Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

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Kim Bok Joo is a student in Haneol College of Physical Education. She has shown strength like no other since she was a child was influenced by her former weightlifter father. She looks thoughtless at a first glance, but inside she’s as fragile as glass and has deep recognition.
Jung Joon Hyeong is Kim Bok Joo’s best friend. He is a born swimmer but ever since he was disqualified from his first read moreinternational event, he suffers from ‘start trauma’. Along with Kim Bok Joo, he overcomes his troubles and finds his dream and love.
Song Shi Ho is a rhythm gymnast who also attends Haneol College of Physical Education. She started gymnastics since she was 5 and won the Asian Games at the age of 18. She’s always been the best since then but mental pressure caused her to break up with Jung Joon Hyung and regret it.
~~ This drama is inspired by the life of South Korean Olympic weightlifter gold-medalist Jang Mi Ran.

  • Native title:

    역도요정 김복주
  • Also Known as:

    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju;

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Jan 11, 2017
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I know there are already many reviews but I never felt such urgency to tell how much I have loved a show.
This drama was so refreshing and comforting, a complete year-end surprise. Never two friends became lovers so naturally. Never friendship, family and love were portrayed as adorably well as here. I didn't expect it to be so addictive and beautiful, I'm speechless.

The story itself seemed very attractive, but read more after seeing the first ep I felt somewhat disappointed. But thank God I didn't dropped it! From the fourth episode the quality increased a lot, the story took shape and the characters looked better defined. No doubt they took full advantage of this beautiful plot that only took the sport as an excuse to show how two friends fall in love as they struggle to achieve their dreams. No weak characters, no idiots and abusive male leads. I love the way this portrays the youth and its warmth.

Applause for everyone! If I was already surprised by the drastic change of character Sung Kyung ventured into when she accepted this role, I was more surprised when I saw Joo Hyuk's adorable performance, which translated into the couple's insuperable chemistry. Seriously, I can never accept that they don't act side by side.
The secondary performances were also more than charming.

I finished this drama full of hope, as if suddenly I had injected a great dose of energy to get ahead. All of it reminds you how beautiful life can be. Give yourself the pleasure of watching this drama! Impossible to repent later. Oh and I almost forgot: SWAAAAAG!
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Jan 12, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 10
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
A drama filled with so much beautiful meaning into it. A very healthy, sensible, genuine kind of story as to friendship, family, love, goal, career and priority. It is really funny especially with that "WHAAAAAT!" lol. Plus this drama is such a TROLL not everything you'd expect will happen, It will take you by surprise and you'll find yourself laughing. The edge of this drama from the read more one's I've watch? It's not the feels but the message it brought me, It was truly amazing.

Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyeong is the best love story I've watch, a kind of relationship that would bring out the best in you, filled with overload cuteness, realistic a normal one. Phasing of their story is slow but slow kind of stories turned out to be awesomely perfect! They are so friendship and relationship goaaaals!!

Kim Bok Joo
This girl is totally relatable, when she's in love, to music taste, to clothes, to fangirling activities. Everything about her is suweeeeeeeeeeg!

Let's talk about the male lead. Joon Hyeong, ok I'll keep it short his character is so boyfriend material, a kind of guy you want to keep in yourself, in your life.

Ex girlfriend: OK she's the "only one cliche" here like a kind of clingy ex you'll hate but her existence didn't much affect me.

Friends: yes a very fun friends to be with
Abujji and samcheon: You'll love the father and daughter relationship, samcheon is very sweet, likeable and so kind plus funny.

Actors and Actress:
Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk both are great and I know it's not related here but I just want them to date for life. lol
Everyone else of the cast is so good ofc!

LESSON: Every girl deserves to be treated as a girl, a woman despite of any career she's into like Police, Carpenter, Judo, Boxing, Weightlifters.... Those fields are mostly for men so they're like boys into other people's eyes but ...Hell they shouldn't! They are girls too! Who would love to wear dress, wears clip, wears lipstick and wants to be beautiful especially when they're In front of the guy they like. I think they're the coolest girl ever with a suweeeeeeeeeeg!!
(There's more into lessons, life, meaning into this drama I just give you some points about it. Kekekke)

Even though I so love this drama. I would not recommend it for everyone, this is a kind of a kind of drama that targets a certain group of viewers. I'd highly recommend it to the youth like from age bracket of teenagers to 25 years or if not by age depends with your personality like if your happy go lucky one, or if you love reading my review and it keeps your interest, the genre is your style then you'll definitely love it despite of your age. This drama is slow yes. Could be an advantage or disadvantage. You just gotta be patient with it and everything will be worth it and it will perfectly fits into place.

I always enjoy the sound effects in funny scenes that's the best thing like "WHAAAAAT"!

Rewatch Value: I thought one time viewing is enough or just rewatch a certain scene would be enough but as I watch more episode I become more attached with the story and I was like I need to watch this as a whole over and over again.

Overall: one word, SWAG!

Writing a review feels like I'm saying goodbye to this drama for the second time around that it hurts so much.... *Wiped tears*

Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyeong is so lovable, I would not mind watching another season with them or another drama from LSK and NJH..~

Warning: if you deeply love the story, the characters, once you complete this drama you'll feel incomplete, a happy one but it will make you sad.

