Signal (2016)

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After finding an old walkie-talkie, Detective Park Hae Yeong manages to connect with Detective Lee Jae Han in the past. Together, with the help of Team Leader Cha So Hyun, they manage to solve South Korea's most famous cold cases and reveal police corruption.

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Mar 12, 2016
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Just finished this AWESOME drama!! The feelings are still here. I can;t even count how much tears was produced due to this drama. This is definitely a must watch drama. Although some parts of the case may be pretty graphic (according to me) it was still good. This drama definitely wouldn't be how it is without those scenes.

Story: This is by the best story line I have ever seen. All the read more actors are perfect. I felt their pain, their happiness, their frustrations, everything. This drama made me smile, laugh, and cry. Nothing can explain the feelings I had while waiting every week for new episodes.
The writer did such a good job at keeping the suspense always there. The fact that the story has many questions left to answer and is kept for the audience to decipher on what they want to happen is so breathtakingly beautiful. Its just so amazing that the writer and director was able to mesh all that and bring this wonderful work. This drama is definitely by far one of the best detective dramas, or drama overall.

Actors: I love the actors. Every one of them meshed into their character so well, I couldn't even tell they were acting. The child actors just hit my heart so so bad, especially the famous omelet scene. Gotta give it to the boy, I cried so much watching that scene. After this drama, I am definitely having an ahjussi-crush on Jo Jin Woong. The mains of this drama was just the best ones the directors could have gotten. I can't even imagine any one else playing their characters. Kim Hye-soo was also superb. Her acting during the shock scene was words possible. Last but not least, Le Je Hoon was not just eye candy. The emotions he showed touched my heart soo much. I fell for him even more after this drama. Overall, the actors and actresses were TERRIFIC. I wished this drama never ends.

Music: Love the OST. Been jamming with it every day. It's definitely going to be on repeat to relinquish my withdrawals from this drama.

So many questions are left after I finished this drama... Despite that fact, this is still a must watch drama!
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Mar 13, 2016
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
Signal was an amazing drama from start to finish. At first, I thought that this was simply going to be another crime-solving drama where the main character goes around solving mysteries. Boy was I wrong! This drama is so much more than that. Signal was a crime thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout most of the show. I kept checking back to see when the next episode read more was available because I wanted to see what was going to happen next! The time-traveling walkie-talkie definitely added some extra spice to the show. Does the walkie-talkie actually time travel? No it doesn't. Are you curious as to what I'm talking about? Well let's just say you'll just have to watch the show to find out! Trust me it's definitely worth it. Or else the drama wouldn't have a score of 9.2 at the time of me writing this review. Continue reading if you're unsure still unsure about whether you want to watch this show or not.

Story: [9.5/10] One thing that this drama does well is it takes very common story elements and turn it into something special. Have you ever seen a crime-solving drama? I have seen many myself. None has impressed me as much as this one. This show stands out from other crime-solving shows because it involves two people from different times attempting to work together to solve the same crime. There where a lot of flashbacks and events from the past that were used to help the characters in the present solve the different crimes. I must admit that initially I thought that this was not something that would have worked well with this type of show. However, in the end, the director and writers manage to mesh all of these elements together to create a great show such as Signal.

Although there were several things that kept me from giving the show a 10. One of the reasons that I didn't give the show a 10 has to do with the walkie-talkie. I wanted to know more about the walkie-talkie. I was a little disappointed by the end because I had some questions about the walkie-talkie that were never answered. I don't want to bring up the actual question because it may spoil a little of the show for you if you haven't already seen it. Just know that the walkie-talkie plays a very big part in the show and that I'm annoyed because they didn't answer my question haha.

Perhaps another weakness of the show is that it can be confusing at times. As I mentioned, there are a lot of flashbacks, and moments where we see events from the past. It often got confusing because the show would sometimes jump back and forth between past and present. On the flip side of all this, the show also had its' own strengths when jumping back and forth between the past and present. The writers of Signal did a very good job in setting up the different time jumps. As I would often find myself only confused for about 5-10 seconds before saying oh this is what is going on and I see why there was this flashback/time jump etc. In a way, I was never really confused at all because my confusion went away since the show itself answered most if not all of the questions I may have had about what was going on. This is a good thing because most shows don't do this. Other shows will often just leave you to wonder what the heck is going on the whole time.

Overall this show also kept a very good pace. It never felt like it went to fast or that it was dragging on.for too long. I applaud the director and writers for coming up with such a great story. They did a very great job in turning simple plot elements into a very sophisticated story. They didn't exactly invent a new genre or anything (or did they?). One thing is for sure though. They sure know how to tell a darn good story!

Acting: [10/10] All of the actors and actresses did a very commendable job during this whole drama. There were times where I was completely drawn in by the acting. In fact I cried at least two times during this whole drama. Let me just tell you now. I don't cry very often when watching shows. I rarely ever cry while watching sad dramas, let alone a crime thriller! This can mean one of several things. The first possible meaning is that the actors did a very good job acting. The second is that the story was very well told and that we were meant to cry at that part. I'm inclined to believe that it was a mixture of both. There where also several child actors and actresses in this show as well. Although they were all mostly pretty young, their acting only helped to improve this drama.

