My Annoying Brother

My Annoying Brother (2016)

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Du Shik is a shameless swindler who receives a parole sentence after spending some time in jail. He has been away from home for 15 years. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Du Yeong, is a skilled Judo athlete who suffers an accident while participating in a national contest. "Hyung" will tell the story of these two reconnecting brothers and their time living together.

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    Brother; Older Brother; Hyung;

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20 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
My impression of "My Annoying Brother" is that its a great family type of movie, at least in my opinion...
I expected a sad story about how Du Yeong(D.O Kyungsoo)becomes blind and deals with his brother Ko Doo Shik(Jo Jung Suk)who goes out of prison(i remind you,a SAD story). was actually really different from what i imagined. First the swearing is a lot, i dont know if Korea sees this as read more a family movie, considering they blur out knives and guns...And i like how they delivered the story! Comedy, swearing, family drama i'm glad the movie is not another sad movie hit, which i expected from the person who made it. The reason im giving the story 9.5 is because i feel something was missing, just a little.
The acting was great. The bromance made me scream, cry and laugh. It was funny to see the swearing which is really really a lot more than in any drama you have ever seen. Jo Jung Suk is one of my favorite actors because of this movie(in my top 3). His acting is out of this world, i did not doubt his acting for a second. Next lead D.O Kyungsoo: I was worried about D.O because, since "I Remember You" i havent seen him in a lot of dramas or movies. Gladly there was nothing to worry about,he is just as good as always. Lets hope we can see him in more dramas and movies.
Next: Park Shin Hye(Lee Soo Hyeon) was a big suprise for me when i found out about the cast. Her acting was great i'm so glad she was in this movie i cant imagine another female in this role (that's not an A list actress) to grab my attention. Otherwise the role would be very simple, bland and waste of screen time. She delivered the role of caring for Du Yeong so well, that felt it! I dont know why i expected romance between her and the brothers,maybe that's what was missing for me in the story. I shiped her and Du Yeong so hard, but i have a feeling, that if it was a romance movie she would go to Ko Doo Shik and Du Yeong would be the sad second lead who is blind.... so maybe its not good to have romance in this movie after all but just cute, lovely-dovey bromance. The acting is a 10, best cast ever!
Now to the topic about the music in the drama. Its the only thing that didn't stick out enough to
impress me. I dont get it they had D.O Kyungsoo of EXO and Jo Jong Suk(they sang one song) who can both sing couldnt they make them sing the songs or at least give the signers better songs! They werent bad dont get me wrong but they were not on the same level as the story,acting and visual of the cast and scenery. That's why im giving it 7.5.
As a rewatch value i would soo watch it again. Yes, yes and yes. I only wish i could watch it with my family but they don't even understand english. Thankfully i can watch it with my sister because its a great family movie that plays with your emotions. Even if there are a little shirtless scenes XD. 9.5
Overall its a great movie it had comedy it wasn't all sad like i expected it to be. The relationship between the brothers really made my legs jelly. I really liked it! Even if i gave the music 7.5 im still giving it a 10 for overall impression because the other movies that could hold my attention that long without me spacing off are only Train to Busan, Miracle in Cell No. 7 and Werewolf Boy.
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27 days ago
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
When I found this movie came from the same scriptwriter for Miracle in Cell No. 7, I believe this movie was going to be tearjerker movie but not really. This movie gave me butterfly.

From the plot, It's alright to make this kind of relationship. The plot is very meaningful yet simple so there are no complicated plot here or there. The acting was very great. When I watched the movie, I read more even forgot that Do Kyungsoo is a fluffy man from EXO and Jo Jung Suk is a king of romantic comedy (this is my opinion). They reflects the character very well. Do Kyungsoo gave prove that he's not just a simply idol turned actor because he potray the character very well. Fyi, Do Kyungsoo play as Go Do Young who is judo athlete and couldn't see. Jo Jung Suk play as Go Doo Sik who is ex convict and rude guy. Jo Jung Suk play as playful and so rude (I mean he's very rude here) and make me want to punch him but yeah it's me got excited to see them both in one place. Ah not too forget, Park Shin Hye play as Soo Hyun who is judo coach and she gave big part for the plot.

There are so many cringe yet funny scenes because you know, this movie is bro comedy so don't worry, this movie has many emotions to offer. The soundtrack is good but I only remember the song that Jo Jung Suk and Do Kyungsoo sing called Don't Worry and the song fits the movie.

As an EXO fan and Jo Jung Suk fan, I would like to watch this again. Damn, I cried for a long time but I also laugh until I forgot my popcorn. I love this movie.
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  • Reply
    meme 3 days ago

    i cried my ass off in the end
    such a beautiful movie

  • Reply
    Emily 4 days ago - edited

    I don't even need to watch this movie to know that it doesn't deserve the rating it has. Lol.

    • Reply
      HwangEunByul 5 hours ago - edited

      watch the movie emily... watch the movie

    • Reply
      Emily 1 hour ago - edited

      <3 Thank you for the well-thought and understanding reply, Gongyoooppa c:
      In all seriousness, I'm glad to see it's been rated by more people since I posted this comment, (pretty sure it was in the 9+/10 area when I posted originally) but I still don't trust a high score from less than 200 ratings. Most tried and tested high ranking movies have more than two thousand votes. There's also the fact that this is a very recent movie, and the large majority of people that would bother to have seen it so far are also the people to blindly rate it a ten. Like I said, I don't need to watch the movie to know it's overrated as of right now.

