2 Moons The Series

2 Moons The Series (2017)

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Wayo Panitchayasawad (Yo) is a freshman at a university that his long time love, Phana Kongthanin (Pha), is a second-year student at. Pha is extremely popular and the Campus Moon of last year but does not seem like the attention. When Yo gets the opportunity to become the Moon of his facility, he realizes he gets to see Pha more. Although, their relationship starts quite rough since Pha seems to pick on read moreYo. ~~ Adapted from the BL Novel "Two Moon" by Chiffon_cake.

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    เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน 2Moons The Series

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Jesse Artichuno
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May 23, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
Do not watch the series if you dont want to die..this series will kill you with cuteness,happiness and love!!and you will die waiting every week for the next episode..ugh!!!best BL series ever!Perfect cast,great acting and cute scenes and story..
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23 people found this review helpful
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Jul 5, 2017
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.5
Good story! But, I feel this series is like SOTUS? Like there is a pink milk scene? Scenes of the men's and women's election contest for the university? The bracelet scene? Their scenes express feelings of love on the mattress or in the bedroom? What is the author of the same ?. I think this series is also too hasty, like to convey a sweet story in the novel course. Then I read more see, the actor is also not playing well! Only the best Tee and Coper here! And the other actors are still stiff. Sorry they should rehearse and not just rely on their handsome faces and cute faces.
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Has a similar school setup, where the development of several couples are followed. It has a similar feel, and if you like this type of school romance, then this should be something to check out.
Recommended by Cuebox
Both are cute BL series
Both have the Junior/Senior relationships
Both are set during university life
Both have the University Moon thingy
Both have Pink Milk (Idk it felt right to mention xD)
and Both are just production perfection
You wont regret watching :)
The acting is perfect in both and the story lines may be a little different but still gives you the same feel
Recommended by Via

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  • Reply
    AdePutraHabibi Jul 12, 2017 - edited

    The acting of both main lead is so stiff...

    • Reply
      AdvancedLoveSniper Jul 14, 2017

      I think he was naturally fragile, I saw him in many interviews and that is his natural way actually. Ofc the only difference is when he gets close to Pha in the drama

    • Reply
      stamkan Jul 14, 2017

      i see what you mean but that still doesn't mean he's a girl in any way...being quiet/introverted doesn't make someone less masculine

    • Reply
      YouDirtyWater Jul 14, 2017

      Ah I understand what you mean! I'm not agreeing with you, but it's quite possible he was asked to act that way, I know they didn't want gay actors because they wanted their characters to be more "masculine" (that's what they said, not me)....

    • Reply
      stamkan Jul 14, 2017

      hmm i really hope that in the future there will be characters with more depth and different personalities, but idk if that's likely? (stereotypical boy/girl dynamics in these fujoshi-bait shows aren't going anywhere huh :// that's what the target audience wants to see)

    • Reply
      AdvancedLoveSniper Jul 14, 2017

      I didn't say he was a girl, I just meant that he naturally is a softie, I also saw reality shows of him so I know. But in the drama, his role makes him act more feminine when he is close with Pha.
      Also a guy who acts a little feminine is still a guy, not all guys are masculine. Whether straight or not, there are some feminine guys. Guys don't need to be 100% put masculine, everyone has a soft side, and that's only natural

  • Reply
    mvlpvqlvm Jul 11, 2017 - edited

    The manga that Wayo reads, "One Piece," is that a real manga?

    • Reply
      JayGreg Jul 11, 2017 - edited

      I kinda hope you're joking. Yeah, it's one of the longest running Manga and anime in Japanese history. It should be pretty easy to find.

    • Reply
      mvlpvqlvm Jul 11, 2017


    • Reply
      mvlpvqlvm Jul 12, 2017

      Thanks, KainGuru! As you can tell, I'm new to Manga in general. I'll put One Piece on my to do list, but I've many other things to catch up on! :D

  • Reply
    Bebe Jul 11, 2017 - edited

    Anyone knoe where i can actually read the novel in english pls pls pls all i want is the novel

    • Reply
      AdvancedLoveSniper Jul 13, 2017

      Ah.. thanks for explaining (≧◡≦)

    • Reply
      Nana Jul 13, 2017

      SAY WHAT.
      Where did you girls heard that???
      PS: I love you a lot right now, you made my day.

    • Reply
      Thom Jul 16, 2017

      I have read this novel until the end of season 2 with english

    • Reply
      Nana Jul 16, 2017

      Eh...! Where??

    • Reply
      AdvancedLoveSniper 29 days ago

      I also found it. but its secret cuz it was reported before and had to be taken off. People with no life reporting it.. thats why I won't say where it is. sorry

  • Reply
    shepaintedfire Jul 10, 2017 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      YouDirtyWater Jul 11, 2017

      It's supposed to have a second season, and even a third one (that's what's planned)

    • Reply
      gazettu Jul 12, 2017

      why spoiler lol

  • Reply
    Athena Jul 10, 2017 - edited

    How can I view ep 10 with eng sub. Has this ep been subtitled yet.

  • Reply
    vrwbwrwz Jul 10, 2017 - edited

    Question: Will be a second season?

    • Reply
      shepaintedfire Jul 10, 2017

      I really hope so. ><'

    • Reply
      Michael Jul 10, 2017

      there will be second and thrid season, but rumors say that second season will be in next year. *suffering*suffering*

  • Reply
    KainGuru Jul 10, 2017

    Wow, another amazingly sweet episode. I can't believe each episode can get more sugary than the last. This final episode will probably send us all over the edge. Bring insulin.

