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Madame Antoine (2016)

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Ko Hye Rim is a famous fortune-teller. She is known as "Madame Antoine" and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that part is a lie. She can see through people and read their minds using "cold reading" as a technique (a set of techniques used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, mediums and illusionists to imply that the reader knows much more about the person than the reader actually does). read moreShe dreams of having love in a romantic film. Hye Rim then takes part in a psychological test project conducted by psychotherapist Choi Soo Hyun . His goal is to prove that true love does not exist. Coincidentally, the name for his psychological treatment center is Madame Antoine.

  • Native title:

    마담 앙트완
  • Also Known as:

    Madam Angteuwan;

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Mar 12, 2016
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.5
I found the drama to be funny. If you are looking for something light and entertaining then go ahead. If you are looking for something deep or really about real psychology, then you might want to skip this.

Han Ye Seul really impressed me as a strong character who always gets to the bottom of the story. She may have been a little naive but was not the stupid female cliche. I read more liked that she looked for sincerity. The two second lead males Seung Chan and Ji Ho had cute interactions that were always fun to watch.

It was a weird idea to that experiment but it was interesting and entertaining enough to watch. The main problem was it dragged on too long. Also it feels like Soo hyun never learns and that was annoying. I still don't know what the point of the doctor was.

Overall, I found the drama to be a little over the top and unrealistic, but as a romantic comedy it was good. The romance part was a little disappointing though because too much of it was an experiment, at least to Soo hyun.
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May 2, 2016
  • Overall 5.5
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 2.0
Why is it that some dramas just have the need to jump aboard a train of serious plots just because it's been done successfully before and then glide all over the actual health issues with immature attitude, lack of communication and love-will-fix-it-all kind of a message?

I had to watch this over the span of two months because from the fifth episode on it just wasn't interesting enough; the plot was dragged read more and all over the place, most of the character actions didn't make any logical sense and the fact that they took a different setting just to force the typical couple dynamic of hot and then cold jerk and understanding and annoyingly forgiving woman just makes all of this feel like you're watching the same old thing all over again.

With these things in mind, I suggest completely letting your logic and reason fall asleep and then settling down to watch this because this isn't a show that can really be taken seriously...otherwise it would get offensive.

The story brings absolutely nothing new to the table except for the appearance of the third male lead. That's it; we have the cool-headed, cold-hearted male psychiatrist who doesn't believe in love and decides to use that in his actual work in an experiment that frankly insults the profession of a psychologist. Enter the main female who has some super powers given to her by the late Austrian queen (not the historical version of course, because that wouldn't be romantic and in the dipshit Korean drama heroine fashion, she needs to be ignorant), and uses them to help people overcome their hurdles in life. There were times when you could glimpse at how smart her character could've been but somewhere around the middle of the show that was all thrown to the wind and consistently dragged out so as to get to the 16 episodes cap.

The supporting characters very quite funny and entertaining to watch, especially the scenes of the other two ships but there was also problematic writing that made some genuinely lovable characters insensitive and dumb. The plot is also intertwined with a few cases that were there to announce that it's a psychology drama but all of that disappeared in the second half where I could see many commenters on Viki asking 'What happened to [insert character name]' because both the story and the writing were quite frustrating and lost at that point.

In regards to acting, I think everyone did a pretty good job. It's only due to reusing the same old K-drama type of characters which made the entire cast unbalanced at times and the script generally had an issue with character development.

The musical background was neat, I don't recall songs being out of sync with the overall feeling of the scenes but neither was there a particularly memorable tune.

I personally won't rewatch this drama, the draggy plot is simply not worth it.

There was a great chemistry between the leads in the kissing scenes (quite hot at that), but it fell short in the other ones; as much as they have tried to carry across this 'sizzling' romance. That is, of course, to be blamed on badly timed scenes coupled with immature ones. Sung Joon did some incredible acting but his character is built on layers upon layers of mistrust, deceit and lies, while on the other side, Go Hye Rim is gullible to the point of stupid which makes for a lot of lovely episodes that will make your blood boil. I also feel that a lot of key points of the plot were rushed or simply passed over as if nothing happened, they crammed a few cliches near the end and some characters who were important were never heard from again.

Truthfully, there is so much wrong with this drama that it would take a long time to summarize and I don't think it's worth it to take it so seriously. This is neither 'Kill me, heal me' nor is it 'It's okay, that's love' and I think it shouldn't be taken that way at all. With a lighthearted approach, this can be watched as a cute albeit cliched drama with a few steamier kissing scenes. Anything other than that is just pulling at the leg.
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Both have..

-female lead involved in superstition / psychic revolations / fortune-telling
-male leads who are seriously traumatized
-logical, calculating and uninterest genius (actual genius in LR, proud in MA) male leads
-SUPER awkward side-couple
-pushy second leads

I personally prefer Lucky Romance, better cast, better storyline, more likable characters and over-all fun and an enjoyable romance.

