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Behind Your Smile (2016)

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Consumed by revenge, Zhao Yi Ting’s life becomes cold and meaningless. But when he meets Lei Xin Yu, a young woman whose wealthy family has fallen on hard times, everything changes. He is drawn to Xin Yu in a way that he has not felt in a long time. Will Yi Ting discover a new lease on life through her?

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    Fu Shi De De Wei Xiao; Faust's Smile; Faust;

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27 days ago
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
This was my first taiwanese drama after 2 years.. It's not the reviews that convinced me but the genre. As always, I'm a revenge-melo drama lover so when this show was still in it's early few episode, I've decided why not I give this drama a try. Who knows I might be like it. Now that I do. I did'nt just like the show. I LOVE IT. COMPLETELY. DEEPLY.

Now that this read more show has only 2 eps left for it to be aired and I've catch up to it's latest episode. I have a free time in my hand and don't know what else to do. I think even if I did finish the show, my impression and my love for it won't change so I decide to write a review. To made more people watch it and love it like I do ^^

I will just give you all the reasons WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH BEHIND YOUR SMILE :

1) The intrigue plot of revenge. It's nothing original about it. You got a main male lead who was hellbent on taking revenge on people who had done wrong to his family and eventually lead to the death of his father. It was the only mission of his life provided that he successfully carried out his revenge. He since then become the Ice Prince, cold and heartless. Then our main heroin, the Warm-Hearted Princess came along into his life accidentally. She who since then melt his frozen heart and teach him how to smile again. The story sound so typical was'nt it? This no mistake was the foundation of the show but what made me fall in love with the show was how the story being directed and developed. There was nothing typical of it. It was addictive and compelling. Watch it if you want to know!

2) Good acting and great chemistry between leads. At first while watching Marcus Chang potraying Zhao Yi Ting, The Ice and Jerk Prince, I'm not so convincing. I noticed the awkwardness and it feel slightly fake. But as the show goes on, as I became more warm up to his character, I think that his acting became much better. He became better with his facial expressions even the subtle one. When he's in pained expression, I can feel it as my own. I can feel his heart breaking even when he wore a cold facade. I tell you that,if an actor manage to make the viewer feel that, He. Is. Really. A. Very. Good. Actor. And Liu Eugenie as Lei Xin Yue. Her character was annoying at first. Definitely became annoying and weak were her characters in the early of the show as the one who has been sheltered entire of her life and she did very good at that. Later on, she became the strong heroin that I want. She also shows that being strong is not when you let go of the person that you love but being able to forgive and hold on the person that you love even if he hurt you beyond reason because you can see the ways he love and take care of you more than the ways he hurts you. It sound dumb I know I know. But she really shows only those who have big heart can forgive people. :P

3) Very smart and wise male lead. This show have it. Zhao Yi Ting was never one step behind while dealing with his enemy. He is sensible and insightful.To have a revenge based drama, a smart and clever lead was a must. It is absolutely no fun in watching revenge show with dumb and slow-witted characters.

4) Good looking main leads. If you only watch the show with good looking leads. This show might be for you. At same point while watching the show in it's early episode, I even thought the 2nd male lead was much more good looking than the 1st male lead :P

5) No love triangle. If you hate a romance show with love triangle/ rectangle / polygon this might be the show for you. There was only one-sided crush present in the show and even that was'nt too burdening because our heroin's love to our main male lead was unwavering to the end.

6) Very hot steamy kiss scene :P (I'll leave it to your imagination of how hot it is.. :D )

7) The OSTs was so great. All the soundtrack was so damn fantastic that I must download all of them and keep it in my phone. I usually got bored while hearing the same song over and over again but it was'nt the same case with all the song in BYS. It now has been dozens of times already I listen to the Shi Shi - He is'nt Worth It, I keep wanting to listen to it more. I also love the Don't panic song the same. It is cute and catchy.

Alright, I think 7 reasons are enough for now. Lastly, I recommend this to everyone who want to watch revenge-melo-romance drama at this moment. Give it a try, you might love it the way I did ^^
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5 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
My favourite Taiwanese drama and the best series I have watched in a LONG time!

I'm a huge Taiwanese drama fan, and usually there are about 1-2 good series released per year with a lot of familiar cast members. I decided to give this drama a shot as I hadn't seen a good Taiwanese drama in a while, and although I usually go for the romance/ comedy dramas (most Taiwanese dramas fit read more this criteria) I didn't know what to expect from this series as it was a melodrama/romance, BUT I am so happy that I started watching this.

This literally drew me in, within the first 10 minutes! I finished binged watching this drama in a matter of days.

