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Missing 9 (2017)

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Ra Bong Hee, the only known survivor of a plane crash that was carrying famous entertainment industry figures from the agency she works at, was found on a beach in China after 4 months from the crash. Upon returning to Korea, she is put under the spotlight and the public outcries to know what happened to their beloved artists. However, Bong Hee doesn't remember anything about the crash due to memory loss. read moreNevertheless, she is forced to remember and re-tell the story of the other eight passengers' disappearance to silence the public's tumult.
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14 days ago
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 6.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
This drama was really random and unpredictable, but that's what I loved about it. I know people had mixed feelings about Missing 9. This drama, at its core, is a comedy. Never forget that as you watch. The island itself is a dark place that tests human nature. You will see common themes like Nature vs. Nurture and Survival of the Fittest. In fact, they even mention back home (Seoul) as the read more happy place, so it would make sense that the scenes shot in Korea are more comedic and lighthearted.

Yes, it's kind of flawed and has its plot holes, but considering the original writer dropped out and another writer had to come in and pick up the pieces, it's pretty darn good. At times it did feel like different writers were writing different parts. It would go from Comedy to Horror to Action, for example. However, in the end, I think the last scene represented the drama real well as a whole. Basically, bright and colorful, but one hot mess. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.
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14 days ago
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 4.0
A lot can be said about Missing 9, but whether you liked it or not one thing is for sure, it was addicting as hell! Missing 9 is a particular drama, part comedy, part mystery, part aspiring thriller. Genres that don’t really blend and that was why missing 9 was an adorable mess, but such an enjoyable one!

Missing 9 revolves around a plane crash on a deserted island. Effectively the read more story can be split into 2 parts that are unfolded at the same time as the drama continues. First part, the flashbacks, are centered in the past as we see the aftermath of the plane crush. Part 2 takes place in the present and talks about what happens after a survivor is found. The drama develops as a mystery: “what the hell actually happened on that island?”

Missing 9 is not a drama to be taken seriously. It tried its best to be original and different and while that is a definitely a plus for me, what actually made it stand out was the peculiar combination of mystery and comedy.

The drama doesn’t know what it wants to be, a thriller about 9 people trying to survive while reevaluating their lives or a hilarious comedy about a plane crush. Answer is both, and the faster you embrace it the more fun you will have watching.

I read a lot of comments claiming that the plot is a trainwreck. I sincerely disagree. I could call the plot tryhard, absurd, ridiculous but also quite intriguing and interesting. What I appreciated the most was that even in its completely ridiculous nature, the story was there from start to finish, implicating murders, mystery, questions and twists that will make you keep watching, hence the addictive part. However, there were countless times I rolled my eyes and giggled at how absurd the script was, how convenient and silly. The comedy isn’t for everyone but for me it was golden.

Best thing about it? The transition between comedy and seriousness was nonexistent. The drama throws intense situations at you and then it mocks itself by ridiculing them all the way, without making itself unwatchable at all. It’s amazing how they made it work. I am the first person who dislikes serious situations being made fun of, but here, I loved it. This is the first time I’ve witnessed a drama doing this so, even if the results aren’t perfect, I give points for originality.

The drama doesn't want to be serious, it wants us to have fun. Therefore, it would be advisable for everyone to just dismiss your logic while watching this and just buckle up and enjoy the crazy ride. I understand this is not for everyone, but what i don't understand why we need to blame this drama for its irrationality when we've accepted countless unrealistic and stretched dramas (with less plot than this one), dramas about time travel, mythical creatures, comic characters ect. Either judge them all or accept them all, they all come from the same imaginative place.

Romance wasn’t present in the drama; there is some kind of romance developing between the leads that was not explored and didn’t need to be. Romance, with the heavy sense of the term, would have been redundant. The couple did look great together and had amazing synergy especially in their comedy scenes.

Overall, Missing 9 was immensely entertaining and one of the better dramas for escapism. Completely mind-numbing, but oh-so amusing! It was this distinct characteristic the drama had where it just made fun of itself completely that I found so provoking and creative that I just fell in love with it. The drama knows it’s silly and absurd but instead of trying to avoid facing that, it builds and thrives on it! Commendable! Not a drama one would rewatch but for what it was it was extremely enjoyable.

I came here for Jung Kyung Ho, and he was flawless, especially acing his comedy scenes like never before, but the actresses that made the drama for me were Baek Jin Hee and Lee Seon Bin.

