Heirs (2017)

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He needs an assistant. She wants her inheritance back.
Zheng Hao is a hotshot attorney who specializes in inheritance law. Tang Ning is an heiress who has returned from the United States only to find out that her own family members have forced her to give up her shares of the family business, robbing her of her inheritance.
Tang Ning goes to work as Zheng Hao’s assistant, and she realizes that Zheng read moreHao is exactly the person who can help her regain her rightful place within her family. But can they stop bickering long enough for Tang Ning to achieve her goals?
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    Medalist Lawyer Heir; 金牌律师之继承人

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May 15, 2017
  • Overall 4.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 3.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
This show would have been a 8 out of 10 had it not for been the terrible casting choice for the female lead, Jiang Xin as Tang Ning.

Jiang Xin's portrayal of her character did not fit Tang Ning's background at all. Throughout the entire show, she seems to be capable of only one single expression - a dazed, teary-eyed look (Those who have watched it would instantly know what I am read more referring to). Rather than being the strong, Harvard-educated lawyer that Tang Ning should be, Jiang Xin makes Tang Ning a meek and dumb woman who at times tries to be "cute" but ends up being seriously annoying. Previously, I never believed that a single actor/actress can so substantially lower the enjoyability of an entire show, but Jiang Xin proved me very wrong.

If you can look past Jiang Xin's miserable failure, you will find the show quite enjoyable. The majority of other actors do a very good job portraying their characters, such as the actor and actress who played Dai Po and Tang Jing respectively. The plot was quite engaging throughout the show, though the emphasis on hereditary cases seem a bit forced. Music was enjoyable but not outstanding.

Overall, I don't believe it is worth a watch. At around episode twenty I was quite ready give up. The prevailing opinion from the youtube comments at that point all were along the lines of "Jiang Xin makes the show unbearable to watch."
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Both are Drama/Romance set in a workplace.
There is a similar dynamic in both between the male and female leads. In both the male lead is the direct supervisor/mentor/teacher of the female lead. In both the female lead is talented and competent.
In both the couple are equally attracted to each other(as opposed to those dramas that someone is the pursuer). The differences are in the actual plots.
Les Interpretes deals with disapproval of others about what seems to all an inappropriate work relationship and professional reputations. Heirs deals with legal issues that relate to inheritance law and the secrets each of the leads family have kept from them.
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  • Reply
    tinuvip Jul 18, 2017

    it was a very nice drama... it had law ..suspense.. and family stuffs... i wish atleast they kissed.. still it was worth watching

  • Reply
    yarnie Jul 7, 2017

    ahhhh episode 1 is so slow and boring i dont think i will be able to finish this :/

  • Reply
    Benedict Jun 26, 2017 - edited

    I simply lost interest after about 16 episodes. The writers threw some curve balls in with birth secrets and what not, but nothing out of the ordinary. I felt like it was dragged out too long. This could have been a 16 episodes Chinese series. There should have been a lot more interesting subplots for something of this length.

    Started out alright and tailed off quickly.

  • Reply
    makeuptemple May 20, 2017

    Cast directors pls next time chose some other matching female lead for Hawick, I do want to see him with better leads. I don't think i'll be able to finish the drama.

  • Reply
    maha-emam May 10, 2017

    so good so far ep 5

  • Reply
    rian May 10, 2017

    can anyone tell me episodes no .viki show 43 eps only n here 45 eps added. whats difference.

  • Reply
    scarleT May 10, 2017 - edited

    Okay... the synopsis is very misleading. I just started watching this series (about 6 eps in), but here's a more accurate depiction:

    Tang Ning unexpectantly returns home to (China) after a letter is sent to her when she's completing her PhD in Law (it's stated a few times) at Harvard University. This trail leads her to a firm, unlike her praised Uncle/Aunt's business, and meets Zheng Hao, the 'mysterious' person in the letter who claims not to be the person she is looking for. There, she finds out that he's a lawyer for the firm she just go hired at (so she can investigate). She asks to become his assistant, and begins working alongside Zheng Hao. In a matter of time, Tang Ying finds out that her deceased father had a will, and that her right to inheritance (which was denied to her) is now a matter of figuring out what happened in the past, in order to find and know the content's of her father's will. In the meantime, she also spends time with Zheng Hao on cases.

    I really think this one applies more. Maybe some of that angst is for later. Honestly, they bicker, but it's not like they don't get along as the description implies. She's intelligent/has a degree from a renowned school, and spends more time helping him because she wants to. Sorry, he's not exactly a hotshot lawyer. Sure, he knows his stuff, but he doesn't wear it on his sleeve. It's actually refreshing not to see a cocky/rich lawyer cast type.

  • Reply
    BB78 May 9, 2017

    is the production good? from the trailer i get an awful feeling of hating all the sounds ots etc from this drama..???

  • Reply
    ShiraYuuKii May 8, 2017

    watching this and Surgeons back to back.. more thn this drama i prefer that one.. both of them have a solid plot that eventuates quite fairly.. how slowly the story develops towards its aim.. bt for romance aspects Surgeon is much better.. the connection and chemistry between lead r cute n worth watching.. the emotion the female lead shows in Surgeons is really good.. bt i dont knw why the leads here lacks tht chemistry.. it was more swt whn they were jst lawyer and assistant.. now it lacks the intensity..

  • Reply
    Benedict Apr 23, 2017

    Liking it so far. Strong first episode and I really love the main actress. She was great in Ode to Joy.

  • Reply
    irilight Apr 23, 2017

    Loved the first ep. So waiting for more..

  • Reply
    silvermcv Apr 22, 2017 - edited

    is this really bad? the rating is so low and it just started

  • Reply
    UltimateFangirl Apr 18, 2017

    totally gonna watch this! Lau Hawick..what can i say, i just love him:)

  • Reply
    yarnie Apr 5, 2017

    trailer looks so adorable i have to watch this *-* i dont like Hawick's acting with cool/stiff characters but in trailer it looks like this character suits him. I believe in Jiang Xin fully *0* her acting is great<3 hope they will have the chemistry!

  • Reply
    DragonAlien Mar 22, 2017

    Jiang Xin, yes! Finally a great female for mister Hawick. ;)


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    Apr 14, 2017 to May 9, 2017
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    Dragon TV
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