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Back to 1989 (2016)

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A young successful young man has always felt something missing in his life because he never knew his father. At 26, Che Chen is already a successful assistant manager for an investment trust. But he was raised by his single mother Chen Mu and never knew the identity of his father, and that void has been nagging at him. But a freak accident sends Che back 27 years into the past, to read morethe year before he was born. When he meets 22-year-old Zhen Zhen Ye, Che realizes that this naïve and trusting young woman is his mother's best friend! When Che realizes that anything he does in the year 1989 could alter his mother’s future, will he do anything to alter the course of his own life?

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Jun 27, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.5
The story kicks of without much fuss and the time travel happens within the first 20 min of the first episode. After that the story is engaging and has a good pacing and build up of relations and friendships all the way through. The actors are really good and their characters have a nice depth and dynamic. Around episode 10 the story gets a kick and plots start to speed up making read more it exciting to watch.

The main couple has really good chemistry. They suit each other well and their scenes are good. The angst in this romance is about them actually not supposed to be together, it was never meant to be. The butterfly effect has consequences. The second couple are also sweet and the romance plot is a tad angsty, I found myself worrying about the future I knew and wishing for a new future for them.

I have not noticed any big inconsistencies with this taking place in 1989. Even though the brands shown are of later date, I don't look at the brand names but rather the fashion style. I remember well all these horrible clothes, old technology and I feel myself being immersed. I am sure that if you really want to you can rip this show to bits finding loads of errors. I'm just not that kind of viewer. So far it feels like the 1989 that I remember.

All in all a well done drama, with the usual Taiwanese issues (low audio quality and at least one clown character). The extremely cheesy moments didn't bother me at all, I enjoyed them, squealed and cried my way through this very sweet story.
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8 people found this review helpful
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Jun 25, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
I'm going to start off by saying that I don't usually watched dramas while they're airing, but I did with Back to 1989, so I feel as though I might be more bias in my review since I've watched the characters grow each week, which is much different from marathoning and seeing their growth in a few days.

I really fell attached with BT1989 and everything about it. There was a great read more blend of everything: family, first love, regrets, difficulties.. it was definitely my cup of tea. In my few years of drama watching, I've never heard of a plot like this drama. It's interesting, captivating, though quite confusing the more you think about it. It was so interesting to see how everything played out, and the writers definitely didn't let us down. However, TRIGGER WARNING for anyone uncomfortable with sexual assault. I did feel as though it got draggy near the end with the romance, but it was still an enjoyable watch. Many plot twists occurred that I didn't expect, and it had me on the edge of my seats with the different camera angles and shots. All the characters, as I've mentioned, I've become so attached with. While some were annoying at times, they each bring something important to the story. They made me laugh, cry, and shake my head in disbelief of how insane they were. We got your innocent and clumsy female lead and your smart and cool handsome male lead along with an adorable second couple and the awkward side characters that bring humour to any awkward situation, making it more awkward.

Some people really stood out with their acting, especially our second lead couple, which includes our second female lead Mini Tsai, and our second male lead Yorke Sun, both of whom I now adore their acting. It was nice seeing Ivy Shao play a different character from her cunning one in When I See You Again. However, I had mixed feelings on the main lead, Marcus Chang, though it was his first main role, so I still give him some credit. His crying made me laugh more than feel pity, but i could definitely see his improvement as the episodes progressed. Still not the best crier though, haha.

Besides the main theme song (you'll understand...), i loved the OST! I don't listen to them on a regular basis, but they suited the drama so well. They actually had hit songs from 1989, which was perfect for making it seem more realistic, along with a variety of songs that really scream Back to 1989. Besides Alien Huang, the rest were by more underrated or newer artists, so I was definitely intrigued. Now that I've finished the drama, I suddenly realize how amazing the soundtrack really is.

