Fighter of the Destiny

Fighter of the Destiny (2017)

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Chun Chang Sheng was abandoned in a flowing river and plucked up by a Taoist monk. He’s actually the fourth Prince of the Chen’s Royal bloodline. He’s plagued with an incurable illness, fated not to live past the age of 20. To find a cure, he leaves his temple, armed with a promise of marriage scroll, to become a student at a famous academy. He meets Xu You Rong and they slowly read morefall in love after hopping through the trials and tribulations of his journey.

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They are both Fantasy Historical Chinese drama so similar universe. They have several races who are enemy : the winged clan and human for Novoland and Demon against the human ally to the beast for Fighter. There is training and improve capacity. They are prince in the mains character. The human queen is not tender with her son. The main lead is involve with fate/destiny witch put their life in danger. There is romance and handsome actors ;)
Recommended by Imoen
"The Journey of Flower" has a female lead who is born with specific (blood) illness/disease and "Fighter of the Destiny has the male lead born with a specific (blood) illness/disease, has CGI, weak to strong, and fantasy which is your typical wuxia dramas.
Recommended by -shotofjia

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    Kha Monica 9 hours ago

    firstly i watch this cause i miss luhan so much :"( and then i can't get over this lol. its my first time watching long historical(or smth like that) chinese drama, i always think long episode drama is boring, but i gave a try and i love this show, its fresh for me. the plot is interesting. maybe some cast's acting are just average, but it doesn't bother me at all. beside this drama so popular in china cause luhan effect, this drama is worth watching.

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    david lema 9 hours ago


  • Reply
    Nancy 13 hours ago

    Ep..41..hurt my heart

  • Reply
    Nancy 15 hours ago - edited

    Ep 40 41 subbed......and 38 39 not.......why...always....happen...skiping ep. ...?

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    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Nancy 1 day ago - edited

    No subtitles today....ep..38 39.......??

  • Reply
    Gucci Hau 1 day ago - edited

    Gosh! I dislike to watch nezar!!! Help!!! Almost stop watching cause of her!

    • Reply
      Nancy 1 day ago

      Same here......I m just watching for (princess luoluo )janice wu and CCS-luhan

    • Reply
      DonD 1 day ago

      i honestly like Nez, not sure why people don't like her. I saw her in classic mountain and I sea as well and I liked her there too. The person I find stiff is Angela Baby, tried watching general and I and couldn't get into it. But I guess everyone has their own taste...

  • Reply
    Nancy 3 days ago - edited

    Why subtitles are delayed....ep 32.......

    • Reply
      belbeii 2 days ago

      idk feel like somebody forgot to sub it.. weird bcuz stuff after it is subbed..

    • Reply
      Nancy 2 days ago

      Upto 37 subbed...Thanks to youtube

  • Reply
    DonD 3 days ago - edited

    Ep 35, poor loulou :(

  • Reply
    Nancy 4 days ago - edited

    After watching ep 35....I m sinking in ocean of tears....... to much emotional. ...Princess luoluo

    • Reply
      Jaime Lee 1 day ago

      my heart and head hurts after watching this episode! Our baby girl...her parents are the best tho.

  • Reply
    ShiShi 5 days ago - edited

    Changsheng is better with luo luo than miss statue

    • Reply
      Nancy 5 days ago


    • Reply
      Mimi 4 days ago

      Same luoluo forever changsheng and luoluo are so cute together unlike him n yourong she's so stiff

  • Reply
    belbeii 6 days ago

    luhan's acting is surprising me. it;s very good.. my first time so see 小鹿 acting.

  • Reply
    MysticLullaby 7 days ago - edited

    On episode 8 now and the romance is so slow, can someone tell me when things start to pick up with You Rong and Chang Sheng, honestlt finding it hard to get into this drama and the lack of romance is not helping lol.

    • Reply
      belbeii 6 days ago

      honestly romance doesn't seem to be apart of the main plot. im on epi 30 and there is some romance but it's not crazy or anything.

    • Reply
      Mimi 6 days ago

      Same the romance isn't strong in this drama I actually want luoluo to be with chengsheng instead

    • Reply
      wavy3 6 days ago

      I think it just seems that way bc CCS and XYR have similarly reserved personalities, but they have a romance in their own way (though actually I also prefer LL for a long list of reasons).

    • Reply
      Nancy 6 days ago

      Wavy3 -I also like CCS with princess luoluo more than XYR
      Truly XYR luk his big sister
      Luoluo luk compatible with him..Both are so cute together and she truly love him alot and she deserves his love the most
      If u watch ep 35 36....still not subbed but without subtitle both are just amazing in episode 35

    • Reply
      rumtumcat 4 days ago

      Agree. Lack of romance

  • Reply
    Nancy 8 days ago - edited

    Most beautiful episode 35 full ep . Princess luoluo and prince changsheng together I love it......

    • Reply
      Sanji 7 days ago

      you are reminding me of naru-saku shippers xD

    • Reply
      Sofie 5 days ago


  • Reply
    Nancy 8 days ago - edited

    Finally empress know he is her son...but still her reaction is so cold
    Finally after long episode gap princess and prince togther

    • Reply
      rian 7 days ago - edited

      @Nancy one team divided their work ep31subbed

    • Reply
      belbeii 6 days ago

      the empress seem to only care of being high place in power and ridding of the demon clan.

    • Reply
      parknatalia3256 6 days ago

      Yeah , that is really sad can't understand anything they should subbed immediately because so many people are watching .


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