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Jun 28, 2016
Picks up right where we left off. I would hope that if it's an accident and you dragged the person out that you were supposed to be killing the cops would wonder about a few things. Like how did an unconscious person get herself out of a burning building, or see anything after she was being "murdered"? Also, I had no idea that if you're older than 14 in Korea you can read more be tried as an adult and actually go to hard core prison? Wow. (I really feel like I need to know more about Korean law here!)

This is the crying episode. I think maybe it annoyed me because I have a lot of memories of Park Shin Hye crying a pretty good amount in whatever drama she's in. Though this episode deserved those tears. It went the dramatic and sad way I feared it would. (Though it's interesting that they'd hint that it wasn't just the way something like that could go, but an actual wrong doing? Very interesting to take it that way.) At the very least I hope Soon Hee will come back into Hye Jung's life. I love a good BFF relationship in any story. Especially girl BFFs as dramaland always seems to be in short supply of them.

Also, I have to note after seeing the ER fight scene again how amazing Park Shin is doing in her role of Hye Jung. I read she's doing all of her stunts for her movie, and it certainly shows in the quality of the scenes. She's really going the distance for this role.

I love seeing that Ji Hong's emotions are so deep. I think Hye Jung thought of him as a friend, though I think she realizes that she could easily feel more. I'm still behind the teacher/student thing being bad, so I look forward to them both being adults when the romance picks up. Which is a good thing as the "13 Year Later" comes to an end at this episode. Teasing us just enough before a dramatic end! Man I really want to know which characters are going to be present in the present!!

Random thought: I haven't said anything about it before. However, I can't stay silent any longer. That puppy is so adorable. I want to puppy nab it.
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