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My Secret Romance (2017)

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Cha Jin Wook is a son from a wealthy family who runs a large company. He usually only pursues short-term love, but when he meets Lee Yoo Mi, who has never had a boyfriend before, he changes. In a dating world full of busy people who tend to flirt and chase “some” relationships rather than having meaningful connections that allow them to show their true feelings, this couple has a one-night stand. read moreThey meet again three years later, whereupon they kick off a shaky push-pull romance that’ll keep them on their toes as they fall in love.

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    애타는 로맨스
  • Also Known as:

    Aetaneun Romaenseu; Frustrating Romance; You Drive Me Crazy;

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May 31, 2017
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 4.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
This is the kind of drama you watch strictly to get a your romance fix! If you're not a romcom fan then don't even bother with this one, but If you are a a fan this could be worth watching if you keep your expectations realistic. This one is like a romcom snack. There are enough likable characters, cute moments, and a decent enough story to keep it entertaining, but there isn't read more really much substance. What really matters is that the 2 leads make a good pair, and that's what kept me watching.

Song Ji Eun is cute as the shy and repressed Yoo Mi, and Sung Hoon is perfect as the "sexy and he knows it" typical spoiled chaebol's son Cha Jin Wook. Of course their paths keep crossing in the expected ways, and their chemistry goes from annoyance to playfulness and then escalating quickly... VERY quickly. I think that's what initially got me hooked. Still, it was obvious pretty early on that there wouldn't be much to this story. As cute as they were as a couple this love story got repetitive pretty quickly, and towards the end was so unrealistic and overly cheesy that I stopped being interested in them at all. Their inner monologues tried so hard to be deep but they seemed really shallow, and the stakes just didn't seem as high as their reactions made them out to be. The more dramatic it got the worst their acting got.

I think the drama did have some entertaining supporting characters. I enjoyed the mom, even if she was a frustrating mess, and Nam Ki Ae is always good at playing a mess of a mother. I liked the second lead, although he didn't have much of a story to work with. My favorite was the Secretary, who's suits made him an instant scene stealer, and his boo in the kitchen staff. The supporting cast helped to make some of the most repetitive moments easier to sit through.

Even though this drama is shorter than most, I still think it was too long. It could have easily been 10 episodes, or maybe even less. I still found myself eager to watch more moments between the two characters, but in the last episodes it was like they just gave up and started to rely on flashbacks! Ugh! The flashback abuse in this drama is pretty epic. Not only does every episode end with recaps that were super literal, extra cheesy, and felt completely unnecessary, but the final episodes almost seemed like music videos strung together with fan compilations of all the cutest scenes. The last 4 episodes are almost unwatchable because it was mostly everything I already saw. They repeated scenes so much that they lost all of their previous charm, including the kiss scenes.

The music is also super cheesy, which matched the show well, but it was driving me a little nutty. There was even a moment where Yoo Mi sings for so long I though it was turning into a musical. So I give the music a 4 for simply not being my taste. Not to mention the damn sound effects. Someone got a little too happy with the sound effects machine!

Would I watch this again? Maybe. I would probably skip the last episodes 10-12, but it's entertaining enough to watch if I need another quick romcom fix. The ending is such a let down, so I'd really have to have run out of other things to watch.

