Cutter (2016)

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Yoon Jae moves to a new high school and starts hanging out with Se Joon, a mysterious student. This movie will bring out cold sweats as tension never ends in the typical life of a high school student.

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    keoteo; Eclipse

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Aug 15, 2016
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
TL:DR It's a good DRAMA movie, but it's not a thriller.

Just a little note that I watched it raw and I am not a fluent Korean speaker, so I may be wrong on certain occasions.

The things I loved:
- Character portrayal. I loved how this movie took its time to show what the characters thought of each other using actions and glances rather than just words. I believe that it read more creates a certain tension of the viewer thinking whether the characters mean what they do, or whether it is simple over analyzation. This gives credit to the amazing casts and storyline.
- The suspense. Yes I said that this is not a thriller, and I mean it, but there is some level of suspense (or tension) throughout the movie, and I credit the music for that. It's not your dramatic movie suspense but those everyday suspense that normal people feel because of human relations.

The things I didn't quite like:
- The trailer vs the movie. I came for a thriller movie and so I had certain expectations when I started watching. Therefore I am not going to lie. I was a bit disappointed when I watched it (but that added the element of surprise, which is always nice) Don't get me wrong though. I thoroughly enjoyed and was indulged in this movie.
- The last scene of the movie. No spoilers, I know. But when you finish watching, tell me that if I am wrong when I say that the crew/director kind of miss the point of something and maybe thought we didn't notice something. Idk, might just have been me.

Anyway, Choi Taejoon is in here and I love him, so this movie is borderline BOMB.
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Mar 15, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
Really excellent, both as a mystery thriller of high school boys becoming involved in the lurid criminal underworld and in the unfolding of the characters of the protagonists. It's also a classic tale of how an innocent acting for good motives (helping his mother) gets caught up in crime. I also feel the BL theme is absolutely central to this movie. All the events that happened would simply not have developed the read more way they did but for the initial attraction between Se Joon and Yoon Jae. It's brought out when the pair meet at the end when the truth seems clear even if still unspoken. There's also the irony that the "strong" character Se Joon is revealed as vulnerable exactly where his deepest feelings lie - if he'd been strong enough to express his feelings to Yoon Jae I'm sure the triangle between him, Yoon Jae and Eun Yeong would have been shown as unreal and events would not have ended up as they did. I get the feeling Se Joon realised his attraction but could not express it, whereas Yoon Jae was too innocent and suppressed his feelings but may have finally realised the truth too late. Depends how you interpret the ending. I felt sorry for poor Eun Yeong - well played by the lovely Moon Ga Young - who was really caught in the middle between two boys unable to fully express their love for each other. The treatment of her character's part was for me the most objectionable aspect of the movie - if maybe justified by the plot. The ending was also very well thought out and acted, even if - for those of us with a romantic outlook - a real bummer. Re-watch value high because even when you know the story, it's a pleasure to appreciate the finer details of how the characters develop and the plot is acted out.
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    SkelliSkarlett Jul 21, 2017

    i am so brokenhearted after watching this movie, despite that i really loved it! CTJ saranghae ❤

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    KainGuru Jul 2, 2017

    CONTENT WARNING: before you watch this, know it's a gritty and dark tale about human trafficking (specifically drugging women and selling their bodies), rape is portrayed, and other heinous crimes. If you are uncomfortable about this, maybe pass on it.

    Also, much that went on may have been motivated by one guy's obsession with this classmate. It's not BL, it's much darker and uglier.

    (Sorry for not using the Spoiler box but this movie deserves a warning.)

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    Emx May 1, 2017

    No one added any recommendations yet?! ( ̄^ ̄)

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    Rashmi Apr 25, 2017

    it definitely has some beautiful things n moments of it's own.. but ..somehow i feel kindaa.. disturbed right after couple of minutes which lasts throughout the movie .. umm.. yeah , guess cause of tht messy n sad n gloom story line ..bunch of unexpected feelings, but all the credit goes to tht creepy ending..
    still glad tht i can reach to it.. lets say ... don't want to see it again but like to remember the
    story n some of its feelings too.. n of-course ..would like to suggest to friends cause its surly a different n not a bad one kind ..

