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Juhan Shuttai! (2016)

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Kokoro Kurosawa used to be a contender for the Olympic Judo Team, but she had to give up on her dream due to an injury. In the end, she ends up working at weekly manga magazine "Vibes." The publishing industry is going through a turbulent time due to ebooks. Members of the editorial department struggle to come up with ways to sell more manga books. She learns about editing from her senior read moreeditors and becomes fascinated with the edition world, interacting with manga writers, and discovering new manga artists. But what surprises her the most is that in a competitive world such as manga publishing, not all dreams come true, and even when they do, they come with a price... ~ Based on the manga series "Juhan Shuttai!" by Yana Toboso.

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    Second Edition Occurance!; Sleepeeer Hit!

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Sep 29, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 10
Johan shuttai! Is a Jdrama about how mangas are done and the process between the mangaka and editors, salesman, designers, distributors and basically the entire squad.
The drama is told mostly from our female lead point of view, korusawa kokoro who will hit you in the kokoro. She was a good athlete (judo) and her aim was to be part of the Olympic after suffering an injury she finds a new place read more in a manga editing company, odagiri joe plays her senior at work (sunbae, senpai, shesho, tensho) and followed by one of the best side characters that I've seen in my life.
The story follows the team mates and newbie mangaka wannabes into becoming mature and reaching mutual goals together, with hardly any lame moments this one was a beautiful ride.
Usually I watch a whole 11 episode jdrama in 2 days but I watched this slowly and rewatched many parts because I didn't want to finish it too soon.
The main goal of the team and kokoro is to get a Johan shuttai meaning a second printing on their mangas. Highly recommended for good drama lovers
9.2/10 from Johnson shampoo family.
Drama quotes:
“We all have wings that can't be seen, if you want to nurture splendid wings, read plenty of book"
"Read plenty of book, the shape of the book is the shape of a bird, just by reading it you'll have strong flexible wings, that's how you can fly anywhere"
"Writing a piece of work is like looking inside your own heart"
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Jun 26, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
It was a great watch. On the surface, this drama can (very) easily be seen as typical cheesy happy-go-lucky Japanese drama. And essentially it is one, however it has many points that makes memorable, that dig deeper into society and into our characters' psych. It has a huge talented cast, and though some were underused overall it was great seeing them going at it ;)

One of the points that makes it read more a substantial drama is its characters. Kokoro is your typical happy-go-lucky girl, point mentioned throughout the drama as a joke. What makes her different though is that she never imposes her solution on others. Her job in the drama is to watch the people around her, as we the viewers do, until the characters find their own solution. This brings us to another great point in the drama, where even though it seems we have a weekly lesson learnt, problems are ongoing and don't get magically solved by the end of the episode it got introduced. We do get the episodic focus, but issues to get revisited later as we see where the characters are headed. This gives us a better paced character development, as the characters make decisions about their work and their lives. another element I'd like to mention is the way the drama peaks into the characters lives'. We don't get full explanation and a detailed background about them, we just get enough to know how this is affecting their current lives, views and work. We only know what we usually know as we get closer to our colleagues at work. In this end this is a drama about about work and career.

I feel this drama represents not only how publishing works in Japan, but the entertainment industry works there overall. It is what makes Japan produce this artistic works while hand-in-hand producing the usual predictable easy to sell works. The episode focused on Yasuda Ken's character Yasui-san emphasizes on it most, but we do explore that theme more then once. I won't go into detail as what it is exactly, I will leave it for the viewers to discover it. I'd just like to add the way the drama itself is produced is representative of that idea. As I mentioned earlier, it looks and sound like those typical dramas, but just by peeling that layer off you find something deeper, as each episode go by.

I have to mention how much I loved all the characters here; Takahata, Yasui, Numata, Wada-san, Mikurayama, Koizumi the lovely Iokibe to name a few, and the cast did an outstanding job no matter how much or how little we saw of them, but my most favourite by far Nakata Haku the disturbed aspiring manga artist. Nagayama Kento played him to perfection. The whole cast did an outstanding job, but I just love how that character was handled. I wish we had seen more of Narita, the character played by Kaname Jun.

Do give the drama a try, and give it at least 3-4 episode and you will understand the gem I'm talking about. If anything the eye-candy in here will sure keep you entertained ;)
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Both give an insight into the life of manga artists and editors, even though Gegege no Nyobo specifically focuses on the life of Mizuki Shigeru (whose name is mentioned two times in the last episode of Juhan Shuttai) and his wife.
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    blueribbon 10 days ago

    any idea where i can find the soundtrack?

  • Reply
    lindalinda 18 days ago

    Juhan Shuttai is definitely my favorite. When I want something with good vibes and positive insight, I will watch this again. The entire drama is just brimming with life and passion. There are songs which are bubbly and filled with such delight feeling make it beautiful, besides that the endearing characters, humour and effervescence effect add the richness. It's such a very nice package. All in all, the drama is sure an amazing watch and the one that could make you keep every positive aspect in life.

  • Reply
    redxxxcrimson Jun 16, 2017

    I am currently watching , from the first episode I got the vibe . It is so wonderful , extraordinary drama , full of optimistic thought and positive light views . I really recommend it , don't think twice just watch it , you won't regret ^^

  • Reply
    Max May 1, 2017

    Good acting in this drama, fresh and fun. Haru (kokoro) is just awesome in this, she took unexpected expressions on her face.

  • Reply
    minhsuga Apr 16, 2017

    An extremely underrated drama. If you're on the fence about watching this one for whatever reason, please give it a shot! It'll deliver all the emotions.

  • Reply
    Tsuyu Apr 9, 2017

    Great drama with the best character development I've seen all year. Positive and upbeat, I must agree with 'chibiladychoi' - "it sends a message that everything in life is possible as long you will look at it in a positive perspective".

    This will definitely go on my rewatch list.

  • Reply
    Maze Apr 6, 2017

    I watched this because of Kentaro though I didn't realized that this drama was so good. Love the whole cast! Loved the happy vibes! Manga/anime related stuff are my weakness.

  • Reply
    Sekar Mar 29, 2017

    When I watched this, somehow, just feels back when I watched anime titled Shirobako. Just feels the concept was the same.

  • Reply
    chibiladychoi Mar 5, 2017

    Ever feeling down and negative about life? Watching Juhan Shuttai is an easy antidote. Aside from the good looking cast (Haru, Kentaro, Joe and others), it sends a message that everything in life is possible as long you will look at it in a positive perspective. This feeling is so strong that it will make you learn to love things again -including yourself. On another note, i realized how tedious making a manga is that I felt guilty of enjoying mangas for free. Of course, its a must watch drama of 2016.

  • Reply
    jagasthesecond Feb 2, 2017

    feel-good business drama!

  • Reply
    Hisato Jan 24, 2017

    Need rec for drama like this one please

  • Reply
    Hisato Jan 24, 2017

    Need rec for drama like this one please

  • Reply
    bossmama Jan 22, 2017

    What a wonderful show. It beams with positive energy and makes me want to ganbare too haha

  • Reply
    Ceki Jan 13, 2017

    Finally watching this, I can't take a smile off my face! :3

  • Reply
    RandomLove Nov 18, 2016

    Heart Touching drama <3 sugoi <3


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