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Fighter of the Destiny (2017)

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Chun Chang Sheng was abandoned in a flowing river and plucked up by a Taoist monk. He’s actually the fourth Prince of the Chen’s Royal bloodline. He’s plagued with an incurable illness, fated not to live past the age of 20. To find a cure, he leaves his temple, armed with a promise of marriage scroll, to become a student at a famous academy. He meets Xu You Rong and they slowly read morefall in love after hopping through the trials and tribulations of his journey.

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A Stalker's Guide to Lu Han
Everything you need to know about Chinese actor and singer Lu Han!
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Fated not to live past the age of 20, Chen Chang Sheng must go on a journey to fight his destiny and live a full life.

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Jun 15, 2017
  • Overall 6.5
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.5
  • Music 6.5
  • Rewatch Value 3.5
(the overall review was a deduction or summary of ll the other reviews below me)
1. story the story from my point of view was okay from the first 32 episodes but then all of the sudden the plot fell apart which distroyed my interest in the whole story ( am keeping the review short)

2. the acting for me was very poor the actors weren't interacting at all luhan was meant read more to play a pure and honesty and modest role but as i watched the story develop the love just seemed a bit.. fake the love didn't take time to develop they just out of no where feel in love . as for the actress bextiyar gulnezer is a very good actor as i admire her from "chinese paladin 5" and " the classic of the mountains and seas"
but this was not one of her best works so i rate it 7.5.

3. though i never really payed attention to the music in chinese dramas the music was i bit different from the fantasy element and story of the theme but i added all the reviews for the music and multiplied it by how many people that reviewed the drama below and got 11.5 and i ration the number to what i think it should get is 6.5

4. i never rewatched the drama because the story element fell apart during ep 32-the end

5. overall i got 6.5
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Jun 11, 2017
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
A less tragic Nirvana in Fire meets Lord of the Rings!

I writing this review with 9 episodes left (I wanna take the rest nice and slow coz I don't want this awesome drama to end).

It's important to note that the drama went into production before the author finished writing the web novel, so if anything the movie version might be truer to the original work and differ from the drama. read more OK, enough of OT stuff, back to the core of review:

Fans of Lord of the Rings will rejoice that FotD is essentially a reimagining. You have the Star Formation that gives power to the Empress that is essentially the One Ring. It is essentially detrimental to Empress (it's actually something evil that is controlling her), yet she has trouble letting the precious-s-s go.

Then, there is CCS dagger-like sword that looks like Bilbo's Sting dagger. And of course the little dragon ZS is modeled after Smaug the Dragon from The Hobbit, but a good kind dragon, not an evil one. Then, when LL teased ZS with hard-to-guess riddles, that scene essentially imitated "Riddles in the Dark" between Bilbo and Gollum in The Hobbit.

Superimposed over this are scenes remiscient of Nirvana in Fire: Sick guy returns to the Capital to attain his destiny, elite guards getting murdered to frame someone, the main hero can't actually fight against powerful villains but uses his cunning to subdue them, an Imperial ruler that is cold and "heartless" even towards her own child, etc.

Nevertheless, the drama packs an awesome punch coz let's face it there is nothing new under the sun, only inspiration from some works that existed before!
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Two stories are somewhat similar when you look at the relationships between the characters.

- Both male leads are outstanding doctors with little experience of fighting at the beginning
- Both female leads are the best disciples of a sect responsible to protect the world.

Fighter of Destiny, because its more extended, has more character growth and more arcs, but the feeling is the same.
Recommended by YanFaisal
same kind of illness
secret idenaty
both mc's are very intelligent
same kind of subtle romance
Recommended by lakmal

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  • Reply
    Giada Apr 26, 2017

    I love Wu Qian Janice

  • Reply
    Butter1 Apr 25, 2017 - edited

    I dont see chemistry between luhan and bextiyar flate n boring .. i more interested with wu janice acting more lively n loveable.. luhan not suit in ancient drama

  • Reply
    Rachel Apr 25, 2017

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'm enjoying this drama.
    I don't think it's perfect, and I am not familiar with the novel but I think it's pretty good.

