If you enjoyed Goblin, then definitely you'll like BOTWG. In both:
- Hero is a "god" who suffers from a curse. He had a tragic past.
- Heroine is his human bride and tries to help him to lift the curse.
- Both are about the struggles of the main couple to get together.
Recommended by Orulyon
both are supernatural historical dramas..with a blending of past and present

both have 2 love stories
1-warrior and person from the present.
the love of warrior is pure platonic one with lot of understanding..and he is always try to protect his girl
and the couple always try to overcome their difficulties together
2--king and queen
the love b/w king and queen had lot of misunderstandings though they love each other a lot...

both have bromance b/w king and warrior and the warrior was very loyal to the king

both have good friendship b/w two leading female characters and help each other to develop their love and all..

both have people who are jealous of the warrior and plotting against him and try to brainwash the king

But the theme of the story is completely different

cuz in faith its just one girl who time travels to the Goryeo era..
and in goblin many people from that era come to the 21st-century in different ways..
Recommended by MrsChoeYeong
I feel like these two dramas are very similar in a way. It's basically about the past but the drama is in the present form. Both are interesting and the bromance is cute! xD
Recommended by Drama_Lover
Similarly hollow feeling to the stories. Both are captivating and easy to watch with very nice cinematography. Romance isn't super prominent, and both carry a supernatural theme, with Goblin leaning more on the high-fantasy historical side and YWCFTS more modern and not as "epic".
While Goblin's conflict stays more on the supernatural side of things, YWCFTS' conflict is a murderer. Has a more "earthly" feel than Goblin, but similar overall.
Recommended by KoriNeko18
They are both supernatural. You know... Ghosts... Gods... Grim Reapers... and so on.
In both dramas we have 2 couples. AATM has love triangle but it's not very strong but Goblin has none.
AATM has mystery and suspense but Goblin doesn't.
Goblin is way more hilarious than AATM.
Acting in both is superb.
They both have bromance but the bromance in Goblin is more sweet. hilarious and strong.
Recommended by Maria
Both have an immortal fall in love with a human. There is conflict in knowing that they will never age so this sets the pacing when do come across that one person who intrigues and makes them 'fall' in love. LFATM is a short drama so easy to marathon, the characters are fun and likeable. Immortal leads in both, face inner conflicts in trying to make the right choices about love, and their own personal purpose of the life they live.
Recommended by HappySqueak
They are both supernatural. In Gumiho, the main girl is not a human and in order to become one she needs a human. She is +500 YO.
In Goblin, Kim Shin is not human too. He is +900 YO. He wants to end his immortality. In order to that he needs a human bride.
Goblin has more interesting storyline and has a strong sweet bromance too.
Recommended by Maria
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    Prince Maker; Mr Sunshine; 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비; 프린스 메이커; 도깨비가 간다; Dokkaebi; Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin-Dokkaebi; The Lonely, Shining Goblin; Guardian: The Lonely and Great God;


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