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Jeerawat ''Jee'' is an actress and model. She had a bad childhood, since her mother left her with her grandmother and married someone else. Her stepfather wants Jee to be his mistress, so one day he drugs her so that he can rape her, but she manages to escape and drives off, while accidentally hitting and killing Tiw, Sathit's fiancee.
Sathit is a lawyer with a bright future. He is friends with read moreChaiyan, a director, who happens to be very close friends with Jee. When Sathit meets Jee, he lashes out at her, in anger, at every opportunity. Then, he notices the closeness between Chaiyan and Jee, and believes they must be having an affair. Although Chaiyan has feelings towards Jee, they are only good friends. Piak, Chaiyan's wife, is jealous of their closeness and also believes her husband is having an affair with Jee. So Sathit and Piak conspire to ruin Jee's reputation, defame her and destroy her career.
But as Sathit goes on with his revenge he realizes the good in Jee, while Jee also falls for him along the way.

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    Waves of Life; Life's Waves; Kluen Cheewit

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Mar 14, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
My first Thai drama and it was FANTASTIC! Personally, I think the acting really made the difference for me. The chemistry between the leading couple (Mark Prin and Yaya) was off the charts! Yaya was great at the emotional scenes, not just the crying but the ability to really project the emotions. It was captivating. As for Mark Prin, he is great at the subtle facial expressions. The attention is in the read more details and he nailed the subtle emotions each time. As a viewer you definitely get more invested in the characters and the story if the actors are able to elevate the story and the depth of the characters. They both did it for me. The story itself could be deemed somewhat cliched but what made it was the nuanced attention by the actors and the director. The conflicts, the emotional complications, the internal struggles all seemed very realistic and understandable. Each episode wasn't drawn out without reason, each had a purpose for adding to the layers of emotional complexity and the turmoil the characters were feeling. I LOVED it. I usually watch K-Dramas and Taiwanese or Chinese dramas but I have to say, this drama really impressed me and blew my perception of Thai dramas out of the water. I will be watching a lot more Thai dramas and now, I'm a huge Yaya and Mark Prin fan! Oh yes, a shout out to P'Suki - Jee's gay manager in the drama. He is arguably the best gay side kick I've seen in any drama! AWESOME!!!
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Mar 16, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
I have been watching lakorns since last year and even longer have watched various of other Asian dramas for seven years now that I easily lose interest because either the plot, characters, or the overall storyline makes no sense or changes within the middle. The same cannot be said of this drama, from beginning to end the storyline, characters, and plot has always been consistent. I didn't know much of Yaya or read more Prin before heading into this drama, but afterwards they have made a huge impact when it comes to further lakorns in the future.

The story is like Secret (kdrama), if anyone ever watched it, and although Secret has been one of my favorite dramas when it comes to revenge/hate turning into love and obsession, this lakorn has beaten it out of the water due to the main characters but more so to Yaya's potrayal of Jeerawat or Jee.

Very Simple, Jee is a major nangek/celebrity who despite all the fame and status lives her life constantly in the rumor mill potrayed as a whore and slut who snatches up people husbands. In reality, she is anything but and instead is just a woman or rather a girl who just wants love, mainly from her mother that she continuously protects at the cost of her own self-respect. While Satit is a young lawyer who is deeply in love with his fiance Tiw, all for justice and the fight for the underdog and the little man. Unlike in the synopsis, Jee is NOT an alcoholic and instead is lusted after by her stepfather and is heavily drugged (IM style in the arm) and in her pursuit to run away from her eventual rape innocently hit and run over Satit's fiance Tiw. Instead of actually running, Jee tries to express her apologies and own up to her mistake, however, the people around her refuses for her to do so and instead her assistant takes the fall while she lives her life in a constant cycle of regret, guilt, remorse, and horror for the fact she cannot pay for the crime that she caused.

Satit, however, doesn't believe what is released to the public and is in hot pursuit to punish Jee for his fiance's death which leads to his obsession. Eventually constant interactions, fighting/arguments, and slowly seeing the inner truth of who Jee really is makes him falls in love with her. But at the same time, he struggles with the reality that he might be falling for the very woman who killed the love of his life and is constantly struggling to battle his own feelings.

Of course there are two other couples but in reality it became such a nuisance (really in Piak and Chaiyan's case) but they only at times help the main draw closer and own up to their feelings.

If I didn't state it earlier, this show was amazing not from the story itself alone, but from the flawless potrayal from the main characters and the amazing chemistry between Jee and Satit. Although Prin was amazing showing Satit as someone obsessed, I have to give the full recognition to Yaya for such an amazing job as Jee.