  • Reply
    Megan Apr 24, 2017


  • Reply
    Kanha Apr 24, 2017 - edited

    Honestly is this worth a watch?

    • Reply
      Kanha Apr 25, 2017

      Okay thank you, I´m probably not going to watch it then, I really can´t stand watching something if it looks too "fake" ^^

    • Reply
      silvermcv Apr 25, 2017 - edited

      it is okay imo. Acting is okay, Nazha probably being the weakest link. I came in with really low expectations for the acting just fyi. But it has nothing that really makes me want to come back for more after 4 episodes.

    • Reply
      Kanha Apr 26, 2017

      Thank you, I will not be wasting my time watching this then ^^

    • Reply
      Ouhav Tang Apr 27, 2017 - edited

      Namopanik How can u said the acting is good?? I watch it and the acting is not good at all

    • Reply
      namopanik Apr 27, 2017

      Because I had really low expectations. What's so bad about it? No one makes me seriously cringe, no one is terribly wooden or overexpressive. And during those few episodes I saw there weren't much to work with, so no huge challenges to fail either.
      Do you mean someone specific or everyone?

  • Reply
    Jordan Apr 24, 2017 - edited

    is ep 2 subbed yet??am I just blind?

    • Reply
      Jordan Apr 24, 2017

      I was watching princess jieyou but sadly it is not fully I am trying out the epic that is the empress of china--96 episodes!

    • Reply
      Jordan Apr 26, 2017

      @rian thanks! but I was referring to princess is not fully sad....but I do intend to give this show a try as well thanks :)

    • Reply
      Emily Apr 26, 2017 - edited

      @jordan. I also believe that Cdramas have more developed plots. I like them better.
      I just watched the trailer of Empress of China, curious you mentioned it. But I don't think it's my cup of tea. I really hope you like it. 96 episodes.... wow. Just finished my love from another star. I love the ending, very sweet :)

    • Reply
      Jordan Apr 26, 2017

      I loved my love from another star! So sweet! and her character was unconventional

  • Reply
    Yukinotenshi Apr 24, 2017

    look so amazing <3 .... anxious <3

  • Reply
    SONICBOOM Apr 23, 2017 - edited

    I think Luhan looks too much of an idol singer and doesn't suit ancient dramas. The characters nor the plot are engaging enough to be invested in it and it definitely feels like a teen drama which is probably why TV ratings are currently stuck at 1% and we all know how popular Luhan is in China. This drama is basically surviving on Luhan fans support.

    • Reply
      Light Apr 23, 2017

      he actually just looks way too young lol. every time i see him with that hair, i start laughing.

    • Reply
      insoles Apr 24, 2017

      1% is fine lmao.. the highest rating drama usually get in china is around 4%..

    • Reply
      SONICBOOM Apr 26, 2017

      I know 1% is fine but I was expecting more because it's Luhan's first drama lol

    • Reply
      redface Apr 27, 2017

      Bruh just how much u expect the rating to be for a new drama in its first day/week? It’s very rare even for someone with high public recognition, have 70-80 million weibo followers, have better timeslot/airing date, have better promotion team, have better everything, to jump to a high rating in the first day/week. U expect too much then.

  • Reply
    ConstanceAmei Apr 23, 2017

    I'm on episode 8 and i really like luhan as Chen Chang Shang. He plays it rather well. and the costumes are really pretty. Luhan pretty much nails the act of a gentle soul.

  • Reply
    redface Apr 22, 2017 - edited

    Many novel fans gave low ratings to FoTD bc they said the drama didn't exactly follows the novel, but truthfully the production just change the beginning of the story when Chen Changsheng first meeting with Xu Yourong when they were children, the ages change too and how now CCS only has a year limit to live, they change some other things too but nothing much or major that will deter it from the original novel, the rest of it so far following the novel exactly. As we all know the novel is very slow paced, until today it has over 1000 chapters and still ongoing. If they were to follow the novel closely the first encounter (or was it the love blossoming) btw the 2 main leads was about in 300-ish chapters if I remember correctly. So I think the change in drama adaptation is good and properly planned.

