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Radiant Office (2017)

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Ho Won is a young woman who struggles to find a steady job. Tired and hopeless, she attempted suicide. Hospital check-up discovers she might have terminal illness. Soon after, a furniture company accepts her as a contract worker. Faced with a possibility of dying, Ho Won decides to just let herself loose. Her newfound bold attitude puts her at odds with her workaholic manager Woo Jin.

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    자체발광 오피스
  • Also Known as:

    Jachebalgwang Opiseu; Self-Radiation Office; Self-Dazzling Office;

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22 days ago
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 6.5
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
Radiant Office is very subtle, in all the best ways possible. Because of its subtlety, it takes time and attention to appreciate this drama – but all the time you spend will be the most rewarding time of your first half of this year, I swear.

To me, Radiant Office belongs to the slice-of-life and romance genre. After all, it was made to be an office romance kind of show. Comedy is read more almost non-existent here, although that does not mean that this show is dark. It is fun, but if you're here expecting slapstick humor kind of fun, you're in the wrong place.

On the outer level, Radiant Office is a bunch of Korean drama clichés packed together. There's a boss-employee relationship, office settings, fatal disease, and some chaebol family problems. However, on the inside, Radiant Office has a very warm and cozy tone – the complete opposite of those dramas that have the same cliché background.

This is built mainly on their warm and cozy characters. I know that the poster and the synopsis can make our lead female character look very extreme, but she's not, as well as the rest of the crew. They're rather very relatable human-beings. They go through problems (that can sometimes be too dramatic, but again, I can totally overlook that for the fact that this is a drama), but the way they tackle these problems and overcome these situations are so human-like.

You will definitely learn a thing or two at every twist and turn here. When you feel like you can relate to their problems, you'll surprisingly feel comforted by their words and actions. I also love how there's no true "evil" in this story. Whenever someone does something bad, the show progresses in the way you can finally understand that supposed "bad" intention and come to accept that flaw. There are times when good characters make bad decisions as well. This show never tries to perfect or sugar-coat things to make the ordinary viewers like me feel ugly or uncomfortable.

The characters here are all built on the same ground. There's no "rich and powerful" and "ugly duckling" kind of combination. Even if there is a rich and powerful person, they all still have good qualities *as much as* their bad ones. The part that makes this fun to watch is that most of their qualities don't overlap each other. Throughout the show, the best quality of one person will fulfill the bad part of another and so on. It makes everyone complete. This is very heartwarming to see. Trust me, you will fall in love even with the small roles that show up only once every 3-4 episodes (like the secretary or the convenience store worker or our main lead's younger brother). The characters in this show are really that lovely.


Like I said, subtleness is the key here. I swear I enjoyed the tiny reactions between our two main leads so much and found myself blushing at their chemistry way more than when main leads of other dramas hate each other too much before falling in love with each other. The satisfaction when he slightly takes care of her or acknowledges her talents is real. And, no matter how strong her character is, she's still the little girl who likes to be taken care of in front of him. Their love slowly grows on you.


I started watching this show without ANY expectation because of the cast. I haven't seen some of these actors, but for the ones I've seen, I can say that this is their best drama so far. I've got nothing much to say. They're very well-suited for their roles.


Honestly, I still don't recognize any of the OSTs. I went back to listen on Youtube before writing this review but I still don't remember. However, I don't remember feeling awkward with the background music while watching, and the ones I just listened to on Youtube are very nice as well. It's too bad that the show doesn't shine the light on these songs. I can only give it a 6.5/10.


I personally rarely rewatch shows. For people who do, I can picture you rewatch it for the life lessons and cozy love story. However, it's less likely to be rewatched and still enjoyable because business talks can be too much in some episodes.


Still, despite the so-so music, the clichés, and the low rewatch value, I still give it a 8.5/10. I don't care about the low rewatch value; a drama is never made to be watched over and over again anyway. Comparing to very upbeat and sweet romcoms, I give high score to this one for its approach in telling the story. This was never made fancy for the ratings from the start. This was made for people who like to lean back and appreciate things.
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11 people found this review helpful
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23 days ago
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 7.5
What's the one thing that every person fears the most? Death. And when that fear is taken away from you, for whatever extreme reasons, what do you do? You let yourself loose. You say and do things that you might have never done before. And that's exactly what happens with Ha Won.
Honestly though, Radiant Office is not solely focused on the decisions that you make when you know you're going to read more die soon. In it's core, this drama is more of a corporate politics drama. But even that's not all it's limited to. It's a drama about friendship, about making it on your own, about telling yourself not to give up even when you've lost all hope, it's about second chances, and a lot other significant issues that people face in their life. However, instead of delving deeper into the emotional and not-so-emotional aspects of the drama, I'd just like to just point out the reasons why I enjoyed this show. So, here goes-