Yaya: have never seen her before, never knew her before, or etc...but my GODDDD!!!!! She was simply amazing as Jeerawat. She potrayed the hard as nails, aloof, bitch that everyone saw her but at the same time show the vulnerabilities of a young woman (more so girl in my opinion) that just wanted love. Love from her mother and those around her that were actually genuine. At times female leads that just cry nonstop would be annoying and ridiculous but you knew Jee was crying was because she built such a icy facade for the world that when it came to herself, her manager Suki, and her best friend Dao, that was the only time she could really be herself and let it out. Each time, each time, Yaya did such an amazing job showing the emotions of someone lost, tired, hopeful, yearning, and just wanting someone to just love her for herself. Although as the audience battled with the decisions she made at times Yaya did such a seamless job in showing someone fighting with herself and inner desires, wants, and needs. She was not a Candy female lead or someone so darn evil you wonder if she was REALLY a lead female. Rather she was human. She was realistic. She came from a broken home, her mother and her struggled and suffered for everything they got, and even then she wouldn't show others her true self. she was tough as nails and at the same time vulnerable. She was as real as you are gonna get if you want a realistic female lead that is not sugarcoated but is not always wearing a smile despite all the crap life hands to her.

Piak: a insecure housewife now producer/director who constantly suspects her husband Chaiyan is sleeping with his female actresses (nangek) and more specifically, thinks he is sleeping with Jee. Her (adopted) brother is Satit.

Chaiyan: is best friends with Jee, rather shares a brother/sister relationship to Jee that is constantly misconstrued to his wife and the media as an affair.

Dao: Jee's best friend with Jee and is in love with Jate

Jate: confused and playing both fields. In love with Jee but attracted to Dao.

Rewatch Value, Overall:

I would watch this show again at least a few months from now to completely forget the story-line (which i doubt) as this show is just so darn intriguing, and not so predictable compared to most dramas. As i stated before this show has two other couples and to me were either annoying at times or just so unbelievable, but they don't ruin the story. This lakorn is sooooooo enjoyable, intriguing, and unpredictable. Highly recommend to watch, and watch, watch, and then watch some more.
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Both female leads are blamed for the death of the male lead's girlfriend. But in Secret, the female lead doesn't really killed the girlfriend of the male lead, she just took the responsibility for what her fiancee did. Also, both aggressive male leads.
Recommended by moongchi
Both female leads are famous actresses and have similar personalities. They're independent and would stand their ground for what they think is right. They won't let anyone push them around. Also, they started on the wrong foot with the male leads, who both seek out justice for the people.

Kleun Cheewit and Nang Rai Tee Rak are my top Thai dramas. We know that their TV series lean more on the slap/kiss genre, which is actually a very good watch if executed properly. I do believe that both have managed to balance the love/hate relationship that the characters have. Too much angst and drama and there are characters who go over-the-top but all in all, both dramas are highly recommended.
Recommended by Kim Gonzales

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    sound Mar 1, 2017 - edited

    OMG THIS IS AMAZING i GET that Chaiyan at first i was annoyed by his actions then i understood him and actually found out he was so much like PSuki than i thought . He always protected Jee like a true brother. Yes he uses Jee as leverage but i get it i guess Jee and Chaiyan can be brother and sister as how they claim they are they both have a habit of using each other as a shield of protection, Because without words when they see the other in a bind they go with the flow to help each other . i love that. Yet t i wish they would stop but still Jee backs him up. the more time goes i had started to be annoyed with Chaiyans lack of explanation .YET i UNDERSTAND STILL Chaiyan .wow he is more complex like jee than i had thought. SO darn similar . Just like jee both characters wish to explain that they did nothing wrong. But they know that even with an explaintion given if the people do not wish to listen what is the point in explaining.

    Wow so darn similar true brother and sister.

    as time went on in this last episode i understood the strong bond with these two i loved that they really are Brother and sister how Chaiyan stood up to Satit and said the more you protect Piak(your sister) I will protect Mine (jee) Satit probably didnt understand due to his jealousy like Piak . Him for the reason of trying to use it as a leverage to get involved for the sake of seeing Jee and hoping to tear the too apart if there was something truly going on . Still Chaiyan showed us that He will protect his sister even if It may risk his marriage just like Satit .

    THAT LOOOVE~ scene was NO RAPE im so glad .(JEE CONSENTED) (SATIT DENIED it ) until (JEE did what JEE does ) Lol u know her if u see the show.