    Tho it has quite a low rating given by avid novel fans most likely based just on a first few episodes in which changes on the novel can be seen, but the drama TV ratings has been going strong and broke many records. In all first 4 days they were aired with a total of 8 episodes, all 4-day ratings broke 1% rating and ranked 1st in its time slot (1.041%, 1.080%, 1.024%, 1.051%). If it was to count for overall it ranked 3. But this is already a very great feat, it broke many records which some said is quite hard to achieve because FoTD is a drama that airs at 10PM CST... many people already went to bed by that time so for FoTD to still gain that many viewers, and broke 1% rating from the start and consistently is a great feat. The 2 dramas that ranked 1st and 2nd are broadcast drama that were aired at golden time, 7.30PM CST... the time advantage for these 2 dramas are huge, not to mention In the Name of the People that ranked 1st has over 5% single day ratings record, the drama is about corruption and it appeals to majority of age. The drama views of FoTD on various online platform has broke 2 billion views in 96 hours.. the number will keep growing bc of the word of mouth and online search. Going by this rate I'm sure it will achieve great number views by the end of the drama.

    I think aside from the production and the novel origin, the casting has a lot to do with the drama success, the director wants Luhan to play CCS bc he said luhan is CCS when he first saw him. The director is very persistent on luhan and was willing to wait for him. I think it took luhan's team quite a time to confirm his participation as his schedule was quite tight. Various media reported that the drama production wants to use this chance to utilize what they called luhan's effect. Luhan is a huge star in not only china but asia. I dare to say hes already a household name in mainland china, now he just need a good and successful drama to solidify his status as household name in drama field too. Luhan is a singer that always topped chart rankings and digital sales that exceed million everytime he releases a mini album, he only filmed movies prior to this, this drama is his first drama. The hype and anticipation are very huge. Another reason it's great to cast him is bc he's a box office star in movie.. all his movies at least surpassed box office minimal numbers of 100 million sales, with 2 of his movies each exceed 1 billion sales in ticket sales (doesn't necessarily mean the movie is good but his power to attract ppl to spend money/watch his work is displayed here). He's also a permanent cast member in china's no.1 highest rating variety show Running Brothers or now is known as Keep Running. Even when he appeared as cast member in Back to School season 2 variety show last year, the rating for the first episode surpassed the highest rating of season 1. But obviously the success of the projects he participated is not solely bc of him but also thanks to other cast members and every staff that worked hard. In terms of the brand power, based on the data collected in 2016, he's ranked no.5 among all the huge name senior celebs. In terms of income earned he's ranked no.2 just behind Fan Bingbing. Theres no doubt that he has huge fandom and his power to attract viewers are top notch. His fans keep spreading his works too, I see this drama is translated by various language all over the world. This is what the production is aiming too somehow. I think I saw some merchandise already too. Please understand that making dramas is not just to cater to viewers need.. its all about demand but profit much more. Drama production that attract/maintain viewers on top of making huge profit is what is all about recently. The casts and the production for this drama may not be the best compared to other drama, but it's not hurt to give it a chance and if you feel you cannot watch anymore might be bc of some reasons then just drop it. At the end of the day different people have different taste.

    I'm sorry if I'm yapping too much about luhan.. not intend to bragging I just want ppl to know who he is, why he is such a brand power, why he is chosen as the main character in this drama and also considered as weapon to attract viewers (as reported by various media).

    1) FoTD is the most anticipated drama in 2017, ranked no.1 in weibo poll - the hype and promotion are real and huge (tho its a bit rushed bc the airing date was suddenly changed to a month ahead).
    2) Casting Luhan as the main character is a good decision bc he draws viewers aka ratings (and in no way im not giving credit to the original novel, great production, staff, other casts that all worked hard for this drama). Since the drama was aired luhan has been consistenly topping star popularity in vlinkage.
    3) FoTD drama airs every 10pm cst from mon-thurs with 2 episodes each day - broke many records and achieved 1% rating on its very 1st episode already and has been consistently keeping the rating steady. But many anticipated drama with many big names/seniors will come out soon, it's going to be quite a competition. We will see if FoTD can keep the viewers on them.
    4) The views on various online platform reached 2 billions already - the number will keep growing.
    5) It's a good drama - Please give it a chance and don't just judge it from the first few episodes. The start maybe a bit slow as this drama is very different from other xianxia drama/novel, it's not really action packed but focuses more on the plot and character development (yeah if they follow the novel, but I think they will change it a bit to not make it so boring).

