The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover (2017)

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About a genius sound creator and his fan who is a high school student. It’s a bittersweet uplifting romance story of how they meet and fall in love.

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The Korean Drama is based off the Japanese drama that was released in 2013. same story. the Japanese drama was good, loved the songs. I think the Korean drama will have more twists in the plot. but so far looks great
Recommended by maddie
Page turner is a mini drama that also tells the characters' passion for music, only classics. He tells about Yoo Seul is a student of an art high school. She is a talented pianist and who won various contests, but she is driven by her mother. Yoo Seul's mother wanted to become a pianist when she was younger. One day, Yoo Seul has an accident. Yoo Seul may never play the piano again because of the accident.
Recommended by jinkiado

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    Haven't seen Hyun Woo in a drama since Moorim School:D

    • Reply
      Eunha 7 days ago

      I feel like he can do really well in this role ,be the sulky type as in Moorim School and Ive seen him do the happy over-excited type too which might be needed since it is a manga adaptation.

      ....just so long as the writers don't mess up

    • Reply
      SooSoIsPerfection 7 days ago

      I agree*_*

  • Reply
    sickofme 8 days ago

    after all it's tvn so I'm sure that they won't mess this up! I have high expectations!

  • Reply
    Panda 8 days ago - edited

    Gonna be hard to outshine the rorouni kenshin

    • Reply
      MasakiMika 6 days ago

      And I think it just did

    • Reply
      Panda 6 days ago

      its better than satohs one ?

    • Reply
      MasakiMika 6 days ago

      I got a wrong grammar lmao, sorry 'bout that.
      Aaaand "Nope". It's Satoh we're talking about here. Just by watching the trailer, there's already huge difference between the japanese and korean version. When I watched the korean I was like "My eyes got fired from brightness"

    • Reply
      Panda 6 days ago

      i like the japanese one better still

  • Reply
    cathymountsambote 8 days ago

    TVN? Its already over... judging from their past dramas this looks like it will do well

  • Reply
    RhopalocerA 9 days ago - edited

    I think 20 eps is too long for drama of this genre..

    • Reply
      May 8 days ago

      What I don't understand is that everywhere (KO and EN Wikipedia,, DramaWiki...) it says 16 eps, but here it says 20.

    • Reply
      Mimo 8 days ago

      they changed it. its says 16 eps now

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    rimrima 11 days ago - edited

    Ohh nooooooo if I watch this I can't imagine how many I will compare them with my GREATEST AKI and Riko, I really want watch it, cz it surely adaptation from manga, not from movie but I can't at least after I see the teaser :< if someone may tell me why I should watch this without worry, please tell me. :/

  • Reply
    TokkiLily 12 days ago


  • Reply
    Ellie 13 days ago - edited

    this drama is weird so far

    • Reply
      SnowGirl 11 days ago

      it hasn't aired yet though?

    • Reply
      Ellie 11 days ago

      omg lmao came back to this post now, yeah I was actually watching some Japanese version or smth on dramanice

    • Reply
      SnowGirl 10 days ago

      ooh the japanese movie~I love it ~

  • Reply
    Bodea 14 days ago

    I must be the only one who didn't think the jmovie was as good as it could have been. As such, I am really looking forward to how the drama is tackled. TVN pretty much never lets me down so I'm optimistic.

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    ReVelPink21 14 days ago - edited

    We should remind ourselves that this drama is a remake of the manga, not the movie, and because this is a youthful drama set to air during spring TvN will want to bring the sweet and funny elements of the manga as well, we shouldn't expect this to be like the movie because it won't be.

    While I love that tormented Aki from the movie, his character is not as cold as everyone makes him out to be, the movie is not the real thing, the manga is, and while at first Aki is depressed, tormented and cold, as the characters developes he becomes much sweeter and funner (When the movie was made the story of the manga wasn't half as developed as it is currently, and one thing I did NOT like about the movie was the lack of character development).

    I don't want to see just the emo tormented Aki, I also want to see the Aki that literally imagines a walking mushroom and then he burst out laughing, the Aki that is dead scared of cats, the Aki that gets jealous easily, the Aki that enjoys making different types of dumplings, the Aki that is so overprotective of Riko to the point she starts comparing him to her dad, if you have only watched the movie, then you probably didn't know Aki was like this.