    Let me explain they both felt filthy (shower scene) because they wished it didnt go down like that as how it went down. What i mean by that is that .

    they both can clearly tell they are inlove with each other they can even see it themselves both dont know how much is real due to the gossip that has been spread but 1 thing is for sure attraction is dead real. Satit denies Jee multiple times Yet Jee is so inlove yet hurt she wants to feel love from Satit even if it pains her after all what more can she lose in her mind she has now lost everything even falling for satit her pride was gone the moment her heart fell. and that kills her even more Jee is full of pride that is what holds her up when she has no love. She is the most Emotional in this scene becaus she has already made up her mind that she loves Satit and she will have just a piece of that love even if it will pain her at the end she want a moment of happiness if possible. oh Jee gotta love her character.

    Satit is in love with jee but He cant understand how much she is into him . He is already in love he still hasnt come to the sense to admit it because he is unsure off himself and what is going on. its also a little his fault . still its all happening so quick for Satit to him he should be mourning his past love yet He is on Fire with Jee . I feel Jee really wakes up the true Passion in him the true Man that will love to the fullest.
    Satit even begged before she arrived to not come he knew he would give in to her temptation knowing how jee was so bold . yet he hoped for her not to come because he didnt want to cause pain yet still all the same was wishing for her to come in hopes of seeing her. that struggle of emotion that played i really liked that scene. u could tell both understood that they liked each other and hoped to do it. The problem is the lack of understanding is blocking the path for them to truly see there love this is a time that the Emotional struggle takes place What Part of your body will it be your heart or your Mind. In this case it has to be Both but right now it seems the heart is gonna overtake Satit .xD

    Why did Jee Have sex? Well..

    (jee) just wanted to feel loved from the one she loved even knowing it would cause her pain . Remember its her first time feeling this way. She knew that it may be the last chance she got to feel the love of the man she loves. Even if she believes he doesnt not love her in her moment she will bask in her love for him for the last chance. Also it is another way to protect herself/family mostly herself and be rid of him hoping the pain would leave all the same as how the love came.

    for Satit he has been enchanted by Jee I Feel far More than his previous love. he love his old girlfriend but with Jee he is Passionate she brings the Man in him like pure fire. to the point of falling hard, he wants her, you can tell but also it pains him to hurt her yet he wishes to cause her pain but Not like how Jee wishes* having sex*. His heart has won and wants her, he knows it can also be his last chance so he takes it. his love for her wins . u can tell he doesnt want to hurt her cus he denies her. But all these rumors that were spread clouded there judgment they indulged and i am sure they loved that moment but hated it all the same mixed feelings. (HENCE THE SHOWER SCENE) they felt filthy because maybe Jee can be the evil girl everyone always says she is . or Satit the evil guy everyone tells Jee he is. Still love is strong even if evil people try to stop you. They both loved each other to hold each other and cry. but gossip is strong and still there mind is in turmoil. u can tell satit cant stop thinking about jee using the excuse just to see her to return an item. lool cracked me up .this show is so darn good.

    • Reply
      Knavery Mar 1, 2017 - edited

      Yeah the sound of it in the comments ("rape") had me dreading it but I think it was done about as well as it could have been done.

      They both have feelings for each other but Jee is less conflicted about them for obvious reasons. There was no physical force, Satit tried to back out of it.

      This wasn't a romantic night. It was an emotional (and physical) release for the two characters but with some obvious regrets afterwards.

    • Reply
      sound Mar 1, 2017

      Nicely worded at the end Exactly my point. there was Emotion so high even a knife couldnt cut it. you could clearly see the tension of lust for the other. but the ending result brought them back to reality the following day and the drama that would set the tone of why they embarked in that lustful scene in the first place. Making what they felt was attraction that night into something ugly they both wished to clean up from due to the drama that was attached to it.

    • Reply
      Vivian Mar 1, 2017 - edited

      You should put these comments as spoiler, gave a lot about the lakorn.

    • Reply
      Zara Mar 4, 2017

      Omg. I absolutely LOVE your analysis of the characters. Why is there not a discussion thread for this show???

  • Reply
    s-m Feb 28, 2017 - edited

    This drama is fun.. but gosh chaiyan needs to stay away from Jee!!! isn''t that common sense??!!!

