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My Mr. Mermaid (2017)

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A young swimmer tries to stage a comeback three years after a scandal.
Tang Yi Bai is a former champion swimmer who was wrongfully accused of doping that derailed his competitive career three years ago. He returns after a three-year hiatus to compete for the South Physical Education College alongside his best friend, Qi Rui Feng, against their biggest rival, Heng Ou Yang, of North Physical Education College.
At the competition, Yi read moreBai meets rookie sports reporter Yun Duo, who is assigned to cover the competition but has a fear of water due to a near-drowning incident in her past. Yun Duo also happens to rent a room in Yi Bai’s family home, and the two become good friends.
Can Yun Duo encourages Yi Bai to prove his innocence in his past scandal and regain his swimming glory?

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    Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo;

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24 days ago
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
It took me a little bit to finish this epic drama (5 days to be exact), but I couldn't wait to write this review after I did finish it!

Story/plot: -10- This drama had a cute, fun, and catch-worthy storyline! I absolutely loved how it was centered around swimming, mixed with life issues and dramas. I was intrigued from the very beginning to the very end, and although there were some parts read more that were dragged out, I couldn't really blame them; after all, they had to fill up 36-37 episodes... Even so, every episode hooked me in, and made me stay up late every night, telling myself "just one more episode" (even though we all know, that is never true :P). The ending is definitely NOT a downer! This ending was settled and it flowed smoothly and nicely.

Acting/cast: -10- LEMME TELL YOU! THIS CAST=PERFECTION! Xiong Dylan (Tang Yi Bai)+Tan Song Yun (Yun Duo)=so cute!!! They are the ULTIMATE couple and they were made to be the main leads. I squealed at their height difference every time, and their interactions on and off camera are also goals! Other than the main leads, I also loved how there were other cute couples around them like, for example, Huang Sheng Chi (Qu Rui Feng) and Wang Zi Xuan (Xiang Yang Yang). Not to mention, there were a lot of good lookin' guys in this drama! You need the right cast to carry out a good storyline and THIS CAST MADE EVERYTHING FANTASTIC!

Music: -10- This is my first drama where I truly payed attention and appreciated the song selection, and this is because the song selection for this drama is so memorable! Every song truly matched their placement during the moments throughout the drama. If anyone wants to take a sneak peak at a song example, here is my favorite, "Crossing the Pacific", which could be found here:

Rewatch value: -8- Although I gave many complements about this drama, my rewatch value would have to be an 8. This is because since there were a lot of surprising twists and turns, rewatching the whole drama from beginning to end wouldn't allow the full attention this drama truly deserves. I will, however, re-watch all the cute moments the characters had with one another and beware! there are A LOT of cute moments where I guarantee you will squeal when watching!

Overall: -9.5- Overall, this drama was a cute and refreshing one to watch for me. My only downer is probably the rewatch value, but I still advice this to everyone because of all the positive things I stated above, from the storyline to the music, this drama made everything fit well altogether.

Thank you to everyone who read this relatively long review, but I hope whoever is reading this to give "My Mr. Mermaid" a try, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :)

|Ciao for Now!|
~Lily L.
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26 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
I am totally in love with this drama!

The main characters interact great with each other and show good acting skills. They fight for there dreams from the beginning 'till the end and try to help each other and their friends as much as possible.
The other characters also have a great chemistry with everyone else. There are many different kind of persons so i think every viewer can find some character read more to compare themselves to. Even the more 'unlikeable' characters will grow to your heart for sure ;)

The storyline is sweet and shows how to chase after dreams and find friends and lovers. They also talk about relationships with familys eventhough they have a busy schedule training and helping their friends out. From narcisstic to shy characters, this drama has them all!
If i would have to choose some keywords for this show it would be: friendship, dream, past, trust and fun.

It also seems that they really worked hard to portrait the life of actual swimmers trying to become professional - they did a great job!

The music is one of the points i reaally loved in this drama too. Nice music and the main characters are singing some of the songs!^^

Totally recommend this drama, you won't waste your time for those 36 episodes:)
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same school settings
beautiful bromance
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Both sports drama with swimming athletes. Both main leads became friends before lovers. They had great chemistry. Light bubbly easy to watch dramas that give you the same feel-good vibes.
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  • Reply
    101Rubellite 16 hours ago - edited

    This really was so cute!!! not just the main couple but QQ and Yangyang as well!
    for me the best character was QQ - Everyone should have a best friend like him

  • Reply
    pookiebear 1 day ago

    oh wow

    is this the chinese version of free! ?