    About the character and acting, I'm no way is a good critic like the rest of you who have been watching many dramas. I have quite the opposite opinion from most of you. If you watch luhan's movies you will see he has a lot of expressions, different character played different way to carry himself. In this drama adaptation, for me, I don't think luhan's acting is stiff, but actually he's doing a good job carrying the Chen Changsheng character. Tbh I'm not expecting much too but I'm pleasantly surprised with what I've seen so far. In the novel, CCS character is way different from most of the drama character aired recently. In a way, it's refreshing to see original character like him. In the novel, CCS is described as always calm/tranquil, socially awkward, stoic, pure soul, honest, logical, inexperienced, down to earth, strong willed/mind, tenacious, stubborn, knowledgeable, mature, determined, strict, rather than using power to fight he uses his brain to negotiate, weak in the beginning but will slowly gain power type of protagonist. I'm no way sugar coating CCS character, it's all based on the novel, I figure it won't change much in drama too with his character being the center of everything. The details in novel chapter is compensated with great cinematography. I love the BGMs and OSTs too. Also about how he looks, you know CCS in the original novel is 14 years old right. He's 19 in this so I think luhan suited CCS character bc of his young looking face. I think novel fans will like this drama version if they don't like the novel version which have very slow/long paced, weak main character getting bullied and attacked all the time, prolonged details in every scene etc.

    This turned out to be pretty long read hhhhh

    • Reply
      Symeon Apr 23, 2017 - edited

      Glad I kept on reading this!! I completely agree with you! To keep it short, I think getting Luhan as the main lead is a wise decision! From what I have seen to far, I think Luhan plays well his character! I can tell that he is calm/tranquil, socially awkward, stoic, pure soul, honest, logical, inexperienced, down to earth, strong willed/mind, tenacious, stubborn, knowledgeable, mature, determined, strict, rather than using power to fight he uses his brain to negotiate (everything you said). Hopefully he can keep this acting! I am sure the ratings will increase! Even if they do not, the views on different websites will increase! People, don't be to quick to judge the drama and the actors! Keep watching until the end! If you get bored the drop the drama! No one is forcing you to keep on watching it! Personally, I think Luhan will do a good job! He fits the character!

    • Reply
      namopanik Apr 23, 2017

      I guess those kind of characters are easily misjudged by the viewers and it's the actor who portays them who takes the blame. They're deviced as composed, but some people see them more as expressionless and don't bother digging deeper.

    • Reply
      Rachel Apr 24, 2017

      U spoke my mind

    • Reply
      Emily Apr 24, 2017

      @redface. Thanks a lot for all the info! I really appreciate if people take the time and effort to post a comment, especially (lengthy) ones that sheds light on discussions.

    • Reply
      redface Apr 27, 2017

      I read his interview, he said he really tried his best for this drama and there might be some flaws that ppl will not like.. he will just try harder in the next project. He said he don’t want to read the comments lol. Yes the rating went up. Yesterday’s rating was 1.153%, the highest for fotd so far. Note that the rating for fotd is an average of 2 episodes. Also how by 11pm fotd lost almost half of their viewers bc it’s late ppl went to sleep. The views on online platforms reached 5 billion in 10 days already. I think few days ago I saw him trending on weibo and many ppl praised his performance (the one him getting tortured). Nah ppl can think whatever they want. Like I said everyone has different taste and that’s fine. And if they want to judge a drama just based on who is the casting, the plot, the character then all is good too. People tend to be prejudice bc luhan’s idol status is too strong that ppl always look down and didn’t take him seriously no matter what role he takes. It’s not only frustrating for him but for someone who has been following whatever he does too.

