Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (2000)

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This story follows a young man named Makoto who lives in Ikebukuro West Gate Park, an area known for youth delinquency and gangs. In fact, one of Makoto's best friends from high school, Takeshi, is the "king" or leader, of one such gang, called the G-Boys. Makoto is known for being tough and smart, and while trying to solve the mystery of a friend's death, he finds himself a somewhat unwilling helper read morein many mysteries and problems of IWGP inhabitants. All the while, gang tension is mounting between his best friend's gang (which Makoto refuses to join) and a new gang, the "Black Angels."

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Mar 14, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Story: To say this is from 2000 I was impressed with how not crappy the camera/shooting actually was! Didn't feel like 2000 at all until you say their mobile phones xD haha The story changed constantly in my opinion and something new went on every episode and it finally came together at the end. While the dorama was incredibly funny to me, there were times where I just wasn't interested in what read more the actually story was. The ending kinda ticked me off as well with everyone being 'suicidal'. I HATE what the story did to Shun's character though. Doramas now a days very much try to keep the sex topic quite but I liked how more open about sex this dorama was. It was refreshing and it was overly stated nor a constant theme or being spoken about.

Cast: Amazing, great cast. I was shocked to see Yamashita pop up and I have to say, his acting here is the best I've seen of him since... Nobuta wo Produce. So to me he was better at acting when he was younger compared to how he is now, but that could also be to do with the lame characters and doramas he does now... anyway, yeah loved the cast! Nagase Tomoya only seen him in My Boss, My Hero. Definitely plan to watch more of his stuff now! He looks good in a cop uniform too! haha Kubozuka Yosuke is another I've only seen one or two times and defo want to see more of! Sato Ryuta awesome as always and seriously hasn't changed in 13 years xD I normally see Takahashi Issei do quite everyday characters and I liked he was a hacker in this with a MASS of hair xD WAIT... Oguri Shun was in this?! o_O I do not remember =/ Tsumabuki Satoshi another I rarely see and plan to watch more of. I liked Watanabe Ken in this dorama also!

Characters: Where to start... Favourite characters: Makoto was cool and as the main character you gotta be interesting which he was and he has a nice stomach! Yokoyama - I love his corruption and the fact he doesn't play the 'good' cop that you seem to just see in doramas now these days, The King was AWESOME I think he was my favourite, crazy mother chucker! Kazunori was enjoyable when he popped up. Loved Shun and that he was quiet and has this side of him that was interesting even when quiet! Masa was adorable and fun! Yamai was interesting til he died his hair dark then the rest of the story he wasn't interesting. Characters I hated: Rika, glad she left the show early, and Hikaru - words can not express how much Hikaru annoyed me. I wanted to kill her and he VOICE was hella annoying! Shame the story didn't go the way I wanted with her, grrr...

Music: LOVED the opening theme. Loved Makoto's ringtone was awesome, I want it as a ringtone! The soundtrack was reminiscent of Wong Kar Wai's 1990's film music which I loved so naturally loved this soundtrack =]

Overall: I enjoyed it, sometimes didn't care about the story line and some parts of the story I really didn't like and had that one hella annoying character that I wanted dead from the moment I saw her. But besides that it's interesting, funny, great how the story comes together in the end, it does feel mysterious at times too! Now to watch the SP xD
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Jul 22, 2011
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
This was better than I expected, It got me hooked from the first minutes. I loved Nagase Tomoya in this one - it\''s maybe his greatest series - but I\''ll have to add that other than him Kubozuka Yosuke did a great job as King.

What should I say more?! This series can be categorized as one of the best, a must see, as it combines the street factor with all the read more violence, gangs and raw characters with detective work and funny moments. For me this is the recipe to success.
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The main character and the episode type are similar. The main difference is that GTO is set in a school and IWGP is set in the street.
Recommended by NB4Y

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  • Reply
    Simplifica 21 days ago

    IWGP ... oh IWGP
    a fun random ball of genres with loads of stars :D

  • Reply
    Bakawai May 26, 2015

    It was great!!!King is awesome , Makoto so cool and Hikaru annoying ah ah it was a good thriller with funny moments !

  • Reply
    daria Jan 31, 2015

    Watching IWGP feels like trip to the past, can't get rid of this nostalgia feeling. I enjoyed it immensely)

  • Reply
    jagasthesecond Dec 6, 2014

    Wow! Cool chilling drama with some comedy. lots of actors/actresses in this series are now successful.

  • Reply
    shadowdancer Jul 9, 2014

    Someone can tell me where to watch this online? Somehow I can not manage to find anywhere :(

    • Reply
      shadowdancer Jan 2, 2015

      thank you very much. Actually about 2 months ago khjfan01 also told me that it was available in veoh. Truth is veoh used to be not available in my county but I gave it another try, and it worked :) Still I am thankful for your consideration.
      ps: it was amazing :)

  • Reply
    Panda-san Mar 27, 2014

    I love how Oguri Shun is listed as a supporting role. He appeared for barely two seconds in this drama lol. Tsumabuki Satoshi should be a supporting role.

    • Reply
      Azam Jun 20, 2014

      Really? when? I didn't even notice him

  • Reply
    darkness323 Nov 27, 2013

    I just started watching this (I'm on ep 5) and I understand the (extreme)dislike for Hikaru. Her personality is just soooo annoying and ugh. :/ But despite that, this drama is really good so far~

  • Reply
    ChaosLove Oct 22, 2013

    I really loved Takashi or "King" in this. Whenever I would see him I would get excited and giddy. It is definitely worth watching just to see him!

  • Reply
    darkangel662008 Aug 15, 2013

    I really hate Hikaru!!! She's so annoying!!!

  • Reply
    LisaMe97 Jul 31, 2013

  • Reply
    cho_dee May 29, 2013

    I watched this drama a long time ago (mostly becasue of Nagase Tomoya). I'd say that this drama really convinced me that watching Japanese drama was worthwhile! It's totally different from anything else I've seen since - so random yet believable.
    Keep an open mind and give it a go!

  • Reply
    sambart Mar 14, 2013

    This is definitely a classic and a must see before you die even if you don't enjoy it, it's just got that thing about it that makes it a compulsive watch.

  • Reply
    sambart Mar 14, 2013

    Hikaru is SO annoying and so it her voice! -_-

    • Reply
      pinkcrown May 18, 2013

      Oh god yes.. I've rewatched IWGP so many times and.. goodgod.. her voice. ;A;

  • Reply
    lunarlegend_03 Feb 13, 2013

    Minna-san! Is this drama good? I've already download it. I've seen first two episodes and now, I'm having a second thought if this one will gets better and better.

    • Reply
      Yamamotoyusukewife Mar 12, 2013

      Yes, it will! at the start i Was having the same thought but in chapter 4 the real action start!

  • Reply
    silver_moonlight Dec 10, 2012

    Still my favourite drama ever. The story and characters are both so unique, the acting is great, and it's very fast-paced. So many dramas just drag on and on for the first few episodes, but this one catches you right from the start and never slows down. I actually just rewatched some of it recently, and I'm almost tempted to revisit even more after writing this. If you like gritty delinquent/mystery dramas, definitely give it a try.


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    Apr 14, 2000 to Jun 23, 2000
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    45 min.


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    8.1 (scored by 675 users)
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