    • Reply
      Gongyoooppa 39 minutes ago

      I dont need to read your comment to understand that your words are good or bad.
      See what i did? I used your logic.
      If 200 people watched it and rated it. And you disregarded that because you think peoples votes dont matter. Then what are you doing on a fanbased site.

    • Reply
      Emily 19 minutes ago

      You misunderstand my logic, then. I'm making an educated guess that the score this movie has was not entirely earned solely by the contents, and that outside factors are at play. I don't think that those votes "don't matter", I think that based on the category of people that are likely to have voted so far, there is an inherent bias present in the scores. Would you trust the results of a baking contest where a chocolate cake won if you knew that the only people that voted were the people that like chocolate cake best?
      It isn't as if I'm writing this movie off as terrible, and it isn't as if I'm never going to watch it and form my own opinion of it. I'm simply saying that it's rather inevitable that it'll take more ratings from a wider population of voters before the movie has a score that's truly representative of the movie.

    • Reply
      Gongyoooppa 4 minutes ago

      You have a point emily.

  • Reply
    oumaima 4 days ago - edited

    finally watched it :D this movie was simply BEAUTIFUL and as an exo-l im really proud of kyungsoo <3 no one would think he's an idol with those acting skills it felt like the role was made for him

    • Reply
      biankatr99 3 days ago

      Did you find with eng sub? I am an exo-l and I want to watch it :'(

    • Reply
      oumaima 3 days ago

      i watched it with arabic subs,english subs are'nt up yet :/

    • Reply
      biankatr99 3 days ago

      oh :( :'(

    • Reply
      HwangEunByul 5 hours ago

      yeah i watched it with arabic subs... english is not available yet

  • Reply
    Kikka 4 days ago - edited

    is this movie out yet please?

  • Reply
    sala 7 days ago - edited

    Where can I watch this with eng subs?

    • Reply
      HwangEunByul 4 days ago

      i do not think subs are up yet, its just released

    • Reply
      sala 4 days ago

      Ahh ok thank you

  • Reply
    XingBack 9 days ago - edited

    1st and foremost I have to say: I am so so proud of actor Do Kyungsoo. this is his best work yet, and I'm sure that there will more great work in his future.
    He was so perfect with conveying all of his emotions through simple yet amazing facial expressions... also the gradual character development was beautiful... Whenever he smiled, I cried. whenever he cried, I cried. (his smile is so adorable and heartwarming)... Of course Jo Jung Suk did amazing too, and his character was really sad yet inspiring.... this movie didn't have a big complicated plot, nor did it have a lot of characters, which made it mostly an emotion driven story that's based on character development. I don't remember that many stories like this, but this type is very delicate and it's very dependent on the actors ability to convey emotions perfectly-which they did...
    I don't easily add a movie to my favorite list, and I'm not being based about Kyungsoo, but this is a beautiful, heartwarming and heartbreaking story...

  • Reply
    solia 10 days ago

    It wasn't original idea, but it was nicely done. Great acting. Tugs your heart stings.

  • Reply
    meme 10 days ago - edited

    when d.o started shouting "hyuuuuuuuuuuung" in the end i was crying my ass off
    one of the greatest movies of 2016 i highly recommend it..

  • Reply
    hanifahputrih 12 days ago

    i laugh
    then cry
    i laugh
    then cry
    i laugh
    then cry :"""(

    JO JUNGSUK DOES TOTALITY SO MUCH, his sarcasm always makes me laugh

  • Reply
    MikeJean 12 days ago - edited

    plan to watch but wait for eng sub

    • Reply
      Dyo 11 days ago

      where did you find it??

  • Reply
    AliyaSI 14 days ago

    Need this with eng subs. Can anyone help?

  • Reply
    Fatima 14 days ago - edited

    Finally I saw it T.T ❤

    • Reply
      Dani 13 days ago

      Ooh where did you find it? Or did you use the raw blitzcinema link shared here?

    • Reply
      Fatima 12 days ago

      Not raw but Arabic sub :) no Eng yet??

    • Reply
      Dani 12 days ago

      Aww, lucky! I haven't found English subs yet, but I hope they will be available soon or I might just get impatient and watch it raw lol! ;)

    • Reply
      HealingFishy_ 10 days ago

      hey umm can you post the link please?

  • Reply
    Rida 14 days ago - edited

    Any link with eng subs ?

    • Reply
      Kkrazy99 10 days ago

      i wanna watch it toooo loving the cast!!

  • Reply
    Hudasayed 14 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Fay 12 days ago

      im gonna just imagine that you're trolling us bc im not ready for that kind of an ending

    • Reply
      Hudasayed 11 days ago

      i'm sorry guys i didn't know about the spoiler button i was really angry after watching the movie cause it supposed to be comedy
      and kizzofdeath i think there was no reason to call me stupid everyone makes mistakes ... sorry agian

    • Reply
      Kizzofdeath 11 days ago

      @Hudasayed Hello* Chingu, I don't remember that I wrote/type that word in the comment section , I was just disappointed because I read your comment . Those asterisk may have the exact number with the word "stupid" but those asterisk doesn't mean anything, it's just like a substitute for exclamation mark or something. So sorry if you misunderstood it . hehe

    • Reply
      Hudasayed 9 days ago

      You don't need to apologise i was the one in fault but if you watch the movie you will understand me it wasn't what i was imagining the whole time but still it's a good one nice story and good moral

  • Reply
    fairywithdreams 15 days ago

    have anyone found this with subs? :(


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