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Chronicle of Life (2016)

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A beautiful melody, played by a young maiden, catches the attention of Na Lan Rang Ruo, as he recognizes performer to be his cousin, Wei Lin Lang. Seeing his loyal subject's affection, emperor Kang Xi orders Lin Lang to be found and betrothed to Rong Ruo. But prince Fu Quan, who was tasked to do it, notices the emperor also seems to have taken interest in her, and decides to pick another read morebride, while letting Lin Lang enter the palace and serve Kang Xi.

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    The Chronicles Of Life;

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Feb 24, 2016
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
The show started off extremely promising - an exciting plot that leaves you anticipating future conflicts and the revelation of secrets. However, it slowly turned into a draggy soap opera with mediocre acting (namely by Zheng Shuang) and historical characters behaving uncharacteristically love-lorn. Hawick Lau did a fine job here, except that his default face was a frown and he lacked the aura of a great emperor as Kang Xi was, according read more to history. His female lead had only two expressions - a poker face and a depressed demeanour. I do have to applaud the acting of Vin Zhang (Rong Ruo) and Edward Zhang (Chang Qing), as they executed their roles very well, especially that of the latter. Overall, this show could have been much more dramatic and intense, given the refreshing storyline. Oh well :(
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Apr 3, 2016
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
Chronicle of Life started well, but ended with complete boredom. The premise of the story is good, but the execution was lacking as the story went round and round. The upside and difference in the story is that a majority of it happened outside of the palace and there was less bickering between the women than in other dramas like this. Rest assured that there is some bitterness between the courtesans and read more of course the mother and grandmother, but it doesn't take up the entire story. One plus is the excellent love in this drama accompanied by cheesiness and cuteness. I like those parts.

I will just be real here. The ending is stupid and at that point I just didn't care anymore. I didn't feel anything for the main characters and was irritated with the writing of some of the other characters. I wish I could post spoilers, because I have some lengthy complaints. I scored COL a little higher because I didn't hate it and I love the cinematography, scenery, and costumes. Plus, the acting wasn't horrible.

I admit that I am a huge Lau Hawick fan, but I felt like he wasn't into his character as the Emperor. I also didn't feel the chemistry between him and Zheng Shuang as Lin Lang. They did have some really cute moments that made me smile. I felt more for Zhang Vin as Rong Rou and Zhang Edward as Chang Qing. I loved the characters and the actors. I felt like Chang Qing was written incorrectly at the end. His character would have made different choices for his love of family. Rong Rou was a beautiful character and I loved him most of all. The acting of the women was good also.

As I listen to the music it reminds me of a different song, but I can't quite put my finger on it. It is making me crazy.

I will never rewatch this.

I don't necessarily recommend this drama. If you like this genre, then it is an ok watch.
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Zhang Vin spends a lot of sad, reminiscing times looking for his lost lover XDDDDD
Recommended by KOKONATTSU
Welp... First of all the same two main characters. They are both historical dramas. Male lead wealthy and has power. Female lead naive and is somehow wronged by the male lead. Overall the dramas are well done.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice

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    Mimi Jun 1, 2017

    The ending was just sad like whyyyyy?

  • Reply
    Jordan Apr 6, 2017

    .....I hate this hair style so much....

  • Reply
    Akaisora Apr 4, 2017

    This looks interesting, if I can find it with English subtitles, will definitely watch. :)

  • Reply
    makeuptemple Feb 23, 2017

    this drama was on my watchlist, but never had a chance to watch it, I am a great fan of Hawick, however this drama started to go draggy after a while. The main actress was not a great match next to Hawick, He needs to be matched with Tiffany, Adly, Joe, Sonia Chiu, with those strong & powerful actresses. I don't think that i'll be able to finish the drama, maybe I'll watch skipping 10 episodes so I'll know about the ending

  • Reply
    moondust Feb 9, 2017

    Heard so much about this drama (NOT in a good way kind) also I instinctively almost avoid anything with Zheng Shuang and to much lesser degree, Hawick Lau. But I just realized one of my new favorite actors Vin Zhang is the second male lead here - and probably one of the few good things about this drama so I've heard....therefore wondering if it's worth it just for him. His character sounds pretty dope lol. To watch or not to watch? hmm

  • Reply
    Tiago Jan 29, 2017 - edited

    O melhor Dorama de 2016. Triste pelo final que foi decepcionante...

    (mas valeu ter assistido ele mesmo assim. E já estou com vontade de reprisar todo. Só repriseis alguns capítulos sem ordem, pois foram os que mas gostei)

    Nota 10 em todos os quesitos, exceto o final...

  • Reply
    SiennaNgo Jul 4, 2016

    very touching drama. It had a beautiful yet tragic romance <3

  • Reply
    Julie Chen Mar 30, 2016

    Lol if you've watched enough dramas, you'd know before even watching that this is going to be some pointless melodramatic repetitive and generic drama. (Makjang as the koreans call these kinds dramas) It was being broadcasted on tv so I gave it a chance and everything is just too predictable. It's especially shitty if you tend to enjoy deeper or more logical or more realistic dramas

  • Reply
    FrizzyMee Mar 15, 2016 - edited

    Okay, I did start out very well in the beginning. I don't want to say it started to get boring later on, but there was just something missing. Overall, it was a sad beautiful story and now I need something funny to watch!

    • Reply
      Kristana Mar 27, 2016

      Me too, I needed something funny but I still wanted to watch something historical so I went for 'Go! Princess Go!' :)

  • Reply
    Kristana Mar 8, 2016 - edited

    why is the synpsis so wrong?!
    Rang Ruo and Lin Lang spend their childhoos together and fell in love with each other but unfortunately had to seperate. Lin Lang entered the palace as a servant while Rang Ruo was always searching for her. While being a servant Lan Ling befriends the emperor 8without knowing he is the emperor) who also falls in love with her. Rang Ruo eventually finds Lan Ling and their love blooms again, while the emperor tries to earn her love and make her remember him from their childhood (they met a long time ago). And that's where the story starts. Oh and important to mention is that Rang ruo is the best frien of the emperor!

  • Reply
    Alice Mar 6, 2016 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Kristana Mar 14, 2016 - edited

      Ok so I have 2 episodes left to watch and I opened the spoiler 'cause I thought it wouldn't be something I don't know yet... FML!! > <

    • Reply
      FrizzyMee Mar 15, 2016
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Kristana Mar 16, 2016
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    marisols12 Mar 6, 2016 - edited

    The 2 male leads even wearing the queue are still soooo handsome :)

  • Reply
    pammo1949 Mar 1, 2016 - edited

    I am on episode 34. Started out as an addiction and interesting story line but I am losing interest fast. Only 37 episodes so I will stick to the end. Started out a 9 and has fallen to 7 in my opinion. Hope there isn't a bad ending to go with the slow destruction of human reason that has gripped the writers of this story.

    • Reply
      Sno Mar 2, 2016

      I'm stuck in almost the same spot with the same disappointment. Don't know if I can finish.

    • Reply
      Kristana Mar 14, 2016

      haha funny, I'm exactly the opposite. It was 7 for me but is 9 at the end^^

    • Reply
      elizabeth Apr 20, 2017

      started with a bang and ended with a splat..

  • Reply
    Alice Feb 29, 2016 - edited
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    • Reply
      Kristana Mar 14, 2016
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Meli Feb 29, 2016 - edited
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    • Reply
      Kristana Mar 14, 2016
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