The Cupids Series: Sorn Ruk Kammathep

The Cupids Series: Sorn Ruk Kammathep (2017)

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Nanthisa, the dashing girl of the company, she is the head of personal department and is the person whose should see other to follow the company's rules but she was the one who always break it. She come to work late everyday because her house is faraway from the company and she has to wait for the permission from hers grandmother and mother before going to work, which result in Phim commanding read moreher to rent his condo or else he has to kick her out from the company.
Nanthisa has bad attitude toward men because of how her grandma and mother always told her about how bad man are and their bitter love relation with their husband. And seeing many girls come out from Anggurt's condo already made things between them bad.
In the meanwhile, Marut ask Nannalin to marry him but Aree who is Anggurt and Nannalin mother denied the proposal because she doesn't like Marut. She give the reason that Nannalin can't marry before hers brother which make Nannalin to matchmake between her brother and her friends who like Anggurt. Nannalin accidentally make her friends misunderstand and think that Anggurt is crazy about them. He decided to ask Nanthisa to be pretended girlfriend to chase the girls away from him. Nanthisa accepted his request because she doesn't want the girls to be his target and because the money that he offered Because she believe that she can't find a boyfriend before the next valentine and she might be kicked out from the company.

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20 days ago
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I dived straight into this Part 5 of the Cupid series without watching any of the earlier parts because, from reading the comments, this part - "Sorn Ruk Kammathep" - appeared to be the best out of the lot (and I did not want to waste my time going through 4 earlier shows just to get here, haha). So, can this part be watched as a stand-alone? YES. I had no problem read more getting into the show so for those of you who are wondering if you can start with this part right-off-the-bat, the answer is yes, you can. Go for it.

The show kicks off with an rather fun and dynamic introduction to our main leads. On one side of the ring you have Nantisa (Ooy) who can rightly be considered a 'man-hater' in that she has a very very poor view of the male species in general, thanks to the indoctrinations from her mother and grandmother. On the other side is Angoon (Att) who seems to have a fine appreciation of females.
This disparate two are thrown together through a series of coincidences (some contrived) and when Att ends up recruiting Ooy to help him deal with the girls his sister (Bua) is trying to set him up with, cue hilarious hijinks in spades!

I can see why this show is so enjoyable. It is fast-paced, snappy and concise in moving the scenes and the storyline across so there is rarely a dull or draggy moment. It has a fun, light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek vibe which sets the style and tone of the show from the get-go. And of course the antics and situations the leads find themselves can be downright hilarious - plenty of laughs to be had in this show.

It is not by all means perfect as there are a few bumpy bits (i.e. situations or scenes, and character portrayals, which might incite frustration or hair-pulling), but thankfully the fast-pacing of this show quickly takes you through those humps and things do get resolved rather quickly (huge plus).

A bonus to the show - no psychotic second female lead here! Yes, there are conflicts and tension and misunderstandings sprinkled throughout the show but never always attributed to one mad, irrational person. A refreshing change from your typical Thai lakorn crazy woman trope.

Cheer, playing Nantisa (Ooy), killed it in her portrayal as a biased, prejudiced man-hater who, nevertheless, had a heart, especially for her family. She was lively, energetic, motivated and assertive. And rather charming and loveably flawed despite her prejudices. Cheer gives us a heroine which we can all relate to, get behind and root for as she navigates her way through the currents swirling around her.
Ooy can also be rather physical too (read: violent) - something which the show has established right from the start in episode 1 - so do be prepared for some man-abuse throughout the show. (A friend of mine wryly noted that there were more hits than kisses, lol).

Toey, playing Angoon (Att), was a great match to Cheer's Ooy. He had a boyish, charming look and smile which made him believable as a person who appreciates and respects women. Gentlemanly and family-oriented, Att is your perfect male lead (maybe too perfect), whose only flaw is being weak to a woman's tears and a softie when it comes to the women he cares about. I thought Toey carried his scenes well and was a good foil to Cheer's Ooy.
In a nutshell, I thought the casting was well done and the acting more than sufficient to carry the show.