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    BangW Apr 3, 2017 - edited
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      yuurei Apr 17, 2017 - edited
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    Lavendova Mar 25, 2017 - edited
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    CHRIS SYAN Mar 14, 2017 - edited

    Since Korea is a Christian country, tbe story was really good at undercovering the BL element so well. I mean its obvious but not obvious if you'd not look farther than the glass. The way Se Joon walks with Yoon Jae, especially the ending where Se Joon finally says "I really want to tell you the truth, even just once" the word TRUTH already speaks for itself and the part when they were drinking and Se Joon says "Who says WE would get CAUGHT" I mean 'Secret Relationship' though. Se Joon is jealous, concerned and wanting to have Yoon Jae's attention all the time (thats why everytime S. Joon scolds Y. Ji makes me scream 'Boyfriend Rules, must follow') for not making him feel good about what Y. Ji does. It's everywhere, and the main theme pf this story is that 'Posessiveness is an asshole, Jealous is a bitch' and 'Fucking tell the truth while you can'

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      Iwyn Mar 15, 2017 - edited
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    • Reply
      HeilDoge Mar 15, 2017

      Please!, for the love of The Holy Potato, tell me where did you watch this eng subbed?

    • Reply
      Michael Mar 15, 2017

      I felt the problem for them was that Se Joon recognised but could not express or was afraid to express his feelings in case of frightening off Yoon Jae - and Yoon Jae may not even have been aware of his feelings except subconsciously - until the end when it was all too late. But it was brilliantly acted or I suppose we wouldn't be discussing all these interpretations.

    • Reply
      Iwyn Mar 20, 2017

      @HeilDoge You can find it on yt. The title is: [ ENG SUB & INDO SUB ] BL CUTTER / ECLIPSE Korean Movie.
      Sorry for the late reply!

  • Reply
    sound Mar 14, 2017 - edited

    Wow loved the movie so much meaning . the ending was good so much meaning I didn't fully wish it ended like thsf but didn't hate it it was good. Se Joon I really loved his character. His possessiveness could have been seen in two different ways and maybe it actually was. Yet he longed for his friendship ( more to it than just friendship though if were talking bl there is plenty if u can uncover the scenes which are laid out on times but can also interruprt another way which i also like having in the end the same meaning) . I really enjoyed this actor I'm impressed and I love the subitlity to this drama its slow pace yet not so slow that it bores u it consistanly has moments that make you think or doubt what's really happening what is the motives why and is it sincere. Its really nice as well as the development of the characters was done great for the short time it had

    • Reply
      Michael Mar 15, 2017

      yes, you express a lot that I was also thinking

  • Reply
    Paldogangsan Mar 8, 2017
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  • Reply
    ayacherry Mar 3, 2017

    This was a psychologically scary movie.

  • Reply
    Focussen Mar 1, 2017 - edited
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  • Reply
    Myungsoos-lips Feb 18, 2017

    there was a dvd release w eng subs in 2016 im surprised the sub file hasnt been uploaded online :(

  • Reply
    Kizzy Jan 3, 2017

    Ya'll why can't this get subbed already?

  • Reply
    BadVolkan91 Sep 23, 2016 - edited

    Amazing movie~

    • Reply
      NoorLakk Oct 15, 2016

      did you watch it with english sub ?

    • Reply
      BadVolkan91 Oct 16, 2016

      No. Just watched the movie without sub and read a summary which explained some scene in the movie from the beginning to the end.

  • Reply
    Sungjaes_Muko Jul 19, 2016 - edited

    can some please tell where i can find this movie with eng subs?

    • Reply
      Taeil Aug 14, 2016

      hasn't been subbed yet.


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