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Princess Agents (2017)

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The story takes place during the chaotic times of Wei, where innocent citizens are often kidnapped and turned into slaves. Slave girl, Chu Qiao was thrown into a forest along with other slaves and becomes the next hunting target for the rich lords. She is saved by the Prince of Yanbei, Yan Xun. Afterward, she is brought into a powerful family of Yu Wen and witnesses their bloody power struggle. Seeing this, read moreshe swears to take her younger sister and flee from the situation. However, she catches the attention of Yu Wen Yue and undergoes strict training while building a sense of companionship with Yan Xun. Drama focuses on Chu Qiao's life beliefs and her struggle to survive in a cruel and unfair world.

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    特工皇妃; 楚乔传; Chu Qiao Zhuan; 11处特工皇妃; 特工皇妃楚喬傳; Te Gong Huang Fei Chu Qiao Zhuan; Te Gong Huang Fei

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  • Zhao Zanilia
    Chu Qiao / Jing Xiao Liu / Xing Er / A' Chu
    Main Role
  • Lin Geng Xin
    Yu Wen Yue
    Main Role
  • Dou Shawn
    Yan Xun [Yan Emperor]
    Main Role
  • Li Qin
    Yuan Chun [8th Princess of Wei]
    Main Role
  • Deng Lun
    Xiao Ce [Prince Nan Liang]
    Supporting Role
  • Wang Yan Lin
    Yu Wen Huai [Yu Wen Yue's cousin]
    Supporting Role

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Sey KompungCham
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Jun 30, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Love this Princess Agents drama. Love the cast, specially the two main lead, Xinger and Yuwen Yue. This drama is really addicting and it makes you wondering what is going to happen next. I can't say much of the story line because of spoilers. Give this drama a try, you will not be disappointed. there are only 32 episodes that have been aired so far. I have rewatched them so many time already.
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Jun 30, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
As Princess Agents is ongoing this review will be getting updated as I go through **

So far I love this drama it's characters are aces, plot progression though slow at times is well paced with information being told at good intervals. The OST's are amazing!!!! I love how everything is timed perfectly with each scene. Good action sequences and political aspects, strategic plans, scheming, inner and outer strength growing in our read more characters. Character growth is also really well done. Chemistry between all the characters is elegant, anticipated and well executed. The story line so far is absolutely one of my favorite C-Dramas up to date.

Okay that's where I'm at for now. Also even though I'm not finished I can say this with 100% certainty that I will be able to re-watch this series in the future as of today I have re-seen the first episode again.

If you want thoughts/reviews/slight recaps of episodes I have them up to episode 16.

WATCH THIS SHOW. It's in no way a regret. It may have a lot of episodes but the story and actors make it go by so fast :D Give it a try what do you have to lose? (An amazing experience of a show that's what lol)

Sara Rojas JUNE 30 2017
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Both dramas are surprisingly good.
The cutie Yue Qi from princess agents is the male lead in the eternal love.
The eternal love is a mini online series that can save y'all from the drama slump after watching princess agents.
Cuz we are all so tired out from Yu wen yue and Xinger's slowly brewed romance. The romance in the eternal love is like instant coffee. It will make you swoon cuz Yue Qi is about to teach his Yu Wen Yue how love is suppose to be done.
Recommended by Shelly
I know they're different genres since one revolves around war and the other about the injustices slaves go through, but there are A LOT of similarities.

-Both female leads start off as lowly maids even if they weren't originally and were actually part of a higher class (in Maids she loses her status and in PA she loses her memory).
-Both female leads fight for justice and especially for the rights of the poor.
-They are both alone against the whole world basically.
-A cold male lead that hardly ever smiles.
-Romance that is important but isn't, however, the main focus.
-Female lead falls in love with the second male lead and hates the male lead at first.
-Good second male lead that becomes evil and corrupted towards the end but he still loves the female lead.
-In both dramas there's a depiction of the lives of maids and slaves who are treated badly because of the powerful nobles.
-Female lead is strong and isn't crazy in love with anyone.
-Second female lead is a noble in Maids and a Princess in PA and is in love with the second male lead.
-Delusional second female lead who was once nice but became evil, trying to make the female lead's life a hell bc of her love for the second male lead.
-Awful noble people are present in both.
-Once the female lead begins to trust the male lead, she discovers something that makes her lose her trust in him.
Recommended by Alekwang