Overall this is a quick romcom you can easily binge watch, but I say keep your finger on the fast forward button for those repetitive flashbacks. If the idea of literally falling into someone's arms sounds too corny, or if a boss using abuse of power to flirt with an employee sounds like a reason to visit HR not a premise for a love story, then maybe you should watch a different kind of drama instead. I really wish they would have put more effort into the story, but for what it was, I was entertained enough to keep watching. For those not scared away by these mediocre reviews I'd say lower your expectations, and enjoy this cheesy romcom snack. (get it... she makes food :( sorry! )
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May 29, 2017
  • Overall 4.0
  • Story 4.0
  • Acting/Cast 4.5
  • Music 3.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.5
This started out cute and fluffy, but the last few episodes were miserably drawn out.
EP 10-12 were painfully slow, they could have been cut and pasted into 1.5 episodes.
13 was ehhhh.... This isn't a masterpiece, the writing is loosely constructed and poorly executed. The story has little depth or substance to hold it together for 13 hours. I can't connect with the female lead's choices (especially in the later half) read more or her pitiful deer lost in headlights expression...I was hoping it would be a drama somewhat like 1% of Something since the director is the same, but it doesn't even come close in comparison. I Liked Ep. 1-9 but Ep. 10-13.5 are a hard sell.
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Both dramas explore the impact of the past on an individual. While MSR focuses a lot more on the romance between the two leads, the other is much more touching and heartfelt in its message.
Recommended by Tenshinyan
-they both have hot kisses, the cutesy feel and heart-pounding, fluttery moments.
-have the same director and some similar cast members
-if you disliked the last 3 episodes of My Secret Romance, Something about 1% will make up for it because it stays enjoyable until the end.
-rich guy poor girl theme and one parent forbidding their relationship
Recommended by bishh

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    steph_ravita Jun 13, 2017

    The many kisses are my favourite part of this drama. I liked it but thought it was a little too draggy especially towards the end. All in all, not bad though!

  • Reply
    mickey Jun 13, 2017

    chemistry is beyond the roof. loved it except for the flashbacks in the latter episodes.

  • Reply
    katherine Jun 12, 2017 - edited

    I'd say it was enjoyable - a predictable romcom drama you watch mainly for your dose of romance and relationship drama. It isn't something phenomenal but it is okay for what it is. I do agree that the last episodes had too many flashbacks. Episodes 12 and 13 could have just been one episode if you exclude all the flashbacks.
    A 7/10 in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone i know but it's an enjoyable show.

  • Reply
    Anna Jun 12, 2017

    Done watching this drama! i'm sad that other people don't like it as much as i do! i really do! Actually im not really a fan of rom coms as some of them were just too boring for me but this drama is an exception! i really enjoyed every single scene as much as i enjoyed the lovestory of Cha Jin Wook and Lee Yoo Mi! Hello! where in the world will you ever find a man who treasured his one-night-stand! I wish a have my Cha Jin Wook too! :)))

  • Reply
    IritZriker Jun 11, 2017

    It was too draggy at the last episodes, too many flashbacks for a 13 episodes drama. The story was really good, loved it, if it wasn't too draggy I would give this drama a 10 or a 9.5, really.

  • Reply
    SarahEm Jun 10, 2017

    Watched this for Sung Hoon, but the plot was a huge let down, other than that it was mediocre

  • Reply
    BAEBunnij Jun 10, 2017 - edited

    I finished this today! I really liked the beginning left me wondering what the heck happened after episode 10 became too dramatic than cute and funny.

  • Reply
    Becca Jun 9, 2017

    There were wayyy to many flashbacks for a 13 episodes drama. Especially 12th episode! No need for that I remember everything! It wasn't long ago. I think my only reason to watch this was the car scene in the fist episode. It was downhill from there...

  • Reply
    Weirdestone Jun 8, 2017

    This was just so adorable! I enjoyed it very much!

  • Reply
    joyje Jun 6, 2017

    There's not much story to the drama and everything is predictable. The main leads have great chemistry and I enjoyed the comedy in some of the earlier episodes. I would agree with some that there were to many flashbacks thus making the last few episodes boring. The OSTs were nice though.

  • Reply
    Ineta Jun 6, 2017

    I wouldn't say this drama is as terrible as other people say it is. It had some interesting characters, but the best thing about My Secret Romance was the chemistry between the main leads.

    However, this doesn't have much of a plot, and some characters seemed pretty useless? And some plot lines / side stories sometimes ended up too boring..