Teeny-boppy Cupid theme song, and a couple of nice love ballads here and there. The background sound-effects are out in full-force and while in some scenes it really adds the fun and laughs, in others it can be a little over-done.
Still, the sound effect and music give an added fun vibe to this show so overall, sufficiently well done.

Some of the hilarious scenes are eminently re-watcheable, for the laughs.

Overall, if you're looking for a light-hearted, fun romantic comedy, this is a good show to watch.
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    TaylorCulpepper 12 days ago - edited
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    Nina 24 days ago - edited

    This was the couple that less interest me, but they became my favorite!! xD
    The storyline was very funny =D And Att, OMG love his character soooooo much!!

    My ranking of fav couples:
    1. Ooy & Att
    2. Milin & Saran
    3. Pim & Kawin

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      HyeSoo 14 days ago

      can't believe..the same of mine ahah *-*

    • Reply
      Nina 14 days ago

      We both have good taste ;D

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    MusicalVeggies 24 days ago
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    MusicalVeggies 24 days ago - edited
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      dramaworld 24 days ago
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      MusicalVeggies 24 days ago
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      dramaworld 23 days ago
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      MusicalVeggies 23 days ago
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    MusicalVeggies 24 days ago

    LOL, the first 2 episodes were hilarious!

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    GhostPrincess 25 days ago

    The comment below is rather long so my summary is I'm not a fan of domestic violence. A woman being violent with a man shouldn't be accepted in society. It's just as worst as a man being violent with a woman. I hate seeing that in dramas where the man just becomes a rug for the female lead to piss all over and treat like crap and some how they all live happily ever after. In what reality? Violence is wrong regardless of gender!

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    GhostPrincess 25 days ago - edited
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      MusicalVeggies 24 days ago - edited
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      GhostPrincess 14 days ago
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    Misunderst0_od 29 days ago - edited

    I haven't watched the drama yet, but Asianfuse has another summary that seems more in line with what I saw in the drama preview.

    *EDIT: Just got done watching. This is by far the funniest storyline out of series and it's my favorite so far. This couple is so great together.

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      dramaworld 26 days ago - edited

      the summery here is wrong kinda reminds me of the u prince series the vet. the drama has a different but equally good story though
      p.s i'd like to see a drama with that story line

  • Reply
    dramaworld Jul 14, 2017

    loved this one very very much . summery is just wrong but still loved it

  • Reply
    soysuva Jun 29, 2017 - edited

    This summary is very misleading. I even really thought her mom and grandma died, but that's a lie - their ALIVE. Who wrote this summary?!

  • Reply
    Almonda Jun 24, 2017

    So far, this is my favrouite Cupid lakorn..the acting was great and the scrip isn´t so over the top like some other Cupid series. The OTP has amazing chemistry and the confession scene is simply beautiful!

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    couchpotato_md Jun 24, 2017 - edited

    my favorite so far among the parts of the series. At first i had low expectations since when the female lead pop up on previous parts I thought she was just a side character and did not find her pretty at all as compared to the other cupids. But after watching I admit that she was good in acting... both in comic and angsty scenes...same as Toey who played Hunsa. Better than than the other actress who played the other cupids.

    But i was surprised because this part had a good balance of funny and emotional. editing was much better. My expectation was getting low after the 2 parts which were more directed towards action and the plot kept on circling/ dragging.

    Toey/ Khun Att also showed great acting... as compared to the other male leads in the cupid series. Noticed him first in Khun Chai Rachanon of the Gentlemen Series were his acting was so much better than the actual lead.. He is cute and hope to see him in more lakorn

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    Rbasu Jun 15, 2017

    I love this part very much. Its funny enough as well as very emotional. It shows the respect for elders. Very adorable.

  • Reply
    s-m Jun 1, 2017 - edited

    I love this part more than the rest...Toey is really attractive and gentlemanly here....but the grandma and mom over the top and unlikeable :-|

    • Reply
      Red Jun 8, 2017

      where did u watch it ?

    • Reply
      s-m Jun 9, 2017

      sherry james facebook page.. sjdk fansub facebook

  • Reply
    3ngin33r May 31, 2017

    This part is good, I had low expectations after watching last 2 parts


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