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Jiang Zhi Heng is normally named "The Bodyguard" due to his sharp ways as a security adviser. As Zhi Heng and Zhou Xin Yi, two old enemies are heading to a news event, they accidentally crash into an uninhabited island, there they'll need to work together to survive and to make all the efforts to escape.

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  • Reply
    Diane0771 3 days ago - edited

    I agree it's starting to drag on. I feel that they will now focus on the father and ZH and of course his stagnant relationship with Ruo Qin. Now that they have Gou Long and Xin Yi together, Wei Li has left that can be the only solution. Also the reintroduction of Tina baffles me a little. Bring back the humour that drew me to show!!

    • Reply
      Ayuuie 3 days ago

      I was surprised at Tina's return too! Hope they not trying to push a relationship with her and Jia Rui... it's so random @@

  • Reply
    tompark 3 days ago

    Where's the info about the extension? -.-

  • Reply
    Ayuuie 4 days ago - edited

    Have a feeling this is gonna be like 80 episodes -.-

    edit: oh yay~ only 65!!

    • Reply
      yarnie 3 days ago

      my mind i just saw they change the ep number again to 83 :O i want to cry cause i really loved this at first eps (35-40) but now i cant even find rights words to tell how draggy it is .__.

    • Reply
      Ayuuie 3 days ago

      ikr!!! I really loved this but now it's getting to be a chore. -.- I was starting to feel happy that it was almost ending.. but bam they announce more! ARHHHHHHH... why Sanlih like butchering amazing dramas like this!?

  • Reply
    Ayuuie 10 days ago - edited

    Not liking the rather sudden change in direction of the Guo Long x Xin Yi story -.-

    • Reply
      yarnie 3 days ago

      background songs/musics too! So many holywood movie musics and sometimes they play a music like power rangers music lols XD wonder if they change pd or something...

  • Reply
    TheDarkCrow 13 days ago

    Would have ended great if it ended with 40 episodes hell it would have made it in my favourites but the whole making more episodes is ridiculous and pointless to the point it is becoming a drag to continue on

  • Reply
    yarnie 16 days ago - edited

    After 40-45 it did get really draggy :/ if not for Guo Long's cute faces and my love for the actor who is playing him i would drop it...
    I dont think Xin Yi deserve him at all :/ still playing hard to get or trying to understand her feelings?? seriously -__- 50EPS ALREADY
    ı was shipping them so hard at first but it start to get uber draggy right now i just wish writer(s) gave her chance to chase guo long too or else just leave them alone without a love line!

    edit: my mind i was thinking they couldnt make ir any worse than this but after seeing 53-54 i know they can .___. i tried so hard to not flip any tables!!!

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    nastou19 21 days ago - edited

    63 episodes? What happened? It went from 40 to 48 and now to 63! I like this drama but a new extension, really? I don't want it to start dragging.

    • Reply
      seoparkang 21 days ago

      i don't think it was an extension tho, it was originally announced to be AT LEAST 40 episodes. Taiwan dramas are usually either around 16 episodes or 70+ that's why I found it weird this was 40 at first

    • Reply
      kdramaaddict 20 days ago

      You took those words right out of my mouth... I mean, it was starting to get a bit draggy at times so now with 63 episodes the possibly exist that i might drop this altogether! After having invested 47 hours in a show.... that would be a waste, wouldn't it??

    • Reply
      nastou19 19 days ago - edited

      @seoparkang Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense now.
      @kdramaaddict Sure! I thought 48 was just right. I'm still at episode 45 and it seems to be getting close to the end. So, we'll see...

  • Reply
    cllanti 28 days ago

    Just finished episode 38-39, and Zhi Heng's father if making me mad.

  • Reply
    cllanti Dec 20, 2016 - edited
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    • Reply
      Ayuuie Dec 20, 2016

      Totally agree with you! Usually when couples get together in dramas they kinda start getting boring to watch... but these two just keep getting sweeter and cuter and uwaahhh.. love them! Their acting has also improved since the beginning.. more natural now too :)

    • Reply
      cllanti Dec 20, 2016 - edited

      Big improvement, particularly on her side. I've been pretty meh on them, but the last few episodes won me over. Now I need to watch from 38 on. Hoping to see some movement in Guo Long and Xin Yi's relationship now. For a 35 year old woman Xin Yi is being ridiculously dense.

  • Reply
    seoparkang Dec 18, 2016

    Heard that this was getting a possible extension (but still isn't announced when we are supposedly 2 episodes away from the finale), especially since sanlih hasn't announced a follow up drama. Would love to have more xinyi and guo long!

  • Reply
    cllanti Dec 15, 2016 - edited

    How many episodes does this show actually have? Here it says 40, bot over on Viki it still says 60.

    • Reply
      yarnie Dec 16, 2016

      ohhh i didnt know about extending :O this makes me happy since in 30-35eps they give so many secret stuff about Guo Long's past and i would like to see more of Guo Long & Xin Yi relationship*-* I really like how they slowly accept each other <3

    • Reply
      Lully13 29 days ago

      48 episodes announced.
      The drama have some good ratings ;)
      So Happy !

    • Reply
      Ayuuie 29 days ago - edited

      Pretty sure it'll end up being 60ish even though there's no official word on it yet :) There's more to tell especially Guo Long + Xin Yi!

    • Reply
      Lully13 25 days ago

      You're right !
      63 episodes announced now !

    • Reply
      salleesu 2 days ago

      its now currently 73 eps do you think they'll raise it even more?

  • Reply
    scarleT Dec 15, 2016 - edited

    This series is such an underrated (hidden?) gem! I was worried about this 'quality of writing' in this series because of the 40 episode count and very basic description (and seeing as it a T-drama, although some dramas of late have produced great story telling value it can be cringy to watch sometimes [except for Better Man, Fabulous 30, Bromance, and a few others in my opinion -Tdramas are amping it up of late]). 30 episodes later, and I honestly can't belive how flowly this series it. I though it would drag or get boring or redundant, but so far it's been a blast watching this series!
    1) GUO LONG IS BAE <3 Like, he's literally the greatest in this series.
    2) KK is adorable (you'll know what I mean if you watch)
    and 3) The music in this series (the background music) is SO SPOT ON... HAHAHA oh gawd, sometimes I'm laughing so hard. Lol one particular scene cemented this series to me, and I totally love Jennifer Hong in it... seriously folks, if you want a series with a bit of action, an interesting storyline that combines investigative journalism/bodyguarding, with touches of romance and comedy here and there -this is your series. I hope the last handful of episodes will be good, but so far, I'm really loving this.

  • Reply
    yarnie Dec 14, 2016

    First 20-25eps were more interesting and lovely for me :c now i almost skip most parts i dotn know why something is missing >.<

  • Reply
    Ayuuie Dec 13, 2016 - edited
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      MissPhantasme Dec 13, 2016
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      Ayuuie Dec 13, 2016
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    MissPhantasme Dec 10, 2016
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