    I'd say this is a good choice if you want something very very very romantic, maybe even cheesy. I don't think people who aren't looking for a rom-com would enjoy this a lot, because, well, this is not the best thing out there. :D But as I said at the beginning, this drama is not as bad as everyone says. In my opinion.

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    Senpai Jun 6, 2017

    Cha Jin-Wook was very rude to Joo Hye-Ri showing that he is not perfect and the main culprit for everything.
    Let's face it: Joo Hye-Ri for ten years was always clear with his feelings, Cha Jin-Wook did not give the "minimum" but he never denied or made it clear, after all if we analyze the variables he knew that if he did not find Another would end up marrying Cha Jin-Wook, deep down he knows that to him she was his safe haven.
    Cha Jin-Wook then stumbled in the path of Lee Yoo-Miou or vice versa (order of factors does not change the product).
    He rolled something fast, one night as a result of the drink.
    For Lee Yoo-Miou it became something special, after all it was with Cha Jin-Wook that he "lost" virginity, in fact, virginity is not lost, it was a delayed concept, let's say, built by society based on both biological and socio- Cultural activities.
    For Cha Jin-Wook not a bit special, it was just another case of casual sex.
    Given the circumstance told in the story, Lee Yoo-Miou though doubted of itself, ended up "technically" liking him on account of that fateful day, even if he could not express himself.
    Cha Jin-Wook only started to change his mind after half-believe that Dong-Goo (you know what).
    In the end he ended up giving that whole roll, Joo Hye-Ri made a correct statement: "Ten years do not justify a night." Lee Yoo-Mi was the other in this story. If he had not stumbled along the way it was likely that Cha Jin-Wook would marry Joo Hye-Ri perhaps just for the sake of convenience, after all his focus is on work and not relationships. So much so that in the course he made it clear!
    In the end the great culprit of this whole roll is Cha Jin-Wook and his sentimental indecision, it was never clear or better made clear who he liked or did not, either Lee Yoo-Mi or Joo Hye-Ri, the consequences were serious as we followed up The moment, only now that the damage was done, made a decision, and chose one of the two, making it clear to the other of whom he really likes.
    Had he, since the foreshadowing made everything clear to both, there was no such confusion, and no one would get hurt emotionally in this whole story.
    He moved with the feelings of both of them for guilty his emotional egoism, he thought that he could continue like this, in this sentimental indecision without taking an attitude that everything would turn out well, was not what happened.
    Cha Jin-Wook undoubtedly is a man without attitude, can be rich, intelligent and handsome, but has this defect. Thanks to Jang Woo-Jin's fine moral lesson, Cha Jin-Wook acknowledged his defect, a pity it was too late.

  • Reply
    Sash Jun 6, 2017

    Finally Love and Passion!!! I fell in love with this drama straight away.So Romantic!!!!! and funny!!!
    I love actors and acting :) I am glad i did not pass this drama.

  • Reply
    ahlem Jun 6, 2017

    it's not bad but it could've been shorter most of the episodes are going back to memories of other episode wish is so boring

  • Reply
    Sayyy Jun 6, 2017 - edited

    I can't write a review about this drama without using the word "CLICHE." Yes, this drama is all about cliche scenes and storyline. Tbh, i don't have any plan to watch this before but because of the teasers I saw, I decided to give it a try. The story is something simple but they keep on turning things complicated. It also reminds me of "Noble, My Love", aside from Sung Hoon being the male lead, the story is somehow similar— both female lead have the same hairstyle and wearing a white coat (one is a veterinarian while the other one is a nutritionist), even the portrayer of Jin Wook's secretary plays almost the same role in both drama, they also have an illustrations/drawings every episodes and to say this again: they're both cliche. Out of all dramas i'd watched, this may be the most predictable one. The only thing I like about this is the chemistry between the leads, they don't really have a strong chemistry but they can make you smile whenever they're doing sweet stuffs. I recommend this to those people who enjoy watching a drama full of cute and sweet scenes.


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    South Korea
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    Apr 17, 2017 to May 30, 2017
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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