My Amazing Boyfriend 2

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (2018)

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    Wo De Qi Miao Nan You 2; My Wonderful Boyfriend 2; 我的奇妙男友第二季; My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2;

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Comments (118)

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  • Reply
    Glai0907 2 days ago

    I'm so heart broken! When I saw there was going to be a sequel I literally waited for filming to start keeping up with any bit of news on it I can get my hands on. Now I'm just really sad :(

  • Reply
    Pinocchio 3 days ago

    Honestly without Janice wu is it still MAB 2 like really why even make one if the leads aren't there my babies were so cute together Im not even gonna watch it without the main couple

  • Reply
    Cleciane 5 days ago

    O que é isso, meu pai????? Eu amo o Mike, mas assim não dá!!!!

  • Reply
    ShiraYuuKii 5 days ago

    Who's the lead actress ? I heard she is called Esthet Lu or something?

  • Reply
    bojinator 8 days ago

    rip. the original cast was what made it awesome. If possible they should've postpones filming, and then filmed, wait for ban uplift, and then air it.

  • Reply
    Lura 15 days ago - edited

    I was disappointed to see that the main cast isn't coming back for a second season, but I'll give this drama a chance seeing as Mike D. Angelo is gonna be the lead; very talented young man. Makes me wonder who the female lead is gonna be be...

  • Reply
    Mimi 19 days ago - edited

    Dropping this the main cast isn't even there anymore like why drop Janice and tae hwan n still continue filming that's just plain crazy

    • Reply
      ashputtel 17 days ago

      They didn't drop Janice and Taehwan, it's the other way around, she has other obligations and her filming schedules are jam packed, it's Janice herself who opted to not sign up for season 2, Taehwan is also out thanks to Halyu ban, and the drama team would not risk clashing against the government. it's also dumb to cancel season 2 just because the original cast aren't able to reprise their roles.

    • Reply
      Mimi 17 days ago - edited

      Ik that the cast wasn't dropped what I mean is if they're not there there's really no reason for a season 2 since it's not the same season 2 is suppose to be a continuation of season one so without the main casts it's not really season 2 anymore it just using the name n most people don't even want to watch it including me without Janice the lead

  • Reply
    Jaime Lee 20 days ago

    i'm so disappointed Janice Wu will not be coming back for season 2. I'll give the new pair a chance but will not be expecting much.

  • Reply
    Nancy 21 days ago - edited

    No janice then I'm not going to watch it. So sad I m waiting for this season 2 and now I have to dropped it

    • Reply
      Knavery 21 days ago - edited

      Yeah, the show was Janice Wu. Her funny expressions and interactions was the main attraction of the show in my view. She was entertaining when it felt like there was little movement on the story/plot.

      A continuation with her gone seems silly and like it's bound to disappoint. I think they should have new characters for this new cast. Re-shoot some of the season 1 stuff so you can have the first 1-4 episodes be a quick summary of 'season 1' (with the new cast) to set up this new show. Keep the pregnancy and the major storyline but just add a quick backstory in the first few episodes... tons of shows do that (especially with kid actors playing the adults as kids).

    • Reply
      Mimi 17 days ago

      I agree I'm not watching it without Janice n tae hwan

  • Reply
    Glai0907 23 days ago

    I am pretty upset that Janice Wu and Kim Tae Hwan is not in the second season. It will not be the same and sadly I shall be passing second season :(

  • Reply
    Medja 24 days ago

    I think they have changed Kim tae hwan by Mike tho, he posted some picture on insta today

  • Reply
    darkn3ss 24 days ago

    OH God !! Looks like China Korean Ban is really going to mess up the cast for this drama. I love mike but I'm hoping he his a new vilain or something like a second lead.

  • Reply
    Brownie 25 days ago

    So apparently Mike Angelo is in this drama, filming must be starting soon. I might be wrong but it's looking like it's gonna be a whole new cast. As much as I like Mike I was hoping to get the original cast back

  • Reply
    Metta Ksanti 25 days ago

    i think Kim Tae Hwan's been replaced by another currently popular foreign actor, Mike D'Angelo... Mike has so many Chinese projects this year I can't wait >.<

  • Reply
    Annie Rose Aug 6, 2017 - edited

    The guy is in the Bride of the Water God, I guess he is busy

    • Reply
      Halsyeon 4 days ago

      He's banned by the Hallyu act from acting in the the second season.


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    Dec 31, 2018 to ?
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