    • Reply
      Vivian Feb 28, 2017

      Actually, Chaiyan's actions & behavior doesn't bother me. He's pretty reasonable to me. Piak has been crazy prior to Gee entering the picture. How many actresses has she fired being accused of messing with Chaiyan? It's just Piak was able to win over those other girls that were "really" trying to seduce Chaiyan. With Gee, Piak really has nothing to use against her so her childish tactics don't work. He does try to reconcile & they were happy for a brief moment, but Piak lied again. Like Chaiyan said, Piak won't be satisfy until she finally catches him cheating. Because every time she fails, she's reminded that he is not the bad person she thinks he is. She has this false image of him & she desperately wants to prove herself right that she doesn't realize she's hurting their marriage. Chaiyan giving in & distancing himself from Gee will not solve their problem. Piak will just move on to another girl. Until Piak accepts that she's the problem, no matter what Chaiyan does will not fix their marriage. Chaiyan has been very reasonable & understanding, giving Piak time to repent instead of forcing her to since talking to her when she's angry only escalates the fight. Also, she belittles Chaiyan saying he's nothing without her. The girl thinks she owns him!

    • Reply
      Knavery Mar 1, 2017

      I don't really like either one. He obviously has no idea how to set boundaries or put his wife first when the decision should be easy (he hangs out with Jee instead). Piak obviously has control issues but the fact she almost always seemed to be second to him hanging out and talking with the lead actress - even from the start of the show - is a bad sign.

      The drama will likely keep them together but I think they should just break up and both mature as people before they go around causing people even more pain. I have little sympathy or time for either one.

      The main couple is the only reason to watch this for me at least. I guess there's some nice emotional relief with Daraka and deep-voiced baby-faced guy (I forgot his name, it's late).

    • Reply
      s-m Mar 1, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
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      s-m Mar 1, 2017 - edited
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Vivian Mar 1, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Vivian Feb 28, 2017 - edited

    For the peace of mind of many, there was no rape!!!

    • Reply
      Andie Feb 28, 2017

      Thanks! Now I can finally watch this.

  • Reply
    MysticLullaby Feb 26, 2017 - edited

    Was interested in checking this out until learnt it is a slap kiss, ew, slap kiss are disgusting and need to stop being made, rape is never okay, will never watch something where a girl ends up with her rapist. I actually remember reading about slap kiss a few years ago and someone did a survey to girls aged 15-25 i think and they were asked what theire favourite part of a lakhorn was and If i recall over 70% said the rape scene was their favourite, that is messed up on so many levels, i can't.

    • Reply
      sound Mar 1, 2017

      Its not rape where did u get that idea?? have u watch the show .

    • Reply
      ajummasunbae Mar 7, 2017

      Personally I love the slap/kiss. I want you to try to think about the rapes as a cultural marker. By that I mean that lakorns are morality stories. In our culture many things are unforgivable and we are taught that rape is one of them. Lakorns do not condone rape use rape. It is seen as the ultimate crime against a woman. It rarely has to do with sex or sexual desire. It has to do with power.The rapes are never the important part of the story the important part is the rapist road to ...something we no longer practice so much in western society...redemption. Whenever there is a rape the rest of the series shows how the hero comes to regret his actions. He goes on a journey of redemption, where he suffers from his karma.The victim/heroine, her journey is finding self worth inside and gaining the fruits of forgiveness. In Buddhism there is karma...but after you have suffered through karma. It is over and everybody gets a chance to start anew. Even when you go to the Buddhist hell you don't have to stay forever. As a side note what I always find funny is that the better your climate and land are for growing crops the more forgiveness your Gods teach you.

    • Reply
      aoiazami Mar 7, 2017

      but thats the thing, in Buddhism one of the 5 precepts is no sensual/sexual misconduct. thus the whole rape thing goes against the morals of buddhism(whether you are buddhist or not it should still go against your morals and those of the society's as well) in the first place. and yes there's karma and forgiveness in buddhism but irl no one in their right mind would just forgive and forget like they do in lakorns.

      Side note: this drama doesn't have rape scenes like the typical slap/kiss lakorn

  • Reply
    Luther Feb 24, 2017 - edited

    I keep reading the synopsis of the 1995 version everywhere which is somewhat different from this remake of the drama, so I wrote an updated one.

    Jeerawut is a the new leading actress in the entertainment industry with a dark hidden childhood. To the rest of the world, she's a party girl who sleeps around and grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. While in actual fact, Jee grew up neglected in the slums, while her mother slept her way to the top and eventually married Sittha, a sleazing and corrupt nobleman. Only those in Jee's close inner circle like her manager (Sookie), director (Chayan) and best friend (Daraka) know the real Jee, who is kind, loyal and not at all like the tabloids make her out to be.

    One night after attending a PR event, Jee is ambushed in the parking lot by Sittha who has been lusting after his stepdaughter for years. Sittha's henchmen drug her, but she manages to escape to her car and drives off. While on the road, the drug induced haze causes her to run over a female pedestrian called Tiw. Tiw's fiancee is a bright lawyer called ,Satit, who happens to be cousins with Chayan's wife, Piak. Satit was on the phone with Tiw when the accident occurred and heard Jee's voice on the other end of the line as she was apologizing to and trying to help an unconsious Tiw, before losing consciousness herself.

