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Kako, a 16-year-old high school girl, goes to a mixer pretending to be 22. While there, she meets Kouta who at first has a very intimidating aura. But once he saves her from an awkward situation, she wants to know more about him as does he. That is until he finds out she isn't 22. The next day Kako runs into him again, but this time, he's working as a police officer. read moreKako still wants to get closer to Kouta, but he isn't interested...or is he?

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    Policeman and Me; Police & Joshi Kousei; Policeman and High School Girl; P and JK

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Apr 3, 2017
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Just a quickie, not too spoilery review:

This was an alright movie. I was overall disappointed and had a hard time dispensing disbelief, especially over the whole a 16 year old girl and 26 year old police officer suddenly getting married and moving in together within the first day or two of meeting each other. If the movie and them had actually taken time to actually date and get to know each read more other and allow the parents months to consider giving their daughter away and such before getting married, then I think a lot of my problems would become irrelevant.

I personally had major problems with and felt very uncomfortable with the age difference between the characters, Kouta’s motives to marry (which aren't really explained),, and even with the parents’ thought process of just allowing their 16 year old daughter to marry and move in with him straight away.

But Kame is very, very pretty in this and the camera gave us some amazing Kame close ups (particularly of his eyes), and he gave a good performance and at one point we got Gokusen feels. Also thanks to Kame’s performance I cried at least twice xD

Also, I am all for Kame and Mahiro doing a Buddy Cop movie together after this movie, especially after that one scene they did together in this movie! Mahiro was very good in this too just as I expected! Tsuchiya herself and her acting didn’t annoy me which is good, BUT unfortunately her character was an immature train wreck.

Seriously, only watch this if you’re a fan of Kame, Mahiro and/or the manga. Otherwise I don’t think you’ll like this.
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Both movies focus on forbidden love.
In Kinkyori Renai it's about teacher/student relationship while in P to JK it's romance between a police officer and 16 year old student.
Recommended by Dana1004

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  • Reply
    Dana1004 3 days ago - edited

    Damn I was sqealing at the cute moments the main leads had together.
    Just huge movie full of fluff!
    It was very light romance movie and even though I was suprised at the quick proposal, it was still cute. About Okami....I thank director that he didn't ruin the movie with a pointless crush. I am that type of person that hates love triangles so i'm glad they didn't follow manga in this way! Ah, wish there was sequel for their married life!

    • Reply
      Sausage-san 3 days ago

      where did you watch?????

    • Reply
      Dana1004 3 days ago

      It's on youtube or go to the link @Michie12nguyen posted! ^^
      I watched it without subs

  • Reply
    ShiraYuuKii 4 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    ShiraYuuKii 4 days ago

    Finally on youtube..!!

  • Reply

    Where can I watch it with eng sub?

    • Reply
      Kat 16 days ago

      Nowhere yet. You need to wait for the DVD release, which appears to be mid-September someone said.

  • Reply
    Dana1004 Jul 17, 2017

    The DVD comes out in MID SEPTEMBER!!!!

  • Reply
    Toshiyuki Jun 8, 2017 - edited

    I like it (^_^) but about The storyline I think is not too bad, maybe. And Is it just me who feels if the female actor looks very beautiful. かわいいです。

    • Reply
      Sausage-san Jul 1, 2017

      where did you watch this?

    • Reply
      Kat 16 days ago

      Since this person wrote in Japanese, most likely in a Japanese cinema.

  • Reply
    kirasora Jun 1, 2017 - edited

    anyone knows if we can find it online??

    • Reply
      Kat 16 days ago

      Nowhere yet. You need to wait for the DVD release, which appears to be mid-September someone said.

