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First Love (1996)

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This early drama focuses on the lives of two brothers, Chan Hyuk and Chan Woo, and their relationship a wealthy girl named Hyo Kyung from childhood through adulthood. Chan Hyuk and Chan Woo move with their family from Seoul to the countryside where their widowed father finds work as a painter for the local movie theater. The two brothers eventually befriend the movie theater owner's daughter, Hyo Kyung. Although both brothers develop read morefeelings for her, Hyo Kyung falls for the artistic Chan Hyuk. Their relationship is severely tested by multiple hardships over the course of many years including the extreme opposition of her father and uncle.

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    Cheot Sarang

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    Ugh, what a crappy ending! >_< The people I wanted together did not end up together b/c of this horrible crappy "First Love" pathetic junk they threw at our faces throughout the entire drama >_< Seriously, the only reason this was rated high was b/c of peoples hopes for a good ending and the fact that there wasn't much else on TV at the time it aired -_- I'm SO disappointed with the ending of this drama - Their so called "love" was the absolute worst thing in this drama (and it was the main focus of the drama - even the stupid title) - their love was POISON plain and simple and yet whoever made this glorified it as the most high possession - Seriously come on! I hated seeing them together and I hated the main girl more than anything (she had no common sense!) "Our love will stand the test of time - we'll prove it OPPA" - give me a bucket please! They could both go drown in the ocean for all I care -_- Gosh, I hate it when dramas make me watch the entire thing only to wind up irritated beyond belief at the ridiculousness of the story! So much time wasted!!! I admit, I ended up only watching this for Bae Joon Young's character 'Chan Woo' but his story was left open ended which I didn't like either. The lead characters (the 2 main ones) were completely insane! I can't dish enough dirt out about this! Who in their right mind would continue loving someone (uncontrollably) when the persons entire family was out to slaughter you?! and not only that but wrecked havoc on your entire families lives more than once and beat your brother to a pulp on multiple occasions - and yet you still have the gall to "love" that person?! Makes me want to puke!

    I think the writer forgot the fact that "first loves never last" never work! It would have been best if they had gone that route instead of the terrible one they went with.

    My rating is only for Bae Joon Young's character 'Chan Woo', Choi Ji Woo as 'Suk Hee' and Kim Tae Woo as 'Hyung Ki' - as they were the characters I enjoyed watching from beginning to end. - everyone else gets a below 0 rating.

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    Watching the drama now ^^ Just moved onto episode 3 and decided to do some math and see how old or young all the actors were when they starred in this drama (no idea what age they are supposed to be portraying in the drama lol) but here goes:
    Choi Soo Jong "Chan Hyuk": 33 (looks like his age in the drama)
    Bae Yong Jun "Chan Woo": 23 (My favorite character)
    Choi Ji Woo "Suk Hee": 20 (totally ship her with Chan Woo)
    Lee Seung Yeon "Hyo Kyung": 27 (Yeah looks about right) *I do not like her at all*
    Park Sang Won "Suk Jin": 36 (he looks way older than his age lol)
    Song Hye Kyo: 14 (haven't seen her yet)
    Kim Tae Woo "Hyung Ki": 24 (he's adorable in this ^^)
    Cha Tae Hyun: 19 (he's still a baby lol)
    Son Hyun Joo "Ju Jung Nam": 30
    Song Chae Hwan "Chan Ok": 27
    Baek Do Hwan "Dong Pal": 31
    Lee Hye Young "Shin Ja": 24

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    KmjSsk Nov 17, 2016

    does bae yong jun have a big role on this?? cuz im only watching cuz of him

  • Reply
    Andie Jun 17, 2016 - edited

    Does Song Hye Kyo have a big role in this? Cause I'm only considering watching because of her

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      I can't even recall seeing her.... (she would only have been 14 at the time) and I seriously don't remember seeing her at all...

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    Laser May 7, 2013

    This was my first drama and it was an amazing one. Highly recommended. Ok, maybe I'm just biased. Haha :P

  • Reply
    b2uty Dec 10, 2012

    i would have definitely given this a try.. if it weren't 66 episodes :/

    • Reply
      Gia Feb 4, 2013

      I know... The story doesn't seem worth 66 episode tbh, feels like it would get dragged a lot.

    • Reply
      Ginger Apr 19, 2013 - edited

      Well it's the highest rated drama ever in the history of K-drama ^^


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    South Korea
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    Sep 7, 1996 to Apr 20, 1997
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    Saturday, Sunday
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    1 hr. 5 min.


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    7.4 (scored by 38 users)
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