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Criminal Minds (2017)

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Profilers investigate cases from the perspective of the criminals to solve the cases.

~~ A remake of CBS's "Criminal Minds".

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    크리미널 마인드
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    Keurimineol Maindeu

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Both delve into the psyche of killers and psychopaths. Both are crime solving dramas and relatively fast-paced.
Recommended by Wolfie689
Not suuuuper similar but the suspense and crime-solving techniques are what make me think if you like Criminal Minds, you'd Like Strong Woman. Both go to pretty dark places in a persons mind. Also, Criminal Minds was mentioned in Strong Woman so there's that. Strong Woman is a softer, crime drama in that there is more to it than just crime solving.

If Criminal Minds is too dark I'd definitely check out the Strong Woman!
Recommended by Wolfie689

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  • Reply
    choi 17 days ago - edited

    I haven't started watching this yet but some day I will. This sounds interesting and I like crime series like the American Criminal Minds :) And I'm just wondering if there is a new and unic plot in every episode or is there a one big plot that the whole series will follow?

    • Reply
      michelle 15 days ago

      Both. They have a main case and many small side cases.

  • Reply
    Orion 17 days ago

    be cool man it just a conversation not a war

  • Reply
    Orion 18 days ago - edited

    well it's only my opinion so don't be angry

    • Reply
      TaemonRebel 17 days ago

      i think next time just look at the genre tag for shows you'll like, there's no romance listed for this one.

  • Reply
    BeautifulSwan 18 days ago

    I like this drama, it's not boring and no romance which is good for a crime drama.

  • Reply
    Orion 18 days ago

    i don't like this drama its kinda boring and no romance

  • Reply
    Sukkie 21 days ago - edited

    Is there a korean Reid? *-*

    • Reply
      pandeaa 21 days ago

      Lee Han is supposed to be Reid, but I don't think he does any justice to Reid's character. My favorite character is Reid I might be biased. ^^;;

    • Reply
      EmpyreanConqueror 17 days ago

      I'm waiting for the new Criminal Minds episode to air in Australia, where Reid is an actual killer or someone is setting him up. He's my favorite character as well.

  • Reply
    LeeJ0onGI 21 days ago - edited

    I really do not understand people these days why so low ratings? how the hell could goblin get 20% and this only 2,5%

    • Reply
      BeautifulSwan 18 days ago - edited

      Also, it's hard to make a remake and satisfy the current original fans, you know, just like Netflix adaptation for death note, people keep bashing it from being racist to weird adaptation. For me, i enjoy this korean criminal minds and idc of what other people say, as long as i enjoy it and i support it.

    • Reply
      LeeJ0onGI 17 days ago

      @Vandalimbata True i also don't like boys over flowers and descendents of the sun there is no need to talk about that of the worst and dumbest drama ever...!!!

    • Reply
      Yang_Wenlis_Student 17 days ago

      Most cable channel dramas get scores lower than 6% despite its content.

    • Reply
      VandaLimbata 17 days ago - edited

      Yes i know. But goblin is also from tv cable and it had 20% viewership.

      @BeautifulSwan true. People keep bashing a remake.

      @Leejoongi yup that shows are the worst!! But it's popular. Gross.

  • Reply
    Kate 22 days ago - edited

    They are dissing viewers so badly in 11th ep hahaha The world is so sick that we find cruelty, murder and gore entertaining... And this show is all about it hahaha

    • Reply
      MizTK 20 days ago

      LOL I caught that too

  • Reply
    scarleT 22 days ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      sun_wukong 22 days ago - edited

      Thank god they changed/tweaked things. I've watched the american CM so it kind of got repetitive while I was watching this CM. I feel like this CM is missing something. The american CM had about 42 mins episodes while this has around 59 mins plus the korean criminal minds takes 1+0.5 eps to solve a case yet something feels missing like it doesn't feel satisfied. The american eps just used one 42 mins ep for one case and it felt like a whole movie. But the korean criminal minds seems like taking forever.

      Im not complaining or comparing the two shows in a bad way just pointing out that the writer/pds should've tweaked/changed up a few things or make up an entirely new case story (I don't know if they're allowed to do that since this is a remake).

      Korean thrillers are really good especially the ones on TVN and OCN. I had hoped that the writers/pds would keep the basic concept of criminal minds but use cases that have happened in korea or made them up, like what signal and tunnel did. The remake of the good wife was really well done like it seemed relatable to the korean society that we know of but this criminal minds doesn't seem that way, it feels more american (I think this makes sense).

      I am watching this criminal minds because of the actors and the story but they should make the drama more korean (lol) cause it seems too american rn. I'm watching this with the hope that they will change up stories in upcoming eps and now reading the comment above I'm happy they're starting to do that. I can't wait to watch the riverside murder case episodes that connects our main leads because I don't think there was a case like that in the american criminal minds (correct me if I'm wrong).

    • Reply
      scarleT 20 days ago - edited

      It's not a bad thing that they tweaked things or continue to change elements. It's a remake, so it depends on their production. What the writer/director/etc envisions. I don't quite feel like it's missing something myself. Yes, American television series run 42 mins in the hour (with commercial breaks), and run about 22 episodes per season. I don't feel like the CM in SK is 'missing' out on anything because although it's trying to be episodic, there's still an underlying major case they're dealing with --the Reaper, and the case that ties Hyun Joo and Sun Woo together. So, I don't quite agree with you, but IMO. I know what you mean, but I don't fully see this as American. I understand that the vibe may be similar, but even while watching, it isn't an exact copy of the original. I watched the show religiously so I know.

      Yes, those networks are great. tVN is doing this one, and I think they're executing it very well. Again, I still don't know what you mean by keeping the basic concept of CM? They're following procedure, doing the profiles, trying to gather data about the unsub/etc. If they just solely focused on SK cases then yes, that would be cool, but they're still bringing in unique elements within their series. In fact, I think the 'villains' in this series are doing such fantastic work! Like, I suspected they would all do well, but all of them are showing such great complexity with their mental disorders, pains, and violence they may or may not realize they're doing is ethically or morally right (if they're sociopathic). So... yes, I think I would need more clarification about how this would be more 'Korean,'? Because they're in SK, solving cases in SK, even if the 'story' originated from the first two seasons of the original (As I've noticed). Yes, they are changing things slightly, and it's not a complete mirror image of the original. That's why I'm interested in this series. And I just checked out this episode, and yes, this episode is based on the episode Imentioned.

  • Reply
    ines 22 days ago - edited

    Who's the brilliant actor who plays Min Soo on ep 11?

  • Reply
    Banada6 22 days ago - edited

    They should always focus on the criminals like they did in the last two cases . Every episode is getting better and the guest stars are so talented.

  • Reply
    sam 25 days ago

    Someone knows the name of the actor who plays Yoon Jeong Sub?

  • Reply
    tala 25 days ago

    does anyone know if somewhere uploads just joongi's cuts in this show? (as opposed to the full episodes)

  • Reply
    soepspaansenler 25 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Shi 26 days ago - edited

    What the flower. Lee joon gi is supporting role. :-|


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    Jul 26, 2017 to Sep 28, 2017
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