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Xue Ji is an immortal girl. Rescued by alien powers, she has been traversing the earth for centuries. Desensitized, frosty and indifferent in the inside, despite the bright smiles that play on her lips, she only lives with the goal of finding her first love from a thousand years ago… Finally she meets Gu Shi Yi, a man carrying her love’s face, but his love is different than that of the former, read morerekindling her passion and enthusiasm for life, and perhaps unraveling the knot from many centuries ago.

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    雪姬电视剧版; 雪姬; Xue Ji; Snow Girl; I Grant You A Light Year of Distance Away from Me;

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Mar 8, 2017
  • Overall 4.5
  • Story 3.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.0
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
Honest to God, I don’t understand how this show maintained such high ratings (over an 8.0) on MDL while it was airing. Overscoring is always a problem on this website, but never have I seen overscoring that I couldn’t find some justification for - until I started watching Long For You. (If you enjoyed this show, I'm very open to hearing why.) I’ll try to make this review interesting, in exactly the read more way that this drama wasn't.

Ever read a fanfiction written by a twelve-year-old whose biggest concept of conflict is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend even though she’s only twelve? Now, imagine if this twelve-year-old had rich parents who paid for the most top-notch cinematography in order to make this fanfiction into a television production. And there you have it; this is what Long For You felt like from beginning to end.

I’ll give the production crew props for such pretty promotional posters and consistently beautiful shots throughout the drama. I genuinely appreciate their efforts in presentation which frequently resulted in brilliant results. But "don't judge a book by its cover" gets a whole new kind of importance in this show's context.

The story was absolute crap. That MDL has this listed as related to You Who Came from the Stars is an absolute insult to the Korean drama industry. I didn’t even like that drama as much as most people did, but I can still say with utmost confidence that You Who Came from the Stars would mop the floor with Long For You any day of the week. Aside from similar plot elements, you can’t even begin to compare the two. Forget being on the same level. They aren’t even in the same building. Or continent.

I have honestly never been so frustrated by a drama plot due to its lack of proper flow. What exacerbated this was the fact that the synopsis was the reason I started watching it: what’s not to like about a story that combines supernatural elements with romance? Yet, Long For You somehow took an interesting concept and turned it into something that was worse than nothing. The stunning cinematography was wasted on a plot that, again, felt like it was straight out of the mind of an immature pre-teen.

Conflict in this drama never feels like conflict. It always feels like a very slight inconvenience. Take for example, the main female character. You can tell from the story’s summary that she’s lonely as all hell. But the most we get of this characterization in the actual show is at most one minute of her being like, “Oh, woe is me. I am so. So. Lonely.” Are you now? Because I’m sorry, but just saying that you’re lonely doesn’t mean sh*t, especially when it only comes up once or twice. The problems in this show were written trivially, almost like the writers couldn’t wait to get back to the romance, but felt the necessity to include something else.

It was quite the shame, as well, that the romance sucked. There was zero chemistry between the main couple and zero logic behind their getting together other than the dramaland rule that states "main female lead and main male lead must end up together." For me, every time I saw them on screen, it was easier to picture them as brother and sister than a couple. Gross. The secondary couple was comparatively much more fun to watch, in addition to the situational pairing of the two male leads. These two pairings made this show slightly bearable.

We now arrive at one of two reasons why I didn’t drop this show like a hot potato: Song Wei Long. Not his acting, though. Kid’s got a long way to go. But there’s just something about those not-yet-legal-age eyebrows that entrance you. I swear I’m not being creepy. Going off of this, though, none of the acting really captured me as being amazing. Though, I imagine it must’ve been hard for the actors to play characters that are about as dimensional as a piece of paper that has been transported into the first dimension.

I’ll conclude this review with the second reason why I kept watching. I just wanted to see how bad it could get. It’s been a while since I’ve completed watching such an utter trainwreck. I’m sure you’ve gathered, but it only got worse with time.

(Also, if you would like to spare the production crew with the excuse that 20 minutes an episode at 20 episodes total is too short to do anything amazing, I will ask you to contact the closest weeaboo available. They can provide you a very long list of anime that construct stories infinitely better than this show's. And in only half the episode count.)

tl;dr: I'm more disappointed in myself for finishing this than I am in the producers of this show.
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Apr 2, 2017
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
This drama was very pleasant to watch – if you like modern dramas and are into ‘supernatural’ story line (similar to e.g. My Amazing Boyfriend or The Starry Night, The Starry Sea), then I would recommend this series to you.

Interesting: immortal girl trying to find another incarnation of her first love.
However, although enjoyable, the story didn’t flow as well as it could and the developments seemed a little rapid/disjointed read more at times. On the plus side, there were no obvious annoying or out of place events.