  • Reply
    alderamin 3 days ago

    After my Moon River withdrawals that lasted 2 years now I've finally found the drama to replace those feels with. This is seriously a gem, it's cute, well acted, and very simple day to day stuff which you need once in awhile. I usually gravitate to dramas with more serious plot lines but I need a dose of guilty pleasure like this too. Tang Yibai is so sweet and caring, he's not at all how a male lead is 99.9% of the time portrayed. And I appreciate that!

  • Reply
    OlzDive 7 days ago - edited

    is there any cute taiwan/mainland drama like this in year 2017? my likes of 2016 are love 020, pretty li hui zhen (oops this one was beginning of 2017)

    • Reply
      LilyL 5 days ago

      There's one airing right now called Attention, Love! Sadly, the last episode doesn't air until December so you'll have to wait for a while in order for the drama to finish :( Hope you will look into the drama though!

    • Reply
      OlzDive 4 days ago - edited

      Thank you LilyL, Since i've read the synopsis, i think the drama is worth to wait ^_^

  • Reply
    seraphim 9 days ago - edited

    Across the pacific, heading for the oceeaaan~
    a week has passed since i finished this drama and I still catch myself humming the OST
    Anyway, really nice drama. Great chemistry between the leads and side characters. And can I just mention how nice and innocent Yi Bai is? Seldom you see male leads with such personality in dramas.

  • Reply
    canyousaywhuut 11 days ago - edited

    where can i watch this? i dont think its on kissasian :(

    (edit) sorry, i mean download. where can i download this?

    • Reply
      Lintz 11 days ago

      Youtube Channel CN DRAMA has it with English subtitles.

    • Reply
      pandeaa 11 days ago

      It's also licensed on Viki. :)

  • Reply
    ClaudiaKdramaFan 13 days ago - edited

    I was hesitant to watch this for like a month, thank God I can binge watch it now, I love the main lead character/acting/actor, I like the girl not in love with her because the reporter character IMO doesnt suit her....but above all I love the bromance between Yi Bai & QQ and the other guys from the team as well, I also like the quarrels the hate/love relationship between Rui Feng & Yang Yang, the swimming concept also is very refreshing as well.The music was epic too. Really refresh drama and happy ending! I just finished To the End of the Summer, it was too depressing for my taste... I liked this one better because I didn't really hate any character in here. Highly recommend it.

    • Reply
      thunderman1 4 days ago

      Too many good C-dramas released, so little time!

    • Reply

      yesss, there so many already pre-produced waiting to be released it is insane....and they are so lengthy not that Im complaining when they are really good....but china as in everything produces too much and sometimes with less quality than Korea or Japan.

  • Reply
    DefuseAButterfly 13 days ago

    Tang Yibai and Yun Duo are such a cute couple ^_^

  • Reply
    XaraOrt 14 days ago - edited

    So many flashbacks were a littlie annoying I had to skip some of them and I wanted more screen time of QQ <3 he he overall was a good drama and the music too ! It would be nice if they make season 2

    • Reply
      LilyL 5 days ago

      Agreed! Wanted more of QQ and YY!!!

  • Reply
    Eruu0 16 days ago - edited

    I think i'll fall in love with all these pretty boy XD but i don't know if I should give it a try ... How was it for you ?

    • Reply
      vision_wei 16 days ago

      yes, u should try watch this drama. this drama very good .

    • Reply
      ClaudiaKdramaFan 12 days ago

      Yes you will they all are adorkable, and they grow on you even if at the beginning you don't like them.

  • Reply
    MissNurul 18 days ago

    love the heroin since The Whirlwind Girl ^_^

  • Reply
    CaliGirl712 22 days ago

    LOVE this drama. So light-hearted and fluffy. Just makes me happy. :)

  • Reply
    Sarai 24 days ago - edited

    Is there any BL story? ♥

    • Reply
      Umi_Netam 24 days ago

      Nope. Not at all.. It's a light romance drama.

  • Reply
    MarunekoHara 25 days ago - edited

    Hoping that there will be someone who willing to sub the BTS too. (≧▽≦)/

  • Reply
    Yuch 27 days ago

    I had been putting off watching the last couple of episodes because i didn't want the series to end but just finished it. Loved every minute of this series! It is such a sweet feel-good drama!!!


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