    • Reply
      kirasora 16 days ago

      oh .. okay thanks

  • Reply
    Kc Montes May 27, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    mavnio May 13, 2017

    girls mature earlier so it can be allowed, what would be strange if it was inverted... or the age difference is too much ( see/watch Mr. Back) hahahahaha..... anyway it's good trying something new..... as long as you keep it in the movies no matter what you watched i think it's okay..... just don't mix it with real life

  • Reply
    Olivia Gates Apr 19, 2017 - edited

    does anyone know where yo watch this

    • Reply
      Lama Apr 19, 2017

      It's not out yet you need to wait until the DVD will get release

  • Reply
    Sausage-san Apr 18, 2017 - edited

    anyone knows if it's already avaliable online? even raw is ok

    • Reply
      Lama Apr 19, 2017

      The DVD haven't been out yet since the movie is still screen in Japan

  • Reply
    KimsaAbe Apr 4, 2017 - edited

    Honestly, nowadays you can love anybody, regardless of your age. (a 16 year old girl and 26 year old police officer, can possible be happening. If you see people who are 65 years old and dating somebody much younger, that would be more strange.

    • Reply
      Kat May 11, 2017

      Right. In Germany consensual sex is legal from the age of 14. Restrictions only apply to tennagers between 14-16 and partners over 21, when there's any form of abuse of the relationship (aka the older person takes advantage of the minor) or if the teenager is under the adult's protection (So if it's a teacher or similar.)
      The moment we'd get all stiff about "legality" at all costs, funny situation would arise. Take a 14 and 21 year old. Everything is fine. One year later, with 15 and 22, they're suddenly under legally risky circumstances. It's still the same couple.

      As for consent. Maybe by law one may not be a legal adult but still be very much capable of giving their consent, while e.g. some adults may legally be able to give their consent but don't manage to speak for themselves. And because it is that way, upon each problematic case the court evaluates every situation individually. Because there's laws, and then there's life. Real life! ;)

      If we strictly sticked to law at all times, a whole lot of historical events would have gone terribly wrong or not ended well. So while I agree with you that law is there for very good reasons, I disagree that it makes sense to apply it blindly. There's countries that see barely any problem in beating your wife (or children). Compared to that, when people judge any kind of consensual non-abusive love relationship due to unrelated parameters (like age, race, gender etc. etc.) I can only shake my head. But oh well. It was still interesting to talk to you. Even if we may never come to any agreement. *Shrugs*

    • Reply
      Sho May 11, 2017

      Okay look if you think its okay for a 14 year old (A FRESHMAN WHO HUST GOT OUT OF MIDDLE SCHOOL) to date a 21 year old then?? Nothing about that is honestly okay. Its completely different in terms of knowing wach other and maybe being friends as i have made older friends since i was around that age because i cosplay however in the end theyre at completely different stages of life and a freaking 14 year old Or 15 OR 16 WHATEVER can not financially physically nor mentally keep up a relationship with a legal adult. Age of consent is a thing yes but uh so is statutory rape

    • Reply
      Kat May 12, 2017

      :') Ah, my my. It's OK. You've got your experience and it's OK to speak for yourself. I merely invite you to take into account that people are different and hence, are capable of different things. I have my experience. I could keep up with my way older boyfriend just fine. Apparently I made some decisions for us that soome of my friends today aren't capable of making (as they told me). And I was glad I finally had someone who understood me, because people anywhere close my age couldn't. There is a reason why such relationships are not common. HOWEVER, there's also good reasons why they still do excist. They're not all abusive and the world is not all black and white. You may decide things for yourself and maybe to some extent to your (future) children. But please be aware that while your life is your life, the lives of others are their lives. Judging is easy. To look at things open-minded and look at each situation individually rather than having prejudice turn you blind, that really requires a very grown personality. I for my part don't even mind when people have prejudice and choose to keep their distance. We all have our blind spots and that's really OK! It only stops being OK when people try to ruin something just because they cannot understand it. Just, because it's simply not fitting into their own mind-set and frame of experience. Just, because they cannot feel it and cannot even imagine that it really works out just fine and is even fine when something does not work out. *shrugs*

    • Reply
      Sho May 12, 2017


  • Reply
    KimsaAbe Apr 4, 2017

    Got to be in for this one, too... lol!!

  • Reply
    sound Apr 2, 2017

    i loved this manga the lead male role goes so well with the actual character !!!

  • Reply
    inactive Mar 26, 2017

    i never get the fascination with these under-aged female lead - adult male pairings


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