Something About 1 Percent

Something About 1 Percent (2016)

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Lee Jae In possesses a good appearance, he is smart and comes from a wealthy family, but he is also arrogant. His grandfather orders him to enter into a 10-month contract engagement with a female school teacher that he has never met in his life. Lee Jae In slowly falls in love with her. ~~ Based on the novel "1%ui Eoddungut" by Hyun Go Woon.

  • Native title:

    1%의 어떤것
  • Also Known as:

    1%ui Eoddungut; 1% of Anything; One Percent of Anything; Something About 1%; One Percent of Something; 1% of Something

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p-ja mk
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Nov 10, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
A remake sometime could't equal or surpass the original one. One thing I could assure you is that this remake definitely giving a new modification to the original. This remake does not has much episode and one episode equivalent to 45 mins each. I could not get enough of this!

A moderate teacher does not really a good match with A nasty man with an affluent background. BUT, this drama challenge the read more social acceptance. Both boldly admit they won't fall heels over head with one other. Love comes not at the right time but destiny and grandfather effort give them a chance to know one another.

I assure you this worth of your time in front of the computer!
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Nov 15, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.5
Sometimes a simple love story is just entertaining and endearing to watch. Something about 1 percent doesnt have much that stood out from the rest. But its also the very same thing you can love about it. It reminds me of the first time i love korean dramas cliches and all. Although the first episode seems a bit too contrived i found it improves immensely the next few episodes. Jae In and read more Dada's relationship is sweet. Theres no immense personality transplant from Jae In but you see the effort he puts to keeping their dating relationship afloat despite his busy schedule, demands at work and his lack of care for people feelings. What is refreshing is most times they are honest with each other even though its a contractual relationship. Jae in from start wanted a no cheating no seeing other people. Dada was honest that she needs to keep herself in check from falling for him. Which we know its too late the ship has sailed. What makes this an enjoyable watch is how comfortable Jae in and Dada are with each other on the screen. Their dates, expression and kisses brings back the feels of first love. And dont you love a man who can keep calling to get tje answers even though hes too busy to sleep or eat. The gruff and sometimes grumpy man can be a stealer too. Just like how Dada's friend's word rings true sometimes all it takes is just 1positive thing that you love from that person - you can call it his charm- that you discover and fall for. And just the same ive discovered quite a few charming things of this drama which i love and fall for.

Just to the add. The leads remain true to themselves and just like their love it has always been honest and sincere. The heart to heart talk and mature discussion before the made up and even the proposal was so fitting. I love the balance of sweet romance and a couple who is honest and mature to face the reality and their background differences, together.
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They have simalar male lead where you see the good side of a person, but in ,,something about 1`` percent is not love triangle
Recommended by Valentina Spasova
In addition to being about a rich business man falling for an average girl, both series are very light and fluffy. The style is very similar and you get the same sort of warm comfy feeling watching both. Each series offers something unique so both are well done, though I prefer High End Crush in general.
Recommended by lethyy

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    KarolK 5 hours ago

    overrated and boring

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    snowflake 7 days ago

    It's pretty good.The way they dealt with the differences between them is good. This drama showcases the mature way to deal with the relationship. I really loved how they spoke and sorted the misunderstandings between them. I guess I can refer them as OTP. This drama has many butterflies-in-the-stomach moments and special mention to the realistic kisses.

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    oiseau 8 days ago


  • Reply
    MohosinaAfrose 9 days ago - edited

    Am i the only one who find this drama really boring and tacky ?? i think it overrated...

  • Reply
    MohosinaAfrose 9 days ago

    Am i the only one who find this drama really boring and tacky ?? i think it overrated...

  • Reply
    MohosinaAfrose 9 days ago

    Am i the only one who find this drama really boring and tacky ?? i think it overrated...

  • Reply
    MohosinaAfrose 9 days ago

    Am i the only one who find this drama really boring and tacky.??

  • Reply
    MohosinaAfrose 9 days ago

    Am i the only one who find this drama really boring and tacky.??

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    Suicidal_Hermit 9 days ago

    Such a sweet drama to watch a well deserved break from watching revenge drama. Really loved Jun So Min and Ha Suk Jin in this they really worked well together. 10/10 for me I'd watch it again.

  • Reply
    Hana 21 days ago - edited

    probably.... Only I don't like this drama

    • Reply
      kdramanewbie 18 days ago

      even i couldnt, it was so annoying, i couldnt watch past 4 episodes.

    • Reply
      Hana 17 days ago

      Exactly. I do not know how such a high rating.

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    NWCDH 29 days ago


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    Dana1004 Feb 12, 2017

    I marathoned it!
    Sooooo good and sweet that I couldn't stop watching so the drama was finished in ONE DAY!

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    Mintare Feb 11, 2017

    Sweet sweet candy-like drama. Loved it!

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    bmore Feb 2, 2017

    What I LOVED about this drama is that it is so NOT like your typical kdrama! Yes the cliches are there...psycho girlfriend and parents against the match and chaebol jerk lead. But it throws all those cliches against the wall and then beats them to death! These two love and treasure one another. If they argue about something, they work it out...within a half hour and not over 8 episodes! Same with the parent thing. And man do they both unload on the psycho girlfriend! Both of them! Finally a lead female who fearlessly speaks her mind and fights for her place. There is so much about this drama that turns all the cliches on their heads and makes it so fresh and wonderful. And we all know the skinship in this was WAY above and beyond least in any drama I've seen in the past 5 years and 460 dramas!!!

    The biggest problem with this drama is that is apparently got chopped to death when MBC dropped it and it ended up without a broadcaster. This drama was passed up by major tv stations and picked up by DramaX, a Korean cable station that normally only broadcasts reruns or variety shows. DramaX is/was a company that was part of Cube Entertainment (iHQ Inc., doing business as SidusHQ). SidusHQ was Baek Seung-Heon's (Ji Soo) representative. Anyway. The show was originally broadcast on a mobile platform late last summer as 8 episodes, then simulcast on DramaX, again as 8 episodes. It was then picked up and subbed by Dramafever who apparently may be the ones who broke it up into 16 traditional episodes (ergo the odd breaks at the end of episodes). At the time DramaX got their hands on it (my opinion here) they did a bunch of editing to promote a couple of their upcomers and cut out scenes to add in the very odd and jarring scenes of the young man and the girl and the singing and random dancing scenes. To the great detriment of this show IMO!!! That's kind of a hodgepodge of info that I found out from searching various articles and blogs and research from online...for what it's worth!!! :) :)

    It's too apparent that there were editing cuts made in this, especially if you watch it more than once. The final roll of the credits on ep 16 where you see all the kiss scenes there is one cut from the birthday party she gave him as an example. How I would love to have seen the original version! But, it is also obvious from the wardrobe (which was just awful), to the bad sound, that big budget cuts were made for this which is just too sad. I have tried and tried to find statistics somewhere on how popular this drama was...obviously very based on reviews here and the overall score. But it would be nice to see some actual viewing numbers.

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    snugdae Jan 27, 2017

    A short (most episodes were under 40 mins), light hearted and lovey dovey romantic comedy.
    i recommend this when your in a drama slump and want something with less cliff hangers.

    I haven't watched the original, but am planning to because the drama's plot line is simple and one that you would have to love (especially the characters). Definitely recommend!!


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    South Korea
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    Oct 5, 2016 to Nov 24, 2016
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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    40 min.


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    8.5 (scored by 3,249 users)
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