  • Reply
    Supermeganerd Jul 10, 2017 - edited

    I'm enjoying this show so much! I really love this kind of innocent, cute and easy feeling this show is giving us! Pha & Wayo are so adorable together that I'm about to get diabetes from watching them>.<

  • Reply
    MissXiongMao Jul 9, 2017 - edited

    LOL.. Its so funny how 'these' people keep saying that everyone has personal preference and we cannot force each other to like the same things when what he/she did is totally opposite of it.. Why must you keep commenting/ lurking here if you dont like this series?? Just go to the page of your fav series then! What are you trying to do actually??Trying to pull everyone to your side?? I seriously dont understand these kind of people...

    • Reply
      YouDirtyWater Jul 14, 2017

      I really like the show, but if in each episode I notice something new that I think is wrong, I'm gonna talk about it here for sure. I also like the show, I think it's very cute and feel-good, but I'm not gonna say that every week, you know what I mean? It would be too repetitive lol It's not like I try to find reasons to hate the show or make people hate the show, I try to make sense when I use criticism

    • Reply
      MissXiongMao Jul 14, 2017

      Its fine as long as you dont use some kind of rude words my dear.. ^_^ Well nothing is perfect in this world.. So who knows our 2 cents can open someone eyes to be more better.. Right? ^_^

    • Reply
      YouDirtyWater Jul 14, 2017

      Oh no I never use rude words I'm a very polite person ^_^ I didn't see anybody use rude words here btw....

    • Reply
      MissXiongMao Jul 14, 2017 - edited

      I know you are not like that.. ^_^ I saw this happened at other pages thus i dont want it to happen here..

  • Reply
    remostar19 Jul 9, 2017

    i just finished watching ep10 and am still waiting for the kiss LOL!!!! like i should wait the last ep and maybe there will be some action .

  • Reply
    RenHisaki Jul 9, 2017 - edited

    I'm a SOTUS fan and I am shipping this series as much as I love SOTUS. I'm just so sad that this season is about to end. Can't wait for the next one. This series seriously helped me forgetting about Make it Right and Water Boyy.

  • Reply
    Jesse Artichuno Jul 9, 2017

    OMG!!!Just watched ep 10 without sub...and this episode can kill people!!! I've never see a kiss on the nose and a kiss on the cheek can be as cute as this!! Can't believe next sunday is the last episode for season 1. :(

  • Reply
    Jesse Artichuno Jul 9, 2017 - edited

    Most of the haters are SOTUS fans...please dont compare it with Sotus because they are completely different..maybe its only the Pink Milk that is the same about them...

  • Reply
    TianQi Jul 8, 2017 - edited

    With all the sh*t-talking about this series compared to SOTUS, SOTUS better not disappoint when I get around to it. LOL I got through three episodes, saw too much of female characters taking up too much time and lost interest.

    • Reply
      gazettu Jul 9, 2017

      stop talking non-sense, female characters in BL dramas deserve better. that's why i like sotus, because female character there (may) is not the typical bad bitch who wants to steal mc's boyfriend or some sexist thing like that....

    • Reply
      YouDirtyWater Jul 10, 2017

      I depends on which BL drama haha

    • Reply
      MusicalVeggies Jul 10, 2017

      I think it is worth noting that since SOTUS was aired earlier than 2 Moons, viewers who really enjoyed watching it, and who had heard that 2 Moons was fairly similar to it in its university-style BL genre, naturally wanted to check out 2 Moons to see if it could give them the same enjoyment they had when they watched SOTUS. Which, naturally, led to comments expressing disappointment when it turned out that 2 Moons was vastly different in its style, vibe, story and focus. I can't say the same for others but at least for me, I wanted to inform like-minded SOTUS fans that if you're looking for a series similar to it, 2 Moons is not going to satisfy because it is very different, even if the setting itself appears to be similar.
      Similarly, for a 2 Moons fan who enjoyed the sweet, cute, fluffy style of the show, and the fact that it focuses almost exclusively on the relationships between the main couples, going to watch SOTUS with the same sort of expectation that SOTUS will deliver on the cutesy, bubblegum vibe, is also going to disappoint you, I'm afraid.
      Both shows are different in the type of story they want to tell, and the kind of relationships they want to show.

    • Reply
      TianQi Jul 12, 2017 - edited

      They do deserve to be treated better, but I don't want them to always be a factor in a gay romance..I just don't think they need to be around as much as they are, period. Unpopular opinion, I know..

  • Reply
    Athena Jul 6, 2017 - edited

    Hello everyone. I have question. Does this series have a soundtrack that is available on CD?I am listening to the songs on the series and I love it. Any information regarding this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Reply
      Michael Jul 10, 2017

      I don't know but you can search with this keywords :
      1. อีกครั้ง…ได้ไหม? (Eek Krung Dai Mai?), singer : Meme, this is ending song of Eps 1-8
      2. นับหนึ่งกันไหม (Nup Neung Gun Mai), singer :Pchy Witwist, this is ending song of eps 9-10.
      that both song that I know and I liked. Hope helps! :)

    • Reply
      Michael Jul 11, 2017

      3. แค่ได้เป็นคนสุดท้ายที่เธอคิดถึง (Kae Dai Bpen Kon Soot Tai Tee Tur Kit Teung), singer : Pause, opening song


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