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Missing 9 (2017)

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Ra Bong Hee, the only known survivor of a plane crash that was carrying famous entertainment industry figures from the agency she works at, was found on a beach in China after 4 months from the crash. Upon returning to Korea, she is put under the spotlight and the public outcries to know what happened to their beloved artists. However, Bong Hee doesn't remember anything about the crash due to memory loss. read moreNevertheless, she is forced to remember and re-tell the story of the other eight passengers' disappearance to silence the public's tumult.
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    Missing Nine; 미씽9; Gaia; 가이아; Picnic; 피크닉;

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Both very good mystery dramas with great acting. Suspense is also good. The mystery is entertaining and they both leave you off of your seat thinking about what's going to happen in the next episode. Both also have strong female leads!
Recommended by Drama_Lover
Both are about a group of people stuck at one location. Both have suspense, mystery, and are somewhat dark with a theme for survival. White Christmas is about a group of students stuck at an school over winter break whereas Missing 9 is about a group of celebrities stranded on an abandoned island.
Recommended by Misunderst0_od

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  • Reply
    Herison 4 hours ago

    this is so fucking good. I can't.

  • Reply
    Banada6 11 hours ago - edited

    Jun oh in ep 11 was really funny. He made me laugh so hard, especially when he arrived to korea xD

    • Reply
      Ramona 10 hours ago - edited

      You watched ep 11 with eng subs? Cause ep 11 just came out and I can't find it with subs...

    • Reply
      Banada6 5 hours ago

      I watched some parts row then i watched with sub when it came out :)

  • Reply
    HighLordAkkarin 2 days ago

    For people who are scared of the comments or lower rating. Just try to watch it and make your own picture of this drama. Some people like it and some don't For me I really like this drama alot. It's refreshing.

  • Reply
    Dalia 2 days ago
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  • Reply
    Maddie 2 days ago - edited

    Say what you want, this drama does have strong female characters and it's totally refreshing.

    • Reply
      Neel1902 2 days ago
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    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 5 hours ago

      haha can't stand this drama, but I have to agree with this statement. Bonghee and Jiah kick butt.

  • Reply
    94loveKdrama 3 days ago

    Best Scene Ever:

    Tae Oh being beaten by a girl.....❤ That's pure gold :)

  • Reply
    94loveKdrama 3 days ago - edited

    When everyone else turned their back. They totally pisses me off!!! They don't deserve Joon Oh and Bong Hee. They're just like Tae Oh! Uggggggh!!!!!!!!! I don't give a shit to them!
    That ending though! ~ love it!

    ps: sometimes I'm getting frustrated at Joon Oh. I was like why you have to be so kind?! ><

  • Reply
    ilovesuzy 4 days ago - edited

    sorry to say but i really dont like the hate comments for this drama smh, just to share my opinion, this drama has awaken my "one day all episode marathon" hobby again for these past 2 years of searching a drama that can make me do this thing again, i felt like im watching a fresh drama with fresh story, not just that , i felt excitement while watching evry episode since it can make you feel like youre one of those characters and make you wait for what will happen every episode cos of the plot twists. again this is just my opinion no hate plox

    • Reply
      TeleriFerchNyfain 3 days ago
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    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 3 days ago

      I agree with this 1000% hate comments have no backing. A critique often has a reason why. Just because you don't agree doesn't make it a hate comment.

  • Reply
    Marooya 4 days ago

    "comedy" is the only genre fulfilled here everything else should be deleted from the genre haha this is a complete clown show XD and It's not even Jung Kyung Ho's show anymore :/

  • Reply
    MrBanana 4 days ago

    If you are planning to watch this don't let the hate comments scare you away, this drama is flawed for sure BUT addictive as hell (gotta watch next episode!!!-feeling). You will have a lot of fun with this one. Its also a fun refreshing setting for a drama.

  • Reply
    anunu 4 days ago - edited

    Why is it that they don't talk about Yeol's murder at all? Is he going to come back alive.

    • Reply
      Bleng 4 days ago

      I think he's alive. His body is still missing though. :)

    • Reply
      HanKyoungMi 4 days ago - edited

      I don't think so... Tae Oh hit his head in a very dangerous location... I'd be miracle-like if he'd have survived this.

    • Reply
      anunu 3 days ago

      It's already a miracle they survived both a plane crash and a shipwreck. Yeol being alive is very plausible in this drama.

    • Reply
      HanKyoungMi 3 days ago

      Let's see.... In Dramaland is everything possible. However, my hopes are very low, even though I'd be happy if he lived.

    • Reply
      Kyah 3 days ago

      please use the spoiler thing, it's there for a reason....

  • Reply
    KatySarang_TGeyes 4 days ago
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  • Reply
    Ice2505 4 days ago - edited

    I want to start watching this...but the ratings seem kind of low :/ is there a reason for this?? I feel like my expectations are too high

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 4 days ago

      I wouldn't watch it...it's like an addictive drug. not good for you but you take it all the same. But if you really want to know watch it yourself. Some people really like it. I personally find it too illogical. But the one positive thing about this drama is joonho and is relationship with bonghee. I personally adore his story and find him the most well developed character.

    • Reply
      HighLordAkkarin 2 days ago

      Everyone has a different taste. I think for this drama you can say people like it or not, nothing really inbetween. I would say you should try to watch it and make your own picture. I like this drama alot, while other doesn't. :)

    • Reply
      Ice2505 1 day ago

      Ok thank you xD I guess I will give it a try!!

  • Reply
    arbios 5 days ago

    that hospital scene tho lol

  • Reply
    kawaii_pabo 5 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      TeleriFerchNyfain 4 days ago
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    South Korea
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    Jan 18, 2017 to Mar 9, 2017
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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    60 min.


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    8.1 (scored by 759 users)
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