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P to JK (2017)

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Kako, a 16-year-old high school girl, goes to a mixer pretending to be 22. While there, she meets Kouta who at first has a very intimidating aura. But once he saves her from an awkward situation, she wants to know more about him as does he. That is until he finds out she isn't 22. The next day Kako runs into him again, but this time, he's working as a police officer. read moreKako still wants to get closer to Kouta, but he isn't interested...or is he?

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    Policeman and Me; Police & Joshi Kousei; Policeman and High School Girl; P and JK

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27 days ago
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Just a quickie, not too spoilery review:

This was an alright movie. I was overall disappointed and had a hard time dispensing disbelief, especially over the whole a 16 year old girl and 26 year old police officer suddenly getting married and moving in together within the first day or two of meeting each other. If the movie and them had actually taken time to actually date and get to know each read more other and allow the parents months to consider giving their daughter away and such before getting married, then I think a lot of my problems would become irrelevant.

I personally had major problems with and felt very uncomfortable with the age difference between the characters, Kouta’s motives to marry (which aren't really explained),, and even with the parents’ thought process of just allowing their 16 year old daughter to marry and move in with him straight away.

But Kame is very, very pretty in this and the camera gave us some amazing Kame close ups (particularly of his eyes), and he gave a good performance and at one point we got Gokusen feels. Also thanks to Kame’s performance I cried at least twice xD

Also, I am all for Kame and Mahiro doing a Buddy Cop movie together after this movie, especially after that one scene they did together in this movie! Mahiro was very good in this too just as I expected! Tsuchiya herself and her acting didn’t annoy me which is good, BUT unfortunately her character was an immature train wreck.

Seriously, only watch this if you’re a fan of Kame, Mahiro and/or the manga. Otherwise I don’t think you’ll like this.
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  • Reply
    Olivia Gates 11 days ago - edited

    does anyone know where yo watch this

    • Reply
      Lama 11 days ago

      It's not out yet you need to wait until the DVD will get release

  • Reply
    Sausage-san 12 days ago - edited

    anyone knows if it's already avaliable online? even raw is ok

    • Reply
      Lama 11 days ago

      The DVD haven't been out yet since the movie is still screen in Japan

  • Reply
    KimsaAbe 26 days ago - edited

    Honestly, nowadays you can love anybody, regardless of your age. (a 16 year old girl and 26 year old police officer, can possible be happening. If you see people who are 65 years old and dating somebody much younger, that would be more strange.

    • Reply
      Sho 8 days ago

      well i mean

      a 16 year old is still a child so that's uhm....not good

  • Reply
    KimsaAbe 26 days ago

    Got to be in for this one, too... lol!!

  • Reply
    sound 28 days ago

    i loved this manga the lead male role goes so well with the actual character !!!

  • Reply
    inactive Mar 26, 2017

    i never get the fascination with these under-aged female lead - adult male pairings

  • Reply
    Astrologist Mar 25, 2017

    I only read the first few chapters of the manga, but it was adorable. I NEED to see this.
    Please request on kissasian!!!! <3

  • Reply
    megami Mar 25, 2017 - edited

    please request this movie on kissasian for english sub.....

    • Reply
      Dana1004 Mar 27, 2017

      Kissasian does not make eng sub :)

  • Reply
    J-DRAMASROCK Dec 15, 2016


  • Reply
    Euns Nov 25, 2016

    I'm so ready, march come faster <3

  • Reply
    Inch Kazuya Kamenashi Oct 22, 2016

    can't wait any longer for the movie! it's the teaser's fault!

  • Reply
    ken Sep 30, 2016

    I'm excited to see Kame in a romance movie! He never disappoints!

  • Reply
    Megane Jul 24, 2016

    I haven't read the Manga because it's still on going (publishing) but I'm very excited for this adaptation!

  • Reply
    AmastrisDratwka Jun 14, 2016 - edited

    Okay, I'm gonna watch this HOWEVER, the premise of this show is really pushing it. Thankfully in real life she's over 20, but STILL, wth?

    • Reply
      Lama Feb 6, 2017

      Tbh You missed the point what she is trying to say. She is thankful the main lead actress real age is over 20 rather than 16 so it wouldn't feel disturbing for romances scenes :P

    • Reply
      StephStephieTeff Feb 6, 2017

      Yes I get the actor is over 20 and I am glad too. But story wise (and in real life) I would prefer the character to be at least over 16 if with an older guy. I am not comfortable with her being 15 as in NZ 16 is the legal age.

    • Reply
      Lama Feb 7, 2017

      That also like saying I want the male lead to be acted by 23 actor year old actor rather than this 33 year old guy. Age is not a great factor in casting as long you have a good acting skills and doesn't necessary look like your real age . And basing on the trailer the casting seems already perfect.

    • Reply
      StephStephieTeff Feb 7, 2017

      Is it???? I was talking about the character being 15 which is underage, which makes me uncomfortable. Nothing to do with the actor age so I don't understand why you are trying to argue with me, especially when this wasn't your post to begin with.

    • Reply
      BriannaElizabeth Feb 19, 2017

      It says in the synopsis that she's 16, so maybe it was just inaccurate before?

  • Reply
    nrlhudx May 19, 2016

    Be waitingg !!


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    Mar 25, 2017
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