The idea is the same, a man with supernatural powers meets his love, through twists of fate. Their relationship develops as hardships appear along the way.

The lead is incredibly attractive and mesmerizing in both dramas, there's no one who will remain indifferent. Goblin has a "shy" lead while "The Bride of Habaek" portraits a very caring God who supports his Bride in those moments where she most needs it.

Both dramas contain life-threatening situations where the men save this bride is the most coolest way possible. The drama will hook you from the first episode.

Lastly, the soundtrack is GOOD! (the Goblin soundtrack has already become a hit :).
In conclusion: if you like dramas where the leading man is a strong, handsome (even sexy), powerful, with a God-like attitude and at the same time very gentle God - these both are not ones not to be missed!
Recommended by sfinx
This is a short Web Drama starring Kim Junmyeon from EXO. It has much comedy aspects. It involves grim reapers and loving the living which might be something viewers of Goblin might enjoy. Quite funny, very heart breaking. 100% Enjoyable.
Recommended by insoles
of their mythology! Both dramas have incorporated the heavenly (and hell) beings to their story. Though they don't exact;y have the same conflict going on, both dramas have a matter-of-life-and-death conflict to deal with.

And though I like Goblin, Arang is still the number one on my list when it comes to a resolution for a love that transcends death.
Recommended by jellybine
both shows are about the afterlife and what these characters did in their past cause them to be who they are now.
both leads are handsome as hell!
both dramas have ghosts in them.
Recommended by fatma
Both tackle deep Life/Death questions.

This is the korean remake version of the original Loss:Time:Life japanese drama.
Recommended by JulySnow2
Both dramas are about love that is not controlled by humans but instead by something greater than them. Both my all time faves! great osts, great acting! No love triangles (so done with them really).
Recommended by julifacetoface
Both are sweet love with no rivalries and the love in the air moments are more in love o2o the best dramas.......
Recommended by Lucy Heartfilia
Similar threads of past lives, honour, after-life, ancestry and culture
Recommended by Silver_Sylphy
Similarly hollow feeling to the stories. Both are captivating and easy to watch with very nice cinematography. Romance isn't super prominent, and both carry a supernatural theme, with Goblin leaning more on the high-fantasy historical side and YWCFTS more modern and not as "epic".
While Goblin's conflict stays more on the supernatural side of things, YWCFTS' conflict is a murderer. Has a more "earthly" feel than Goblin, but similar overall.
Recommended by KoriNeko18
Both delve into themes of death and similar themes of reincarnation
They both deal with an Ahjussi romance
Overall, similar fantasy-romance themes
Similar supporting character roles - Goblin's Yoo Deok-Hwa VS Mr. Baek's Choi Dae-Han
Recommended by Char
Both have a similar plot element of Reapers who have no memory of their life before death and the consequences ensuing when said memories return.
Recommended by bloody_venus
Both shows have themes concerning death. There is also humor, romance, and most importantly, bromance.
Recommended by ClassyApples
If you liked Lee dong in blade man , you will definitely adore him in goblin. He has an awesome bromance with gong yoo in goblin.
Recommended by Shiro
I feel like these two dramas are very similar in a way. It's basically about the past but the drama is in the present form. Both are interesting and the bromance is cute! xD
Recommended by Drama_Lover
both are supernatural historical dramas..with a blending of past and present

both have 2 love stories
1-warrior and person from the present.
the love of warrior is pure platonic one with lot of understanding..and he is always try to protect his girl
and the couple always try to overcome their difficulties together
2--king and queen
the love b/w king and queen had lot of misunderstandings though they love each other a lot...

both have bromance b/w king and warrior and the warrior was very loyal to the king

both have good friendship b/w two leading female characters and help each other to develop their love and all..

both have people who are jealous of the warrior and plotting against him and try to brainwash the king

But the theme of the story is completely different

cuz in faith its just one girl who time travels to the Goryeo era..
and in goblin many people from that era come to the 21st-century in different ways..
Recommended by MrsChoeYeong
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