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Jul 12, 2016
Upon finishing this episode I immediately jumped up started running in a circle with my arms frantically flailing in the air. As I desperately repeated "Please no! Please-no-no-no!" over and over. What a cruel cliffhanger. All I can do is be thankful that there's another episode coming and no long week wait in between. Unless the next episode wants to be cruel . . .

That said this is a great setup read more episode. It's working hard to give us a feel for all the characters and where they stand. The hospital politics are here, but they're not the main focus and they're just interesting enough. This cast really has so much chemistry that I can see all the ship/couple options! Doctor Crush indeed.

"I'm not going to die because of a man's love like Mom did." ~Hye Jung

This episode is a great setup for showing that despite Hye Jung having bettered her life and becoming a doctor, she still has scars. Scars that have definitely ruined her views of family and love. However, I think it's also given her great insight on who is a real friend and family to her. Ji Hong is going to have his work cut out for him.

I loved Hye Jung and Soo Chul together this episode! The huge build up to them meeting. (For those following my reviews that would be the hot motorcycle man!) They really have great chemistry, but I'm satisfied with were they're going together . . . well you know.

Seo Woo is turning out to be a very compelling character. I felt heart broken last episode when she was trying to save that patient. It's interesting watching her react to everything this episode. Though I don't think she realizes she she's not some nice person who's been walked all over. She's been the bully who just can't take no. I'm very interested in who will end up with her, so far I don't think any of the current cast can handle her. (A small part of me thought Soo Chul could.)

I love the role reversal here is Hye Jung pulls Yoon Do out of the way! You know the standard move the guys in drama always do, and I believe Ji Hong has already done it for Hye Jung. Yoon Do is so cute and adorable, even Ji Hong admits it. Honestly I can't even help myself from cheering Yoon Do on in pursuing Hye Jung.

Great episode!! I'm loving the entire cast here. I'm curious as to how things will go with Hye Jung's legal family. Not to mention all the other plots going. It's a great feeling. Most of all I need the next episode now! So be warned guys, make sure you have time to start up the next episode right after.

(Hye Jung and Soon Hee WOMANCE is driving me crazy! They're so cute together! I really do love every moment.)
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