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Ice Fantasy (2016)

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When the second prince of the Fire Tribe, was mysteriously killed during his visit to the Ice Tribe, the Fire King Huo Yi finally has an excuse to start the second war between the Fire Tribe and Ice Tribe. With their parents captured and older siblings killed, the two remaining Ice Princes Ka Suo and Ying Kong Shi escape to the mortal world and seek help from realm guardian Li Luo.
After read morethe Fire Tribe was defeated, Ka Suo reluctantly battles his brother for the throne, but he wants nothing more than to be with his lover Li Luo. Ying Kong Shi does everything in his power to take the throne away from Ka Suo to grant him freedom, while Yan Da is willing to give up everything for Shi. Then, Ka Suo's loved ones all die off one by one under the conspiracies of Yuan Ji and Lian Ji, and he is determined to find the legendary "veiled lotus". A war between the Ice and Fire Tribe commences again as Huo Yi gains a strong new ally.

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    Huan Cheng; Fantasy City; City of Fantasy;

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Feb 19, 2017
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
I absolutely loved it!! This series is so artistic and captivating.
It has beautiful scenery, costumes and mis-en-scene. It was so colourful and pretty to watch!
It was also entertaining to see the different tribes (where the lived and what they wore). The sets were fantastic, I loved all of the clans palaces (so well thought-out and designed).
The characters were so loveable! I just wanted them to all be happy ugh. read more Their entwining story lines were fantastic and sometimes heart breaking. The scores throughout the show were very well written. I personally like Ka Suo and Li Luo's theme.
This show doesn't follow the expectations of the audience and is often quite unpredictable. This is a great quality because after each episode your always left wanting to know what happens next.

I couldn't praise this show enough. It had me hooked from the first episode, and by the last I was wanting more.

I recommend watching this series with an open mind, it can have "tacky" or "cheesy" moments, but if you look past that you'll find a great show with an awesome story.

I cannot wait until season 2!
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Oct 28, 2016
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Magical. Beautiful. Really enjoyed it. I didn't fast forward at any time, never skipped any part.
Remember it is fantasy when you watch it, and enjoy!
Also, only annoying character, the mermaid princess. But over time you'll understand.
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I have a historical addiction. If The legend is my best kdrama, then Ice fantasy is best C-drama in my drama life.

- Big budget drama in history.
- Love long WHITE haired characters.
- Great ost, mesmeraizing background music.
- immortal /Gods.
- Same type of adventures.
- Strong female lead.
- Quest for same kind of power relics and ice crystals.
- Trajic ending of favourite characters.
- Lack of extreme romance, that's why I find both similar, and love both in my ways. (I really miss romance between ying kong shi- Yan da, but like their sweet-sour friendship )
- Annoying villain, I wanted to kill them for god's sake.

Overall both are worth watching. Happy watching.
Recommended by AngelRu
This is truly one of the greatest drama's on earth it would have been wonderful if they had 6 seasons like Game Of Thrones because as a HUGE! GOT Fan Nirvana and Fire Out Wits Out Smarts and all around Out Class Game Of Thrones in every way. Nirvana in Fire is up to par or I may even say far more superior than many high rated American Shows. I was stunned by the Brilliance of NiF in every way plots, screen writing, soundtrack, acting, cinematography etc the directors are extremely talented I would watch anything created by this Magnificent team.
Recommended by QueenCherry

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  • Reply
    JamesBolotin 16 days ago - edited

    Is the ending happy or sad? spoilers please

  • Reply

    can someone tell me if this is worth watching or is it going to drag and make me wanna drop it lol

    • Reply
      AngelRu 22 days ago

      Its worth watching. Watever the fantasy is, you will be captivated by the music, scenery, colourful set, their dresses, and obviously White hair with blue eyes... just awesome. The acting are superb. So great bonding between the characters. Great adventure. Great drama indeed.

  • Reply
    XaraOrt Apr 29, 2017 - edited

    Loved at first but why they had to drag it so long and with that fail ending seriously ?!

    • Reply
      ashuri-chan24 May 6, 2017 - edited
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    eoniii Apr 26, 2017 - edited

    Based from the reviews, it's really good..but is it really??
    I've read from a lot of blogs that it's just visually appealing and rest, just crap.
    Anyone, is it worth watching? I really love watching this kind of fantasy drama..really contemplating on this one.

    • Reply
      SONICBOOM May 2, 2017

      If I was to describe Ice Fantasy in one word it would be 'shambolic.'

      The first ep was a mess, it gets better once the Dream Tribe are introduced, then it feels so draggy with undeveloped characters and has an ending which ties up with the confusing first ep but feels rather pointless. I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch all the eps of Ice Fantasy but there are individual stand out eps which are thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Reply
    Karina Apr 12, 2017

    I don't know why everyone is hating on Lan Shang. I mean, I'm only on episode 17, so I don't know if this will change, but I feel bad for her. Sure she has that bubbly and annoying kind of personality, but it really isn't to the point where I get sick of her. She's just one of those girls that wants to marry a guy she likes, and honestly what is wrong with that? Considering what she's doing right now to try to save Kan Suo, should give you more of a reason to not hate her.

