The Liar and His Lover

The Liar and His Lover (2017)

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A love story about a depressed genius music composer Kang Han Gyeol who meets the high school student Yoon So Rim when he’s living under a hidden identity. With her courageous honesty and beautiful singing, So Rim draws Han Gyeol back to her again and again. They meet love obstacles along the way as So Rim found out that Han Gyeol was actually Crude Play's producer K and others.
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  • Native title:

    그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해
  • Also Known as:

    Geunyeoneun Geojitmaleul Neomoo Saranghae; She Loves Lie So Much; 그녀는 거짓말을; She Loves Lies; Lovely Love Lie;

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They are both about the love for music with elements of a school setting. Also the female falls in love with the male first in both dramas.
Recommended by AmynaA
The Korean Drama is based off the Japanese drama that was released in 2013. same story. the Japanese drama was good, loved the songs. I think the Korean drama will have more twists in the plot. but so far looks great
Recommended by maddie

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    BangtanAhgase 26 days ago - edited

    That whistle was the most unrealistic whistle I have ever heard it literally sounded like a flute tvn wyd LMAO

    • Reply
      ReVelPink21 26 days ago

      IKR LMAO!

      When I heard it I couldn't help but laugh like why

    • Reply
      ines 26 days ago

      same, i was like "what the hell"

    • Reply
      Samoyed 23 days ago


    • Reply
      Maze 17 days ago

      The most accurate comment lmao I cringe a little

  • Reply
    Astrologist 27 days ago - edited

    I love how they had to put Joy in a baggy hoodie several sizes too big for the scene where she's feeling self-conscious of her body. As if we all don't know she's an idol and has a killer body lol.
    P.S. I want to fight the class president. I must protect the chubby, sweet friend with the dimples at all costs.

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    I have seen a number of people getting upset that this "Adaptation" isn't following the same path as the manga or the 2013 film.

    Synonyms for "adaptation": alteration, modification, redesign, remodeling, revamping, reworking, reconstruction, conversion... An adaptation is a creation inspired by an original work, it can follow a very rigid line of similarity to it's predecessor or only leave the viewer with faint reminders. There is no rule as to how much or how little it has to resemble its foundation.

    Pride and Prejudice is a prime example of a book with a million adaptations. It's been turned inside out countless times to fit various cultures, social groups, time periods...It's inspired books, movies, tv specials...The bollywood version looks nothing like Jane Austen's book, but it is still fun to watch.

    The Kdrama version of Lover and His Liar will be 14 hours longer than the film. Plus...the film was produced in 2013, since then the manga has continued to be produced with regular installments through late 2016 and is still on going.... There is a lot of extra space to add backstory and character development you won't see in a movie or even in the manga.. We are only 4 ep give it time...There is much more happening below the surface we have not seen yet... rather than comparing to much...I think it is best if people simply enjoy this for what it is... a cute drama.

    • Reply

      I have to point out that the Bollywood Pride & Prejudice follows the book's plot very faithfully indeed - looking like Regency England is the least important thing about that book...
      But yes, you put this very well - an adaptation shouldn't have to follow the original slavishily to be exceptional.

    • Reply

      Yes, the bollywood version it did follow the book plot in context, but there were clear creative liberties with the script, many of which were cultural and time period related but not exclusively...It was just the first example that came to me... There is always the mormon LDS version of P&P....or the recent one where everyone is a zombie....I love seeing how P&P gets interrupted over and over, but my personal favorite is the BBC version with Colin Firth, I think it's only missing 2 tiny scenes from the book.

    • Reply
      namopanik 25 days ago

      haha, I surprisingly liked that one with zombies (both book and the movie; the book reads as something a bored English Literature student would do to kill some stress, it follows the orignal text very closely and then bam! zombies stroll in like it was the most natural thing in a world, the worldbuilding is quite consistent and seamless no matter how utterly ridiculous it may seem at first).
      There's also a kdrama of course, which isn't even an adaptation, but a very vague resemblance suggested between main characters having a prolonged misunderstanding (plus, a physical copy of a book appears in a scene or two).

