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Ra Eun Ho is a cheerful student who is one of the low-rank students in her school. She has a talent for drawing webtoons and dreams of dating the college boy she has a crush on. One day, while trying to find inspiration for her comics, she somehow is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets marked as a delinquent student. This is only the start of her troubles.

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4 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
So good. School 2017 exceeded my expectations. Seriously, I wasn't expecting a lot from it but as watched the series, I couldn't wait for the next episode! In my opinion this is a lot better than School 2015 when it comes to the story.

The story includes the typical bullies, rich students who can get away with anything, poor students who are having a hard time, people lying about who they really read more are, a horrible school with these ridiculous rules and the bigger issue: TRUST. However, you see certain people who are sick of the system and want to make a difference. It was great to see how people would get through certain situations and they would have each other to get through them. They did a good job at the twists as well. There are some things that you will see and didn't expect. I feel they did a great job at balancing the light and darkness throughout this show. It gets better and better with each episode. Also thought they did great at not dragging things out for too long.

Our main leads, Eun Ho and Tae Woon have amazing chemistry! They're so cute and can't wait for their next moment! They will always put a smile on your face(:

The cast did an amazing job especially Kim Se Jung with this being her first leading role.

I would rewatch this show a hundred times, I love it so much!

Defintely goes in my Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2017! As well as including Eun Ho and Tae Woon in my Top 10 Korean Drama Couples!
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I don't know why but I feel the same vibes. The main characters are pretty similar, she is a strong one. They are both school dramas, with good romance and bromance
Recommended by DiosaUnica96
School theme, friendship, youth and love. Different stories but you will definitely enjoy it.
The female leads do have alot in common
Recommended by Arkansas

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  • Reply

    That preview. Daaaaaaaaaae Hwwwwiiii don't hate yourself T_____________T

    Boy needs a hug and a friend :(

    How did I go from hating to loving him? lol.

    • Reply
      KingLouie 13 days ago

      Maybe because he and Eun Ho are not romantically related......Lol..

    • Reply

      Actually, no lol. The only time I thought that they might be romantically related, was the preview for at the end of ep 6, where they hinted at a love triangle. I hated him before, because he called Tae Woon a murderer, and Tae Woon does not deserve that guilt for his friends death.

  • Reply
    XingBack 14 days ago - edited

    Tae Woon is soo awkward it's soo adorable ♡\(≧◡≦) /♡
    That headphone scene was soo cute σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡

    • Reply

      Wait. The one in the preview??? Are they developing a love triangle between dae hwi and tae woon. noooooooooooooooo

      I mean I like Dae Hwi, I really do, a tad bit too invested in his character. But I want Eun Ho with Tae Woon. And want the drama to focus on the friendship of Tae Woon and Dae Hwi, and not a love triangle T___T

    • Reply
      KingLouie 14 days ago

      same here, Tae won and Eun ho are better off with each other, dae hwi might be close friend but i don't want to see him her love interest..but lets see how it turn out..

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 13 days ago

      I saw the episode. Phew! No more of a love triangle than it is! I was so worried lolz. This show is too good for a crappy cliche love triangle (lol. i'm not a huge fan of those if you can't tell)

    • Reply
      KingLouie 13 days ago

      That's reassuring, i haven't seen the latest episode yet but i was afraid they would start a love triangle..

  • Reply
    SilentCartoon 14 days ago - edited

    I'm in love. So much in love with Eun Ho!

  • Reply
    kae 14 days ago - edited

    I was starting to think about Tae Woon being the second lead in this drama because of all his hesitations towards Eun Ho while Dae Hwi just, yknow, goes for it. I've noticed the patterns in Kdramas whose second leads are those who hesitate are the ones who don't get what/who they want in the end, so I thought maaan Tae Woon just hesitates too much!! But the next episode's preview gave me life yaaaay

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 14 days ago

      haven't seen the most recent episode, but gosh i hope she doesn't end up with dae hwi. it's not cuz i don't like dae hwi, i really do, it's just i love her with tae woon so much. lol i want her to date tae woon, and be best friends with dae hwi.