    Aki is not just that cold depressed guy the movie shows him as and because this is a Korean drama airing on spring of course they will want to bring that sweeter side of him more, spring dramas often have a refreshing vibe, if you are not here for it then is ok, we are allowed to see it differently.

    I read the manga and watched the movie, i've been following this Kdrama step by step, seen each still cut and teaser and so far i'm not disappointed.

    I honestly feel like everyone is judging based on the way Lee Hyun Woo looks instead of what he have showed in skills from the teasers, or his stares in all of the released still cuts, and the way an actor looks does not give an imput on how good his performance is going to be.

    From what I get of course there will be changes to the story, but I have identified moments that reminds me of x scene of the manga or y scenes of the movie, based on teasers alone they are not changing the whole story which should be a good thing, changes to the story will of course happen but based on teasers I don't think the drama is losing the original essence of its source material.

    And I think Han-Kyeol will be more of a representation of the Aki from the later chapters of the manga.

    Sato Takeru did an excellent job at portraying the depressed tormented Aki from the first few chapters of the manga, and i'm trusting Lee Hyun Woo to show us that sweeter comical side of Aki from the later chapters.

    • Reply
      Eunha 7 days ago - edited

      I hope we see the sweeter side, bc i remember watching the movie and feeling that something was missing. It was sweet but dry.

      I only read part of the manga since I kinda just stopped reading them but I hope this won't be too much manga style like the over exaggerated trend, but still follow the general thing and I feel Hyun Woo can do that (based on Moorim school,iljimae, and to the beautiful you).

      I hope they keep the character and plot but make it more real, so I'm glad this is a kdrama not Jdrama.

      What I am most worried about is how they are going to end it. Since you read the manga, do you think this will be okay for someone who doesn't like bittersweet ends.

    • Reply
      ReVelPink21 6 days ago

      The manga is still ongoing so I can't say anything about the ending, but if they made something like the movie, if you don't like bittersweet endings then maybe it wouldn't be for you.

      From the first episode, the vibe of the drama is really different from the movie so based on the first episode alone I think they won't try to take a route similar to the movie, since they are going for that refreshing feel good vibe I think the ending would probably be like that as well, but we've only seen the first episode so we still need to find out what the drama is really going for.

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    AmastrisDratwka 15 days ago - edited

    Seeing the episode 1 preview, my heart sank. There are such perfect moments in the Japanese movie version of this, and Sato Takeru, who I loved as Kenshin, was still the best Aki there could ever be for me. He does brooding like no other male actor I've seen. The instant unexpected tears. His non-verbal reaction and *sighs* to her voice. His ability to hide, except to Oharu. Oharu's childlike excitement, freshness, and innocence, added to stellar guitar playing and angelic voice that makes Japanese sound like American pop. How could this even come close. I want to cry ever time they decide to take perfection and tear it up and make it into a paper mache version of the real thing.

    • Reply
      Igrain 15 days ago

      I know right? there is nothing broody about Lee hyun Woo. awful choices. I mean Aki in the Japanese version was so exquisitely tormented and dark while Lee hyun seems childish and bubbly. It's a disgrace. Why do they keep remaking japanese drama or make manga adoptions? Only japanese actors can really carry out those roles in my opinion. Even Hollywood versions suck

    • Reply
      AmastrisDratwka 15 days ago

      Hollywood's are nonexistent in my mind. They don't even count. The American mindset really doesn't relate to the characters and unless you have a <3 of Japanese culture and somewhat of a connection to it, you simply cannot pull it off right. It's like the subbed versus dubbed animes or live adaptations. I simply cannot stand any of the dubbed in English. English speakers just don't understand the dynamics of how to present the dialogue. You have to have the emotions behind it for it to really make sense.

    • Reply
      Igrain 14 days ago

      I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said :)

  • Reply
    Sharlene 18 days ago

    hyped :)))

  • Reply
    arbios 19 days ago

    that poster omg *-*

  • Reply
    RiRin92 20 days ago - edited

    I am a big fan of Red Velvet, so I'm waiting impatiently to see Joy in her first role, mostly as a protagonist! * - *

  • Reply
    Yeahboy 26 days ago

    Can't wait :D


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