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Yoo Oh Sung plays a North Korean spy, who will be in confrontation with the main character Seon Woo. Bae Jong Ok plays Seon Woo’s mother.
Bae Jong Ok plays Hye Rim – a perfect mom inside and out. She pays a lot of attention to her children’s education. She’s also a perfect housewife who supports her husband very well. But in fact, she’s former North Korean informant.
Out of the blue, read moreshe’s assigned the mission of recruiting her son, who works for National Intelligence Service (NIS), into espionage activity. In order to protect her son, she can do anything, even gamble her life.
In the drama, Kim Jae Joong plays a genius analyst on North Korea information, who works for NIS and has genius brain. He has extraordinary analytically skills and could make quick and cool-headed decisions.

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Mar 9, 2015
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 4.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
Spy is really boring. The entire drama is a build up to anticlimactic finale. The story has a great premise and sometimes I was really curious as to what was going to happen next, but for the most part I felt like I was just waiting for something to happen, Anything to happen. It went around in circles...Who has the hard drive? Who will get the hard drive? Who is going to read more betray who next? If it weren't for the characters and the actors portraying those characters then this entire drama would be a flop. I have watched dramas that are character driven, but I don't believe that was this writers intentions. Maybe if there had been more action during the drama then it would have been better. Anyway, I thought the actual directing and gritty feel to the drama was well done, but not enough to make this drama interesting.

All the actors did a really good job and I will admit that for the most part the dialog was good. The stand outs though are Yoo Oh Sung as Hwang Ki Chul the bad ass spy from North Korea that had no problem doing whatever is necessary to get what he wanted, He is an excellent actor. Bae Jong Ok was also brilliant as Hye Rim. She portrayed this strong character really well. I think I enjoyed her character the most. Then there is Kim Jae Joong as Seon Woo. He really is getting better with each drama that he takes on. His character was smart and fun to watch.

I like the music in this drama fine.

I won't rewatch this.

I don't necessarily recommend this drama, but it isn't a waste of time.
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Mar 11, 2015
  • Overall 6.5
  • Story 6.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.5
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Watch if you feel like action and don’t have anything else in mind to watch. Do not watch after an awesome drama (eg. Healer); it will make it all worse.

Usually, taking a few days after the end of a drama before writing a review is a good thing. Gives me time to reflect on it and miss it too, so I can write more positive things about it. read more This time though, I can’t say it helps the drama at all. Spy had a forgettable storyline while I was watching, and now five days after I’m done, it has a forgotten storyline.

The premise of the drama was promising, but the script was quite lacking. The characters had no spike and no development, the romance was bland and half-way through the drama got completely overlooked, and the action/thriller was watered down by the characters’ behavior, which was ambiguous or didn’t quite make sense. Even when it did make sense, because everyone (or actually, mostly the “good” ones) had no character and seemed so powerless and senseless against all their challenges, simply reacting to things and never actively taking control of a situation, it still felt like something was missing.

In short, Spy was a disappointment. On a positive note though, the drama is totally watchable, effortlessly, from beginning to end. But in a don’t-really-care-what-happens-just-watching-to-have-something-to-do type of way. It’s not bad, but it’s one of those dramas you spend the whole time thinking it could have been much more.

And that is where the drama infuriates me. With such a good cast, I don’t know why they had to go and ruin it with poor writing. Spy girl aside (I don’t know Go Sung Hee), Jaejoong is not a bad actor, and Bae Jong Ok and Yoo Oh Sung are veterans I personally love. Go Sung Hee and Jaejoong had some kind of chemistry going on too. Ugh. Really.

No comment.

Not a priority at all, but like I said, it is an effortless watch so maybe one of these days I’ll give it another go.
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Both are dramas about secrets, action, romance and with a spy who is charismatic and full of mystery.
Recommended by Yoona
JaeJoong stars in both. Triangle was about him (not so) covertly taking over a city and a business. Spy - he worked for his country. Triangle was better IMO
Recommended by SSKF

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  • Reply
    Sonao Oct 30, 2016

    Jaejoong 4ever❤❤❤❤

  • Reply
    Heba Sep 29, 2016

    Love u oppa Kim Jaejoong ♡♡♡

  • Reply
    kwenchie Jun 7, 2016 - edited

    I had high expectation for this drama because of healer. But I dropped it till I finished episode 2.

  • Reply
    EXOWOLFGIRL May 30, 2016 - edited

    I am so confused between the comments below and my friends ... most of the comments says that its boring but my friends recommend it and love it so much so what can i do guys ?

    • Reply
      MarjieJoseJavier Jul 16, 2016

      Have you watched it? If not, try doing so until episode 5. :) I dropped it, but I hope you'd find it good.

    • Reply
      EXOWOLFGIRL Aug 5, 2016 - edited

      Thx 4 your comment .... Gonna give it a try ... one day

  • Reply
    MarjieJoseJavier May 29, 2016

    The problem lies in the storyline.

  • Reply
    Yomi Nov 15, 2015 - edited

    To be honest I don't know why people say it's boring. I really fell in love with this drama

  • Reply
    SSKF Nov 5, 2015

    There is something wrong in kdrama land apparently. Here we have actors who do their best, who give their all to their performances and their jobs. They really do excellently at acting their roles... but they are let down by poor writers. The writers let down the roles, let down the story, do not connect things well in the plot or just don't deliver all that they should. That's disappointing to actors who try their best.