Music: [9/10] The music was very well made. If there was a suspenseful moment, suspenseful music that fit the scene came with at the right moment. All in all, the music helped enhance certain moments of the show depending on where it was needed. The OST to this show was nothing to scoff at either. Was it a ground-breaking OST that I will listen to for years to come? No, not really. However, it's definitely something that I will put into my playlist in the future.

Overall I definitely suggest you watch the show if you already haven't. You won't regret it! Objectively I can't give this show all 10s because it definitely wasn't completely perfect. However, subjectively it was one of the most well written Korean drama that I've ever seen.

Thank you for reading my first ever review on MDL! I hope you enjoyed it!
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same feeling... guess while watching signal the writer of tunnel thought- wouldn't it be better if the cop came to the future himself rather than just talking through a walkie talkie.
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    Saja Oct 6, 2016 - edited

    it's the first drama that made me cry !!!! like really suddenly I was crying... and that never happened to me before.. I watched it twice, and I always feel the same about the brother story...!! GREAT drama

  • Reply
    stringfan Oct 5, 2016

    I expect a lot. Here we go.

  • Reply
    NomMango- Oct 4, 2016

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this drama! Very refreshing from your usual romance drama. Got me hooked from the start. It's definitely not your typical mystery solving drama, it goes way more than just a simple "mystery" drama.

  • Reply
    asal Oct 3, 2016 - edited

    Lee jae han was real hero

  • Reply
    Banada6 Oct 2, 2016

    What can i say this drama is the best korean drama so far i watched many korean drama after it but no drama made me feel the same feeling this drama gave me . Great story great cast like every signal fan i want season 2 <3

  • Reply
    Nams Oct 2, 2016

    It was Amazing, But somewhere I kept fast forwarding as the whole corruption and Using law to their personal preference by Villains got on my nerves. YET it is a great watch and I WANT SEASON 2!


  • Reply
    WhiteCloud Sep 28, 2016

    Amazing drama from start...

  • Reply
    LuvK Sep 26, 2016

    I lost how many times I have cried in this drama. One of the best written... No loop wholes, and heart aching dramas. The best part you end up loving both Main male leads, and main girl. Love the funny moments, and I still can't over the brother story.. Worth watching, but be warned is a very dark drama in some cases.

  • Reply
    Bunnii Sep 26, 2016 - edited

    Hands down, with out a doubt, one of the BEST dramas I have seen in a LONG time. Tbh I was getting really bored of the typical lovey dovey dramas and boy oh boy was this drama refreshing to watch. I mean I'm not gonna spoil it, but it quite literally had me episode after episode thoroughly intrigued and I cannot think of a single moment where I was bored or felt like skipping (except when their was blatant product placement). I loved each and every character, the actors did an amazing job. Special kudos to how they wrote the character of Lee Jae Han, I mean that guy is just an all around amazing dude who is always caring and utterly selfless. I also appreciated how they had elements of love and innocence that you find in any Romance drama, but it wasn't over the top or over powered the main story line.

    I only hope that they do a season 2, because idk if it was just me but they seriously ended on a huge cliffhanger and the series ended with more questions than answers.

    TL;DR this drama is a must see, if you enjoy crime solving and CSI type stuff this drama will not disappoint.

  • Reply
    MyraElysium Sep 24, 2016

    I liked this drama at first. But the last episodes were such a mess. Gave me a headache. The actors were all amazing though. The drama gave a cliffhanger ending in a way that kinda sucked for me. The mess killed the feels.

  • Reply
    Mica Sep 20, 2016 - edited

    I watched this drama in the summer. During the holidays I must have seen at least 20-30 other (older) dramas and movies but this one remains my absolute fave! I keep coming back to this page for some reason. I really want the ratings to go up or stay within the 9 range. It's nothing less than a 9.5.
    I don't usually download or re-watch dramas but I made it a point to download the whole show so that I can re-watch it some time. I'm also going to try and get my friends to watch it. It's just so amazing! <3

    • Reply
      nastou19 Sep 20, 2016

      Same here. I just can't forget this drama either. I even look at the details everyday lately : 16% gave it a 9/10, 18% a 9.5/10 AND 47% a 10/10! I never saw such high ratings. And I seriously wonder which drama got ranked #1. I have to check it out.

    • Reply
      Teresa Brito Sep 20, 2016

      The #1 is a Movie, "Miracle in cell No. 7"

    • Reply
      nastou19 Sep 21, 2016

      Oh? Thank you, that explains why I couldn't find it :p

    • Reply
      Mica Sep 22, 2016

      thank you! I will check out this movie next!

  • Reply
    frost Sep 20, 2016

    love the concept but i put this on hold for now, im expecting something more because of the hype but i didnt really feel it, im hoping this would be like TEN but no atm i like TEN more..

  • Reply
    Selty Sep 19, 2016 - edited

    Ok I just finished ep 4, and I admit this gives me very HIGH FEELS, i already got soooo frustrated and even cried a bit, but why do I have a very high time-paradox feeling with this talkies thing ?
    I'm so not ready for what's next

  • Reply
    JustynaP Sep 18, 2016

    That's the best criminal drama I've ever watched! My heart still flutter when I recall the story

  • Reply
    BANNEDuser Sep 18, 2016

    One of the best


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    South Korea
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    Jan 22, 2016 to Mar 12, 2016
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    Friday, Saturday
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    1 hr. 15 min.


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