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After a devastating war, the immortal tribe paid a heavy price to seal the demon lord. 70000 years later, in an attempt to re-seal the demon lord who broke free, Bai Qian was sent to the mortal realm. In the mortal world, she meets Ye Hua and falls in love with him. Su Jin, who is jealous of Ye Hua's love for Bai Qian, intentionally creates a series of misunderstanding between them read moreand causes Bai Qian to lose her eyes. Thinking that Ye Hua has betrayed her, the devastated Bai Qian jumps off from the Zhu Xian Terrace. At her request, all her memories have been erased and she forgets Ye Hua. Hundred years later, the two meets again as deities. Another lifetime another world, Ye Hua recognizes Bai Qian but the latter remains indifferent. Three lives three worlds, her and him, are they fated to bear an entangling loveline?
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    三生三世,十里桃花; San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua; Three Lives Three Worlds; Ten Great III of Peach Blossom; The Eternal Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms; Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms; Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms;

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Mar 1, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I made a vow to write a review immediately after the show ended and believe me when I say the emotions are still raw. Where do I even start? Eternal Love is such a compelling and beautiful piece I don't think I can find the exact words to describe it.

The story is brilliant in itself and I am honestly sure it did the book justice. I think if you're watching this read more without reading the book beforehand, you would love the show a lot more because you're watching without expectations plus either way, Eternal Love will blow you away (even if you're not a fantasy/xianxia/historical genre kind of person) Also, If you like The Journey of Flower, you will love this without a doubt.

Everything, every single thing is so stunning from the costumes, to the set and the cinematography. And the most beautiful part is, of course, their love story. The different clans coming together and all the magical elements and all are very interesting. I won't delve into the story too much because its pretty complicated but fear not, you will never be bored of it for a second.

The acting was spectacular. Yang Mi did a fantastic job as always. Although it was my first time watching Mark Chao, his character as either Mo Yuan or Ye Hua is so easily to fall in love with because he is that good at acting. Chemistry was flawless. A transparent love was beautifully portrayed; you could feel their love and pain and share their happiness. Kiss scenes are very good too. They're not exactly rough but tender and deep? I honestly did not expect so many kiss scenes because I was quite disappointed with the lack of intimacy in The Journey of Flower but you're blessed here :')

Every other character was very likeable having their own unique personalities. The other side characters and love stories are also super sweet especially Dong Hua's and Feng Jui's.

It seems like everything about the drama is perfect even its music is so apt. The entire OST is so enchanting played at right timings. The duet is so haunting which really gives Bai Qian & Ye Hua moments that goosebumps. So, so good.

The only problem I have (not with the drama) is that I hate misunderstandings that cause conflicts in a relationship which my heart cannot handle. Ye Hua and Bai Qian's relationship has many 'tragedies' that can really break your heart because they've been through so many tribulations caused by some side bitches but in the end, everything for this drama is worth it.

Rewatch it? Definitely. No qualms about it.

This is truly a masterpiece and I can safely say Eternal Love is my favourite C-Drama.
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Mar 1, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
Probably the first time a drama of this length has me thoroughly enthusiastic from beginning to end. More rare is the case of a drama adaptation not only breathing life to its book, but surpasses the original work in every aspect. The challenge is to stop oneself from the binge to see how this game of fate, love, misunderstanding and tragedy takes three 'lifetimes' to resolve. Even if fantasy is not one's read more cup of tea, the love/romance here is one everyone can enjoy

*Story (10/10)
This drama has done a wondrous job keeping faithful to the original story while incorporating parts of its spinoff "The Pillow Book" about the secondary lead pairing.The Chinese title of this drama is "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" and like its name suggests, tells the story of Ye Hua and Bai Qian - gods who are separated yet bounded by fate to find each other in their lives again throughout the course of three lifetimes/arcs, creating a memorable journey of emotional highs and lows balanced with good action and drama. Though it has 58 episodes, it is filled with plots to leave one consistently guessing what the next development is from beginning to end. Just as one score settles, another rises.

Characters are fleshed out, and everyone has their own story. Alhough the focus is on the main couple, viewers can also enjoy other secondary characters and their relationships and how it all intertwines.

*Acting/Cast: (9/10)
Yang Mi's Bai Qian may be the protagonist, but Mark Chao is the highlight. To express so much with so little is what Mark does wonderfully, and his ability to portray two similar characters (Ye Hua & Mo Yuan) so differently with their set of own characteristics, mannerisms and reactions is impressive. As for Yang Mi overall she did well portraying the different personalities of her characters - from playful,mischievous Si Yin to naive and innocent Su Su and finally the aloof with an attitude Bai Qian - by far her best performance. Together these two produce the chemistry to keep audiences thrilled and satisfied. Overall the cast is well put together with several other memorable faces (Zhang Bin Bin, Dilraba etc) making the drama that much more enjoyable

*Rewatch (10/10):
Absolutely. 58 episodes did not feel long one bit. It slowed down at parts, but I see it as necessary for the many characters and developments to come full circle.

