We Were There: Part 1

We Were There: Part 1 (2012)

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"We Were Here" follows the 10 year romance between Yano Motoharu (Ikuta Toma) & Takahashi Nanami (Yoshitaka Yuriko). During their high school days, Yano Motoharu was the most popular boy in school, but can't get over the death of his girlfriend from a car crash. Takahashi Nanami falls in love with Yano Motoharu and must deal with his inability to let go of the past.

"We Were Here" will be released in read moretwo parts with the second release coming to theatres one month after the first part.

  • Native title:

    僕等がいた 前篇
  • Also Known as:

    Bokura ga ita Zenpen;

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Sep 26, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
Story - Since I was a fan of Bokura ga Ita anime, I expected so much in the movie... and they didn't disappoint me at all. I love the story! It really compromised the story in the anime...
Cast - I gave perfect score, 'cos they really deserved it! for Yano and Takahashi's role, they did a great acting, they gave life to the role... I mean it's really like in the read more anime.
Music - I love the OST. Great choice of songs. :)
Rewatch Value - Definitely, I will watch it all over again.
Overall - since it has 2 parts as of now this is the first part so I'm still looking forward to the second part. Totally inlove with the movie! Watch it and you'll see! :)
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Nov 5, 2012
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
1) The reason I watched this :

I’ve seen the anime so I was excited to see the film adaptation.

2) Storyline/Plot:

*I already saw the anime so the story was known to me; I would say it was a fast forward script from the one in the anime. Writers cut the 26 episodes in a two hours film which made it lose so many cores compared to the original one.

*Now read more the review for those who haven’t watched the anime or read the manga:

Positive points:

*The film was a light school romantic story wrapped up with some melodramatic feelings without falling into the tragedy level. It actually belongs to the “Slice of life” category.

*Main genres:

--->Romance: Like any slice of life melodramatic story, the romantic concept was sad while being innocent; it was interesting because the plot was divided between the past and the present.
However, the romantic development was way too fast to contain a lot of depth yet the important feelings were there.

--->Life: There were those moments where you feel that this story touches real life; it makes you think about your first love, your first relationship and the tragedies that can happen anytime when you least expect it. Although it was important to have those elements that touches life but the existence of hope is what made it more appealing.

--->School: It’s your usual Japanese school drama, it was an important concept to make plot changes happen.

Negative Points:

*It was very fast, it doesn’t leave you time to think about the story’s core. I did rather that they made it into a drama instead of a film.

Story: 7.5/10.

3) Acting/Cast:

*It was really good to see Ikuta Toma in this film since it has been a long time that I saw him in something; his Yano portrayal was actually quite well.
On the other hand, Yoshitaka Yuriko was good enough to keep me interested but I can’t say the same about the rest of the cast because many actors didn’t deliver enough feelings to make it sound real.

*As for characters, they were brought to life but I have to admit that they lacked depth in many aspects and it all goes back to the fast forward storyline.
Yano was a good character but it didn’t have many sadness moments like it’s supposed to.
Takahashi was less annoying than the anime (which is a good point).
I hated the way Takeuchi character appeared here, it was uninteresting when it’s supposed to be one of the most captivating characters in the story but again it’s all due to the fast script.

*Other characters were simply neuter to watch, no special feelings about them.

*Appreciated Character: Yamamoto Yuri was an impressive character here because many plot changes depended on her existence.


--->Romance: The romantic concept was good enough but it lacked depth so the chemistry wasn’t that great.

--->Friendship: This is a school drama so it’s supposed to have many friendships yet there weren’t many moments to talk about.

--->The triangle: The one that had Yamamoto Yuri was interesting but the one with Takeuchi was simply ridiculous to watch.

Cast: 7/10.
Acting: 8/10.

4) The ending

*There’s Bokura Ga Ita Kouhen so this can’t be considered as an ending that’s why I won’t rate it for now.

5) My impression (how did it affect me):

*To start with I was impatiently waiting for this film to come out, I wasn’t fully satisfied but I wasn’t disappointed either because it was fair enough compared to the anime.
*It felt good to see some characters come to life while others seemed really annoying plus I was bothered by the quick script; the fast events didn’t allow me to feel the depth of tragedies presented in this storyline.

*Is this film memorable: Maybe, I am not sure if I should remember this because I rather remembering the anime instead. However, I may change my mind after watching Part two.

My impression: 7/10.

6) Overall:

*If you like innocent romantic school dramas then you would like this.
*If you watched the anime then you may want to give this a go.

*Bokura Ga Ita Zenpen was a good film on the emotional scale, it had many interesting turns but it was rushed in many plot changes. Overall, it was faithful enough as a live action adaptation.

Overall: 8/10.
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    Tama Dec 16, 2016 - edited

    lol @ the 10 rating
    honestly this was so bad, I mean you have this annoying mary sue heroine who can't comprehend that people got things to do and sometimes may not have time for her, then there's the typical I-don't-even-know-you-for-5minutes-still-I-love-you-forever troop,

    • Reply
      ybnrmalatall Feb 19, 2017

      Cliches are cliche for a reason. Most people like them.

    • Reply
      Malu 25 days ago

      there are the same things that bother me about the female main character, sometimes just can't deal with her way to see world :/

  • Reply
    girl_on_fire Oct 16, 2016
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    rosyprincess Jul 11, 2016


  • Reply
    SprinkledPink Jul 8, 2016 - edited

    The movie makes me want to read the manga.

    • Reply
      fanitha Jul 19, 2016

      Read it! You won't regret it, this is one of the best love stories ever!

    • Reply
      RanaKaloti Nov 9, 2016

      where can i find the manga??

  • Reply
    bannie Jan 22, 2016

    this is really overrated

  • Reply
    dayidream Oct 24, 2015 - edited
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  • Reply
    Ruth Aug 3, 2015

    the end of this manga really broke my heart... let's see how i can handle this movie.

  • Reply
    Ruth Aug 3, 2015

    the end of this manga really broke my heart... let's see how i can handle this movie.

  • Reply
    Sujach Feb 18, 2015
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  • Reply
    MaryamYumna Jan 28, 2015 - edited

    what is the meaning of the title can any1 tell me pls

    • Reply
      Luly Feb 13, 2015 - edited

      I think that "bokura ga ita" means "We were there" but i'm not sure :p

    • Reply
      MaryamYumna Mar 17, 2015

      Thanks i think i there is a anime called we were there right?

    • Reply
      Luly Mar 17, 2015

      Yes, this is the live action of the anime, that has the same name, "Bokura ga ita" it is pretty good :)

  • Reply
    heavenlene Nov 3, 2014

    so hooked and totally loved it :P

  • Reply
    vanillasalt Oct 31, 2014

    Ahh omg i saw this movie on my flight to Japan last year! I'm so happy i found it again and the second part as well!

  • Reply
    jonssister Sep 6, 2014 - edited

    I know this can be a little hard to find.I found it on dramafire.com . Love this site.

    • Reply
      Soulnishka Sep 9, 2014

      you found this part on dramafire?? i only saw part 2... could u give me the link please?? thanks

    • Reply
      jonssister Sep 10, 2014

      Sorry my bad. I can't remember where I found the 1st part. I can tell you soon though. Usually it's not hard to find on google though.

  • Reply
    kekelly Mar 14, 2014

    I've read the manga for this and watched the anime and I was excited to see the movie. Honestly, I was disappointed. I didn't really like it but it might be because I had really high expectations. I'm not sure why I didn't enjoy it, it was just something about it...

  • Reply
    BernKastel Feb 7, 2014

    <3<3<3<3<3 ^_^


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