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    dgnmil 14 hours ago

    I'm disappointed at the ending. Loved the the actors, amazing plot. I am a sucker for somewhat happy endings and since I do not know Chinese, I have not read the novel, therefore, I am going completely off on how the drama was portrayed. These were 58 episode watched in a mater of a day, I hope I can get some closure. I was also expecting 67 episodes, What happed? Why cut it short? If it is as mentioned on one of the comments below, then they take a huge risk. We love the characters in this season and for fans, its had to get used to new actors portraying a character you have already fallen in love with. I hope for the best.

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    cindia 2 days ago

    pretty good drama, i was shock at how great the acting was... especially when most of them aren't really that well known. amazing soundtrack, amazing acting.. the plot and the series would have been amazing if it hasn't been for the ending... due to the greed of the director and company they poop up the ending in order to get a second season... what asses... seriously they need to use their brains. Zhao Li Ying doesn't have time to sign up for a second season... they should have done it in one go. Zhao Li Ying is a busy girl, many series are waiting for her to act in. Your stupid company messed up big time... i hope you learn from this lesson!

  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia 6 days ago - edited

    oh my... it became like this??? although it ended up like that.. it was a great journey.. maybe the rating will go up if they started to film the second season...

    • Reply
      Laura_Roslin 5 days ago

      doubt there will be a sequel or if there is, won't have original cast.
      The lead female, Zanilla, already has 2 other dramas scheduled/working on after PA.
      Same problem with her other drama, Legend of Chusen, actually that one was worse as far as endings/non endings go. At Least with Princess Agents, a positive ending can be inferred.

  • Reply
    CarrieannWhite 11 days ago - edited

    The Drama is worth the watch, keeping viewer anticipating for season 2 is perfect. i just hope they keep the same original casts. I have the read the book until chapter 37 still waiting on translation, if someone can tell me where i can get the book which translated i can buy it. love this drama.

  • Reply
    Jordan 15 days ago - edited

    i just can't do it. as much as i love the cast, the female lead is just TOO perfect and unrelatable i feel like i am watching a superman movie without kryptonite

    • Reply
      Laura_Roslin 5 days ago

      I think most of Zanilla's dramas are like that. On the positive side, at least she's not a weak female lead with a 5 year old voice like in many Chinese dramas.
      In one of her other dramas she played a spy who became a chess genius in like 3 days of training. Had to suspend disbelief to get through that one.

    • Reply
      Jordan 5 days ago - edited

      @Laura_Roslin I loved, LOVED Zanilla in JOF and what drama does she become a chess genius LOLZ oh and I liked her in Palace I don't know why but I sometimes confuse her with Yin Ming Eternal Love even though they don't look anything alike

      And I don't know why, but I can tolerate a dense female lead and sometimes even prefer it, I think because in America the direction of all the television shows is 'every female lead must be extraordinarily perfect to show that we are strong independent women in order to gain viewers' so it's weirdly refreshing to see the other kind portrayed

    • Reply
      Laura_Roslin 5 days ago

      she became a chess expert in ǝƃnoɹ ʇuǝƃ∀ ǝᴉʞooɹ

      And didn't know how to play it at all and then beat two different world experts at same time.
      But the lead actor is 100% handsome. Never seen him before. He is worth it.

  • Reply
    GhulamFarid 17 days ago - edited

    Hello everyone. please tell me when will season 2 start?

    • Reply
      Laura_Roslin 5 days ago

      there are only rumors of a season 2. Nothing confirmed. Just wishful thinking.
      The lead female is already tied up in making 2 more dramas! :(

  • Reply
    MiraiArtx 19 days ago - edited

    It seems like the comments had a lot of praises before the ending happened and the comments went downhill. For those who have finished, would you still say it's worth a watch?

