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One More Happy Ending (2016)

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Drama series depicts the story of marriage, remarriage and divorce. Han Mi Mo was once an idol group member, but she now works as a representative of a remarriage consulting business. She gives honest answers to her customers who hope to remarry. Song Soo Hyuk is a divorced man in his thirties with an 11-year-old son. He is a good-looking gossip reporter who looks like he is still in his twenties. He read moreis very good at his job, because his looks and smiles melt the hearts of his interview subjects, and they are very willing to disclose even the deepest secrets. “One More Happy Ending” will deal with the stories of the divorced, who dream of becoming happy one more time.

  • Native title:

    한번 더 해피엔딩
  • Also Known as:

    Hanbun Deo Happyending;

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  • Jang Na Ra
    Han Mi Mo [former "Angels" member]
    Main Role
  • Jung Kyung Ho
    Song Soo Hyeok
    Main Role
  • Yoo Da In
    Baek Da Jeong [former "Angels" member]
    Main Role
  • Kwon Yool
    Dr. Goo Hae Jun
    Main Role
  • Yoo In Na
    Teacher Go Dong Mi [former "Angels" member]
    Main Role
  • Seo In Young
    Hong Ae Ran [former "Angels" member]
    Main Role

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Mar 11, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.5
One More Happy Ending, is your average, cliche, most usual, done and seen-before rom com that has ever been produced. Yet, in its very obvious and cliche nature, it was thoroughly enjoyable, and possibly one of the best rom coms i have watched in kdramaland! The drama will make you laugh, cry and even cringe at its fluffy and (possibly) superficial personality, but that's actually its biggest charm!

The drama is read more equivalent to all the dramas that center women, namely Sex and the City, Mistresses, Gossip Girl, Girls, I Need Romance ect. The show revolves around a pack of 4 girlfriends, depicting their lives, the problems, the difficulties and implications of dating and other relationships for people in their 30s. The main premise of the show is that everyone, no matter what has happened in their lives or what mistakes they have done, deserve a happy ending, and if they fight hard enough, they will get it! Secondly, the show presents a very realistic -if you ask me- image of the dating scene nowadays -not only in Korea per se-, how unrealistically high people's standards are, and how picky they are, being materialistic, searching for, money, visuals, other than character in their potential partner.

We get to see the life of each woman, and each story makes a point about relationships. Even if all the characters are in their early/mid 30s, i think it is safe to say that everyone can somehow relate to the problems they depict as they are universal.

Story 1: A divorcee who is afraid that she will end up forever alone, kind of scared to let herself be free and enter a relationship, and deep inside feels she doesn't deserve to be happy because of her divorce. This story is the main story of the drama, like 70% of it. It features a love triagle, that you will hate, believe me, but in the very end, it was the most essential love triangle i have ever watched in a kdrama. It wasn't introduced just for the ships, but it depicted serious realistic facts like love vs friendship, which love is valid and which isn't ect. At the same time this story presents several realistic questions a person in a new relationship may have, they can be stupid like 'why doesn't he/she want to kiss me - Is he/she the right person for me?', or more important like 'does he/she have money issues? Does he/she want to scam me?'.

Story 2: Forever single. A girl in her mid 30s having been single in like... forever. I believe many people could relate to her, she was introduced as the 'funny' one of the quartet. We get to see all her struggles to find true love, along with several questions (and reminders) that i could sum up in this proverb 'Whatever shines, isn't gold!'- and vice versa.

Story 3: The more serious, borderline melo, sub-story. A married woman who goes through a divorce and faces serious health issues. Her story is touching, and moving and could have been a great stand-along/spin off show. Her story poses ideas like 'Don't give up on yourself, on your marriage and generally on happiness. Problems are there, pain will always be there, but we have people around to rely on, don't give up on them or yourself, pain will pass!'