Overall, it has its flaws; it has a confusing conclusion with many issues still not explained, along with some draggy parts, but i loved this drama. It's what I looked forward to every Friday, and it was well produced, and it brought the feeling back of why i love Asian dramas. I'm so glad I found this, and I hope i persuaded some of you to watch it.
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Both take place in the late 1980s and both explore the romance between people who start off as friends. Back to 1989 includes time travel though and is a Taiwanese drama, not a Korean one.
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Mistaken timetravel, love you didn't know existed and changing the past.
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    vsounnie Jul 26, 2017

    I really loved this drama. One of my Fav Taiwan drama's so far. Marcus and Ivy look so good together too. Hope to see more of them

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    siracorn Jul 4, 2017

    Watching episode 9 atm, and I'm not really feeling the chemistry between zhen zhen and neither Chen Che or Xiao Long. All three of them are so bland.
    It's such an interesting drama otherwise I don't find it necessary for any of all that. Mother's love triangle honestly fills the "romantic lead" role. Especially considering Ya Juan's love life is the only relationships that actually forwards the plot. It feels like Zhen Zhen is just there to fill up air time.

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    Jen Jun 18, 2017

    At ep 3 and its so much fun and cute

  • Reply
    lakmal May 23, 2017

    This is defenetly a good drama series.....

  • Reply
    claudya87 Apr 14, 2017 - edited

    Nope..and with this one I will stop checking the calling/back to year x type of series. The going through time series seem to be a trend these days but some are to be avoided.

  • Reply
    meganjoy12 Dec 21, 2016

    I love time travel shows and the leads were super super cute both by themselves and together ... but this was pretty darn boring and there was way too much focus on everything besides the romance between the leads. I mean don't get me wrong there was lots of romance but I just thought for a show this long there should have been way way more.

  • Reply
    AnanyaS Nov 12, 2016 - edited

    Worth a watch?

    • Reply
      nastou19 Feb 4, 2017 - edited

      The first few episodes, yes. After that, it's a pretty common romcom. But in the beginning, you get to see some cultural differences between the two time periods, which is very interesting.

  • Reply
    HighD Nov 12, 2016

    best taiwanese drama in awhile!!!!

    although it got a bit draggy towards the end, but still a worth your time :)

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Sep 23, 2016 - edited

    Who was his father?

  • Reply
    Totalt Sep 15, 2016
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Ayuuie Sep 12, 2016 - edited

    Oh my goodness! It's been announced there will be a sequel to this called My Future Boyfriend. This time around it will be in 2016 and 2026.. It might be airing in November... *fingers crossed*

  • Reply
    Benjamin Goh Aug 27, 2016

    [Ideal] romantic story.
    Ending don't make sense.

  • Reply
    NotYourOppa Jul 31, 2016

    That amount of ridiculousness romance I would've expected from a chinese drama... I've finished it only because of time travel and the story of Ya Juan and Jin Qin which I find more interesting than Chen Che and Zhen Zhen. Omg, that girl (ZZ) was the most annoying and selfish main lead ever Oo Every topic ended with her "I, to me, mine etc." (light spoiler: you came from the future?O_O but if you didn't, you would like me, right? oh, then that's ok, only that thing matters"). So to me main couple romance story was horrible, too dragy and too... stupid. And I didn't expect that. Main song was highly unlikeable - what's the point to interrupt, 5 or more times, the movie with the same music?Oo so: loooooooooooooove meeee, looooove mee as i aaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm...." grrr.

  • Reply
    AmastrisDratwka Jul 13, 2016

    Okay, I did like the main leads romance and the story for the most part was pretty intense & adorable wrapped in the same show. Kinda of jarring at times. ...but that ending... *sigh* whoa.... Lost me at the end. I still cannot really figure out what that was all about. I mean, people tried to explain in their own way but their explanations wasn't what I watched, it's just an explanation to make it all seem believable, but unfortunately, I'm not convinced. lol...

  • Reply
    LuvK Jul 12, 2016

    Love this fantasy drama. :) Everything about it.


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