The Sound of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart (2016)

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The Sound of Your Heart comically follows Jo Suk's ridiculous but hilarious adventures with his girlfriend-turned-wife Ae Bong, their dogs, older brother Jo Joon, and parents. ~~ Based on popular webtoon series of the same name.

  • Native title:

    마음의 소리
  • Also Known as:

    Sound of Your Heart; The Sound of Your Mind; Sound of Heart;

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Feb 15, 2017
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
This is a simple yet a nothing close to realistic drama that easily makes you forget about reality. It is an adaptation that you'd originally expect to be bad and uncomparable to the webtoon however, it's nothing like that. It gives the same vibe as the webtoon and it is equally (or sometimes more) funny to it.
This drama will have you laughing (literally) non-stop.

The main cast is very good and read more the cameos are just as great (and countless), wit some of them beeing: Song Joong Ki, Jung Joon Young, Kim Jong Kook, Laboum and others..

Also, the music is unexpectedly good, I personally had no idea MFBTY participated, so I was pleasantly surprised. And aside from all the comedy, there's also romance and lots of character development!

This is a very sort webdrama even though it's 20 episodes long, so you can easily finish it in a day. If you watch this You definitely won't be disappointed.
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Mar 15, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
I'm going to try my best not to rave about this comedy. If I fail, sorry. Let me state clearly that it's beyond rare that I give anything all 10s. I mean RARE as in haven't done it in years rare. Is Sound that good? You damn well better believe it. This show is funny. BUT you have to like stupid funny. What I mean is you have to like laughing at read more things that are so improbable they are hilarious. Liking some toilet or bawdy humor isn't bad either. Remember this was a 15 minute web series. It didn't run on SK tv so they pushed the Korean envelope a bit on things they could and couldn't do and (pretend to) show. As a struggling web artist Jo Seok (portrayed by Lee Kwang Soo) lives at home with his parents and younger brother. The show is about things that happen in his daily life (and to some extent his family's lives) as they all go about their daily routines.

Lee Kwang Soo stood out to me when I first saw him in City Hunter. I don't know why; he just did. He quickly became one of my favorite cast members on Running Man. Since then, I've seen almost all his series and a fair amount of his movies. His acting has gotten better and better. As the lead in Sound, he's perfect. The cast he leads which includes the phenomenal Kim Mi Kyung. (I swear she is the hardest working woman in South Korea) are equally as perfect. This is the odd case where the casting director got it right all the way around. Speaking of RM, ex-RM, Song Joon-Ki is in an episode for maybe 2 minutes. Current member Kim Jong Kook is in another episode for perhaps 10-15 minutes. That brings me to the episodes. The webtoons were 15 minutes. Luckily, I found 30 minute episodes (2 web eps put together of course).

The writing is fantastic. There are some crude scenes (remember that potty humor I mentioned), but don't let that deter you. Those couple of scenes are really setting up something bigger and funnier. WARNING: The funny may sneak up on you. I started watching Sound at work. A scene came out of left field and took me by surprise. I basically holler laughed and had my supervisor at my desk wondering what I was doing. There's very little character development as it's not that kind of a show. There is character familiarity. You get to know these characters quickly as you do if you were just starting to read a comic or watch an animation. Hopefully, there will be more seasons and we'll see them develop.

The music was good... I guess. LOL I remember there was music and it fit well. I didn't find it hokey or silly. Just appropriate.

Overall, I adored The Sound of Your Heart. For me it was the perfect 30 minute nugget to help get me through my days. I've actually watched it twice in less than 2 weeks. I guess the rewatch factor is kind of high, huh? ;-) Mind you, the type of slapsticky comedy might not be for everyone, but you never know until you try.
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  • Reply
    SaeedKhan 9 days ago

    This show is gold, i watched this on Normal sub sites which has somewhat small size episodes and are messed up while Netflix has all the episodes arranged and in the correct order with 27-30 mins each episode

  • Reply
    NHK95 18 days ago

    By far, one of the best korean comedies ever produced! (so far).
    Great acting from awesome characters! hopefully there's a season 2 soon.
    the only place that it's available fully is on Netflix; so if you have an account, go check it out!

  • Reply
    inspirit91 24 days ago

    Really funny sitcom. I love the characters

  • Reply
    iiTenzy Mar 28, 2017

    this is so good
    any recs? plz

  • Reply
    mrwyoo Mar 20, 2017 - edited

    wwaahh, been so long since I had laughed so much XDD especially ep7, round 3:40 with the brother.. XD. Honeybutter chips XD

    people are subbing all kinds of shet but skipping this golden one.......

  • Reply
    helpmeplease Mar 19, 2017

    Can anyone help me? In episode 4 with the bob party can anyone tell me the name of the Piano music in the background throughout the episode?

  • Reply
    Risty_deidora Mar 18, 2017

    It's very funny, i enjoyed watch this one.

  • Reply
    XingBack Mar 15, 2017 - edited

    Can I find this anywhere besides Neflix?

    • Reply
      BaekInHa Mar 15, 2017

    • Reply
      XingBack Mar 16, 2017

      I've already seen the ones there, I want the other eps T_T

  • Reply
    Kris Mar 9, 2017

    Loved it! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

  • Reply
    WowCreations Mar 7, 2017

    rofl. legit.

  • Reply
    Lifunia Mar 2, 2017 - edited

    How come Netflix has 10 episodes of approx 30 minutes each when MDL has 20 episodes of 10 minutes each? O.o
    How do I know which EP I have watched then? lol i'm not one to finish all epsidoes in one night :O

    • Reply
      thatseelyah Mar 2, 2017

      It's like spongebob episodes, there's 10 full episodes but they put 2 together to make one episode of that makes sense.

    • Reply
      Lifunia Mar 16, 2017

      Ohh that's logical lol why didn't I think of that, thanks for the explanation ^^

  • Reply
    HamelinSong Feb 24, 2017 - edited


    • Reply
      Alessa Feb 24, 2017

      I came here just to confirm that! Fantastic! Finally, I'm going to be able to watch this =)

  • Reply
    XingBack Feb 20, 2017

    It'd be easier for me to learn korean than wait for subs T___________T

  • Reply
    eoniii Jan 14, 2017 - edited

    I really hate that these kinds of dramas are not getting subbed. But dramas with idol casting get done in a flash..(ugh with their acting)

    • Reply
      Alessa Jan 17, 2017

      I don't understand though why they don't... Lee Kwang Soo is not an idol but he's big, and the show is really short... =(

    • Reply
      eoniii Jan 19, 2017

      True! Prince of Asia, d-oh! lol.

    • Reply
      Kdiana Mar 17, 2017

      It's not that, is that since Netflix bought the rights for this drama, it's harder to find it elsewhere but on Netflix. :(

  • Reply
    Yilin-x3 Jan 14, 2017

    anyone knows where i can watch the subbed ver for the 1-hour long episodes?


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    South Korea
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    Nov 9, 2016 to Jan 6, 2017
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    Naver TV Cast
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    10 min.


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    8.5 (scored by 401 users)
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