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Tomorrow With You (2017)

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When a time-traveling CEO millionaire foresees a grim and unhappy future for himself, he marries an optimistic photographer to change his tomorrow for the better. Unfortunately, there is no love between them and the husband’s selfishness infuriates his once-hopeful wife.
Song Ma Rin is a photographer. She was once a child star but is now struggling in both her personal and professional life. However, that hasn't done anything to dent her optimism read moreand overall cheeriness. She lives life without much fanfare or flash, which is the opposite of her husband.
Yoo So Joon is the CEO of a real estate company worth 200 billion won. He thinks only of profit. Life is a balance sheet. Everything and everyone is just a loss or a gain. He has the special power to travel through time via subway. His time-traveling capabilities have played quite the part in the real estate mogul’s tremendous success. But his life takes a grim turn when Yoo So Joon sees his latest vision of the future, where he sees he is living miserably. In order to avoid this fate and change his destiny, the selfish millionaire marries Song Ma Rin. The issue is he genuinely does not love her. He thinks she is “a bit of an idiot” and only sees this union as another business decision. Song Ma Rin, however, actually wants love and his callousness both infuriates and depresses her. Can Yoo So Joon, for once, stop thinking about the money he will make in the future, and just think of tomorrow as a good day with his wife?
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    내일 그대와
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    Naeil Geudaewa;

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Time travel and romance in both dramas! However, the lead in Nine uses time travel more purposefully to uncover secrets in the past which sometimes makes huge riffles and changes to his present, while Tomorrow seems to be more about traveling to the future and trying to affect it by changing the present. Nine has also a more serious/darker undertone to it.
Recommended by ayacherry
The male lead in Tomorrow With You travels to the future in a very similar way Park Dokyung from Another Miss Oh has visions of the future.

The biggest difference between the two I would say is the comedy. You won't find as much comedy in Tomorrow With You, though it is a very sweet drama so far.
Recommended by Sony

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    Megunefetish 30 minutes ago

    I'm watching this for her cute dimples and his sexy nose ..XD

  • Reply
    Neel1902 6 hours ago - edited
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    AnnisaPujiastuti 1 day ago

    I watched it again and again. Lee Je Hoon makes me fluttered <3 <3

  • Reply
    94loveKdrama 1 day ago

    I dunno about you but I need more ost, sound, beat, rhythm over this drama maybe that's the reason why I find it pretty dull at times.

    ps: like come on music is life!

  • Reply
    ARISTO 1 day ago
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    MrBanana 1 day ago - edited

    So is this drama disappointment or not? 8.3 already? wut?

    • Reply
      Panda 1 day ago

      8.3/10 is 83% thats like a B+ and sometimes an A
      You can get into the best colleges with these grades.
      8.3 is not low. And its only 6 episodes aired.
      It can get higher and higher. Only 517 people rated it so its still in progress.
      Watch it for yourself you might like it!

    • Reply
      Dusts-chan 18 hours ago - edited

      Absolutely not a disappointment my friend! if you are into a realistic approach on a complicated story of time travel revolving around romance and fate you will fall for this drama. Needless to say everything else is HQ.

  • Reply
    Rangadeviii 1 day ago
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    Kate 2 days ago - edited

    Someone explain hahah I'm in the middle of 5th ep and I just don't get their relationship. Ma Rin loves him, that's obvious. But does So Joon loves her? If he does, when did he start loving her? I just truly don't know were he stands in this relationship...? Like, he does a lot of random shits that would imply he at least likes her a lot, but then the overall vibe is just off...

    • Reply
      Louise 2 days ago

      IMO I don't think he loves her yet. He only likes her in a shallow way I guess, enjoys the company and sexual attraction is also there.

    • Reply
      Dusts-chan 18 hours ago

      what So Joon might be feeling is exactly what I am feeling towards this drama and that's the burden of knowing the future. I mean how can I fully show my love for this drama when I know it will 'potentially' break me by the end. *no ugly cri* He is unconsciously protecting his own feelings (his been kinda selfish for a long time) but deep inside he knows he cares so much for Ma Rin too.

    • Reply
      ACL 17 hours ago
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    XingBack 2 days ago

    I'm so confused... and I love it ;p
    a drama where I have no idea what will happen next is exactly what I'm looking for...
    although I'm not really interested in Gun Sook and her husbands parts, they ruin the story's flow...

  • Reply
    Litaap 2 days ago

    When i watched the lovey-dovey scenes i just can't shake the ominous feeling, that something bad would happen to the main leads. I think this is why you don't really need to know so much about the future, but focus with your present live.

  • Reply
    nadia 2 days ago

    I love every second of this drama: the cinematography, aesthetics, actors, chemistry between the leads, just e v e r y t h i n g. No wonder tvn has the best dramas ♥

  • Reply
    koboshi 2 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      nemo-yaaa 2 days ago
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    • Reply
      Dusts-chan 18 hours ago

      and I was like "Yes yes he is!" while watching that part lol

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    ansuhzol_117 3 days ago

    nothing is predictable in this drama.there r 10 eps left and i cant imagine how the story will continue but currently the plot in good pace and i hope it remains good until the end.i rarely like this kinda of drama with melo tone but this drama is so good.with the story totally surround the 2 mains,we can bcome totally invested on see them changing through the story is a good sight.

  • Reply
    hno 3 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      naydesu 21 hours ago

      I don't think so. maybe.

    • Reply
      ACL 17 hours ago
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      hno 15 hours ago - edited
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  • Reply
    naydesu 3 days ago

    The more I watch each ep. the more I love it.


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    Feb 3, 2017 to Mar 25, 2017
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    Friday, Saturday
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