  • Reply
    jessica Apr 22, 2017

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  • Reply
    Jordan Apr 21, 2017 - edited

    who is luhan?

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs Apr 21, 2017

      He used to be a part of a crazy popular kpop group called EXO, but he left the group in October 2014. EXO is one of the most popular kpop groups in China, so naturally Luhan's popularity was pretty high considering he was one of the most popular EXO members. After leaving EXO, he did pretty well on his own in China with movies like The Witness (with Yang Mi) and being a permanent cast member on Running Man. I'd say he's more of a singer rather than an actor.

    • Reply
      Jordan Apr 21, 2017

      I see....thank you for the info

  • Reply
    Rachel Apr 21, 2017 - edited

    I think people who think this drama has bad casting and bad acting started watching the drama with high expectations...I started watching it with low expectations since I know it's luhan's first costume drama and he's an idol (I don't have any high expectation based on that two reasons offense to his fans).I've thought about dropping the drama if I find some lame moments..I've watched up to ep8 raw version and so far it's still good ...after that I also read the novel up to chapter 191 in 2 days the novel Chen Chang sheng character is also expressed as someone who's extremely calm and rarely change facial expression so I don't think the lead in drama version is stiff at all...about the lead actress I don't know what to say since the novel character doesn't show up that much ...and the other characters live up to the novel ones ...although the story line is abit change ..for e.g.the Age of the casts novel they were 15 and he's got 5 years of time limit and in drama he's 19 with only a year of limit...and his blood can cure any illness except his destiny novel there's nothing said about his blood being special at all..also in novel there's nothing like the chen Chang sheng saving the Xu ru rong with his blood in their childhood the point I wanna say is so far the drama has no major problem and the CGI are so pretty in my eyes

    • Reply
      loveanimeever Apr 22, 2017 - edited

      Yeah, they have changed quite a bit from the novel so many of the novel fans dont like it and rated it low...but that doesnt mean it is bad. I dont hold too high of an expectation (luhan first drama I'm watching apart from the tomb raider movie) too but it is really good now that I watched it! ;D

    • Reply
      Rachel Apr 22, 2017

      yeah I posted this coz most people are saying like this drama does not worth a glance ...the osts are pretty good especially the ending

    • Reply
      anonynamja Apr 22, 2017

      I don't think anyone begrudges idol fans from enjoying whatever they enjoy. If you like it, great, you do you. But what critics are saying is, low expectations and low standards from idol fans are what got us to this situation. ZTJ was one of the better xianxia novels in terms of storytelling and characterization, and there was a lot of potential squandered by the clumsy screenwriters in order to cater to the idol fan audience.

    • Reply
      Rachel Apr 24, 2017

      Hmmm although I enjoy the novel but I find it slow paced...may be because it was my first xianxia novel..I understand that people who read the novel first almost always thought the novels are better...because I also have the same thought in English movies which were based on novels....when novels being adapted into movies or dramas's leads characters,habits,and even the way they talk become different..which is undeniable looking from the reader's side when their almost 200 episodes get shrink into like 10 episodes ,they got angry ....well that's from their side but for someone like me who like fast doesn't's just that I can't accept that some people saying like the drama is a total disaster...and if u look from the producers and directors''s also understandable to over used the idol's character coz their target for the drama's popularity is not only for china where the novel is well known but also for his international fans in other countries who doesn't even heard of the novel...well in the end differ t people have different thoughts and I'm fine with my own

  • Reply
    Jordan Apr 21, 2017 - edited this what they call an idol drama?

    • Reply
      Jordan Apr 21, 2017

      I learned something new well maybe this will give them a chance to see what they need to improve on; not a big fan of casting people just to cast them but I want to give it a few more episodes--I just don't know if anything is subbed past ep 1

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs Apr 21, 2017

      My friend read the books and he says the books are really really good and that the drama isn't as good haha. I also heard that the supporting cast is better at acting than the main cast?? like that's kinda sad LOL

    • Reply
      Jordan Apr 21, 2017 - edited

      very sad :( I don't want to be overly picky but considering how much of our lives we invest in these dramas it does frustrate me when a drama this long turns out to not be very good. I like to trust that what I am seeing will be good. I know they make dramas often are these dramas so popular that people will watch them even if they aren't that great? Maybe these directors don't get in trouble or have to worry about budgets because people will watch them anyways?