For… reasons, I had low expectations from Baek Jin Hee even if I had never seen her before. The girl positively surprised me and proved to be a very strong female lead. Her acting was spot-on and tip-top, being funny, cute and emotional when needed. I'm looking forward to her future projects!

Lee Seon Bin is definitely a new favourite for me, not only because she’s certifiably hot but because she’s a very promising young lady with a bright future.

The cast was mostly unknown-at least to me- but I sincerely enjoyed watching them as a whole.

Missing 9 sounds amazing from the synopsis but it would be wise to drop your expectations a bit. It is not anything groundbreaking as a drama, but it is unique in terms of script-idea and development. The combination of thriller and comedy and the ridiculousness of the whole thing really clicked perfectly all together for a unique experience. If you are into comedy, want to watch something light and would like some thriller on the side this is not a bad watch at all.
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Both very good mystery dramas with great acting. Suspense is also good. The mystery is entertaining and they both leave you off of your seat thinking about what's going to happen in the next episode. Both also have strong female leads!
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    naccu 17 hours ago - edited

    After all the bad comments I feel sad, but I think I'm still gonna watch it for Jung Kyung Ho, cause I love the guy and I can't betray him! xD
    If it's horrible, it's horrible... No worries :P

    • Reply
      namopanik 16 hours ago

      no, no, it's not horrible! It's just bizzare. And it seems to take inspiration from the worst thing in LOST for some reason. I've spent few days upon finishing it scratching my head in disbelief and occasionally having random fits of rage trying to put some sense into this, but good parts were still worth it.

  • Reply

    whats worst, this or The Heirs?

    • Reply
      namopanik 21 hours ago

      what is sad is that Heirs at least made a coherent theme with those candyfloss sweaters and all.

  • Reply
    iamsarah 4 days ago

    After seeing all the bad comment I am going to watch this to see how bad it is cause i got nothing better to do.

  • Reply
    VaniaGuerreiro 5 days ago - edited

    Most disappointing ending ever.

  • Reply
    soepspaansenler 5 days ago
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  • Reply
    soepspaansenler 5 days ago - edited
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  • Reply
    Unnie25 5 days ago - edited

    This drama started so good. I was so happy with it when it began. Then it turned into a spy drama that made no sense. The bad guy gets away with murders and then lives and blames everyone else and he gets away with it for so long it's irritating... it stresses me out to watch things this unfairness so even though I loved this drama and thought it would become my all time favorite I'm going to have to drop it... sad

  • Reply
    XingBack 5 days ago - edited

    I really don't know what to say, I finally finished it... I think it should have ended with 10eps because after ep10 everything went downhill...
    Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee were the only good thing here....
    the actors all did great, but the dialogue and the pace of the story was a mess...
    and by the end of ep16 I still think they were all in a mental hospital, because that's the only explanation for everything after they got out of the island...

  • Reply
    Leirs 5 days ago

    I really loved Choi Tae Joon's acting in this one!!

  • Reply
    Sani 6 days ago

    the start of this drama was really epic but after the EP08 when everyone one by one started to come out from the island it started to get really boring my rate is 7/10

  • Reply
    Rtee 6 days ago
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  • Reply
    NaijaLuv_88 7 days ago

    Save yourself the energy and do not bother watching this show. Ratings are not always a true reflection of whether or not a drama is good or bad, but the low ratings for this show was completely realistic of its crazy deviation, inappropriate comedy scenes during serious moments or perhaps when a crazy pyschopath was running on the lose freely without consequences. If you feel like not heeding this warning at least watch until episode five or six so you won't feel like you completely wasted hours of your life.

  • Reply
    Kizzofdeath 8 days ago - edited

    this drama is seems so good, but after I watched some episode I think until episode 5. it's boring and its hard for me to understand the plot the lead girl is cute i missed "TANASILI" in Empress Ki that's why i started to watched but i put in on-hold :(

    • Reply
      Asma 7 days ago

      Drop it because it's getting worse with each episode

    • Reply
      Kizzofdeath 6 days ago

      maybe same as me i will drop this :(

  • Reply
    EraB 8 days ago
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  • Reply
    inspirit91 8 days ago

    This drama had so much potential when it started. I loved the first few episodes but it started to get so messy and boring after episode 5... I don't know why the story got so weird... I had a hard time to finish this drama but I rated this it 5 because the first 5 eps were good.


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    Jan 18, 2017 to Mar 9, 2017
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