    • Reply
      Sey KompungCham 18 days ago

      lol, it is worth it. we are definitely going to have a season 2, but right now we are waiting for the confirmation of original casts. this drama is one of the best. the ending can be seen as happy and sad. happy because Xinger is realizing her love for yuwen yue, sad because it is a little too late and yuwen yue, the faithful guy, has to die in that icy lake. you could feel their love when you watch the last episode. we just wish that they get their happy ending and we'll get it in season 2, hopefully. For my two cents, go for it.

    • Reply
      _Muffty_ 11 days ago - edited

      you should definitely tag this as a spoiler...

    • Reply
      dhaliahn 11 days ago - edited
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Farshokoof 14 hours ago


  • Reply
    usagi 21 days ago - edited

    Question for novel readers (I've worded this without spoilers)
    I was so into this drama while it was on...and while I didn't exactly get bored when it began to lag, I think it felt like everything went downhill when suddenly a certain character was made to change drastically in such a way that was technically believable and interesting but not in the way that change progressed in his character arc.

    It felt like it was forced on him simply for the purpose of the author's intended outcome of the love triangle, and I'm just wondering for anyone who read the book, does the relationship that basically gets starcrossed (so that the other one can blossom) feel the same in the novel? Or does it all just feel tragic without feeling in that last section also? Even if I favored him, it's not like I was against the other relationship. It just seemed like the other one was forced to change just to make the other seem more righteous, but maybe the novel makes more sense.

    Thanks for any insight you can share, feel free to hide spoilers!

  • Reply

    stil waiting season 2

  • Reply
    RuRu 25 days ago

    Okay I'm back, needless to say,great drama.

    But what I didn't like about this was that everything only revealed in the end. Like the 58/67 eps was a stretch. I felt a little bored at all these unnecessary battles and I'm sure everyone was more excited to see Chu Qiao regain her memories instead of the war. And it just kinda dragged on, they would mention Chu Qiao's background once or twice in like 10 episodes and it frustrates me.

    And she didn't even get a scene when she regains her memory to be awesome, quite disappointing. The characters were pretty cool and smart. I'm sure if there weren't at least like five battles in every episode, this series would progress smoother and fluently.

    But it was pretty good i look forward to season 2.

  • Reply
    Nancy 25 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Justine 26 days ago - edited

    Great drama

    I don't understand why some people started giving this drama poor reviews just because of the ending. That's not the official ending, obviously there will be a season 2.

    • Reply
      AgnesTan 25 days ago

      Yes agreed, we wait for season 2

  • Reply
    RuRu 26 days ago

    This drama was really good actually, there wasn't any scenes that were too much, obviously there had to be some annoying characters that we wish that weren't included in this series,

    I haven't finished yet so I'll give my review after I'm don't with all eps, but it's really good so far. The main female is really amazing, I love it when they're not the dumb, naive, females that almost every other drama portrays. And the main male is great too, except that he doesn't have much expression lol.

    There's hardly any romance in here but I'm only in the 40s so idk if it'll get better. But I came from Eternal Love to this and it's a pretty good development. Both had powerful lead females that didn't need Prince Charming and independent.

    The only thing I regret was starting it on DailyMotion where it has the 58 eps and going over to NewAsianTV where there's 67. I blame myself but I'll definitely rewatch this series when it comes out on Viki :)

  • Reply
    Elshan 26 days ago - edited

    I want to start this drama but l just find 58 episode package everywhere.Is it really 67ep?

    • Reply
      sensitiviity 26 days ago

      67 was the tv version. 58 is the uncut version. most people when watching it watched the 58 version. there isnt a difference just they are cut differently so they have different lengtht. but its all the same thing. just dont watch the 58 episode one and then switch to the 67 episode one. but its the same thing the episodes are just different lengths. tldr: you are good 58 episodes is the correct length

    • Reply
      Elshan 26 days ago

      Thank you for explanation. It looked weired that they have released 2 different versions.Still there will be differences in last scene of each ep and the feeling and curiosity! Anyway I'll watch 58ep version hope it'll be better

    • Reply
      sensitiviity 26 days ago

      no problem! im glad i could help

    • Reply
      SaraRojas 13 days ago

      I have the same issue. I just went and legit counted minutes theres a gap of 5+ hours (thinking 7 but I can't remember) All I know is I want to watch it all. I hate missing points of info.

  • Reply
    Laura 27 days ago

    It will come to Viki from September 10


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