I dare to disagree with the review above. It was not the best drama I watched; but it was quite nice. It certainly didn’t feel as if the female lead was a twelve-year old whose only life aspiration was finding a boyfriend. I admit, she was quite capricious (especially at the beginning, this changed with time), but it makes sense from a perspective of someone who has been traversing the earth for 1000 years, who got to experience almost everything that life had to offer, except for a peaceful life with the one she loves. Furthermore, since she looked like a normal 20-year old, it would seem weird if she suddenly exposed her accumulated life-wisdom (but if you watch carefully, she was quite canny under-cover).
The male lead’s character (Shi Yi) was ok, but a little uninteresting. He was quite reserved and didn’t really do much… Second lead (Li Zhe) was of more interest – he understood Xue Ji very well, was always protecting her and seemed quite capable in life, in spite of his own problems…
The second couple was also fun to watch…

I really liked Zhou Yu Tong in Love Through a Millennium and this show didn’t disappoint me. One could argue that she was not very expressive in this drama, but in a way that seemed quite appropriate to me – at the end of the day she is a 1000-year old girl, so had a lot of opportunities to learn to hide her emotions and not to expose her inner suffering…
Song Wei Long is also a very promising actor, but at times I felt he was quite stiff. This made sense at the beginning, but was a little over the top as the story progressed.
The supporting actors were also very good.

Very nice, one of the better ones I heard in a while. Check out the song??? (Gang gang hao)
There is a full OST list on Chinese wiki (https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%88%91%E8%88%87%E4%BD%A0%E7%9A%84%E5%85%89%E5%B9%B4%E8%B7%9D%E9%9B%A2).

Sadly, to date, no English subtitles are available. However, if you have a basic grasp of Chinese, I recommend to have a go at this show – the language is not very difficult, and a lot of events make sense even without understanding everything that is being said (but I recommend spending some time to translate some of the phrases in the first 1-2 eps to understand the issue with the family politics and the inheritance).

Not too high, because of the simple story line. The romantic scenes are not very abundant and quite scattered, so if you like to rewatch for the sake of those, it wouldn’t be very convenient. However, the episodes are very short and the shots (both outdoor and indoor) are really beautiful, so it might be possible after all…

In summary:
Strong points:
- beautiful cinematography (this show is truly beautiful to watch!)
- interesting story
- very nice OST

Weaker points:
- not a breathtaking acting – actors could be more expressive…
- did not make the most of the story concept
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Both dramas feature a romance with an immortal. My Amazing Boyfriend is more light-hearted with elements of action. Long for You is more reflective and slow-paced.
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    Andy choc May 17, 2017

    if you someone find eng sub can you write link? please....i hope that someone will sub this soon. It looks interisting

  • Reply
    Alizey Khan May 13, 2017

    Olz if wev are not subbing the. Cant anyone make a channel or playlist on youtube or dailymotion and subbed this

  • Reply
    SecondLeadQueen May 6, 2017

    I hope someone subs this! I saw the trailer and it look good. But at least I need like 10 episodes subbed at least to know the basics than guess on the rest.

  • Reply
    Rouzmary Mar 21, 2017

    Is there any place at all that has it with subs?

  • Reply
    loveanimeever Mar 20, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    loveanimeever Mar 15, 2017 - edited

    Just found out that there is an alternate ending?! :X going to watch and see how is it?

    • Reply
      hyerim Mar 15, 2017

      Where did you find the alternate ending?~

    • Reply
      loveanimeever Mar 15, 2017

      I think you will see it when you search online, they put it as ep 21...

    • Reply
      Jay Mar 24, 2017

      Can you send me the link please? I can't find it

  • Reply
    SanjuktaRay Mar 11, 2017 - edited

    I tried to give a watch to the 1st episode . I found that this is just not my type of drama . So weird & confusing . Above that no English subs

  • Reply
    jia Mar 11, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    bojinator Mar 8, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    hyerim Mar 2, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    bojinator Feb 27, 2017

    her at he end of ep =me all the time

  • Reply
    bojinator Feb 27, 2017 - edited

    anyone know the song at the end? the song i kno ive heard it before....it's beautiful

    • Reply
      hyerim Mar 2, 2017

      The OST? You can find it on YouTube~

    • Reply
      bojinator Mar 2, 2017

      oh my bad, I looked it up lol. It's gang gang hao by Jacky Xue. Love it! downloaded it on itunes...at m=around 2am....haha

  • Reply
    bojinator Feb 27, 2017

    if you understand simple mandarin, go watch raw lol (I can understand it). It's nice.

  • Reply
    hyerim Feb 22, 2017 - edited

    The story must be hella confusing for those who haven't read the manga. Some parts remained true to the original but now it's starting to divert into something new and different. The pacing and scene transitions aren't the greatest but I quite like the cinematography in some scenes. Honestly I'm just watching for the main couple's story lolol~ they're so pretty to look at ahhh

    • Reply
      hyerim Feb 25, 2017

      Agreed, I overlooked them on the basis of just understanding the original manhwa. I didn't really bother trying to understand the drama LOL

    • Reply
      lovefordrama Feb 25, 2017

      You've read the manga? Didnt even know there was, where can I find it? :) Thank you

    • Reply
      lovefordrama Feb 25, 2017

      Thank you so much!

    • Reply
      hyerim Feb 25, 2017

      No problem~

  • Reply
    Arkansas Feb 19, 2017 - edited

    That poster reminds me of goblin

    • Reply
      LPA May 9, 2017 - edited

      I haven't watched this drama, but "Goblin" was so good!


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