*Last thoughts?
- All the sets, props, scenery and people are simply eye-catching, which keeps one visually interested all the way through.
- Aside from the visual fest and story, Mark Chao is another reason to rewatch

It's been a while since I enjoyed a romance-fantasy genre this much, this will be going straight into my archive of favorites. No doubt one of the best Chinese dramas have to offer
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- Fantasy
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- Strong female leads
- Beautiful visuals
- Both share the reborn / revive theme
- Unconditional / forbidden / one sided love
- Sympathetic and interesting characters
- Beautiful costumes
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- Memory loss
- Great OST (though Ice fantasy's ost is slightly better)
- Lots of characters and character development
- Action takes place in multiple realms
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Recommended by Jordan

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  • Reply
    MiraiArtx 16 minutes ago

    After finishing the drama, I have to say that I absolutely love Fengjiu x Dijun. Seems to be an unpopular opinion, but anyone else?

  • Reply
    Malyza Suon 21 hours ago - edited

    Will this drama get 10/10 ? I checked this page many times just to see the rating. it's hard to find high rating drama, even popular K-drama still can't get it. I'm happy that EL got this high viewer :)

    • Reply
      guccigall 17 hours ago

      I doubt.

    • Reply
      Tongko 12 hours ago

      impossible.. 10/10 if perfect score..
      if one person, just one person rate it 9,9 then the whole score will drop to 9,9

  • Reply
    Tonera 1 day ago - edited

    What ep do people start to really get into this drama?

    • Reply
      StarlitStorm 1 day ago

      I think about ep 13.

    • Reply
      Alekwang 1 day ago

      When the main leads meet face to face (somewhere around episode 13 i think)

    • Reply
      guccigall 22 hours ago

      From episode 1, in my case

    • Reply
      TianQi 14 hours ago

      To back up what two other people have already said: it's episode 13

  • Reply
    Alekwang 3 days ago - edited

    The way Yehua didn't fall for any of Su Jin's tricks is what made him one of the best male leads ever! Also, BQ was so badass! Definitely the best leads ever.

    • Reply
      cgaman 2 days ago - edited

      That is b/c Ye Hua is based on Condor Trilogy character Yang Guo, a very intelligent and cunning individual.

      Anyways if anyone cared to read my few previous comments, this work and STAR WARS prequel trilogy were both derived from a work first published in 1961 in Hong Kong called Return of the Condor Heroes. This work made its way to the West in the form of STAR WARS b/c Hong Kong was under Western rule until it was handed back to China in the late 1990's. So, Westerners being very exploitive, especially within an area under their control managed to adapt Condor Heroes wielding lightsabers instead of metal swords... But the underlying story is essentially the same: Father turns evil, effectively dies before son is born, son redeems the father ('s past misdeeds and hence his tainted character), etc. The further proof is that instead of featuring a Giant Condor in the story, STAR WARS has that infamous (M.) Falcon in its stead. Regardless of Condor or Falcon, they're both giant birds...

    • Reply
      Alekwang 1 day ago

      Wow, I didn't know! Thanks for the info!

  • Reply
    xenochile 4 days ago - edited

    Does anyone tells me the name of the singer for the ending theme
    I really like it
    Do you know if the women singer have another songs like this and where Can i find it please

    • Reply
      xenochile 3 days ago

      Thxs a lot
      I was wondering if it's really her (+_+)

  • Reply
    AmauryLindy 4 days ago - edited

    Way to overrated. I have spent 12 ep trying to get into this show but I can't even make it through ep 12 smh. So boring it's ridiculous so much talking about characters and events that I don't care about at all. At this point you can't even tell who the main characters are because everyone but the mc are on the screen and if they are on the screen it's not even entertaining. The whole story has been draggy ASF since the the first time the bell sealing thing happened. Nothing funny happens, nothing sad, nothing to make you interested. I cant understand why this is so popular. Feng jiu is annoying. 12 eps in and the leads have only met once. 12 eps in and 3 of them were spent reminiscing about what happened in the first 8 eps and a marriage Just not good and boring. Honestly feel let down it was hyped so much. I think that's why I feel like it's bad tbh if I went into it without expectations I might have enjoyed it. I'm literally skipping scene after scene at this point. The sad part is even if I do skip them I literally still know everything they were going to talk about but just saved 5 min of my time.