-First and foremost, it's because of the male lead. After watching the first two episodes, I was afraid the male lead was going to be a typical jerk one. Turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, he starts out as a jerk, but he changes so much. He actually turned out to be a really kind and caring person.
-Ha Won's character is very relatable. A job is not something that's handed to us as soon as we graduate, we have to work for it. But what if it doesn't matter how many times you try, you can't seem to reach your goal? Ha Won can't get a job even after trying 100 times. Her thoughts, her actions, her decisions- everything is portrayed so realistically, that it'll appeal to the audience.
-I loved the trio. They didn't exactly meet in the most preferable situation, but their friendship was one of the best things about the drama. The way they stuck with each other, it was so heartwarming. Even in the situations where they had to compete with each other, they never let it get in the way of their friendship.
-The lead couple was very cute. They went from hate to respect to tentative friendship to finally, something more. I loved it every-time they would have these little moments. One of my most memorable one is where he gives her the secret thumbs-up. It was beyond cute!
-The second couple- Ji Na and Ki Taek, had their charms too. Ji Na, for one, was a character that evolved the most, in the drama. Their relationship grew so much throughout the series.
-Chief Park's innermost thoughts were one of the most hilarious moments of the drama. It sounds so random, but I don't know, I found it really funny.

The could've-been-better(s):
-I wish the romance was a bit more pronounced. I understand that this is not primarily a romance drama, but well, the heart wants what it wants, right?
-I feel like Kang Ho's contribution towards the story wasn't as much as the other characters. To me, it felt like, his character wasn't as fleshed out.
-The last episode seemed a bit rushed. While the major issues were resolved, a lot of other things weren't.

So, that's it for the review. I hope you give this drama a chance.
Happy Watching!
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Both of the shows are in office settings. They both have angry bosses.
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Both are office dramas and both revolve around temporary employees and their struggles. Incomplete life is more serious and it was done better (it has some philosophical reasoning related to Baduk(Go)), still both of them are really enjoyable. Actually, Incomplete Life has almost a perfect story so if you liked Radiant Office, you'll surely like this one.
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    To watch or not to watch...?

    • Reply

      I've thought about that too. Is Chicago type writer good? Like what is it about? And honest question here, is it overrated?

    • Reply
      Nancy 1 day ago

      It's about the past life....of a famous writer....mysterious. .drama..With both main lead are too good..Still having second lead syndrome......

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      Like so good you want to puke, or like you love them?

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      Nancy 23 hours ago

      Love them

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    jesy 6 days ago

    good drama..not focused on romance of lead cast..it's something that "what might happen in an office setting".

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    pplhelpthepeople 9 days ago

    the more time passes the more I think about how great this drama was. it pops itnto my head randomly every now and then

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    ajo_94 12 days ago

    A very pleasant and heart warming drama.. Loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply
    immortalc 13 days ago

    Enjoyed this one a LOT

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    Bleng 14 days ago
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    MrBanana 15 days ago

    Its ok, decent, 6.5/10. If you are bored you might want to try it out.

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    Nancy 18 days ago

    Don't know why but i like dr seo hyun
    In starting episodes he is in positive character...and eun ho❤dr seo hyun together luk nice
    But in last few episodes his character become negative...i really feel bad for him

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    lea 18 days ago

    Nice drama reminded me a little of misaeng. Felt it could've had another episode or two, a lot was put in the last one. In all a good watch, recommend!

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    BSapph 19 days ago - edited
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      BSapph 18 days ago - edited
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      Sakura19 16 days ago

      Haha true ! Let's hope that they come back with a season 2.

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    inspirit91 20 days ago - edited

    Good drama with a great chemistry between all the actors. The story was interesting but the pace of some eps was either too slow or too fast.

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      Jaylan 20 days ago
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      inspirit91 20 days ago - edited
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      namopanik 19 days ago
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      @namopanik Yep it seems I misunderstood this part. Thanks for your clarification ^^

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      Jaylan 19 days ago

      thank u soooooo @inspirit91 ^^ \O/

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    Sian 21 days ago - edited
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      namopanik 21 days ago
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      Sian 20 days ago


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    hvnlyslayerangel 21 days ago

    I liked it.

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    Willian 22 days ago

    Esse drama com certeza vai deixar saudade.. Uma outra temporada dele seria bem vinda

  • Reply
    iamsarah 22 days ago

    I really like this drama and I am so happy they talked about many topics and also shined some light on gender inequality in the workforce.


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    South Korea
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    Mar 15, 2017 to May 4, 2017
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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    60 min.


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