Story 4: The (Wanna-be) femme fatale of the quartet. She was also supposed to be funny along with story 2. A woman with attachement issues, but what happens when she meets her match? This story was left on the sidelines, but yet it managed to make some worthy points like 'no relationship will work without trust and letting your guard down. You should know which person is worthy for you to do that, and you should take on the responsibility of getting hurt and of hurting that person'. This story had the potential to hit issues like career problems for people in their 30s, but it didn't which was a waste.

I, generally, don't have any drawbacks to point out, other than the fact that the drama spent too much of its time overanalyzing the first story, hence the rest of the stories being somewhat underdeveloped/underapprecciated. It is arguable to say that stories 2-3-4 were more interesting than the main one.

Exquisite acting, as expected by such a talented ensemble cast!

Jang Nara was a worthy leading actress, her character was superficial and fluffy, maybe too much at some points. I loved her more emotional scenes and i wished she had more, she has more to offer than this.

Yoo In Na, was lovely and adorable, expressing the mindset complexity of such a person perfectly. Yet she was cute and only a teeny tiny bit stupid and just too good of a person for her own good. Great acting, for a character and a side story that needed more screen time.

Yoo Da In. My personal favourite, as a melo lover, her story moved and touched me. She expressed difficult and unique feelings perfectly, she was luscious and easy to understand and relate even when she didn't have as much screen time as she deserved.

Seo In Young. Her story was pushed to the sidelines, it comes, therefore, as no surpise how her character was kind of forgettable as well. She was good and i have nothing bad to say, other than she was kind of overshadowed by Yoo In Na, as they were both the 'funny' characters.

Kwon Yool, was very good, his acting could be described as emotionless or/and cold, but i do believe it was his character being like that. I cannot say i loved him, but i had no problems with his acting.

Jung Kyung Ho. And we finally get to the king of the show. You know what is amazing? How he managed, in a show that focuses on women, and had 4(!) female leads, to rise above everyone and have the most important, interesting, touching, funny and adorable character of everyone. His acting could have been as forgettable as KY's but he managed to own the show! True king!

Many people argued how this was boring, i disagree, this actually had so much more to offer than other soulless rom coms, it actually had something to say other than just cheesy romance or insignificant comedy. However, this is not a show for everyone. People who know and like the shows that i mentioned above, or/and like rom coms in general, will, probably, like this one. Other people don't spend your time meaninglessly, move on. As for me, someone who generally dislikes rom coms, i loved this one, i don't know if this says something about me or the show...
I loved it, but would i rewatch it? Not really, it was great for the 16 hours i spent on this, and i will savour it for what it was.
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Mar 19, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
A really funny and fluffy drama with realistic situations. This drama has a really warm vibe that would be good if you want something that will make you smile.

It starts off with a really ridiculous situation, in my opinion but soon it starts to get better. I love how the story brings light to a lot of things especially the hardships of being a single parent and the love that's lost read more in your married life.

Everyone in this drama did a good job in portraying their characters especially to the kid who played Min Woo, he did a good job.

Surely, as someone who has never been in a relationship nor marriage, this drama gave me life lessons. This drama is very heart-warming and it's really funny too. If you want a good laugh, you should definitely watch this show.
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  • Reply
    bun 20 days ago

    tag yourself i'm conan o'brian confessing his love to han mimo

  • Reply
    Bakrou Jul 18, 2017 - edited

    do you think I shoud watch it??

    • Reply
      DBSK 22 days ago

      It is a really cute drama, both when it comes to romance and the friendship between the ladies.

  • Reply
    JadeOlivia Jul 15, 2017 - edited

    Girl when I saw Conan O'Brian may a guest appearance show I spit out my coffe.

    • Reply
      JohnGilbert 3 days ago

      I was VERY VERY surprised by that too. I went out and researched it even. Lol. I have a crazy one sided love for Jang Na Ra, so I figured that is why Conan REALLY did it - LOLOLOLOLOL.