It will always have a special place in my heart.

Ok before I end my review I have a question for you. Ummmm... Do you like Messi? Hahahaha!! Nevermind. Anyways hope my review helps!!!
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These two dramas are slightly reminiscent of one another simply because of the happy theme and the sweet, light-hearted romance. Their storylines differ greatly, however the main characters I felt were a little similar. The male leads are both super romantics and as Louie would say, "perfect", boyfriend material. As for the leading ladies they're both characters i would strive to be more like--warm-hearted, caring and innocent.
Recommended by MariKim
two rival groups, lovable characters and school-centred slice of life!
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    ahtaena Feb 4, 2017

    Ahhhhh her innocence!!! I mean oh my god!!! She makes me want to hug her and comfort her i love this drama soooo much!

  • Reply
    Commenter Feb 4, 2017

    I just wanna say if it's P E R F E C T !!!

  • Reply
    ayse Feb 4, 2017 - edited

    it was a healing drama for me, one that i'll rewatch whenever i need something to lift me up, i simply loved each and every episode

  • Reply
    yehet Feb 4, 2017

    I liked everything about this drama! The chemistry between the main characters was amazing, I liked the way they were sweet, but not too cheesy. The main characters Also Showed Their affection for their loved ones in a very natural and simple way.
    I also liked the way Shi I "redeemed" herself.
    This drama left me many positive thoughts.
    Totally recommended.
    It's really SWAG!

  • Reply
    Manal Feb 3, 2017

    I've laughed a lot in this drama while i was having a hard time in my life

  • Reply
    sweetmint Feb 3, 2017

    Am I the only one that comes back everyday to see if the ratings have gone up? :D

  • Reply
    Herison Feb 3, 2017

    super cute drama :)

  • Reply
    Sukkie Feb 3, 2017

    ok tbh when I started watching I wondered why everyone loved this so much. I thought it´s ok... But I liked it more and more while watching and I just love it now!! They are such a cute and wonderful couple! And isn´t Nam Joo Hyuk the perfect boyfriend omo... Also the ending was just perfect ahh~~

  • Reply
    Faa Feb 2, 2017 - edited

    Idk how many times i came here just to make sure people still enjoying this. lmao :'v

    • Reply
      Alessa Feb 2, 2017

      same here! and planning to rewatch soon =P

    • Reply
      SnowGirl Feb 2, 2017

      I downloaded it,and god know how many times I already rewatched it or how many more times will do so in the future!

    • Reply
      aoiazami Feb 3, 2017

      i just started rewatching too!! ^^

    • Reply
      94loveKdrama Feb 5, 2017

      Visiting once again and your comment is sooooo on point!~

  • Reply
    JuiceJuicidy Feb 1, 2017 - edited

    For anyone who hasn't seen it, this drama is fluffy and fun, but also becomes incredibly poignant. The pain that the characters go through feels realer than any other drama I've watched (which is saying something). It hits me deep, man. For those of you looking for something lighthearted and fun, watch it. For those of you that are looking for something deep and poignant with real characters, watch it.

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes Feb 11, 2017

      I totally agree with this. On episode five and the main guy just feels so real to me. He sorta reminds me of one of my guy friends. Anyway he feels so real. I can totally see him existing in real life. His reactions to everything feel so natural. Anyway I can't wait to watch more episodes!

    • Reply
      JuiceJuicidy Feb 14, 2017

      Right?? I totally agree with you. He becomes even real-er (along with Bok Joo) as the show progresses. He reminds me of one of my friends as well, a lot XD I'm very excited for you that you get to watch this amazing show! Enjoy :)

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes Feb 14, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    JuiceJuicidy Feb 1, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    ajo_94 Feb 1, 2017

    A very simple and cute storyline but the execution was perfect.The scale of the acting was near perfect and each episode was fun to watch. A must watch for everyone.
    The drama tastes best during weekdays after a long and tiring day. EnJoYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every bit of it :)

  • Reply
    Jojamon Feb 1, 2017 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      aoiazami Feb 3, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    PabboStell Jan 31, 2017

    I was hesitant about starting this drama, because I'm not really into the sports genre, but I totally don't regret watching it! Truly, one of the best dramas ever! The SWAG trio was great <3 hehe
    The mains were so natural! They did an amazing job, the supporthing cast as well ~

    Bok Joo's breakdown when she just wanted to quit everything and do nothing... I can relate so much, because the same thing happened to me 2 years ago and LSK portrayed it so well!

    I didn't like Jae Yi. For a 30 year old man he should know what he wants!

    Bok Joo x Joon Hyung will forever be one of my favorite couples!
    They are just the cutest! >o<
    Very heartwarming and light drama with a nice doze of humor and seriousness.

  • Reply
    mamamIYA Jan 31, 2017

    Season 2 or Special just for Lee Sun Ok and Jo Tae Kwon's characters please


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    South Korea
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    Nov 16, 2016 to Jan 11, 2017
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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    60 min.


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    9.1 (scored by 8,395 users)
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