    • Reply
      Jordan Apr 21, 2017

      oh, and is the novel from a male protagonist point of view as well? I lean towards novels with a female protagonist but since the main character is a guy it will probs be from his POV

    • Reply
      krystalsoojungs Apr 21, 2017 - edited

      I think because the novels are sooooo popular, they decide to gamble and make the drama version because they know that a large amount of the readers will check out the drama and some people will still stick with the drama even if it isn't adapted that well simply because they love the story/characters (I think that was the case with Noble Aspirations) But yes, the novel is from the main guy character's POV.

      I'd say that this drama is doing fairly well since when you go on Baidu and search it up, it's 2nd on the most searched dramas each day (since In the Name of the People is crazy popular right now in mainland China) I could be wrong lol

      I totally understand being picky over dramas ahaha because time constraints!! I pretty much always lean towards novels/dramas with a female protagonist (except maybe Nirvana in Fire and Noble Aspirations) so I don't think I will be starting FotD unless people say this drama gets a lot better LOL

  • Reply
    namopanik Apr 21, 2017 - edited

    Q for those who expressed dissatisfaction with the male lead looking too young and consider droping it or not starting at all:
    is it safe to assume that the youthful appearance comes in pair with a childish story? Is it automatically targeted at younger audience? Or is he just not attractive to you, which makes it uncompelling to watch?

    • Reply
      ARISTO Apr 22, 2017 - edited

      I think "looking young" matters for acting, though, Of course looking younger in real life scenarios doesn't change your age - but if you're casting the lead role for a tv series and the character you're casting for is a child, you generally don't want to actually be working with a child actor but you still want the actor to look young. So looking, or looking old, matters for actors because their job literally IS to change the way they act.

      In regards to appearance being less important than the story, that is true but at the same time appearance is actually a large factor (and in my opinion should be). It's like saying the plot is more important than the costumes, so in a period drama you just have everyone wear modern clothes; it doesn't work. Certain characters are supposed to look certain ways, whether it's young or old, cute or more mature, tough or gentle. And being realistic, if the actors are more attractive it tends to draw in more viewers (you can call it shallow, I suppose it is, but it's pretty natural and expected).

    • Reply
      moonicon8 Apr 22, 2017

      I came here because I was curious about Fighter of the Destiny but, regarding The Glory of Tang Dynasty -- in those times, planning political maneuvers didn't have much to do with age. Besides, considering that the show begins two years prior to the Anshi Rebellion, Li Chu would have been in his early 20s, and Allen Ren is 28. Admittedly he is very baby-faced for his age, but I would say the character he is portraying actually is supposed to be fairly young. In fact, at one point I came to really enjoy Allen Ren's acting in the show, though it was a more gradual attraction for me that took ~10-15 episodes. Personally, the female lead is also rather cute and baby-faced, though.

    • Reply
      wavy3 Apr 23, 2017 - edited

      @ARISTO, I don't disagree with you, but I think people are being ridiculous and stretching things saying that Luhan looks 14 or even 8 or 10 years old. The difference of age is too extreme. Casting someone a few years older than a character's age is not the same as refusing to watch a show because a 27 year old man supposedly looks like a 10 year old. Also, I never said that people don't often gravitate to dramas with actors they find attractive, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't even give things a try. You're putting a lot of words in my mouth here. Never used the word shallow. Never said it was unexpected. Just expressed my opinion that people should try watching a show with their own eyes before judging. I mean we've got 14 year old girls on here commenting that Luhan looks too young for them to watch the show, when he is almost twice their age. It's kind of strange, just saying, especially if everyone is in it, like you say, for attractive looks.

    • Reply
      wavy3 Apr 23, 2017 - edited

      @Nikideema, I agree, I don't understand the comments about him looking 8 or 10 years old just because he has a "baby face." He looks younger than his age, sure, but not ridiculously so.


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