My Only Love Song

My Only Love Song (2017)

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Song Soo Jung is a top star and she is very arrogant. She classifies people by how much money they have. Suddenly, she goes back in time to the Goguryeo era and meets On Dal. He will do anything to make money, but in fact he is generous to the weak and poor.

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    마이 온리 러브송
  • Also Known as:

    Mai Onri Leobeusong

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Jun 12, 2017
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
It is my first time reviewing a kdrama, and this is worthy.

Story: Lots of clitches and sometimes plot holes, historical inconsistency etc, but hey what the heck, it is a web drama so you have to over look it if you really want to enjoy it, at least I did and it worked out for me.

Acting/Cast: Superb, they cast all 5 main leads and supporting cast perfectly, specially the main read more couple I heard they were in WGM top couples and definitely the director made a great choice casting people with great chemistry because everything looked so natural, skin ship, falling in love and kisses looked real. I have to point out the flower boy villain, this guy acting was superb over the top at times but that's what it made this show stand out for me.

Music: It was ok not memorable but ok.

Rewatch Value: I had cancelled my subscription to Netflix but I just renewed it so I could go back and for to watch what I missed.

If you guys have netflix please try to watch it there as much as you can, I have had problems with drama sites it takes forever.

Overall: A very well done, dorky, odd rom-com historical drama. Highly recommend it. It had a feeling like Go Princess Go (TDrama)
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Jun 10, 2017
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
Let me first start by saying that the casting director did a great job casting Cnblue jonghyun and seungyeon a previous old WGM couple as leads in this drama. No skinship scene looked forced and their acting was really good. I wouldn't really say it was the best drama out there because some parts of the story were a bit questionable. But nonetheless it really stook to being a romantic historical drama. read more So I definitely recommend this and for you guys give this drama a try.
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Story about modern girl travelling back in time. She falls in love with the male lead.
Recommended by Aeris
Both are time travel and princess related only with the twist of sex change but it is a very funny and odd TDrama
Recommended by ClaudiaKdramaFan

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    TeleriFerchNyfain 12 days ago

    This was just UBER adorable!!!!! Loved it so much despite the total 'let's just not think about how that happened' stuff LOL

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    INFIRES 14 days ago

    Lotsa plot holes but again, you're not supposed to take this drama seriously. I know i'm enjoying it to the fullest!

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    BlackZen Jul 22, 2017 - edited
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    AnicsiRoscoe Jul 18, 2017 - edited

    Okay, so there is so much wrong with this drama that I won't even start xD That said, don't expect a masterpiece, or anything grand. If you just need a fluffy, funny romcom time-travel drama, this is for you, though. As long as you don't question anything (and I mean a lot, because you will stumble over a mine-field of plot-holes), this is actually quite enjoyable.

    I do have to advise to first watch "Queen In Hyun's Man" to everyone into time-travel romances, though. It is a fantastic drama, a hundred times better than this one here, though. Definitely give it a shot :)

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      Ari Jul 19, 2017
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      AnicsiRoscoe Jul 19, 2017
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      Hime Jul 19, 2017 - edited

      I know what you mean. I watched it only for the romance and the comedy was good too, there were a lot of moments that made me laugh or at least smirk. But the story itself is full of flaws, a lot of things weren’t explained properly or even made sense. Oh well, its time travel so we can’t expect it to make sense. XD

      Overall I still enjoyed watching it.

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      ClaudiaKdramaFan 12 days ago

      This is a light show, for comedy and romance audience, more like a satire of historical/time travel genre. So I really care less about plot holes or inconsistency, I just enjoyed the chemistry of the leads, and t is a one time watch. I think they did a good job on what they were trying to achieve.

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    Amyy Jul 17, 2017 - edited
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    aictopus Jul 17, 2017

    A lot of dramas lack the heart that this one has. Regardless of any little plot holes, the story was very lovable and entertaining. The balance of comedy, romance, and drama was superb and the acting was great. Of course, my favorite part is that our main heroine is not even a sliver like the generic K-drama female lead. Soojung is feisty and really reminds me of the phrase, "Girls are strong as hell". I'm definitely putting this in my top favorites! I completely recommend this drama for a real good time.

