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Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017)

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Li Hui Zhen used to be gorgeous, but years of declining family fortune added much pain to her life, and her looks slowly drifted away. Her friend Bai Hao Yu, on the other hand, was once an ordinary looking guy and grew up to be suave, successful, and immensely likable. So when she comes across him years later and witnesses their reversal of fortune, Li Hui Zhen is too embarrassed to even read moremeet him and instead asks her stylish friend and roommate Xia Qiao to assume her identity.
However, that amazing plan also has a problem in that Bai Hao Yu is actually Li Hui Zhen’s boss, and she now has to pretend to be someone else while working for him. Slowly, even without knowing her true identity, Bai Hao Yu becomes attracted to Li Hui Zhen. Li Hui Zhen's supervisor Lin Yi Mu also starts to take an interest in his new intern. Can Li Hui Zhen break away from the insecurity that came from once being pretty and open up to the man she truly cares about, or will she forever live in fear because she thinks she once was pretty?
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    漂亮的她; Piao Liang De Li Hui Zhen; Piao Liang De Ta; She Was Pretty;

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Feb 1, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I gave this 10/10 because, although slower (because it's a LOT longer) than the Korean original - it's still very good. I honestly believe that the first and second lead actors (Sheng Peter and Zhang Vin) should've been swapped. Sheng Peter as Bai Hao is new to acting in this kind of role and needs to polish it off a bit - he plays it all way TOO cool, cold and read more It worked in 'Go Princess Go', but not here.

Zhang Vin as Yi Mu was PERFECTION - but you really do feel he is wasted as the second lead. I think, having seen him as the cool, quiet and calm KO (who also had a warm heart) in 'Love O2O' he could've EASILY played Bai Hao instead and REALLY made it believable. The whole problem here has been that that we fans ship Yi Mu and the female lead, Hui Zhen, TOO much and it goes beyond the usual 'Second Lead Syndrome' - they just have INSANE chemistry in EVERY scene and Sheng Peter pales into the background if he has to share the scene with them. You HONESTLY see Bai Hao as the second lead and not the main love interest - whereas, even if he WAS the main lead, you're REALLY rooting for Yi Mu to be with Hui Zhen..

Sure there were differences between the original Kdrama ('She was Pretty') and this Chinese version - sure there was some things the Kdrama original did better, the male lead played by the always wonderful Park Seo Joon is an obvious choice. Another is that Go Joon Hee as Min Ha Ri certainly played the 'bad best friend' with a slightly more sympathetic air than the Chinese version, Xia Qiao, who is played (rather lack-lustrely) by Li Sierra.

BUT, and it's a big one. there are also MANY things this one did BETTER than the original. The Kdrama had the better LENGTH, however, this one has the better STORY because it also does at least have time to flesh out the characters a bit more; so the bullying main lead you REALLY despise, the BBF betrayer (or 'Female Dog Friend' as I called her, lol!) was MUCH worse in this one and so the hate we felt was much more real too. I think Sheng Peter should be patted on the back because a LOT of expectations are on this role and he did his best. I REALLY think we'll be seeing a LOT more of Zhang Vin in the future - the man was EXCELLENT as KO in 'Love O2O' too.

I think overall BOTH versions are very good and one is not worse than the other; they're just different. I give this 10/10 because it deserves it.
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Feb 3, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I gave this 10/10.

I loved the story line. I have watch the original one from Korea and it was also good. But, I totally enjoyed how they went more into details about the characters. You got to know them more, which to me is important.

Like in the Korean version I had second lead syndrome. Zhang Vin (Lin Yi Mu) did an awesome job. I felt more for his character than read more I did Choi Si Won played the part. He was awesome.

Second lead actress Li Sierra (Xia Qiao), loved her. She made me love her and dislike her all at the same time.

This was the first time for me to see Sheng Peter (Bai Hao Yu) in a role. I was at first not sure but after the first 2 episodes I loved how he played the part. It was different which is what I found awesome. I am currently looking up other shows to watch of his.

Now to our leading lady. Two words loved her. Dilmurat Dilraba (Li Hui Zhen), did a beautiful job playing this role. Again a different approach to the character.

The supporting cast. They was awesome.

Even though this was a remake of She Was Pretty, it stands out on its own.

I loved how they did the ending.
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Dilariba is the main lead where as Bin Bin is the second male lead and they both had great chemistry.
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Both are modern romcom c-dramas with a large portion of the drama being set in the office. They both have a boss/worker type romantic relationship.