    • Reply
      Tongko 3 days ago

      The male lead start appear from ep 12, the show would be perfect if there are no scene about dong hua and his pet feng jiu, and too much episode about mo yuan in the beginning, it should have just flash back scene rather than 10 first episode.. i watch this show in reverse actually, i begin from 58 then 57, 56, etc.. otherwise i would drop this show too because to much feng jiu scene and very slow pace at the beginning..

    • Reply
      Tongko 3 days ago

      Come on give it another try... ep 13 after half episode, the main couple first time met face to face.. this is when the fun start to begin.. just try it a little more, you wont regret it then..

    • Reply
      Alekwang 3 days ago - edited

      Am i the only one who had very high expectations for this, dropped it but then started it again with very little expectationd liked it in the end? Lol

    • Reply
      Xiaoshu 2 days ago

      Most people started liking it from ep 12 or 13. You just watched 12 ep, it didn't up to the good point. Most people liked it mainly bc of its amazing romance/chemistry and the male lead's acting. Even some people still can't get into NiF which is the best drama, so it's normal you can't get into this drama too. But here, you are just so far from us.

    • Reply
      Malyza Suon 21 hours ago - edited

      Different people different taste,different opinion, It's kind of like how I find weightlifting fairy and strong woman overrated. But pls respect this drama, it's popular because it's beautiful drama, producer team and all casts deserved the grand prize.

  • Reply
    carolline 4 days ago - edited

    i just finished watching this drama and im speechless now.. this is the first drama that i watched without skipping any parts even a little bit.. i even have to re-watch this drama after i finished it just to make everything more clear.. this drama is really amazing, and i really love this one, really recommended..

    at first, i hesitate to watch this drama because i just dont like to watch kingdom theme dramas and the episode are too much, besides that, i still dont get the 'feel' until a few episodes.. i dont get it why people give this drama a very high rating.. the very high rating and reviews of this drama make me very curious, so i try to hold on and here it comes..

    the 'feel' will come when YH and BQ meet at the mortal realm, and the deeper you watch, the more curious u will be to re-watch the beginning of this drama because the beginning of this drama is everything.. they explain it very well.. when finished this drama, i just feel that 58 episodes actually is not enough, i want more !!! hahahahaha.. omg, this is really amazing..

    for all who hesitate to watch this drama like me, you have to try this.. this drama is really loveable.. at first, maybe u will feel a little bit boring and still dont get the main story as the cast are really so much to remember, and so much stories that will confusing you, but the deeper you watch, you will understand it..

    i really love this drama, the story is amazing, the cast are also amazing, too.. they are all good actor and actress, such an incredible work.. i cant think of anyone who can change their way to portray their roles.. you can feel what they feel just to watch their face and eye.. very love love love this..!!!!! im fans for mark zhao, yang mi, vengo gao, and dilraba now.. hahahaha

    • Reply
      Reta 2 days ago

      twin sister lol. I am reading the novel and felt discouraged to continue because it starts from episode 11 on wards. Do you know if the novel tells the beginning story too at some point?

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs 2 days ago

      It does!! The novel is told more in like flashback style.
      I think the whole Li Jing/Mo Yuan arc isn't until ch 5(??) in the novel

    • Reply
      Reta 2 days ago

      that's great. thank you :) I'm reading pillow book now and I'm really liking it. I'll continue with the first book once done.

    • Reply
      Malyza Suon 21 hours ago

      oh dear, you just described all my feeling about this drama :D

  • Reply
    Reta 4 days ago - edited

    Guys, does anyone know where I could find all the instrumental music in EL. I looked everyone and was successful finding 2 of them only. All what I come across is the 5 ost songs in EL and not the music instrumentals. Can some one help me :(:(

    • Reply
      Reta 4 days ago

      It would have taken me another year to find them. Thank you :)

  • Reply
    Emily 4 days ago

    Guys, a few pages back someone (Jordan) posted a link to the mini series and epilogue of the novel. I really love them, so funny! YH is the best husband ever and Ali is so adorable :)

  • Reply
    Alekwang 5 days ago - edited

    Okay this is a serious addiction i can't do anything but think about this drama. Can you guys recommend me something similar?

    • Reply
      RoyalMajesty 4 days ago

      I would suggest, Chinese Paladin 3 with Yang Mi in it.. or Xuan Yuan Sword.
      You might also like Laughing in the Wind that I'm currently watching, it has a
      happy ending... :-)

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs 4 days ago

      Princess Weiyoung is pretty good!! It was the "super popular drama in China" right before Eternal Love aired.
      A lot of people who watched Eternal Love liked Journey of Flower too

  • Reply
    RoyalMajesty 5 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Subi 5 days ago - edited

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the person who gave the voice for Mark Chao! The voice really eleveated the character to another tier!!