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    ayacherry Jul 13, 2017 - edited
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    LinLi Jul 9, 2017

    This is one of the best dramas I've ever watched! Touching, funny, and never boring. I couldn't get enough of it. When it ended my mind completely numbed for like 10 minutes and then I proceeded to cry for like another 100 days. Okay not the 100 hundred days but Still the drama is as good as I say like watch it now! Stop reading this comment and watch it!

  • Reply
    Zha Jul 7, 2017 - edited

    Oh by the way, the chemistry of the main leads is so superb. I just did a little research just now. They were a couple in We Got Married. So if you like to watch more of them, then watch it after watching this. ^_^ My mind was blown to the fact that Gong Seung Yeon or Nannyeon, is the older sister of TWICE Jeongyeon. WHOA!

  • Reply
    Zha Jul 7, 2017

    Other than the time travelling plot, everything else is splendid. The time travelling is really what got me confused. I thought it was for her to fix her badass attitude but its not really. Its actually for Boong Boong. lol. So that he can't be scraped. Anywho, this is fun while it lasted. ^_^

  • Reply
    FumikoFujiwara Jul 7, 2017 - edited

    At first, it's like a LMAO ride back there but then, when the plot thickens, they still didn't left out that funny and fluffy feeling so you can't feel the heavy drama. And that's a compliment. ☺️ For a time travelling, historical and romance kdrama fan like me, I can say that this series is worth watching. It is highly recommended!!!

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    AmastrisDratwka Jul 3, 2017 - edited

    People really took this drama too seriously. LMFAO.. and critiqued it like is was a SBS, KBS, or MBC, or even a JTBC produced drama. PLEASE, NO! BWHAHAHA...

    People coming here to watch this drama should take note of some facts before deciding to watch this, and go into with the right mindset:
    1. This drama is produced by FNC Cultural Ad. Yes, FNC that is the label for K-Pop artists. It's meant to promote their talent and these are very much like those Naver webdramas. However, you have to compliment FNC because this was frankly a pretty stout production of cast, location, etc. for what it's worth.
    2. This was originally supposed to be used for a dual country promotional entertainment exchange [think EXO] with a Chinese platform. Because of THAAD, they stopped Korean promotions altogether, and FNC was left holding the bag for a fully completed webdrama and no web platform to air it. Thankfully, Netflix agreed, at a reduce price, to air this drama or it would never have seen the light of day.
    3. Jong Hyun has issues with his acting, and FNC SPECIFICALLY picked Seung Yeon to play the lead role and the story is intended to be a TONGUE AND CHEEK tribute to JH & SY's moments on WGM and to garner that fanbase, especially internationally to watch. FNC must also note that SY is able to make JH actually look like a decent actor, which set him up to be picked up for a lead role opposite Yoo Bi in a purely romance drama, Our First Romance. Up until this drama, JH either in dramas, movies, or M/Vs has never publicly had a on-screen kiss. The setup was for him to move past his youthful years into playing more grownup roles. It's no coincidence they picked SY to play this role since these two have had natural chemistry from the beginning, and it's obvious that never went away after a year being off of WGM.
    4. This isn't meant to be a serious Sageuk nor is it meant to be a HIGH QUALITY rom-com with all the stops. Even if it's 30 minutes per episode, much of it is flashbacks/repeats to where the episodes amount to 10-15 minutes per of real story. IT'S A WEBTOON, for pete's sake. Think 10 minute Naver episodes and be happy you're getting 30 minutes even if it's filler. LOL. THIS IS MEANT TO BE 100% SATIRICAL IN NATURE. Yes, it's mocking the WGM relationship and everything surrounding it, and if you NEVER saw them on WGM you won't get all the INSIDE JOKES that make this actually pretty entertaining for what it is.

    So, please, don't go in here with a different mindset thinking it's supposed to be on par with 3/4ths of the rom-coms you've watched from SBS, KBS, or MBC... that's what will make you extremely disappointed. If you're not in to this type of webtoon format.... DON'T BOTHER. lol..

    • Reply
      aictopus Jul 17, 2017

      "On par," lmaooo it's far more enjoyable than the majority of dramas pumped out of SBS, KBS, MBC, and JTBC, in my opinion. The only drama recently that I've enjoyed as much as this one was Dong Bong Soon.