  • Reply
    sleka Aug 21, 2015 - edited

    Well I gave this drama a 9, and I know it isn't as good as other dramas with the same rating, but this drama just did it for me. I enjoyed the plot, the pacing and oh god the OST.. Ruby's Key to her heart was so beautiful and came always at the right time and I just loved it. I watched this drama while it was still airing, a big mistake because waiting for the next episodes to be subbed was unbearable. So I saw some episodes without subtitles and then rewatched the episodes, and I think that says it. I enjoyed the drama it was fun, intense, the romance (I liked Go Sung Hee) and especially the family theme was nice, but it doesn't mean I didn't see where the drama failed like it's not well written, repetitive and a tad predictable. It didn't bring anything new to the table, but I fell in love with Kim Jae Joongs and really liked his character. And I liked the romance but it could've been better. So all in all this drama had a lot of potential but didn't live up to expectations. Most of the drama could've been better, but I enjoyed it so for me it gets a 9. 'cause one of the things that I take into account when rating a drama, is how I felt when watching it. And SPY like I said just did it for me. Maybe after sometime I decide to rewatch this drama and realize it really sucks, but that's okay 'cause I really enjoyed watching this drama now and that's what matters. (btw I just rewatched some scenes and now I'm feeling nostalgic)

  • Reply
    TAOKiMPark Aug 12, 2015

    I can't watch it in my country T^T

  • Reply
    Dia Aug 3, 2015

    The only thing worth watching in this drama is JAEJOONG'S FACE!

  • Reply
    supalove May 20, 2015
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Dana1004 May 4, 2015 - edited

    Does this have good romance?
    And does this end happily?
    If not i won't watch it...i can't accept death of main hero =.=

    • Reply
      Kenji May 4, 2015
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Dana1004 May 5, 2015

      Thanks ^^ I give it a try than :)

  • Reply
    Kenji Apr 3, 2015

    I'm not an expert in acting, but I feel that all the cast did an horrible acting in this drama.

    But still, surprisingly I enjoyed it a lot, and that's what matters, I give it a 9.

  • Reply
    Andre Mar 18, 2015 - edited

    Well, let me first say i did finish watching all the 16 episodes. Yes, i know many people will not believe me. I don't blame them.
    I'm new to this site, and i didn't know that a 7.3 rated drama could be so bad. And when i say bad i mean really awful! I only saw Kim Jae Joong in City Hunter, and i didn't like him there because of his face expression, but here, as a main character, he is simply an AWFUL actor, his expression is monotonous, and everything he does doesn't look real and it's not convincing. I don't get it how can someone like this actor. Well, apart from that, this series doesn't have nothing that keeps you in front of the screen. Bad acting, no action, no romance, no fighting scenes, no logic, NOTHING positive. In fact, it was very difficult for me to finish it, but it's ok, because now i know that i can't rely on MyDramaList's Rating. I think this series is at most a 4/10. But i will give it a 2/10. If you read this, keep away from this drama for your sake.

    • Reply
      Karafuru Mar 29, 2015

      I can understand what you just said but i don't think kim jaejoong was in city hunter i think in that case you are refering to lee min ho.

    • Reply
      Andre Mar 29, 2015

      Damn, you're right! I thought it was him. No, i don't mean Lee min ho, i mean Lee Joon Hyuk. lol

    • Reply
      Karafuru Mar 30, 2015

      XD now I am watching Bluebird house with Lee Joon Hyuk and it is my first drama with him. I am still not sure if i think he is good or not because I only watched 3 ep but at the moment I'm not even impressed XD About jaejoong, I didn't watch this drama in particular but I follow him from such a long time and I watched some other shows and I still love him even if acting is not is best skill.

    • Reply
      Andre Mar 30, 2015

      Gotta see Jae Joon in another drama because in this one i didn't like him at all. So i was right, i said he was better in City Hunter because it was not him :D

    • Reply
      supalove May 20, 2015

      dont watch this if you're new to jj's dramas cause this does not portray him in the best light! watch him in triangle instead and i promise you you won't regret it. the ending might just kill you but the entire show as a whole really showcases how much talent that pretty boy has!

  • Reply
    dore430 Mar 15, 2015

    Looks as if I'm the only positive person now that this drama is completed. I didn't know about the low ratings. I only knew that I truly liked this drama, especially the suspense, action, and the life of a spy in South/North Korea. We can't always expect to see an Academy Award winning drama with every one that's offered, but we can take the subject matter, actors that we like, and enjoy going along for the ride! I was never bored as some of you said... No skips or fast forwards. The story line, actors, direction ALL were superb. It kept me on the edge of my seat each week, and I looked forward to the next episodes. Just think that this will be the last time you will be seeing Kim Jae Joong in a drama or movie for two whole years as he enlists and completes his military service. I know I will miss seeing this great young talented guy ;) I hope he will be safe and return to his fans raring to entertain us!!


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    Jan 9, 2015 to Mar 6, 2015
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