    Waking up the next morning, Jee doesn't remember anything due to the drugs and thinks she just had a terrible nightmare. Without her knowing, Sookie and her chauffeur, Stephan, covered up Jee's involvement in the accident by letting Stephan be the fall guy. Jee is devastated when she learns the truth and she wants to confess her crime, but she can't, because if she does, Sookie and Stephan would be charged with perjury.

    After being in a coma for a day, Tiw dies in the hospital, leaving Satit broken inside. With only Stephan's confession and no other evidence to go by, the court convicts Stephan for the crime, enraging Satit as Tiw's true killer walks free. From Piak's jealous claims that Jee is having an affair with Chayan to Satit's assumption that Jee is avoiding prosecution to save her own skin, Satit believes Jee to be the spoilt immoral rich girl that the rest of the world thinks she is, and thus vows to seek revenge and bring her to justice.

  • Reply
    Roxyna Feb 20, 2017 - edited

    This lakorn is really interesting since now!
    It's the one you start and you are not able to stop it.
    I really like it. Their chemistry is so real, the plot seems so good, and the characters have all strong personalities. Just Piak getting on my nervs because I can't stand this nonsense jelousy, but this is an important part of the lakorn... so it cannot be helped!
    Btw WE NEED MORE LAKORN LIKE THIS, if you have something similar to suggest me I'll be happy forever ^^

    • Reply
      XXxxEllyxx Feb 21, 2017

      I haven't watched many lakorns but i liked this one a lot Plerng Naree

    • Reply
      Roxyna Feb 21, 2017

      Thank you I red the plot and it seems also a good one! I'll watch it :)

    • Reply
      Arch-lakorn Feb 23, 2017

      Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter is really good and is somehow similar in genre, it's much older though.

    • Reply
      Ginger Feb 28, 2017 - edited

      Khun Chai Ronapee, Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised, Mafia Luerd Mungkorn: Suer, Ngao Jai, Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah, Padiwaradda, Reang Ngao (has rawr)
      all are high on romance.chemistry with mostly strong lead girls.

  • Reply
    anna Feb 17, 2017 - edited

    Is there rape in this lakorn?

    • Reply
      Vivian Feb 26, 2017 - edited
      Reveal Spoiler »
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      Roxyna Feb 26, 2017 - edited
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      Vivian Feb 26, 2017 - edited
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      sound Mar 1, 2017 - edited
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      aoiazami Mar 7, 2017 - edited
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  • Reply
    NaijaLuv_88 Feb 17, 2017

    Very simple, amazing lakorn.

  • Reply
    ntangel85 Feb 7, 2017 - edited

    Six episodes in and I love the main actress!! She is fierce and knows not to back down!!! Just wish the writer doesn't make her cry so much (even though she doesn't cry in front of people, it's still feels too much)

    • Reply
      Bom Choi Feb 8, 2017

      where are you watching it?

    • Reply
      Rachael Feb 16, 2017

      do the main couple kiss and end up together?

    • Reply
      HyeSoo Feb 16, 2017

      They have started to feel something for each other in the last 2 episodes (7-8), Lakorn is composed of 15 episodes

  • Reply
    sound Feb 6, 2017

    OK this is really good i love how u can even beign to see his obsession with her as time goes on his eyes begin to search for her although he has anger u can see his obsession also in her sturrs his interesting romantically. u can see although he is angry with her he also know she is really pretty. and i love how tough and cool she is.

  • Reply
    sound Feb 4, 2017

    omg this actress i love how fierce she is so dang cold but who would understand why if she has such a dark past i love it. the metaphor of the role she had in the begining will play a huge part in this story i cant wait to see how the man male lead will mend it after he get slammed with the truth how will he win her back this is some juicy stuff i really like the Main leads alot compared to all the rest they have no juice on them

  • Reply
    sound Feb 4, 2017

    this sounds good and the main actors are hot!

  • Reply
    CarrenBo Jan 25, 2017 - edited

    where i can watch it with eng sub ?

    • Reply
      HyeSoo Jan 25, 2017

      Search "SJDK Fan Sub" on Facebook ;)

    • Reply
      CarrenBo Jan 25, 2017

      Thank you for telling me

  • Reply
    Ebby Jan 24, 2017


  • Reply
    KweenJu Nov 30, 2016

    This has been pushed back yet again :( airing date unconfirmed; probably early next year (well,hopefully)


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