  • Reply
    souldoc70 Jun 30, 2017

    Han Mi Mo and Song Soon Hyuk -such an adorable couple. The chemistry between Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho is superb,both of them has the power to pull audience in. The drama is such a heartwarming sweet love story

  • Reply
    DreamingKoreanBallad Jun 19, 2017

    Enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to when I went into it ^^ It was a really nice drama that honestly made me laugh quite a bit. I loved the main couple, and I could have done with less screen time of the grungy don't know how to dress or look school teacher and taken that screentime for the 2nd most lovely married couple - as they shined much more and should have gotten that screentime that I personally think was wasted on the forever alone woman.
    I also enjoyed our player couple lol - and Min Woo (I adore smart kids! ^^) The doctor guy didn't bother me at all (maybe b/c I like the actor) but I though his character was nice and wasn't annoying like most second leads are. And that one new character that I was worried about, I shouldn't have been b/c she hardly got any screentime and when she was there she didn't phase me a bit :P A sweet ending overall for everyone ^^

  • Reply
    Lovely May 21, 2017

    I am glad I picked it up again. It's a very cute drama. I ship Da Jeong and her husband so much. I hope everything turns out well for them.

  • Reply
    Tzuyu Apr 3, 2017

    It's okay. This has funny parts, but few catchy characters. My favorite part was father and son relationship and honestly SooHyeok is a perfect man, I think he deserves a better woman than MiMo.

  • Reply
    LPA Feb 22, 2017

    I really loved this drama and the music was great too--until the last three episodes. Like a few other comments below, it went from being really good to just seeming like a few filler episodes at the end. Such a shame to turn a nice drama like this into something boring at the end--especially since I loved all the actors and the majority of the storyline. The special guest star in episode 10 was kind of interesting, and although he is very famous, it just left me wondering what the purpose was? It really didn't add anything to the story. I think 7.9 is a fair rating for this drama--more for the beginning, less at the end. I had to force myself to finish it.

  • Reply
    AnicsiRoscoe Jan 31, 2017

    This was a really cute drama. I loved that it explored so many different aspects of relationships and marriage. That approach is really mature and goes beyond what we get to see in most k-dramas. And even though I looooved all he couples, I thought that some scenes and moments were just too cheesy for that kind of 'realistic' depiction of love. And I think it could have been less draggy about the love triangle. Maybe that's why I cannot call it one of my favorites. Even so, the humor in this drama is AMAZING. It is definitely a nice watch if you're looking for a drama purely about romance.

  • Reply
    Y-OKAN Jan 20, 2017


  • Reply
    Kkrazy99 Jan 11, 2017

    enjoyed it a lot and the characters are very real and easy to relate to. My favorite couple is baek da jeong and her husband their plot was super awesome!! I actually liked all the other couples more than the main couple, jung kyung ho is amazing like always but jung na ra character was annoying for me i liked her friends more.

  • Reply
    RhondaB Jan 2, 2017

    This was such a funny, sweet romantic comedy. I laughed aloud quite a few times, and I especially loved the cameo by Conan O'Brien.

  • Reply
    Suicidal_Hermit Dec 30, 2016 - edited

    Really liked this drama, it was a nice break from what I normally watch. Just couldn't get over the character Dong Mi crying about not having a man and looking like a tornado hit her and only her lol

    • Reply
      DreamingKoreanBallad Jun 19, 2017

      I couldn't understand why her friends didn't give her a makeover - like you can't really even dress yourself that bad unless you are trying to look horrible. And her hair my goodness - definitely hit by a tornado (much better in the end when it was always tied up in a ponytail). She only got fashion advice or a makeover from her younger boyfriend. Kudo's to him for caring and shame on her friends for not. I personally could have done with less screentime for her character.

  • Reply
    LaylaHarris Dec 22, 2016

    A really good romcom that is super underrated.

  • Reply
    Sora Nov 17, 2016

    Sadly I couldn't get into this drama


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    South Korea
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    Jan 20, 2016 to Mar 10, 2016
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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    1 hr. 10 min.


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    7.9 (scored by 4,098 users)
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