Stranger (2017)

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A brain surgery during childhood caused prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok to lack emotion, even though he is rational. Cold and lonely, he's one of the only prosecutors not involved in corruption. He then meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin at a murder crime scene and they work together to eradicate corruption at the prosecutor's office and solve a serial murder case.

  • Native title:

    비밀의 숲
  • Also Known as:

    Bimil Uisup; Secret Forest; Forest of Secrets;

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saya suka sekali alur ceritanya karena susah di tebak dan itu membuat saya tidak bosan menonton drama ini. akting para pemerannya juga sangat bagus terutama pemeran utamanya.

recommended banget deh ♥
Recommended by fathya Nurarin
Both have corruption in law enforcement.
Pride and Prejudice: is faster moving with more action. The prosecutor trying to uncover the man who cover up the murder of her younger brother. She believes it could only have been done by a fellow prosecutor. Eventually she gets help from co-workers to solve this case after realizing it is connected to a couple of other cases that have come across their desks.
Stranger: is developing the story a little more slowly. One cop and one prosecutor work together after realizing they have no one in their own departments to trust. The case that brings them together may be related to higher ups in both of their departments. The prosecutor is unable to feel emotion and is balanced out by the cop who is motivated by her feelings of sympathy for the victims and victims families.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas

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  • Reply
    Lily 3 hours ago

    I've been waiting for something like this. Though I love OCN, this is blowing Duel out of the water for me. Also, can we talk about how hot Pros. Hwang Shi Mok is?! I'm in love.

  • Reply
    hikali 5 hours ago

    I really love how calm and quiet Shi Mok is. It's very relaxing to watch despite the twists, suspense and cliffhangers, thanks to him. I'm really loving this drama.

  • Reply
    Syranus 6 hours ago - edited

    Please NO romance, is there?

    • Reply
      lilunnie 6 hours ago - edited

      it aired 4 eps already, no romance involved so far. but as i can perceive it, i dont think there will be... and if there will eventually be, i think it will come at the right pace^^

    • Reply
      Aya 5 hours ago

      I guarantee you that romance isn't even necessary in this drama, instead the two leads form a perfect duo <3 intelligence and class are the key words of their relationship

    • Reply
      lilunnie 2 hours ago


  • Reply
    Aya 7 hours ago

    I'm starting to suspect everyone, I even imagined a theory where Shi Mok has schizophrenia and commited those crimes himself ( yes this drama is driving me crazy hahz)

  • Reply
    Aya 7 hours ago

    This is BY FAR the best drama airing right now

  • Reply
    Panda 8 hours ago

    shi mok is the king of one liners

  • Reply
    WednesHwang 15 hours ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    louloudi 21 hours ago - edited

    chingus, I asked before but got no answer does anyone of you know if Netflix shows this drama?I read some comments in twitter and it seems like they have it. Maybe is under a different title? cause as Secret Forest or stranger does not come up.

    • Reply
      louloudi 18 hours ago - edited

      I watch it there but every 10 min I have to upload it.Both sites says my computer can not support the format..I have netflix and I want to avoid the continuous upload.I ll try to call netflix and ask them if they have it.Thank you for your reply.

    • Reply
      lovelydream 7 hours ago

      Netflix does have it but it's only available in some parts of Asia.

    • Reply
      lilunnie 6 hours ago

      which part are you from? im from the philippines and we have it on netflix. still under the same name (Stranger), and streams real time.

    • Reply
      louloudi 14 minutes ago

      @lilunnie I live in US and Netflix does not have it. @lovelydream yea...That's what I thought as well.

  • Reply
    namopanik 24 hours ago - edited

    why do they even bother blurring wounds in this show, it's not like everything else here is rainbows and unicorns...

    • Reply
      NNP 19 hours ago

      because of media rules & regulations in korea. lot of restrictions are there with korean media. simply u are not allowed to show a Knife in a violence scene

    • Reply
      namopanik 12 hours ago - edited

      I know about it, but it's still an absurdly literal regulation disregarding the context of the whole drama. A staged corpse or a pool of blood is ok to see, but knife in it isn't. I'm just not getting how is one or two pointy objects this or that way any more traumatising than the whole stuffy atmosphere in the prosecutor office. I could understand blurring potential triggers in a daytime show, but this has age appropriate marks and airs in the evening.

  • Reply
    SUNNY 1 day ago

    This is the best intellectual police thriller out right now!

  • Reply
    Panda 1 day ago - edited

    do you ever get that feeling in your stomach? when the suspense is too good and you are about to faint from excitement.
    And the leads are so beautiful #love love love

    • Reply
      JoaBar 23 hours ago

      Is this drama really like that?

    • Reply
      Panda 23 hours ago

      Im into political dramas. In a political mood. So dont trust my opinion.

    • Reply
      JoaBar 21 hours ago

      OK ;)

  • Reply
    Sharn 1 day ago - edited

    I ded at Twice - TT omg I swear the humor in this drama is gold.

  • Reply
    Sharn 2 days ago

    Every new episode is perfection. Also, I need the whole drama series to be released right now because I might die due to the suspense.

  • Reply
    WednesHwang 2 days ago

    It's finally prose-CUTE-r night peeps! (ಥ‿ಥ)

  • Reply
    Ray 3 days ago

    Still a mystery to me is KI DONG CHAN dead or alive?


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    South Korea
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    Jun 10, 2017 to Jul 30, 2017
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    Saturday, Sunday
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    1 hr. 10 min.


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    8.5 (scored by 118 users)
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