    • Reply
      Emily 5 days ago - edited

      I liked Mark's voice actor too. I read on dramafever that the leads in EL had the same voice actors as the leads in princess wei young. Especially Yang Mi's voice actress is brilliant. She is the most sought after voice actress. She also did Angelababy's voice in general and I. Though I would never have recognized the voice, cause it sounds so different in EL/General and I/princess wei young. Or is it just me?

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs 2 days ago - edited

      Same! the voice actress has dubbed a tonnnn of dramas, and her voice does change a little bit for each drama (altho maybe because I've seen a lot of the dramas she's dubbed for, I can immediately recognize it's her). Not sure how she does it, but it's incredible!

    • Reply
      MiraiArtx 17 minutes ago

      The voice actors were so good! Haha but I couldn't help but notice he tends to whisper a lot.

  • Reply
    krystalsoojungs 5 days ago - edited

    it's been almost 2 months since I finished this drama and I still can't get over it! I still rewatch my favorite episodes, even now XD

    I love this page as well; the support, love, talking with all you EL fans and having these very interesting discussions is a really fun experience!! Love you all~~~

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs 4 days ago - edited

      The main novel (same name as this drama: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) is told mostly from BQ's point of view and I would say that this drama is one of the best book-to-screen adaptations I have ever seen in my entire life. It follows the novel very closely, even taking direct lines from the novel to be put into the script, so the feel is very good.

      Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom Pillow Books are the sequel novels that tell the story of FJ/DH. Their story in the drama is different from the pillow books because the production team could not obtain the copyrights to the pillow books so the writers had to make changes.

      so basically BQ/YH and FJ/DH stories are split into different novels

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs 4 days ago

      I am still stuck in this Eternal Love world and can't seem to get out LOOL XD
      I'm currently waiting for Ode to Joy 2 to start airing, as it's one of my favorite modern cdramas
      but yes historical dramas are definitely much better !!! <333

    • Reply
      Reta 4 days ago

      Do you guys know where to find the novel fully translated to English?

    • Reply
      Emily 2 days ago

      Amazon. It's called To the Sky Kingdom

    • Reply
      Malyza Suon 21 hours ago

      I think we have the same problem, lol :D

  • Reply

    so to keep this short- this show is the bomb, go watch it!

  • Reply
    cgaman 6 days ago - edited

    Guys, Three Lives Three Worlds is just a cleverly disguised Return of the Condor Heroes. I don't recommend any of the live action ones. China hasn't produced a good one yet. The version I do recommend is the anime version renamed to Legend of the Condor Heroes that can be found on under 'L' and the 1st season was actually animated in Japan...

    When watching anime LOCH, just keep in mind these correlations:

    Ye Hua = Yang Guo
    Mo Yuan = Yang Hong (Yang Guo's dad, the son looks similar to his father)
    Bai Qian = The Dragon Lady (she's much older than Yang Guo, eventually marries him)
    Yang Guo actually lost an arm in season 2 exactly like Ye Hua
    Kunlun mountain = Quanzhen Sect's mountainous temple
    Jade Purity fan = Mongolian Prince's fan
    Zhe Yan the Old Phoenix = the Giant Condor that saved Yang Guo right after losing arm
    Heavenly Lord (current) = leader Guo Jing
    Xuan Nu = The Dragon Lady's 'sister'
    Su Jin = a mix of Huang Rong (the cunning mom) and Guo Fu (the spoiled daughter)
    Big Bad = the Golden Wheel Monk

    (P.S.: In case you didn't know STAR WARS Ep I-III drew inspiration from LOCH: Older woman marrying younger man, they met when he was a boy, hero losing arm, etc. LOCH was published in 1961, so you know who had plenty of time to know about it n draw inspiration from it)

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs 5 days ago - edited

      I don't think it matters LOL, a lot of stories are similar to other stories, there's only so many stories we can create in this world

      what makes each story special is the actors/actresses who play these characters and breathe life into their characters.

      A lot of people who watch Eternal Love haven't seen the Condor Heroes series, so they wouldn't know and they wouldn't care and lots of people like EL not just for the story but a lot more for the actors/actresses that acted in the drama

      there are so many stories that draw inspiration from others, and if we were to nitpick about all these stories copying from other stories, then this world of stories would be a complete mess lol

    • Reply
      rainruma 2 days ago

      Wow... Thank you!.... I did not realize that, or that LOCH was inspiration for Star Wars I-III ...
      I've only seen Return of the Condor Heroes, I want to see the old Hon Kong versions.


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