Noble Aspirations II

Noble Aspirations II (2016)

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The is the sequel to the Legend of Chusen. This will conclude what was started off in season 1. We will find out the fates of main leads; Zhang Xiao Fan, Bi Yao and Lu Xue Qi.

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    The Legend of Chusen 2; Zhu Xian 2; 诛仙·青云志 2; Qing Yun Zhi 2; Noble Aspirations 2; Legend of Chusen 2; 青云志 2; Noble Aspirations Ⅱ;

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It is the sequel to Noble Aspirations. I think they should have all been one season, but the production decided to split it up. If you watched Noble Aspirations you need to finish the story by watching the sequel.
Recommended by silvermcv

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  • Reply
    mz4jun 8 hours ago

    I think Li Yi Feng suited Gui Li character more. He looked more charming and interesting than Zhang Xiao Fan character.

  • Reply
    titi owo 1 day ago

    season 3?

  • Reply
    iChuu 11 days ago

    I like this series but this season was annoying. Bi yao this bi yao that

  • Reply
    Timbone 23 days ago - edited

    Haha the book is so much better, I recommend watching this first, it will make it seem watchable.
    I know that they had to get rid of nude scenes for ratings purposes but they ruined so many emotional connections that the characters should have had.
    Compared to the book, this feel like an Avengers movie when it should have been a spiderman movie. Too many series that should have been only Guili, they added the entire cast to spice it up? Dunno, ruined the character development in my opinion.
    I was personally looking forward ti the apocalyse scenes with Tiao Tie but that didnt happen, the only apocalyse we got was people behind a bbarrier chanting haha
    Well to be honest, given the scale of the story, the budget would likely have cost almost a billion dollars with 10 seasons so I get why they gutted the story haha

    • Reply
      xenochile 23 days ago

      i think the book is much better than this. almost lot of things are skipped and i think they should be no saison 3.
      hope the translation for the book will advance fast and can't wait to read more

    • Reply
      Timbone 22 days ago

      It reminds me of swordsman 2012, they changed everything nly to revert to the source when they ran out of ideas. The story you end up with is a hot mess
      I think this was cancelled , explains why season 2 was so short

    • Reply
      keifferodartseam 18 days ago

      Where did you read the book.? What website i can read that book thanx in advance

  • Reply
    Abhie Espanol 24 days ago

    We want atleast One episode for the endinG please..
    Its so annoyiNg..

  • Reply
    Abhie Espanol 24 days ago

    Nice drama i really love it but have a little dissappointed about the last part of ep 18.huhu.. what happen..i thougth they will have a happy ending with the others after bi yao resurrected..

  • Reply
    xenochile 29 days ago - edited

    here i found good subtitle srt file you can sync in vlc
    available for ep1-8

  • Reply
    xenochile 29 days ago - edited

    i have been looking to read the book but only found chap 165 is th last one.
    can anybody tells me if the book is actually complete and where can i find it please

    • Reply
      xenochile 25 days ago

      thxs a lot for the answer. Reading this book is my first experience with this kind and really i m in love with the book. hope by the time somebody will translate fast the remaining chaptres

  • Reply
    Gardenia Jan 19, 2017

    Still no subs??

  • Reply
    CheriLyn Jan 15, 2017

    Waiting to see if they are making a sequel to this before I watch it..

  • Reply
    Keikin Jan 12, 2017 - edited

    So disappointing! What kind of stupid ending is that?! What a waste of time. Off to read the books to get an actual ending.

    • Reply
      LindaLee Jan 17, 2017 - edited

      What happened at the end? i watched it in raw but i wasn't sure what was going on. Was he successful in bringing her back? I haven't watched season 2 as i was hoping they'll be together so if they don't then i won't even bother watching it

    • Reply
      Keikin Jan 17, 2017
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Mohammed Taher Patla Jan 17, 2017

      i was wondering the same thing?

    • Reply
      YasasRavishanka Jan 18, 2017

      is there a english translation for the book..i look for it every where but can't find it..

    • Reply
      Mohammed Taher Patla Jan 18, 2017

      check they probably do have eng translation

  • Reply
    philips Jan 6, 2017

    will be there a third season ?

  • Reply
    azoz Jan 5, 2017

    one episode and the series ends

  • Reply
    Gardenia Jan 4, 2017 - edited

    Does anyone know where to watch this with English subtitles?? I really wanna watch it but can't find it with subs

  • Reply
    Ayuuie Jan 2, 2017 - edited

    serious? 10 years?? I think that's a bit too long.. it's unneccessary and unbelievable.... lol

    • Reply
      Baqa 24 days ago - edited

      not really if you consider they're cultivators who can live for several hundereds of years. not too sure about the world in this show as I haven't read the books, but it's not unusual for cultivators in xianxia novels to be able to live for thousands of years if they reach high enough "level".

    • Reply
      Timbone 23 days ago

      Haha xuanhuan
      If you understand that word then maybe you might get it


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    Dec 8, 2016 to Jan 12, 2017
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