It was a 14 hour well spent :)! I suggest you watch it too if you haven't already.
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Aug 3, 2016
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Forget the cheesiness and the cliches....
If you are into serious acting and are looking for a real good story this will exceed your expectations! A roller-coster ride of emotions and a series that takes medical drama to a whole new level! Also unlike majority of the dramas out there, but like good old wine this gets better with time.

The actual plot is simple enough (even more so if you read more are used to Korean Melodramas :p). But it's the storytelling that gives the show an entirely different dimension! This is the most well wriiten drama I have come accross! The crew worked hard on the material and it shows thoughout the drama.
Underneath the suspence and thrill this drama explores how people have both sides to them- the good and the bad. Every person has his or her own difficult circumstances and does their best to cope with it. In the process they fight their prejudices and beliefs, or succumb to them and fight the righteous....
One lie leads to another... evil breeds more evil... and over time there is no road back. During the course of this one track 'difficult journey' people tend to forget its purpose. .
When truth comes up against better opportunities or even the greater good it's truth that always fights a loosing battle..... or maybe not?

I felt this drama to have many layers to it and if you are patient enough you may find a Beautifully Different understanding of this.

The series boasts an incredible cast and everyone seems to have their moment...
The entire series is quite heavily built upon the acting of the Dr. Lee Young Oh and Jang Hyuk just shattered the roof with his quality and showed why he is one of the best 'Actors' out there! With KDramas being mostly about preety faces these days, this series came to me as a huge relief!

It's interesting to see that the supporting and guest actors getting considerable screentime and even the debuters are surprisingly good actors! I intially felt the female lead to be a bit stagnant but she too turns up nicely as the series progresses.

Bernard Park's 'Dirt' is on repeat on my phone! :D
I am not a talented judge of music per say. This had the right music for the right scene.
However the Title Track always seemed to up your emotions for the scene! That felt Beautiful!

Re-watch Value~
Over the course of the last few weeks I have gone back and watched the previous episodes a lot. And will surely rewatch the entire series again.

The story tends to speed up at the end but the crew managed to wrap it up Beautifully despite 'the unfortunate peril' (the true villain of the series - you know who)
Anyway, this for me is by far the best drama for me this year.
Highly recommened for patient, mature audience willing to try something different. I guarantee you that you wont be dissapointed.

Good Luck n God Bless!
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    SyN 9 hours ago - edited

    It was SOOOOO GOOD! Cannot forget this drama forever! Loved all parts of it.. The OST, the emotions, the humor, storyline and the main leads... everything, I just can't list! This will remain in my heart forever!

  • Reply
    QueenCherry 13 days ago

    JANG HYUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply
    Annalisse Apr 1, 2017

    I must have been in a certain mood, because even though medical melos aren't usually my preference, I really enjoyed this drama! Some of the funniest moments are Jang Hyuk playing the emotionless surgeon and dealing with actual feelings. I would've appreciated more romance to set up the OTP, but it was a solid medical drama. I know some people didn't like the pacing towards the end but I didn't mind. The beginning was a slow burn anyway. Why not ramp it up a bit at the end IMHO?

  • Reply
    PandaLova Mar 31, 2017

    Everybody here fanning over Jang Hyuk, dont get me wrong he is actually one of my fav actors, but I'm just loving Yoon Hyun Min and his character development would like to see him in more medical dramas

  • Reply
    Silver_Sylphy Mar 23, 2017

    Korean Dr. House!

  • Reply
    Bidam Feb 25, 2017 - edited

    Great Drama, It's a pity
    that they shortened it to 14 eps :(

    • Reply
      Silver_Sylphy Mar 25, 2017

      Would love to see Dr. Lee (younger) in more med dramas!

  • Reply
    littleun Feb 22, 2017

    This was such a nice drama!!!! xxx though it felt a bit rushed...

  • Reply
    Risty_deidora Feb 21, 2017

    DAEBAK!!!!! It's great drama i've ever seen!!!!!!!!

  • Reply
    Datez Feb 16, 2017


  • Reply
    Red Jan 31, 2017 - edited

    Love this drama.. love Jang Hyuk.. it's not perfect but i just love it TvT..

  • Reply
    Betty_Boop Jan 26, 2017

    thumbs up...

  • Reply
    Juls Jan 18, 2017 - edited

    To me this was so-so. I think it would be much better if they had ditched the romance and the weird medical mystery/clinic shenanigans that i don't even want to call a 'thriller' and just focused on father/son relationship. Both Jang Hyuk and Heo Joon Ho can pull their weight.

  • Reply
    Venus Jan 3, 2017

    This is one of the best dramas I've ever watched, literally. This drama is like a rollercoaster ride. I don't understand why this is so overrated, like I'm not into medical and melodramas, but this is literally a masterpiece!

  • Reply
    Lil_Sara8 Dec 16, 2016

    cant get over the kid in the first ep, i still have teary eyes although am in ep 4. He needs to win sth cause that blown my mind!

  • Reply
    EunSoo Dec 8, 2016 - edited

    I like Jang hyuk but I hate medical dramas. Should I watch this?

    • Reply
      XingBack Dec 18, 2016

      I didn't know Jang hyuk (I'm a fan now) and I don't like medical dramas, but I loved this drama...
      and it's more psychological than medical though....

    • Reply
      InfamousPhoenix Jan 2, 2017

      It's worth it.


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    South Korea
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    Jun 20, 2016 to Aug 2, 2016
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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    8.5 (scored by 3,347 users)
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