Madame Antoine's leads had little chemistry, an unclear plot, feelings didn't feel real or important.
Recommended by OKasiandrama
-Similar kind of female lead, both sassy, colorful personality and both are some type of counselor (Love counselor in LoveAThousandMore and Psychic counselor in Madame Antoine)
-So both are about a female counselor who falls in love, concidentally both fall for their neighbor who they find irritating at the start
-Leads who are cynical about love, in LFATM it's the female lead that's cynical, in MA it's male lead
-Both have a good flow/ not too slow-paced/ keeps you hooked, not bored
-No irritating side characters, you care about the side characters stories as well /they're likable

-The supernatural element in LFATM (female lead is immortal) is missing in MA. .....A.K.A love counselor uses her long immortal life in guiding others and is really immortal , psychic counselour is not really psychic but uses trickery to help others
-Psycholigical experiment and mental patients included in MA, none of it in LFATM
-Music element in LFATM (Male lead is a rapper/singer), no such thing in MA
-LFATM is 10 eps x 20 min webdrama, while MA is 16 eps x 1h full drama
Recommended by JulySnow2

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    Linda May 21, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
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    Whiskas8 May 14, 2017

    Stupid plot, but I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed it. I just hoped that the main female lead was smarter to let go of the stupid agreement with the main male lead; and the main lead to let go of the freaking study for his loved one. You can watch this, just leave your common sense somewhere.

  • Reply
    Soju May 12, 2017

    Horrible drama.

  • Reply
    voodoomoocow Mar 6, 2017 - edited

    Dropped it at episode 3 because everything about the plot was irritating and main dude is an unethical sleaze. Also he has a massive cold sore in the beginning of episode 3 which didn't help his case any. I'm not going waste any more time on this show because I do not root for this pair.

    • Reply
      namopanik Apr 18, 2017

      plot twist: he stays an unethical sleaze till the end.

  • Reply
    DaemonSaDia Feb 23, 2017

    The female lead's intuition and ability to see through people somehow vanishes before the end of the second episode after which she continually falls for every transparent deception that the dumb men throw at her. It wasn't very interesting to me after that. Instead of psychic vs. psychiatrist, it turned into just another manipulated woman vs. emotionless man drama. Annoying

  • Reply
    KianaRose Feb 13, 2017

    The most entertaining part for me was the other pairs relationship (didn't want to write who in case that is a spoiler).. I did enjoy this show but that ending!! I invested in a whole season for a ending that felt so unfinished. I think that's the same with a lot of K dramas though.

  • Reply
    makeuptemple Jan 4, 2017

    it was quite funny, light, good chemistry, romance & easy to watch..

  • Reply
    MrBanana Dec 27, 2016

    You can skip this without missing out on anything.

  • Reply
    Akaisora Nov 19, 2016

    I don't drop a lot of dramas, I can watch all kinds of stuff I find boring or offensive etc... but I just couldn't watch this any more, even though the actors are awesome. I hate the storyline, and the main guy character. He is just horrible. :(

  • Reply
    shoetsukiyama Nov 15, 2016

    I watched this drama back in April and I'm writing about it just now because of everyone's comments. All I can say really is that I have such a big love-hate relationship with it. Worth watching? Ask yourself after watching a couple of episodes. The plot is actually pretty interesting and it was disappointing that they had made the story drag like that.

  • Reply
    Pari Oct 2, 2016

    I kept wanting to drop this drama in every episode after first few. I don't understand how a misunderstanding can be dragged so much! She knows the truth, she doesn't know why. She knows what he is, she doesn't know he could do such a thing! She trusts him and she doesn't trust him! Gosh!

    and the lead too can get annoying the way his thought process goes.

    Anyway, I completed it fast forwarding it hell lot of times.

    I have watched dramas like Mentalist (english) , Its Okay thats love and many more. But the "Psychology" aspect of this drama was way too annoying. How can someone cure Split personality/Dissociation Identity disorder with just 2-3 sessions??? :O

    Anyway, May be a good watch if you are looking to kill time and have no hopes for the plot or chemistry!!!!!!

  • Reply
    Bongsookie Sep 12, 2016

    Is anyone disappointed on the research aspect of this drama? What SooHyun is doing is so unethical on many levels. I hope people don't think that this is how research is conducted in real life. In real life, you need proper consent (not how SH deceives the lead girl), you need proper trials, sample size, etc. There are regulations when working with human subjects so that they're not abused and mistreated for the sake of an experiment. I don't know but this drama turns me off because of this, so I can't watch the romance at all.

  • Reply
    KmjSsk Aug 31, 2016

    Dropped it, still prefer my fav 'dr. frost'

  • Reply
    aja Aug 9, 2016

    i love the simplicity of this drama. i enjoyed it

  • Reply
    Akna Jul 19, 2016

    I had so much hope for this drama, but I got so disappointed by the story and its progress


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    Jan 22, 2016 to Mar 12, 2016
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