The female main leads of both dramas have similar professional paths. They both were not adequate for the company position they miraculously get, but eventually develops and improves themselves to be suitable for their jobs.
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  • Reply
    Brownie 21 days ago

    Source says Dramafever but it's not on there. Luckily I have viki.

  • Reply
    princesspersimmon Jul 5, 2017

    I've seen so many drama's based on reviews and have always felt that i should return the favor by leaving reviews for others like myself, but I've always been too lazy to do so. But this time I've actually registered just so i can leave a review. hopefully it'll lead to more in the future.
    I know that bad experiences have caused her outward appearance to be less pleasing to the eye, according to social norms. But it seems to have altered her mental state as well. I personally could not endure 15 mins of her acting like she has the mental capability of a 5 yr old. now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't just her appearance that changes not her maturity level? I've seen the korean version and loved it, so i decided to give this one a try because it was longer. And i love the female lead in her role in Eternal Love. But I could not stand when they pair ugly with stupid. Just because she is no longer "pretty" it shouldn't mean that she should act like that. I do not like the connotations in this story at all. it is demeaning and her acting in this role is the most annoying role I have ever seen in all of the drama's i have ever seen.and I've seen quite a lot in the past 10 years. i have never hated a character so much as to leave a review. but please do feel free to enlighten me, because I'm writing this off of 15 mins of enduing her character.

  • Reply
    SSKF Jun 23, 2017

    Looking for spoilers please.Did the main leads become an official couple? When... early or late in the series? And did hey have all that "should-we-shouldn't-we" tension?

  • Reply
    Mekaki Jun 14, 2017 - edited

    This drama is a good example of second lead syndrome

    • Reply
      huh 5 days ago

      What do you mean by that? O.o

  • Reply
    hello Jun 5, 2017

    The chemistry between Dilireba and Zhang Vin is so good that their scenes probably aren't even acted. They don't need to act to show their friendship xD *claps*

  • Reply
    chante May 30, 2017

    I still have not watched like the last 3 eps of this series.

  • Reply
    CheriLynzzz May 26, 2017 - edited

    Does anyone know where I can watch the 46 episode version?

  • Reply
    sagark May 21, 2017

    slow version of korean.

  • Reply
    Jdf May 16, 2017

    this is a really cute drama and love story! i watched it with a lot of ff though xD the main couple's scenes are really cute and good, but a lot of the other storylines just weren't that interesting for me

  • Reply
    Jordan May 7, 2017 - edited

    I came here for Dilriba I hope it is good

    • Reply
      rumtumcat May 14, 2017

      Same here. Hopefullynot too draggy

  • Reply
    Red Apr 26, 2017

    okay well, it's good. even tho it's 40 episodes and I skipped many scenes x^D

  • Reply
    Karin Apr 23, 2017

    I have watched both Korean and this Chinese versions. Both are identical, story wise. No variation. The Korean drama is only 16 episodes whereas the Chinese drama is 40 episodes. You might be afraid that the Chinese version will be a drag but overall, it is an enjoyable experience. In my opinion, Dilmurat Dilraba did a better job performing this character than Hwang Jung Eum in the Korean version. Both Zhang Vin and Choi Shi Won did an outstanding performance acting Lin Yi Mu/Kim Shin Hyeok character. I think, this is the most memorable part of the drama.

  • Reply
    Baya Apr 21, 2017 - edited

    I can resume this drama in two words: Zhang Vin !

  • Reply
    Alekwang Apr 18, 2017 - edited

    Aww i've finished this in a week! It was good, the SLS was strong, STRONGER than the korean one (or it's just me being biased towards Zhang Vin, but oh well, he's amazing) and I enjoyed it more than the korean one (besides the main male lead's acting, he was very stiff), only because the side characters were much more down to earth, the editor-in-chief was AMAZING and her english was so good, and they also gave us some side stories too (Qiao's step mom for example) which was good! The ending was also very well done! If anyone is gonna tell you that this is boring, don't listen and give this drama a try!

    • Reply
      Rin Apr 21, 2017 - edited

      I didn't watch the kdrama version but I'll totally back your comment up because I honestly thought this drama was pretty decent and fairly enjoyable.

      And of course, Vin Zhang. :p

  • Reply
    Alekwang Apr 10, 2017

    I loved the korean one. I've yet to finish episode 6 of this one but up to now, it's not disappointing me at all! It stays true to the original, with some small twists here and there, which I'm liking a lot.


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