    • Reply
      TeleriFerchNyfain 25 days ago

      There's a Mormon one?! Here I was thinking I'd seen them all LOL I do agree that the Colin Firth one is the definitive version :D

  • Reply
    UltimateFangirl 27 days ago - edited

    previous episode, i was shipping her with second lead i choose han kyul :)

    • Reply
      alexa 26 days ago

      Yeah she's a senior in HS so age 19 makes more sense and I'm guessing they'll have her age up to 20. There's also an easter egg for Han Gyul's age in ep 4. When he listened to his dads all taped titled "Han Gyul come out of mommy's belly" it was dated with the year 1994 which means he's probably 22/23 and we know that Chan Young is younger than him bc he calls Han Gyul hyung so the age difference isn't that great... definitely not compared to Goblin

    • Reply
      Shannon K Fleming 26 days ago

      I decided to delve a little into the magna, it looks like she's 16. In the world of K-drama there is no way they would keep the her a minor for more than a minute.

      Curious if anyone knows, over how long of a time span in fiction land does the magna take place?

    • Reply
      TeleriFerchNyfain 26 days ago

      She's definitely a senior, & close to graduation, in this drama. Which means 19

    • Reply
      Benedict 26 days ago

      The manga ends with 21 volumes, but I haven't tracked down a copy of the last volume yet. Only translated to the 14th volume or so. She is still in HS throughout though.

      I wasn't aware HS seniors were 19 in South Korea. In the US many turn 18 their senior years and the rest are 17. I was older than everyone being 18 before my senior year and all throughout my schooling.

  • Reply
    cvparadise 27 days ago

    Watched the movie a long time ago, loved it back then.
    I am watching this drama now.

    As an unbiased person, I can say this drama is taking its own direction. Its cute, its fluffy. The story line follows the movie (sometimes), but the drama has is its own person (lol).

    The drama is great!

  • Reply
    LisaTsalimova 27 days ago

    For people who are comparing the J version with this drama.... I personally don't think tvN's intention was to play it out like the movie/manga ... there are similar incidents and obviously the same kind of story but all in all it plays out completely different the feel we get from them and also the way the characters act is just all so different... please try to see it this way and enjoy this drama for what it is ... if it would be the same as the J one their would be no point and it would be quiet boring, right ;)

  • Reply
    LukasQ 27 days ago

    i think i'm in love with this

  • Reply
    DianaCarvalho 27 days ago - edited

    I think the big reason for low ratings is that people think that this version need to have everything equal to the japanese version... I didn't see that version and I think that's why I'm loving it, the first 3 episodes were sooo cute and the couple have so much chemistry!! <33
    Let's be positive, every episode it's getting better, right? :D

    • Reply
      LisaTsalimova 27 days ago

      I did't watch the whole J version but a little bit and I couldn't be more in love with die K version of this, the chemistry, the actors, the way it's played out .... I wasn't a big fan of what I saw in the J version but 4 Episodes in, in this drama and I am completely head over heels!! <3 <3 <3

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    DiosaUnica96 28 days ago - edited

    Ep 3 was much better, but I still don't like the music at all.. I can't understand why they can't let finish a performance in live/acapella without put the music (that it's even a little different from what it should be)... and I still can't understand why there are pop/idol songs in a melody rock drama, I mean they should play with real struments... I liked only one performance until now... and this should be a music drama. The story is much cute than the original one, but I still can't understand the main lead... in every episode he is different... In episode one he seems mysterius, then he's a jerk that thinks to be the best in the world, in the other episode he seems like an angel... I like Joy, she's cute, and I don't think she is a bad actress, she's pretty good, much better than many others idol actress. I pretty like the second lead too, here he seems really cute. I can feel finally some chemistry. I still hopes that the music will improve, since from a music drama I expect a lot... I mean it's a music drama, I can find these average ost in any drama.

    • Reply
      Maze 17 days ago

      I agree with the music part. I can't feel the vibes, it's not there. I like the songs though they could have played it with real instruments. It sounded sooo scripted I can't barely watch the singing part.

  • Reply
    oumaima 28 days ago

    joy is tooo cute for my heart *//^//*

  • Reply
    yennniiin- 28 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Taylor 28 days ago

    This series makes me smile so much. :))

  • Reply
    Nina 28 days ago - edited

    That whistle tho.

  • Reply
    Astrologist 28 days ago

    It just keeps getting better and better with each episode ♡

  • Reply
    Reyna-Roma 28 days ago - edited

    Lee Hyun Woo is seriously giving off some eerily look alike Park Bo Gum vibes in this drama,
    Or maybe i need glasses???
    I am Discombobulated.


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    Mar 20, 2017 to May 9, 2017
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