    • Reply
      KingLouie 14 days ago

      i hope it will not turn out like this ad dae hwi is already with her girlfriend...

  • Reply
    KingLouie 14 days ago

    This drama shows a lot of negative aspects of society, people, but The friendship between two girls main lead and her friend, the love and care of teacher shim for his students and the innocent flourishing love dominates all the negatively and makes one feel happy and hopeful...

  • Reply

    so i looked up some of se joungs songs, cuz i heard she was a singer. and daaaaang, this girl is amazing!!!!!!! she puts so much emotion into her voice, and sounds fantastic. i hope she does an ost for this show, cuz it would be an amazing addition.

    • Reply
      KingLouie 14 days ago

      really, she is acting really well considering she is a singer.. I really like her character, her expressions, specially the rise and fall of her voice and facial expression depending on the situation as you have said. In the drama she is everywhere but still makes one want to see her more..Lol..

    • Reply
      Jinsoo 13 days ago

      the ost part 1 "believe in this moment" was by gugudan which is the kpop group that she's currently a member of so she has already contributed in the ost. :D i'm just not sure which part is her singing voice as i am not familiar with this group yet. time to research now.

    • Reply
      KingLouie 13 days ago

      Yes it did some research too, she is multi talented.. i don't know the history of K-pop or their competitions in one of them she was one of the topper.. but i like her more now..

  • Reply

    *remembers reading article about Solomon's perjury stating that dong Yoon is playful in real life, as opposed to his character*
    *sees him playing another serious character in School 2017*
    *doesnt believe him*
    *watches bts*
    *sees how playful he is with se joung*
    .....well done dong Yoon well done. That's not anything like your characters lolz
    Now I wanna see him in a romcom!

    • Reply
      nephie 13 days ago

      where are you watching behind the scenes at??

  • Reply
    cnbluedreamer 16 days ago

    but sometimes it's so hard to watch all of the parents' actions, it makes me angry ugh I can't stand them really

  • Reply
    cnbluedreamer 16 days ago - edited

    I love everything about this drama so far

  • Reply
    thinuri 16 days ago - edited

    looking forward to watch bromance of Dae Hwi and Tae Woon! love this drama soooo much!

    • Reply
      KingLouie 14 days ago

      waiting for love between Tae won and Eun ho..Lol..

    • Reply
      thinuri 13 days ago

      hahha.. too!!

  • Reply
    Maggy 17 days ago

    Oh I love it! Can't wait for Monday!!!

  • Reply
    John 17 days ago - edited

    I'm so glad that Mr Shim isn't falling for the parents bullshit.

    • Reply
      KingLouie 14 days ago

      Really like the character..loving him as he is hope..

  • Reply
    SnowGirl 17 days ago - edited

    By now it has become an habit to visit this page every now and then (every hour lol) while waiting for the new episodes XD #ILoveThisTooMuch #WaitingForMonday

  • Reply
    nephie 18 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    94loveKdrama 18 days ago - edited

    I'm so bored of waiting. *Sigh* -,- is there any way to skip everything and just jump to mondays?? #craving #desperate

    • Reply
      94loveKdrama 18 days ago - edited

      I used to hate mondays but yup my love for kdramas made me realized that it isn't that bad at all. ❤ Hahahahaha xD

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 18 days ago

      Right?? This drama is straight addicting lol

    • Reply
      94loveKdrama 18 days ago

      Yeah so addicting that it hurts. lol

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 18 days ago

      when you never look up bts but then start for this drama lol

    • Reply
      KingLouie 14 days ago

      I watched first two episodes,then was waiting for it to be complete to watch at same time..but couldn't help it and end watching all episode until now ,,now feeling really anxious for next episodes...Haha


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