The soundtrack fits with the drama and I have listened to the tracks over and over again (esp. the OP theme song.. LOVE the opening song). I love how the drama is filmed with the scenery/ mood of the drama being a little darker and more serious (usually there are always a cute title of the drama with cute animations during the breaks/ on the bottom of the screen). The actors have GREAT chemistry and the lead actor is SUPER HANDSOME, lead actress is BEAUTIFUL. It is refreshing to see new faces in this industry and I hope to see more dramas with the leads, because the acting was FLAWLESS and they played their characters really well- chemistry was 100/100. I felt every frustration, friendship, betrayal, sadness, love and happiness that the characters felt and overall I really really enjoyed this emotional roller coaster.

I love the story and romance in this drama. This is not so typical that it gets boring and cheesy in the middle, but a drama that constantly keeps you drawn in! It showcases the dark realities of the world and how a naive woman chooses to face it, which I really like. The only downside is the last half of the last episode where everything felt a little rushed, but for me, a Taiwanese drama that keeps me engaged for over 95% of the series deserves a huge RECOGNITION.

For those considering whether to watch it or not, don't say anything - GO WATCH THIS SERIES NOW! I highly recommend this drama to anyone who enjoys romance (with some cute bits in it too), handsome/ beautiful leads, stories about betrayal, friendship and building trust/ learning forgiveness. I really enjoyed this drama... and now that I have finished it.. don't know what to do in life anymore but rematch this series! GO WATCH IT :)
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both are revenge melodramas where the male leads are good people but because of events that ruin their lives they set out to get revenge and justice.. and both attempt to manipulate the female lead to exact their revenge but instead end up falling in love with her ..
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both are revenge melodramas where the guy despite his attempt to manipulate the female lead to exact his revenge rather ends up falling in love with her ..
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  • Reply
    NWCDH 9 hours ago

    Is there a lot of romance?

  • Reply
    coolcancerian 2 days ago

    This is good drama with nice OST ..lovely couple went well ..there should have been a kiss at the end they r quite a passionate couple through out the drama ..the missing kiss is my only complaint. Will definitely recommend this drama .its worth ur time

  • Reply
    Almonda 3 days ago

    I just love this drama!! The OST was great...and this is my first time watching a drama with an "innocent" female character that didn´t annoy me..I love the way their relationships develops over time and the acting, most of all Marcus Chang, was great.
    Also finally a drama without a real love triangle..yes.there are other parties interested in the main leads...but it never gets too much or distracting from the storyline or the OTP.

  • Reply
    LC212 3 days ago

    I thought the beginning was interesting, but now I'm bored and it's only ep. 9. Lei XinYu is annoying. She's gets into these accidents so many times and the hero has to save her it's laughable.

  • Reply
    Rejaul Hoque 5 days ago - edited

    imo rather than Xin Yu's naive character, Xiao Yue's fiery character was more compatible with Yiting. it would have added more spice in the relationship and made it interesting

    • Reply
      Eunha 4 days ago

      Its interesting that the last two Taiwanese dramas I watched were like this, choosing balancing/opposite personalities instead of sparking ones where they constantly argue. Maybe it is a Taiwanese drama thing but haven't seen enough to know.

      Fiery might have been more fun to watch (plus that is more like my personality) but since I have seen so many of those this wasn't so bad for a change of pace.

    • Reply
      Rejaul Hoque 2 days ago

      Exactly he is cold she is fire, would have been interesting. Even the few times she confronted him were good.

  • Reply
    Neel1902 5 days ago

    They had such great chemistry, what happened in last 3 episodes? they should have focused on romance at least in the last episode.

  • Reply
    AmauryLindy 5 days ago

    Sigh how come every drama has to have a love triangle?

  • Reply
    AmauryLindy 6 days ago

    How can anyone stand the main girl wtf episode 1 and I already had to skip a couple parts when she comes on. So annoying in every way lmao can't stand these damsel in distress type leads but this one takes it to a new lvl.

  • Reply
    Eunha 6 days ago - edited

    I normally don't like this type of female lead but she was impossible not to love. She was naive but not foolish. She was so caring, maybe overly but it was impossible to not love. She grows up but is still herself. She was so cute. I originally liked seeing Yi Ting on screen but seeing this girl was even better.

  • Reply
    Kenji 6 days ago

    It was good at the beginning, but then it just got boring.
    Honestly, I kept watching it just for Xiao Yue, she stole the show completely.

  • Reply
    AnnGominho 7 days ago

    Gostei mais da OST que do drama em si... kkkkkkk

  • Reply
    Cristi 7 days ago

    The beginning was really good, but at the middle and especially the last episodes were a joke... Disappointed because I really enjoy their chemistry!

  • Reply
    BB78 8 days ago - edited

    is this a gong yoo and kim go eun drama copy?

  • Reply
    UltimateFangirl 8 days ago

    it was alright. The main guy's visuals were a real treat to viewers:)

  • Reply
    seraphim 9 days ago - edited
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