    • Reply
      AnicsiRoscoe Jul 18, 2017

      What you say is all true and legit. However, what people base their rating on, doesn't change with 'it's supposed to be' or 'production costs' or whatever. The rating here should be given objectively (although, of course, enjoyment does always play a big part in it, no way around it), so when the writing, acting, settings, editing and mostly, plot, leave something to be desired, I will take that into account. I am not saying that I did not enjoy it, because I did, but all these flaws (even if they are 'meant to be' that way) cut into how MUCH I enjoyed it. Taking that into consideration, on top of all other factors, I would end up with a score of 6.5, which is actually quite generous. People who score according to quality, rather than personal enjoyment, do it because that is what is expected on this platform, not out of spite. And well, let's not talk about haters, because haters are gonna hate, they're a completely different species.

      So yeah, tl;dr: A production doesn't objectively become any better, just because it is 'meant to be' a certain way. It deserves to be critiqued the exact same way as everything else as well.

    • Reply
      AmastrisDratwka Jul 18, 2017 - edited

      Yeah... w/e... very few people using common sense expect the same kind of quality from a KBS/MBC/SBS 16 episode drama as compared to a 16 episode Naver TV Cast. People willingly overlook the "...cliche and lack of a good story line..." because of the fact that it has less money and time to convey its point.

      Of course, I'm not here telling anyone how they should rate the drama, nor should you. You just repeated everything everyone else is saying. That's fine. MDLers also have a right to rate it another way contrary to your point. What aspects you think need to be taken into consideration to warrant being "objective" may be different for others. Even professional American critics writing reviews denote the difference in their reviews from a multi-million dollar, highly promoted film from Universal or Warner Bros. versus a 100K independent "indie" film produced by a bunch of no names with very little promotion. Any of those critics that acts as if they should expect the same quality staff, CGI, and supporting cast and review an "indie" film with that broad brush would have their reviews called haughty, overly-critical pretension looking down their noses at the poor and unconnected. The idea that a multimillion dollar film by a company like Universal, who has permanent writers on staff, and can afford to say have 50 staff, as opposed to the "indie" with one writer who came up with one idea, and 100K that can only pay the salary of 2 staff should compete equally in a review is patently absurd. That's why people know when they're going to a film whether it's an "indie" or "blockbuster", it's for a reason.

      Regardless of that fact, people will still like what they like and dislike what they dislike. But for those coming to read reviews and comments to "DECIDE" whether or not to watch a show, these "objective factors" might be of value to some of them. Some who might read the "negative" pompous review, might say, "hey, they're not taking this into account.." maybe it's not as bad as all that... I really do like those short little Naver episodes even when others thought they were stupid. Not too many people know what FNC Ad Culture is and WHY it got put on NETFLIX.... There's no harm in telling people, "HEY! This is an INDIE FILM not a BLOCKBUSTER...set your expectations at the door."

      Some people only see value in high-priced, well connected films, others like supporting content creators who work outside-the-box. To each his own.. .but the people have a right to know the's not me trying to dictate how others write reviews and control the format, it's me trying to give everyone as much information as possible so they can make a proper decision for themselves as to whether this drama is worth watching or not.

    • Reply
      AnicsiRoscoe Jul 18, 2017

      Naturally, but I am talking about numbers, scores, not written criticism :) As you said, giving information so people know what to expect and what not to expect as to not be disappointed, is what the comment section (and reviews, too I suppose) is for. I was not trying to start an argument here, I never even disagreed with you. The only thing I did not understand was your way of telling people not to compare the production with one of a major broadcasting station. Anyway, I think the one thing we do agree on, is that people should give it a shot with an open mind and see if they like it or not, right? :)

    • Reply
      Nerina Jul 20, 2017

      This actually explains a lot so thank you. It wasn't among my favorites, necessarily, but I found it mostly enjoyable nevertheless.

  • Reply
    Albairis Jul 2, 2017

    I really love this drama..but I mut say I was expecting much more for the ending....

  • Reply
    pixelviking Jul 2, 2017

    Does anyone happen to know the location they shot this drama at?
    I recognice the buildings and streets from other historical dramas but I'm having a hard time googling it.
    (Also used in Dr Jin, Queen for seven days" and lots of other saeguks that AREN'T MBC.)

  • Reply
    YoonHee Jul 1, 2017

    The couple deserve rating 10!!! (♥‿♥)


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