  • Reply
    blabla100 Apr 6, 2017

    Guys, anyone know if they plan to give us a special episode / third season / movie? I still feel that the story is not over yet, not until Shi and YanDa will get their happy ending togheter. It seems unfinished to me and heck I'm the type of person who loves sad endings in a masochistic way.

  • Reply
    DahliaX Apr 5, 2017 - edited

    I'm on episode 14 and I just can't stand that mermaid, Lang Shag. I've never seen such an annoying character! She's spoiled, helpless, whiny, superficial, boring, and stupid.GAH!

    • Reply
      blabla100 Apr 6, 2017

      I've never liked her much either, good thing she was only a supporting character and not a main.

    • Reply
      DahliaX Apr 6, 2017

      Yes! Luckily, I can just skip her scenes and continue watching without any problems. It's not like her scenes are important to the plot.

  • Reply
    Nayomi7777 Mar 12, 2017 - edited

    I love this drama and I love the season 2 Ice Fantasy Destiny :))

  • Reply
    blabla100 Mar 11, 2017 - edited

    alina_zhang_meng said on instangram: Don`t be sad because of the ending of yan da and yong kong shi. We have a surprise "

    Anyone know what she's talking about?

    • Reply
      Raysaeng Blank Mar 11, 2017

      nothing between her and Shi. Probably about Shi meeting his previous life, Snow Bird, at the ending. That is quite a surprise, actually.

    • Reply
      blabla100 Mar 12, 2017

      Giving that there's still no english subtitle available yet, I haven't watched destiny, but I did find out the ending... Still, Alina Zhang posted this on her instagram yesterday, so perhaps they will give us a special episode or something...

  • Reply
    SaeedKhan Mar 10, 2017 - edited

    This was the most interesting show ever ... I was confused with too many characters at one point but still it was quite interesting and cant wait for the Sequel i assume its related to what the granny said in the ending but damn i loved Zhang Alina and her cute acting

  • Reply
    Ruyi Mar 3, 2017 - edited

    I'm deciding whether i should watch Eternal love first or ice Fantasy first.
    What do you guys think? Eternal Love OR Ice Fantasy

    • Reply
      LenySyndicate Mar 9, 2017

      Honestly, skip this drama. It's not good IMO. The cinematography and costumes are pleasing to look at. However, the drama drags a lot in the middle and the leads don't have chemistry. Watch Eternal Love.

    • Reply
      rumtumcat Mar 17, 2017

      Eternal love.

  • Reply
    Raysaeng Blank Mar 2, 2017 - edited

    Finally, Ice Fantasy Destiny will be shown on the 20th of March on Tencent.

    • Reply
      blabla100 Mar 8, 2017 - edited

      They could watch the whole drama at one go? wow lucky them. I dunno how much tencent vip cost, but I'd gladly pay a few $ just to see IFD at once, sadly I checked their site and they don't have an english version of it. I'm so anxious to see what happens between YanShi, I just couldn't move on from this couple. Hopefully I'll finally get some closure, altough I try not to keep my hopes too high.

    • Reply
      Raysaeng Blank Mar 9, 2017 - edited

      I don't want to spoil the show but though there is closure, it is not what you all will like. I love YanShi too. And yes, the VIP could watch at one go. Anyway, there are download in Chinese but not English sub.

    • Reply
      blabla100 Mar 9, 2017

      If you know something about YanShi's ending, please spoil it to me. I dunno when I'll be able to watch it with english subtitle and I'm dying to know how will their story end.

    • Reply
      blabla100 Mar 9, 2017

      I don't really mind if YanShi won't end up togheter, but I really want to know if he loves her / if he tells her that he loves her.

    • Reply
      Raysaeng Blank Mar 11, 2017

      if you have read International Fans' site, I am sure you have been spoiled already. Ha ha ha.

  • Reply
    April L Johnson Feb 21, 2017

    I know. I'm interested in Ice Fantasy Destiny now. I wonder when it will be out.

  • Reply
    Raysaeng Blank Feb 21, 2017

    The posters for Ice Fantasy Destiny are out. Victoria is not acting. A movie actress is. But date of showing not known yet, but should be soon.

  • Reply
    Ruyi Feb 3, 2017 - edited

    I've added this to my Plan-to-Watch list but I wanna know if it is actually a really good C-drama? Is it somehow similar to Goblin or something?

    • Reply
      mindmuse Feb 3, 2017

      I just finished it and I recommend giving it a shot. This was actually my first C-drama ever but it was well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But fair warning-- some of it (special effects, lines etc) will be pretty cringey.
      In terms of similarity to Goblin, I haven't finished Goblin yet but while both shows have a fantasy element the feel of the dramas is completely different.

    • Reply
      rian Mar 3, 2017

      No similarity by story only one thing similar is immortality.


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